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 At the same time, they did some documentaries like “The Alive Desert”
or “The secrets of the Life”.
 In the beginning of the 50s, they did adventure movies with real life
actors like “The Island of the Exchequer”, “Robin Hood”, “Mary
Poppins”, and some more.
 The cartoon films most distinguished from this period were: “Peter
Pan”, “Magician the Magician”, “Aladdin”, “The lion king”,
“Pocahontas”, “Toy Story,” “The hunchback of Notre Dame”, etc.
 Walt received Oscars, Emmys and many others.
 He died of lung cancer on December 15, 1966 in Burbank, California.
 He was married with Lillian Bounds and was father of Diane Marie and
Sharon Mae.


Walt Disney's philosophy consisted in transferring to the world: the good, the
truth, the beauty and the justice to enrich the soul. Some of his contributions to
the world were:

 Major comprehension, tenderness and good treatment to our

domestic animals.
 Extend to the entire world infantile stories of great pedagogical
value. These stories taught us from the early age many universal
themes like love, good and evil, and the difference of social classes.
 Defense of the magical and natural habitat of the human soul.
 His company continues to flourish, still producing animated and
live-action films and overseeing the still- growing empire started by
one man: Walt Disney, who will never be forgotten.