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Saturday, January 27

RISE 06:36 SET 18:08

Trial run begins from Metro’s cycle sharing system 
RISE 13:59 SET 02:02
Sunday, January 28
RISE 06:36 SET 18:08
RISE 14:56 SET 03:02
Nehru Park to Central o to a promising start 
Monday, January 29
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By April, Central, Egmore stations will be linked to airport  From doctors to IT professionals, many have begun to use the cycles from stations
RISE 15:57 SET 04:05 Staff Reporter
Sunitha Sekar
By April, Chennai Metro Rail
will  connect  the  city's  two Months after it began, Chen­
busy  railway  stations,  Cen­ nai Metro Rail’s bicycle shar­
tral and Egmore, to the city ing  scheme  is  o  to  a  good
airport.  start with many commuters
As  a  prelude,  Metro  Rail beginning  to  ride  cycles
began  trial  runs  between from stations.
Nehru Park to Chennai Cen­ From doctors to IT profes­
tral on Friday, covering a dis­ sionals, many have begun to
tance of 2.7 km.  use the cycles from Chennai
According to Chennai Me­ Metro  Rail  stations.  San­
tro Rail Limited ocials, the On track: Signalling and electrication works are over on this thosh  Shinde,  a  41­year­old
exercise  will  continue  for stretch.  DINESH KRISHNAN
food importer who resides at
three  months.  “The  trial Koyambedu,  says  that  he
runs are being carried out as the  lines  and  then  the this stretch is opened, com­ takes  the  Metro  Rail  every­
the signalling and electrica­ stretch will be thrown open muters  can  travel  directly day  from  his  residence  to
tion works are complete on to public.  from  the  Central  station  to Shenoy  Nagar  to  play  bad­
this stretch. At present, the This stretch will be the ex­ the airport. minton.  “After  I  get  o  at
nishing  works  are  on  and tension  of  the  existing  un­ Metro  Rail  plans  to  have Shenoy Nagar, I cycle to the
IN BRIEF the nal coat of paint will be
given,” an ocial said.
derground  line  from  Thiru­
mangalam  to  Nehru  Park.
trial  runs  from  Saidapet  to
DMS in a few weeks. But that
badminton  court  and  then
leave  it  back  at  the  station
Soon after completing the Currently,  Metro  Rail  oper­ stretch will be opened only and  return  home  through
work, Commissioner of Me­ ates direct service from Neh­ by May after approval from Metro. Since it is free and the
tro  Rail  Safety  will  inspect ru Park to the airport. When various authorities. cycles are of great quality, I and Anna Nagar Tower. Sub­ ing spaces need to be creat­
enjoy riding them,” he says. <
> There should be
shared cycle parking sequently,  Athi’s  Bicycle ed  across  the  city  or  other­
Sakthi  Mithran,  a  doctor spaces in every half Club brought in their cycles wise they would be forced to

Nathuram brought to city and  resident  of  Shenoy  Na­

gar,  says  he  found  it  conve­
nient cycling to the hospital.
km of the city if this
initiative has to be
at  six  stations  and  recently
Zoomcar’s  PEDL  has  joined
the bandwagon.
travel  to  the  stations  to  re­
turn them negating the pur­
pose to a large extent. 
“They  should  have  these successful M.S.  Athirup,  founder, GitaKrishnan Ramadurai,
Alumni meet at Madras
School of Social Work He was formally arrested and remanded in Puzhal prison racks  in  all  stations  so  that
people can pick it up in any
GitaKrishnan Ramadurai
Professor, IIT Madras
Athi’s  Bicycle  Club,  says,
“The  response  has  been
professor  at  IIT  Madras,
says, there should be shared
The alumni association of the Special Correspondent obtaining  necessary  orders tral Prison, Puzhal. A senior station and leave it in anoth­ ni, says there are still people great so far; we started with cycle parking spaces in every
Madras School of Social Work Chennai from the local court in Rajas­ police  ocer  said,  “Nathu­ er. I primarily cycle to work who  enquire  about  how  to three stations and expanded half km of the city if this in­
(AAMSSW) held its annual Nathuram,  the  prime  ac­ than.  The  city  police ram has confessed to Rajas­ since it is good for health and use  them.  “If  they  promote to  three  more  now.  Our  cy­ itiative has to be successful.
meet on Friday. The cused in the Kolathur pawn brought  Nathuram  and  his than  police  the  places  in eco­friendly too,” he says. an  initiative  aggressively, cles are free of cost for com­ “GPS  tracking  system  will
association recognised five shop  burglary,  has  been accomplices  Bagdaram  and Chennai  where  he  commit­ But  commuters  say  the more people will benet,” he muters so we can introduce help the companies to know
eminent persons. An ‘Alumni brought to the city and for­ Dinesh  Chowdary  by  air  to ted  burglaries.  He  had  also system  can  get  better  with adds.  Initially,  Chennai  Me­ in  other  stations  only  if  we where  the  cycle  has  been
Excellence Award’ has been mally arrested on Friday.  the city.  told them with whom he had aggressive  promotion.  M. tro  Rail  purchased  cycles get sponsors. We survive on parked.  This  alone  isn’t
instituted to honour their On Thursday, the Chennai They  were  produced  be­ shared the loot. We will le Manikandan,  a  professor  at and  installed  them  in  a  few branding  and  advertise­ enough; we need to have bi­
selfless service in their police formally took over the fore  jurisdictional  magis­ an application for custodial Anna  University  who  often stations like Ekkattuthangal, ments from corporates”.  cycle  lanes  so  that  commu­
respective field of work.  custody  of  Nathuram  after trate and remanded in Cen­ interrogation soon.”  takes the Metro to Vadapala­ Nehru Park, Thirumangalam But commuters say park­ ters can safely ride.” 
Registration centre for
unemployed youth
Unemployed youth can
register their details in the
Women’s panel to inspect prisons in T.N. Taxi driver, who immolated
National Career Service at
Park Town Head Post office
for seeking jobs from January
Commission members will gauge the prevailing conditions of jail inmates himself, dies in hospital
29, according to a press
Aditi R. Members  added  that  apart The  Commission  will  be operating procedures, prac­
release. For details, contact:
Chennai from  inspecting  facilities, conducting  the  inspection tices/entitlements  for  wo­ Family members demand compensation and job for kin
Members of the Tamil Nadu they would also be taking up following directives from the men prisoners to be adopted
Special Correspondent
Woman found dead at State  Commission  for  Wo­ causes  of  women  languish­ NCW and the Ministry of Wo­ by jail authorities in prisons. 
#1 4 7 5 0
New Perungalathur men will soon be visiting wo­ ing in prisons due to lack of men  and  Child  Develop­ “Every  aspect  which  is
CHENNAI men’s  prisons  across  the sureties.  ment,  which  has  written  to violating  the  basic  human R.  Manikandan,  the  taxi
A woman was found dead at State to gauge the prevailing all States to push the agenda rights will be noted in the re­ driver who immolated him­
her home on Friday in New conditions of its inmates and Consolidated report of prison reforms to improve port to help facilitate further self on the Rajiv Gandhi Salai
Perungalathur. Police gave present a comprehensive re­ After the inspection is com­ the  condition  of  women  in action,” the member said. on Wednesday after he was
the name of victim as port  highlighting  the  same. plete,  the  Commission  will jails across the country.  The  posts  of  chairperson reportedly  humiliated  by
Kanthimathi, 54. She was The Commission is expected submit  a  consolidated  re­ The  Commission  can and  members  of  the  Tamil trac police personnel, suc­
seen lying in a pool of blood to  undertake  the  tour  next port,  based  on  a  proforma partner  with  NGOs  to  visit Nadu  State  Commission  for cumbed to burns at the Go­
by a neighbour at 5 p.m. The month to inspect all the ve prepared  by  the  National prisons  and  look  at  all  the Women  were  recently  con­ vernment  Kilpauk  Medical
woman was last seen by Special Prisons for Women. Commission  for  Women provisions including, quality stituted  in  December  last College Hospital on Friday. 
neighbours taking lunch to “We will be visiting all the (NCW), to the State authori­ of  food  and  water,  facilities year,  after  its  former  chair­ Manikandan  was  not
her husband Parthasarathi, women’s prisons in a phased ties and the NCW. The team for children of inmates, pro­ person  Visalakshi  Nedun­ wearing  his  uniform  and
who works as a watchman in a
manner and inspect all facil­ will be looking at various as­ vision  of  sanitary  napkins chezhian died in 2016.  seat belt. Trac police per­
nearby apartment. The couple
ities available for the prison­ pects  including  overcrowd­ and healthcare.  “We will be conducting si­ sonnel ned him. 
have two children.
ers. We will also take sugges­ ing,  hygiene,  rehabilitation milar  inspections  in  other A scue ensued between
tions  from  the  inmates  on measures, skill development NCW manual sectors  also  to  protect  wo­ him and police personnel as
Awards given to Great what can be improved,” said and  training,  legal  aware­ The NCW has also formulat­ men's  interests  in  the  com­ he started to shoot a video of
Lakes Institute alumni a member  from  the  State ness and availability of legal ed a manual, which contains ing months,” said the mem­ the policemen in action. Ma­ Heated exchange: Family members and taxi drivers with
Commission  for  Women. aid for women inmates.  details on the ideal standard ber from the Commission. nikandan  was  allegedly police personnel at KMC Hospital on Friday. R. RAVINDRAN

The Alumni Directorate, Great abused  and  beaten  by  pol­

Lakes Institute of
ice. He returned to the spot They  wanted  police  to spector  Thamarai  Selvam,
Management organised its
meet on January 20­21 in
which alumni were honoured,
Two chain snatchers arrested at Retteri after two hours and set him­
self on re.
With  59%  burns,  Mani­
book a criminal case against
the  police  personnel.  They
also sought the government
who  was  allegedly  involved
in  the  incident,  has  been
placed  under  suspension,
according to a press release.
Abhay Bohra, Karthik Kannan, kandan  was  undergoing to order suitable compensa­ according to sources. 
Bharath Repaka, Malhar
Special Correspondent Police  identied  the  ac­ Tirumangalam,  Vepery  and their  movement  for  several treatment  in  the  ICU  ward. tion  to  the  bereaved  family People  in  need  of  coun­
Lakdawala, Bharath Kumar
CHENNAI cused  as  Siva  alias  Bagwa­ Tambaram police station of days,  police  inspectors He was declared dead on Fri­ in addition to granting a go­ selling can contact the State
and Sangeetha Bharath, The  Anna  Nagar  Police  on gan, 21, of Kovilpathagai and limits.  Police  suspect  they Krishnamurthy  and  Miller day.  His  family  members vernment job for the kin. La­ Health Department’s round­
Siddharth Mehta, and Malhar Friday  arrested  two  motor­ Dastagir  alias  Dhanush,  25. might  have  snatched  chails spotted  them  on  Thursday. and call taxi drivers assem­ ter  in  the  evening,  they  re­ the­clock helpline – 104. 
Lakdawala were awarded cycle­borne chain snatchers They have indulged in chain weighing  over  150  sove­ They sped away after police bled on the hospital premis­ ceived the body.  Chennai­based Sneha sui­
‘Awesome Active Alumni who terrorised women walk­ snatchings at over 50 places reigns. They recently stole a team  stopped  them.  Then es  and  demanded  action cide  prevention  centre  can
Award’.  ing  on  streets  in  the  early in  the  city  and  have  cases high­end  400  cc  motorbike police  gave  a  chase  and  ar­ against trac police person­ SI suspended be  contacted  at  044­
hours in the city.  against them in Anna Nagar, in Ambattur. After watching rested them near Retteri.  nel.  Meanwhile, Reserve Sub In­ 24640050

Two arrested for LPF meeting
p.m. Andavar Temple, Korukkupet; TPI 7 p.m. Church, Nungambakkam, 11 a.m.; Mir-
with auto
Vidhura Neethi: B. Sundarkumar, As-
thika Samajam, Venus Colony, Alwar-
Avtar Group and Cavin Kare: Inaug-
uration of UdyogUtsav 2018, Dr. MGR
Janaki College for Women, Durgabhai
Kalyana Mandapam, Avadi; Risen Christ
Church, Don Bosco School, Peravallore,
Kolathur; and Iraivan Thantha Vaippu
Kuzhu, Thiruvottiyur, 7 p.m.
Sri Ramakrishna Aratrikam: Para-
masukhananda, Sri Ramakrishna Math,
Mylapore, 5.30 p.m.
acle of Marina Group, Chennai School,
Venkatarangam Pillai St., T. Nagar; and
Circle of Life Group, Annai Velankannai
Church, Besant Nagar, 7 p.m.
murder of juvenile drivers
Deshmukh Rd., R.A. Puram, 8.55 a.m.
pet, 6.30 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous: Meetings, CULTURE Al-Anon: Meetings, Holy Angels Con-
World Veg Council: Inauguration of
Tiruvasagam: Apavargananda, Sri Ra-
makrishna Math, Mylapore, 5.30 p.m.
monthly lecture series on Vegetarian-
ism-on ‘Food is the Medicine’, S.S.S.
Community Service Centre, Balfour
Rd., Kilpauk; PS HSS., Mylapore; Ad- BonjourIndia: Digital dance perform-
vent, T. Nagar, 11 a.m.; Mangalam
Nursery School, New Mettu Theruy,
Previous enmity is said to be the reason Staff Reporter
vent Christian Middle School, Velach- ance ‘HakanaI’, Sir Mutha Venkatas- Periyakuppam, 11 a.m.; Fathima CHENNAI
Karnanum Kodaiyum: Desa Man- Jain College for Women. Madley Rd., T.
ery Rd., Sembakkam; Risen Christ ubba Rao Concert Hall, Harrington Rd., Church, United India Colony, 3 p.m.; St.
gaiyarkarasi, Perambur Annathana Nagar, 6 p.m. Special Correspondent 29 missing persons in the ci­ The  Labour  Progressive
Church, Paper Mills Rd., Peravallur; Chetpet, 7.30 p.m. Francis Xavier Church, Broadway; and
Samaj Complex, 3, Meenakshi St., Per- Asan Memorial College of Arts and Chennai
ambur, 6.30 p.m. Science: Inter-Collegiate competition Alagu Muthu Mariyamman Tirumana Chennai Metro Rail: Metro Music Sri Sathya Sai HSS., Theradi, 6 p.m.; ty  and  132  missing  persons Federation,  the  trade  un­
Mandapam, Periyar Salai; St. Present Festival - Folk Dance programme on Kesari HSS. T Nagar; and CSI Weekly Nearly 45 days after nding a in State to identity the per­ ion  wing  of  the  Dravida
Vallarin Arutperum Karunai: ‘CACHE IT 2k18’, Jaladampet, 9 a.m.
Church, Johny John Khan Mirshahib- ‘Dollukunitha’, Thirumangalam Metro Church, Poonamallee, 7 p.m.
Krishna, Ramana Kendra, Alame- D.R.B. Calavala Cunnan Chetty’s body  in  the  bushes  at  Vill­ son.  Finally,  we  achieved  a Munnetra  Kazhagam
pet; E.C.I. Zion School, 100 ft. Rd., Station, 5.30 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous: Meetings,
lumangapuram, 6.30 p.m. Hindu College: Inter Collegiate Co-
Atma Bodha: R. Aravindan, Parsn Curricular Multi Exuberance Kasouti,
Ekkatuthangal; Karthikeyan MHSS., Assumption School, St. Teresa Church, vakkam,  the  police  found breakthrough  by  arresting (DMK),  organised  a  meet­
Saligramam; St. Vincent School, As- GENERAL Nungambakkam, 10.00 a.m.; St. Math-
Renascence, Aster 203, Mambakkam Pattibiram, 8.30 a.m. sumption Church, Railway Colony, out it was of a juvenile, who two  persons  who  are  sus­ ing  with  auto  drivers  to
Main Rd., Medavakkam, 7.15 a.m. Organising Committee: Tribute to ias Church, Kamarajar Salai,, K.K.
Shree Chandraprabhu Jain College: Choolaimedu; Faith Christian Church, Nagar; C.S.I. School, Gandhi Main Rd., was murdered.  pected to be involved in the take stock of the situation
17th Graduation Day, Minjur, 11 a.m. Madha Kovil St., Nerkundram; Govt. Cartoonist r.K. Laxman, - A Cartoon-
CULTURE ists, Artists and Art Lovers Meet’, Rajan Oragadam, Ambattur; Govt. HSS., Po- Police  had  detained  two crime,”  said  A.Elangovan, after  the  entry  of  taxi  ag­
ICAI - SIRC: Meeting, Montieth Lane, HSS., Madhiravedu Rd., Velappan lice Boys Club, Maduravoyal; Sankara
Egmore, 5 p.m. Chavadi; and Sevapriya Trust, Poonga Eye Care Hospital Auditorium, Vidyo-
MHSS., Thiruvottiyur, Railway Hos- persons,  including  a  juve­ ICF Inspector.  gregators  in  the  city.  A
Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers daya 2nd St., T. Nagar, 5.30 p.m.
and Artists Sangam: Tribute meeting MAGES Institute of Excellence Nagar, Thiruvottiyur, 7 p.m. pital, Perambur, 11 a.m.; Dr. Boaz Me- nile.  Initially,  the  police  inter­ large number of auto driv­
======= Bharat Vikas Parishad - Anna morial Hospital, Velachery Rd.,
Author Gnani, Chennai Press Club, Che- Singapore: Launching a career in Nagar: Talk on ‘Status of Indian De- Investigation  revealed rogated  contractors  of  mi­ ers  participated  in  the
pauk, 5.30 p.m. Games, VFX and Emerging Tech, En- FOR SUNDAY (28/01/2018) Selaiyur; Infant Jesus church, Manali
gage Hall, E Hotel, Express Avenue ================= fence’, JGVV MHSS., 7th St., U Block, New Nagar, Manali; C.S.I. Peters that he was asked to come to grant labourers.  meeting  held  at  Kalaignar
Urur Olcott Kuppam Vizha: Music Anna Nagar, 5.30 p.m.
programme by T.M. Krishna, Besant Mall, Pattulos Rd., 10 a.m. Church, Vyasarpadi, 11.30 a.m.; St. the secluded area for a party After  working  on  several Arangam on Friday.
Nagar Beach, Opp Spaces, 6 p.m. Kaligi Ranganathan Montford RELIGION Healthcare Administration: Meet- Francis Xavier Church, Broadway, 6
where  he  was  drugged  and leads, police grilled a mobile Addressing  them,  LPF
ing, Indian Society For Training and p.m. Kesari HSS., T. Nagar; Police Boys
Chennai Metro Railways: Music Group of Schools: Guinness World Gita: R. Aravindan, Andhra Mahila
Record attempt - Most people solving
Development Hall, Nelson Manickam Club, Chinmaya Nagar; Singaram Pillai murdered.  snatcher  and  an  addict  to president  M.  Shanmugam
Festival - dance programme by Tamil Sabha, Liz Corner, Mylapore, 7.30 a.m. Rd., 10 a.m. Boys HSS., Villivakkam; Arul Kadal,
Nadu Rural Arts Development Centre, Rubik’s Cube’., Jawaharlal Nehru Sta- On December 21, the ICF narcotic  substances.  His pointed  out  that  the  taxi
dium, 11 a.m. Vidhura Neethi: B. Sundarkumar, As- Perambur Annathana Samajam: Santhome High Rd.; 7 pm.
Madurai, Alandur Metro Station, 5.30 thika Samajam, Venus Colony, Alwar- 80th annual day celebrations, Kanchi police  recovered  the  body phone  records  led  to  Nani aggregators  like  Ola  and
p.m. Theosophical Society (Kilpauk
0 from  the  bushes  following alias  Lakshimikumar,  19, Uber  were  slowly  gaining
pet, 6.30 p.m. Kamakoti Peedhapathigal Jayendrar
Lodge): Talk on ‘The enormous power
Lakshmanan: Ramamurthy, and Vijayendrar participate, 3, an alert by a passer­by.  drug peddler of Rajamanga­ acceptance  with  the  tra­
GENERAL in a man’, Dewan Rama Rd., Puras-
Vivekananda House, Marina, 6.15 p.m. Meenakshi St., Perambur, 6.30 p.m. DISCLAIMER:  Readers  are  requested  to
awalkam, 6 p.m. verify and make appropriate enquiries to
Police were clueless about lam.  velling public at the cost of
Tamil Nadu Teachers Association: YMCA Kilpauk Toastmasters Club: Thiruppugazh: Ma. Ki. Ramanan, Saiva Siddhantha Perumandram: satisfy themselves about the veracity of
an  advertisement  before  responding  to
Presentation of Teachers award, Minis- Meeting, Halls Rd., Kilpauk, 3.30 p.m. Thiruppugazh Sabha, 39/25, Grama Launch of book ‘Thirukkural - Theerpu any published in this newspaper. Kasturi identity of the person since The  investigation  re­ the  livelihood  of  the  auto
ter K.A. Sengottaiyan participates, St., Thiruvottiyur, 10 a.m. Tharum Theervu’, Bharatiya Vidya & Sons Limited, the Publisher & Owner of
no  one  claimed  the  body. vealed that the deceased to drivers.  K.  Natarajan,  se­
Thuraiyur Nadar Thirumana Narcotics Anonymous: Meetings, Bhavan, Mylapore, 10 a.m. this  newspaper,  does  not  vouch  for  the
Turning Point Group, Arul Kadal Aikiya Sankararum Samuthravum: authenticity of any advertisement or ad­
The  post­mortem  report be a 16­year­old son of a wel­ cretary,  LPF,  wanted  the
Mandapam, S.R.P. Koil St., Peravallur, Krishna, Ramana Kendra, Alame- Sankara Eye Hospital: Eye camp, vertiser  or  for  any  of  the  advertiser’s
9 a.m. Aalayam, Santhome High Rd. and New products and/or services. In no event can
stated that he died after he der in Rajamangalam.  auto  drivers  to  go  on  a
Attitude Group, St. Andrews Church, lumangapuram, Mylapore, 6.30 p.m. Krishna Nursing Home, Ponneri Village; the Owner, Publisher, Printer, Editor, Dir­
Chief Commissioner of Customs - Choolai, 7 p.m. Aanmeega Santheega Vilakkangal: and Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, Kolathur ector/s,  Employees  of  this  newspaper/
was  hit  with  a  blunt  object According  police,  pre­ membership  drive  to  at­
company  be  held  responsible/liable  in
Chennai Zone: International Customs Nannilam V. Rajagopalan, Vedha Kottivakkam Village, 9 a.m. any  manner  whatsoever  for  any  claims
Day 2018, Club Hall, 5th Floor, Annex Al-Anon: Meetings, Community Ser-
Bhavanam, 488, T.T.K. Rd., Alwarpet, Narcotics Anonymous: Meetings, and/or  damages  for  advertisements  in on his head. vious  enmity  could  be  the tract more auto drivers in­
Building, Custom House, Rajaji Salai, 4 vice Centre, Balfour Rd., Kilpauk; Alagu this newspaper.
“We  analysed  records  of reason.  to the LPF fold. 
Good Company Group, St. Teresa

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