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4 Health Unit Plan

Unit Focus:
Unit Dates: January
Grade(s): 4 Understanding and Teacher: Mrs. Ulrich
10th, 17th, 24th, 31st
Expressing Feeling
Overview: The unit will be 4 classes from January 10th-January 31st.
Students will develop effective interpersonal skills that demonstrate responsibility, respect
and caring in order to establish and maintain healthy interactions.

The purpose of this unit is to enable students to make well-informed, healthy choices and to
develop behaviours that contribute to the well-being of self and others.

Objectives / Learner Outcomes:

4.1 Recognize that individuals can have a positive and negative influence on the feelings of
4.2 Identify and use short-term strategies for managing feelings; e.g., dealing with
excitement, anger, sadness, jealousy
4.3 Recognize that management positive/negative stress can affect health
4.4 Demonstrate respectful communication skills

Key Teaching and Learning Activities:

-Class awareness activity: Student stands up against white board and table group writes kind
words about the student while other students work on “Molly’s story” worksheet
-Partner performances: Students either choose a negative or positive interaction example or
create one with their partner to perform a mini performance in front of the class

Resources: Planning for Diversity: Assessment and Evaluation:

-Alberta Program of Studies -try to involve Izzy
-Relationship Choices where appropriate, have Formative assessment:
booklet communication with EA -assess in class discussions for the
with what she thinks is length of time spent on a topic
manageable for -assess student’s worksheets if
involvement they are understanding class
material discussed

Summative Assessment:
-assess student’s short
performances for a mark of 4
Teaching and Planning for
Day Outcomes Resources (Formative &
Learning Activities Diversity
4.1 Expressing Feeling to -cutting -have Formative assessment:
Others board, knife awareness for students will say one word or
-Apple activity: and 2 apples students that small sentence that they
students pass around (one apple are writing on have taken out of the class
two apples; one apple dropped on board and
students will say the ground) students that
“mean” comments to -3 are working on
and the other apple worksheets their
students will say kind and early worksheets,
comments too. When finisher some students
teacher cuts the two word search need to be
apples, students will to put in duo guided more
see that the apple tangs on what to
that was said mean write
things too is bruised -assess if it is
on the inside similar only 1 table
to how words effect group that can
feelings. come up to
-Kind words activity the board
and discussion: go -involve Izzy if
through how words teacher and
1 affect each other. aide think is
Have sticky notes possible on
from a paper bag that whiteboard
students will have to
place in either column
of “hurtful words” and
“uplifting words”.
Write more “nice
words” to write in
each column and
explain the next
-Class awareness
activity: Student goes
on white board and
table group writes
kind words about the
student while other
students work on
“Molly’s story”
4.1 Expressing Feeling to -early -some Formative assessment:
Others 2 finisher students may students will say one word or
2 -finish up table group word search finish faster so small sentence that they
pictures if needed to activity make sure have taken out of the class
work on worksheets they have
-explain and finish early word
other 2 worksheets finisher in
-read story on -write on
“Bunnies” discussion board agenda
on how a person for students to
would feel by looking refer back to
at “rude” words -involve Izzy if
instead of kind words teacher and
aide think is
possible on
4.2 Managing Feelings - “I Feel -assess what Formative assessment:
4.3 -make the 4 boxes of Angry” type of assess how students do in
4.4 positive and negative worksheet situations are the role-playing activity,
verbal results, read -sticky notes going on assess if you need to adapt it
out loud and students of positive among the in any way
will decide what and negative students and - students will say one word
column it goes under, situations to guide your or small sentence that they
ask situations and get go under the discussion have taken out of the class
students to answer box questions that
themselves -handouts will benefit
-students work on “I on positive/ students
feel angry” worksheet negative
-discussion on role interactions
playing having a if students
beginning and end, want them
not facing your back instead of
to the audience, have coming up
students get into with their
partners to practice own
3 skit of either a
positive or negative
-communicate to
students that you are
assessing on their
presentation if the
students are able to
identify if it is a
positive or negative
example but also how
they interact with
their partner and if
they can show what
they have learned in
the process based
upon if they show
good communication
to their partner by
being “kind” and
expressing their

4.2 Managing Feelings 2 -handouts of -assess what Formative assessment:

4.3 -students are given a what students are students will say one word or
4.4 moment to rehearse students not small sentence that they
what they are planned were progressing have taken out of the class
to show to the class in supposed to based upon Summative assessment:
their groups do time, help -students get a mark out of
-students perform -assessment guide the 4: two marks for if they
-students answer if it sheet for students and showed “kindness” to their
is a positive or group give them partner in the decision-
4 negative interaction, if partner skits some options making process and were
negative students will that they can able to express feelings
discuss what they try through good
could do to make it communication and two
positive marks for being able to
identify if the performance is
positive or negative and if
the students show an
understanding of positive
and negative behaviour.