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Kim Orr

Intern Teacher: Nicole Greaves (Riedmueller)

Administrator Comments:

Nicole Greaves successfully completed her Professional Semester III at Chinook high school in Lethbridge, Alberta where she
taught Art 10, 20 and 30. Nicole taught multi-grade level classes.

She demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary to teach art at the high school level. Her lesson plans were detailed,
prepared in advance and engaging for her students. Technology was integrated into her lessons and she varied her
instructional strategies. Differentiated instruction is important to Nicole and showed in her teaching. She successfully
implemented many art activities, such as making zines, self-portraits and clay masks.

Nicole collaborated with students to implement a Kindness Project at Chinook. Students created art works with positive
phrases/quotes to distribute to other students in the school. The project was very successful and students went home with an
excellent learning experience.

Nicole was flexible and could adapt to last minute scheduling changes. For example, when last minute school-wide events
were scheduled, she was able to adapt her lesson plans with ease because of her excellent organizational skills and quick
thinking. Adaptations were made for individual students resulting in a positive learning environment. She successfully used
the Dossier system for ISP development, and implemented ISP strategies for the students in her class with special needs.

Nicole involved herself in the school environment in many ways. She volunteered in the production of our Remembrance Day
ceremony which involved many students and staff. She dedicated many after school hours to organize the event. She
participated in extracurricular activities, such as Coyote Cafe and art club, and supervised students during flex time. Students
could get help from Nicole whenever they needed; she continually made herself available for extra support.

Chinook's Skill Development and K&E classes were fortunate to have Nicole deliver hands-on workshops in ceramics and
print-making. Students were excited to learn new skills from Nicole and looked forward to her visits.

Nicole has excellent communication skills and used a variety of methods to keep parents and students in the loop. She met
with parents during parent teacher interviews and outside of those designated times. Frequent emails and phone calls were
part of her routine. She also communicated very well with other teachers, interns, caretakers, support staff and administration.

Nicole will be a great addition to any school because of her knowledge content, communication skills and rapport with
students. She has the attributes to be a successful and professional teacher.

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This page is to be returned to the UC to be included in the PS III Final Report.

University of Lethbridge: PS III Final Report (Revised: Nov 2017) 5