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Material realizat cu elevii clasei a V- a

I’m thankful for my friends and my family. thank you. Thanks a lot for nature’s food.Prof. HREZDAC ANA POEMS OF THANKSGIVING DAY Thank you. Thank you. I’m thankful for the food I eat I’m happy to be me! . very much For everything that I can touch. And for when I’m feeling good.. thank you very much. For moms and dads and friends and such.

lets be glad For the food and things we have Let’s give thanks for you and me And our home and family Thanksgiving time is here Let's give a great big cheer For food and friends and family Thanksgiving time is here. Let’s be thankful for this day For our friends and for our play Let’s be thankful. .

yes. and more - Left their homes and friends and kindred. For a bleak and barren shore. Founded by our Pilgrim fathers In that time so far away? They had given for religion Wealth and comfort . . THE FIRST THANKSGIVING Children do you know the story Of the first Thanksgiving Day.

. On New England's rugged headlands. Want and sickness. And before the spring had reached them They had buried half their band. 'Neath the cold forbidding skies. Lest the wild and savage red man Burn the roof over his head. Met their eyes on every had. There they built their rough log cabins. And too often e'en the bravest Felt his blood run cold with dread. Now where peaceful Plymouth lies. death and sorrow.

Ripening seed and waving grain. Looked with happy thankful faces. As the harvest time drew near. And the patient Pilgrim mothers. But their noble. brave endurance Was not exercised in vain Summer brought themn brighter prospects. . At the full corn in the ear.