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DurstEST500 Repair lnslructions EST 500 - I

'I. INTRODUCTION s/lo 1e. li monitorslhe triggeringof both thyrisiors

The EST500is an electronicvollageslabillserfunc- and prevents, the reactionol the
in casesof misfiring,
lioning accordingto the phase angle control luse on accountof the D.C.voltageshare in the
prlnciple.Dueto lhe ow el€ctricalloss,the adjustment
resp.controlis effectedon the primarywinding-The
EST500suppliesthe voltagefor operatingthe CLS500 4. DETAILEDDESCRIPTION
colourheadand the VLS500lightsource. (see enclosedcircuitdiagram)

2. TECHNICAL DATA The phaseangTecontrolledvoltageis rectitiedby

Inputvoltagerange 180-240V/{90-130V) diodeD 16,thenevenedout via condensator C 11 and
50 - 60 cycles siabilisedby D 13. li amountsto 15 v and seruesas
Powerconsumption 3OOVA supplyvoliageJorthe electronics. Thisvoltageis also
Outputvoliage 24v the aciualvoltagebeingpickedoff via D 15.(seeos-
275v4 cillogram1 a).

3. GENERALDESCRIPTIONOF OPERATION (D 15 and D T2are locatedunderneath lC 1 and are

The load circuit consistsof thyrlslorsTh 1 and Th 2 as fltted with a heat conductingpasie to compensatefor
well as transJormer Tr 1, whichfeedslhe colourhead's temperature variations
of lC 1).
lamp. The actual voltage is measuredat lhyristor
Th 1 andreachesdifferential amplifierlc lunc-
tionsas R.M.S.converlerand suppliesa directvoltage
to be compared withthe reterence voltage- produced
by D 10,D 11 andadjusledby P 1 - in comparaior
lC 1alb.

The conlrol voltage at the output of comparatorlC

1alb is direclly proporlionalio the brightnessof the
colourhead'slamp and is passedon to the pulse

The pulsegeneralorproducesthe ignilionpulsesin

proporlionto the magnilude of ihe lC 1a./bcomparalols
outpurvoh8ge.These,gritio'rpursesare requi'ed
for switchingtheiwo thyrislorsTh I andTh 2.The pulse
generaiofis synchronised withthe I ne irequencyby
opticalcouplerOK 1.The circuiiboardfeaiuresalso acl0al varue(D 15/D 16)
a protectivecircuit, consistingof componentsT 5/C R M sv a l u e( l C l d / 1 1 )

*r I i
r--- + Ill

I *,".,1]]]
Durst EST 500 RepaiaInstruclions EST 500 - 2

Thisvoliagereachesthe baseoJ lC 1c and conirols of compleiely dischargingcondensatorC 4 during

transisiorlC 1d vlaemilterresistorR 28.Thebiasvoltage each zero phasepassageof the slne wave.The pholo-
tor lC 1cld is Jurthermore stabilisedvia D 14.Theiran- lransstor n the opt ca couplerocksbrieflyduring
sistorslC 1c/diunclionas differenialamplifiers and the zero passagephase,transistorT1 becomesthere-
makeup the R.M.S, valueof the phaseangleconlrolled lorecondLrct ve anddischargescondensaior C 4 (see
voltage.This voltageappearsat Pin 11 of lC 1d (see oscillograms 2 a/b).
oscillogram 1b) and s screenedvia condensator C 10
and ifansferred io Pin 2 of lC la. Also lC lalb is a The circultboardfeaturesa proleciivecircuii,loo.
d fterentlalamplifier.Al Pin 4 oi lC 1/b there is the 11makessureihal fuseSi 1 doesn'iburnlhroughif
reference voltage,stabilisedby D 10, D 1T,evened eiiherone ol ihe two lhyrislors(Th 1 and Th 2) should
oui by C 12 and pickedoii al the brushof P 1. Thisvolt- m slire ithis wouldbe ihe caseon accountof a D.C-
age amolnts10 approximately 14 V. At P n 1 ol lC 1a voltageshareappearingsuddenlyin the primary
thereappearsthe dlfferenial voltagebelweenaclual windingof Tr 1).
and reierence vohage whlch is then lransfefied via
transistorT 3 lo ihe pu se generation. The phaseanglecontrolledvoliageis pickedofl via
resistorsR 34 and Fl 35 and lransferredto the base ol
Condensalor C 4 functionswiih PUT (Th 3) for ihe iransjsiorT 5 (seeoscillogram 4a).At the sameiime
generaton of the triggerpulses.The currentsopplied pulseof PUT(Th3) is at the collecloror
the outpLrt
by iransisiorT 3 chargescondensator C 4. As soon T 5.Theseiwo pulsesbringaboutthe charging
as ihe condensatorvoltagereachesthe valueoJthe gate of condensator C 5 (seeoscillogram 4 b).
voltageof PUT (Th 3) approximaiely6 V - ihe laiier
cutslhrough(seeosc llogram2b).The pulsegeneraied
by PUT (Th 3) is amplilledvia translsiorT 4 and
transferredto the galesof thyristors
Th 1 and Th 2 (see
oscillogram 3 a/b).

The opticalcouplerOK 1,whlchis direcilyconnected

io the malnsvoliagev a diodesD 3 - D 6, hasthe lask

m a i n sv o l l a g e( R 3 4 / R 3 5 )
prolection circull (C 5/F 10)

Condensator C 5 dischargescontinuosly via lransislor

T 2, but il is alwayschargedagainaller each ignjlion.
lf eitherone of the two lhyrisiorsshouldnt ignte,
s y n c h i o ns a t i o n ( O K 1 ) condensator discharged,lransislor
C 5 is completely
T 2locks andtransistoflC 1e becomesthusconductive,
slmulating too highan actualvoliageai ihe baseof lC
1a.Theoutpulvoliagefallsthereloreoff unlilit reaches
an rnnocuos value.


The 23,5V output voltage of the EST 500 may be

adjustedby turnlngpotentiometerP 1.

- The measur€menimusi be taken off the lamp sockel,
- Thestabllisefsoutpulmustbe loaded.
Sirce I is a phaseanqe controllFd
a lerraL'19-cLr-
rentvoltage,a true R.M.S.metermustbe !sed.

We lurthermoresuggesito use a 2,3 Ohm (250W)

a ) t r s s e r p u l s e( R l r B 2 ) in placeof lhe lampwhenmakingthe
wire resislance
b ) l r i g g e rp u l s e( R 6 / T h3 )