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Nama : Yulia Panca A.

Kelas : VII A

Bawang Merah Bawang Putih
Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful and kind girl named Bawang Putih. Bawang Putih lived
along with his father that she loved so much in a village, somewhere in Yogyakarta. Bawang
Putih biological mother was long dead as a result of serious illness that she suffered. Bawang
Putih lived in a very modest family, his father was only small traders. Even though, they were
always grateful for the blessings that had given by God.

Since she was abandoned by his mother, Bawang Putih felt very lonely, moreover, if her father
went to the market to trade all day. Having the same feeling as his daughter, her father intends to
marry Mbok Rondo, a widow with one daughter who lived with in the same village. Her father
hoped that Bawang Putih would no longer felt lonely because there would be someone
accompanied her at home. As a wise father, he asked Bawang Putih about his plan.

Bawang Putih understood his father's intentions. She also felt the presence of Mbok Rondo in the
family would make the atmosphere livelier and would make her not to feel lonely anymore.
Moreover, Mbok Rondo had a daughter named Bawang Merah who was the same age as Bawang
Putih. With these considerations, Bawang Putih approved her father request to marry Mbok

After marriage, Mbok Rondo and her daughter, Bawang Merah, lived together with Bawang
Putih and herfather. Initially, Mbok Rondo and Bawang Merah were very nice to Bawang Putih.
However, after time went by, their true nature began to appear. When her father went to trades,
Mbok Rondo and Bawang Merah often scolded and told Bawang Putih to do heavy work such as
cleaning the house, washing, and cooking. All those heavy works were done by Bawang Putih,
while Mbok Rondo and Bawang Merah just sat and relaxed.

Bawang Putih was afraid tell her father what was done by her step-mother and step-sister. That
was because the last few months her father had fallen ill. Bawang Putih did not want to make her
father worried which would make the condition worse. What Bawang Putih was feared,
happened. Her father whom he loved so much died from illness which he suffered. Since then,
Bawang Putih’s life was even more miserable. Bawang Putih’s step-mother and step-sister now
had control of everything. They treated Bawang Putih worse than before. In fact, Mbok Rondo
did not hesitate to slap Bawang Putih if she made mistakes in doing all the houseworks.

One morning, after cleaning the house, Bawang Putih went to the river to wash a basket full of
Mbok Rondo and Bawang Merah’s dirty clothes. One by one, the dirty clothes were washed.
Bawang Putih was surprised when one of the clothes drifted along the river stream. She then
figured it out that the clothes was Mbok Rondo’s favorite scarf. Bawagn Putih could not reach
the scarf. The stream took it away faster that she thought. Her step-mother would be very angry
to know that her favorite scarf was gone. However, Bawang Putih needed to tell her.

Obviously, Rondo Mbok was very angry to hear her favorite scarf was washed away in the river.
Mbok Rondo did not hesitate to slap Bawang Putih on these indiscretions. Bawang Putih was
also threatened evicted from their homes if she could not find the scarf. Rushing, Bawang Putih
went straight down the river to look for the clothes. Bawang Putih asked everyone she met, but
they did not see any clothes washed away in the river. Later that afternoon, Bawang Putih still
walked down the riverbank hope she could find the clothes.

After several hours of walking, she met an old lady who was washing rice in the river. Initially,
Bawang Putih was afraid to ask the old lady about the clothes she looked for. It was because her
performance which was very creepy. However, Bawang Putih needed to find the scarf. She
found no other options except asking it to the old lady.

Mbok Rono and Bawang Merah who saw the incident immediately forcibly seize jewelry in the hands of Bawang Putih. Mbok Rondo asked Bawang Merah to do the same thing with Bawang Putih. I need to bring back this scarf to my stepmother. Hearing the story. Diligently. please take one of these yellow pumpkins as a gift. Grandma. dear. they cut the pumpkin a half hoping there were more jewelries found in this pumpkin than in the previous one.. When she arrived at home. It was not good to reject someone’s gift. I am afraid she is angry." Asked the old lady. Bawang Putih was surprised seeing the house was very dirty and messy. Bawang Merah was just lazing around. The old lady was happy. Bawang Merah left and went home. The old lady then gave the pumpkin to Bawang Merah as she wanted. Initially.. and gems inside the pumpkin. Bawang Putih told everything to Mbok Rondo and Bawang Merah. washed the old lady’s clothes and even cooked for her. Because you have been really good to help me here. after a week. "Granny.. It’s getting dark. Come. come. "Yes . Bawang Putih cleaned house.. "Hey. However. Bawang Putih was surprised when she spilt the pumpkin a half. Bawang Putih at the end lived happily ever after. Can you give me the big yellow pumpkin over there as a gift of helping you." Answered Bawang Putih happyly. Unlike Bawang Putih who worked diligently. 3 . there was still someone who wanted to help her. The animals attacked them with no mercy to death. Bawang Putih then accepted it and took the smallest pumpkin out of the two. After a few days passed. They were so happy. “Come to my house. Bawang Merah immediately showed the pumpkin to her mother. "Well dear." Asked Bawang Merah. Bawang Merah went to the old lady’s house at the edge of the river. They were very surprised. I have helped you. In the next day. the results were never good because Bawang Merah did it not suriously. it was because Bawang Putih did not return for several days. It's the scarf I was looking for. Similar with Bawang Putih. clothes? Is it the scarf with rose’s motif?" The creepy old lady asked. nor gems.. Quickly she took it and without saying good bye. She then decided to stay a few days with the old lady to do the daily works."Sorry grandma. I want to go home now. Bawang Putih managed to get back all the gold. yes . Bawang Putih wanted to refuse that the old lady offered because Bawang Putih thought the pumpkins were the stored food. Did you see any clothes washed away in this river?" Bawang Putih asked. Mbok Rondo was still angry. Bawang Putih also gave the scarf to Mbok Rondo. diamonds. but I need to go home. there were no gold. venomous animals such as snakes and scorpions sprouted out from the inside." The old lady invited. Finally. Bawang Putih used those jewelries to make a living. Instead. no diamond. Perhaps. Immediately. Remembered the pumpkin she got from the old lady. diamonds and gems that had been taken by Mbok Rondo. Bawang Putih! Tell me where you get this much jewelry!" Mbok Rondo asked. Bawang Merah was asked to accompany the old lady for a week. Bawang Putih decided to go home afraid of her stepmother got angrier. I understand. If she did something." Bawang Putih said. She then said good bye to the old lady and went home. "Hey old lady. Bawang Putih planned to cook the pumpkin. Bawang Putih was nodded her head and went to the old lady’s house not far from the river. The stepmother was immediately sent her to the kitchen to prepare food. "Mmmm . Bawang Putting found gold. I do really want to stay longer here. Arriving at home. Bawang Merah asked for leaving. Finally.