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Mounir El Khatib is an expert (academic and practitioner) with 25 years of varied experience
in Europe and Middle East, in program and project management, covering engineering, business
and management, and IT fields.

He is an e-government and e-transformation expert, heavily involved in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and
UAE Federal E-Government, covering the management & technical perspectives

Worked as Oracle, IBM-BCS, Amcom international, UAE Federal Government and local
Governments as advisor, consultant, project manager, partner or agent for a variety of
government and private projects.

Director – Training and development for UAE Society of engineers and Contractors Association

Consulted and trained many outstanding organizations in UAE and abroad

Published many papers, participated in many conferences and TV interviews.

 Taught courses in economics and Islamic Finance at the University of Brunei Darussalam,
University of Karachi and Temple University.
 Published journal articles and papers in the areas of international trade, labour and
development economics
 Worked as an Economics Consultant for various development projects undertaken by public
sector departments of governments of Brunei, Sri Lanka and Pakistan a number of them
sponsored by international agencies
His research interests include Management Accounting techniques and the Institutionalization of
Costing methods.

Dr Tarek Abdelfattah is an Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance at Hamdan Bin

Mohammed Smart University in the School of Business and Quality Management. Before
joining HBMSU he was a lecture of accounting and auditing at The British University in Egypt
(BUE) and Mansoura University, Egypt. Dr Abdelfattah taught several accounting modules on
postgraduate and undergraduate programs in UK and Egypt. He has been a visiting lecturer at
Sunderland Business School and a part time lecturer at Durham Business School, UK. Dr
Abdelfattah designs and delivers Professional training courses for private and governmental
organizations such as the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) and The
Egyptian Taxation Authority. He is trainer of CMA certificate at the Center of Financial and
Banking Studies (CFBS), Mansoura University, Egypt.

Administrative Roles

 Research Officer, Business department, The British University in Egypt, 2013 – Sep.
 Director of E-Learning Unit, Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University, 2010-2013.
 Director of social solidarity fund at Mansoura University, 2010 – 2013.
 Secretary of accounting department council, Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University,
 Board member of the Center of Financial and Banking studies (CFBS), Mansoura
University, 2012-2013.
 Financial controller of Mansoura University Hotel, 2009 -2010.


 Member of Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).

 Member of International Association of Accounting Educators & Researchers (IAAER)

Dr. Ahmed Al-Nakeeb is an Assistant Professor of Management at the School of Quality and
Business Management at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University.

Dr. Al-Nakeeb received his Ph.D. in Quality Management from the University of Glamorgan in
Wales, United Kingdom. He also completed a Master in Business Administration, a Diploma in
Business Administration, and a B.Eng. in Civil Engineering all from reputable Universities in the
United Kingdom. He taught various courses in Management and Marketing at graduate and
undergraduate levels in addition to holding managerial positions.

Dr. Al-Nakeeb participated in various international conferences and published in well-known

international journals. His publications in Quality Management attracted international interests
among academics and practitioners. He has also developed research interests in HRM and
Marketing. Dr. Al-Nakeeb is a member on the Editorial Advisory Board and the Articles Review
Editor of the Journal of Islamic Marketing, published by Emerald. He was granted the 2011
Outstanding Reviewer Award for his work on the Journal of Islamic Marketing..
Dr. Abdelmutalab Adam is an Assistant Professor of Quality Management and Excellence at the
Deanship of Quality and Development at Sudan University of Science& Technology.

He taught various courses in Quality Management, Excellence and Marketing at graduate and
undergraduate levels in addition to holding managerial positions.

Managed and participated in many consulting projects in Sudan to prepare various

organizations to Implement and apply for QMS (ISO 9000 ,ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO
31000 ,ISO 22000) and provided many organizations Training & Consultancy Services to
implement the EFQM Excellence Model requirements and help them write or review their
submissions to apply for National Awards such as Sudan Award for Excellence in Banking

His primary area of research is Service Management - Service quality, service failure &
recovery, managing human resources in services , supply chain quality management operations
improvement and effective management of quality-focused initiatives.

Registrations & Approvals:

 IRCA QMS Lead Auditor Certificate NO: 6006056

 Registered Consultant at the Chartered Quality Institute (MCR) 6006056
 EFQM Validator 2013 DIPLOMA
 EFQM Assessor 2013 DIPLOMA
 Assessor for Sudan Presidential Quality Award (based on EFQM Model)
 Registered Consultant at the Higher Council of Total Quality and Excellence )Sudan)

Professional Affiliations:
 Member of the Chartered Quality Institute (MCQI-CQP) 6006056
 Registered Consultant at the Chartered Quality Institute (MCR) 6006056
 Member of the National Organization for Quality and Excellence (NOQE)
 Senior Member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ)
 Member of the Saudi Quality council (SQC)
Country councilor

 Member Type Senior Membership

 Member Number 65232075