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IDI Business partner Terms and conditions:

1. IDI retains exclusive ownership of all elements of the

service, intellectual property, the users and information
concerning the services and users

2. The Intellectual Property, the contents, logo and other

visual media you created is IDI property and is protected
by copyright laws.
3. An individual/applicant/user/institution is 100% liable due
to any delay/disturbances as per the
acts/norms/relevant/respective department/governed by
state/central government
4. An individual/applicant/user/institution should 100% bear
the entire expenditure of manpower/fees & penalties
raised by the concerned departments governed by
state/central government.
5. The individual/Applicant/User/institution have to submit
relevant documentary evidences proposed projections
time to time raised by the concerned/respective

6. In case if you fail to produce the evidences/relevant

documents, you have to face all the legal consequences
by the respective departments of the state/ central
government. In this regard IDI is acting as your
representative to file/produce relevant
documents/evidences to the government of India given by
you. We will prepare the application/documents as per
belief. So IDI do not have any liability in case of
refusal/rejected/denied/objected/dishonoured of
application by the respected departments of State/Central

7. LIABILITY: Business partner shall have knowledge with

regard to time to time filings to income tax/ROC of
relevant State/Central filings have to share relevant
information documents before 20 working days prior to
the last date of filings. In case of any late submission of
documents to IDI before 20 working days of the last date
of the filings.

8. The applicant is 100% liable for all the penalties/fees & all
the legal consequences by the state central Government.
We are noticing you that we require a minimum 20
working days to process your filings to audit & process the
income tax/ROC, hence you have to calculate the time line
to avoid penalties/fine.