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What is new in PERI CAD 2006?

1 What is new in PERI CAD 2006?
1.1 Startup Window
The new Startup window consists of two register cards. The first one containing the drawing settings:

1. Set the language for the for the details and the sections that can be inserted into the drawing. This is
set so that when a block is inserted it will be automatically translated.
2. Select the standard text style (Arial, ISO, or Technic) for the drawing.
3. Dimensioning in inch has been adapted to the american standard.

The second register card contains the system settings:

1. The menu that is selected can either be Formwork, Formwork ELPOS, Formwork 2006 or
Scaffolding (see detailed information below). With this constellation the installation of various
programs have become obsolete, the user can simply switch to the preferred menu.
2. The language in which PERI CAD is set can be selected as preferred.
3. Here the actual price list is shown. By pressing the button .. at the end of the text field a different
price list can be selected.
4. Here an option can be set that will automatically purge the drawing before it closes.

Menu Settings Employment
Formwork PERI CAD basic shoring functions without the ELPOS automatic
Formwork ELPOS PERI CAD basic shoring functions with the ELPOS automatic (as was in
previous versions)
Formwork 2006 PERI CAD basic shoring functions with new functionalities (at the moment
only TRIO)
Scaffolding PERI CAD scaffolding functions

GmbH © 2006 Page 1

PERI Autodim no longer exists. PERI Unit Calculator has been replaced with the AutoCAD QuickCalc. Layer Manager has been replaced with the functions in the new Layer Property Manager.2 Omitted Icons Multiline text is replaced by PERI text. PERI Info Translator has been replaced with Update PERI Blocks. TEXT ISO and TEXT Technic has been replaced with the selection of the text style in the startup window. HD 200 is now integrated into Shoring Towers. Change Counter / Label has been replaced with Modify Blockcounter. Change Block-In / Parts List Database is set in the startup window. ST 100 is now integrated into Shoring Towers. Activate / Deactivate automatic layercontrol can be found in PERI Options. function has been integrated in the Change Scale function. 3 x Purge All has been replaced with the standard AutoCAD Purge. PERI Climbing System has been removed without replacement. Multicopy has been placed on the normal copy command. PERI Dimunit can be changed in the startup window. The language is set in the startup window. PERI Dimstyle can be changed in the startup window. PD8 is now integrated into Shoring Towers.1. Change Language. TEXT ARIAL. Close PERI Block-In has been intergrated into the PERI Block-In function. Zoom to Scale 1:x. Page 2 GmbH © 2006 .

· For modifications in Flyout PERI_BLOCK_TOOLS (See subsequent description). · Create Viewport. · Change Scale can be used for viewports and dimensioning because of this Zoom to Scale is no longer neccessary. the info translator is no longer neccessary. GmbH © 2006 Page 3 . can make a viewport from a selected area in the modelspace and place it in the preferred layout. · When using PERI Plot the amount of printouts can be entered.3 New and Modified Toolbars PERI_PERICAD_TOOLBAR Open PERI Block-In Changed Make PERI Block Changed Update PERI Blocks NEW Flyout PERI_BLOCK_TOOLS NEW PERI Block Check Partslist time-dependently Parts List PERI Plot Changed Insert Plan Layout Create Viewport Changed Flyout PERI_VIEWPORTS Change Scale Changed Flyout PERI_DIMENSION_SIZE Purge NEW Regen PERI CAD Options NEW PERI CAD Help NEW Icons: · Update PERI Blocks combine both the info translator and Update Block Label in one tool. The following settings should be made: Confirm each item to be purged (for better control) and Purge nested items (so that repeated usage is unneccessary) · PERI Options open the Startup Window (see: Startup Window description). · Purge opens the Purge window. With the combination of these tools and the settings in the startup window. What is new in PERI CAD 2006? 1. · The Make PERI Block function may now be used when more then one drawing is open. Modified functions behind familiar icons: · Within Block-In a selection can be made that either blocks ("normal blocks") or PERI objekts (new objekts for the automatic and semi-automatic in Formwork 2006) can be inserted into the drawing. The function Update Block Label is still available in the PERI_BLOCK_TOOLS flyout. Also all the layouts can be printed all at once. In this manner it is also possible to create a detail from a viewport in an active layout.

· The function Center PERI Blocktext centers the blocktext above the Block. PERI_MODIFY Delete Copy Changed Flyout PERI_ARRAY Block rename and copy NEW Mirror Offset Changed Move Rotate Changed Align Scale Changed Stretch Changed Lengthen Trim Changed Extended Trim Join NEW Extend Page 4 GmbH © 2006 .PERI_BLOCK_TOOLS Add Block Label PERI Block Leader NEW Update Block Label Modify Blockcounter Change Block Text Height Change Block Text Color Align Block Text Turn Block Text Turn Block Text horizontal Mirror PERI Blocktext NEW Center PERI Blocktext NEW Remove Block Label NEW Icons: · With PERI Block Leader the PERI Blocktext can be called out with a leader line between the block and the blocktext. · With Mirror PERI Blocktext the text from a block can be mirrored.

· It is possible to switch between Trim and Extend during execution. · With the command Rotate the rotation angle can be defined with a two point selection. · The AutoCAD command Join has been added to the PERI menu. PERI_AEC_MODIFY NEW AEC Linework Trim AEC Linework Extend AEC Linework Divide AEC Linework Merge AEC Linework Substract AEC Linework Obscure AEC Linework Crop AEC Linework Array NEW Icons: · The line objects (2D blocks) can easily be modified with the provided AEC tools. · The AutoCAD command Pedit has also been added to the PERI menu. · The command Overkill is there to make the drawing smaller and is installed with the express tools. · With the command Scale a copy can be created parallel to the scaling. GmbH © 2006 Page 5 . What is new in PERI CAD 2006? Pedit NEW Flyout PERI_FILLET Changed Flyout PERI_BREAK Flyout PERI_POINTSTYLE Flyout PERI_AEC_MODIFY NEW Explode Overkill NEW NEW Icons: · The function Block rename and copy is a new command from AutoCAD. The object selection can also be done by using object selection crossing. With this function it is possible to copy and rename a block in one step. · When using the Stretch command various windows can be used for the selection so that the selection consists of the correct items. Modified functions behind familiar icons: · Copy in AutoCAD 2006 is as standard multicopy therefor the single copy is no longer present. · Alterations in Flyout PERI_AEC_MODIFY can be found in the description below. · The layer of the offset object may be defined (command Offset). · When using the Fillit command multiple objects can be selected and audited.

hatching without a creating a boundary. then enter the width and height. or temporarily close holes in a boundary. · The Boundary is automatically created on a new layer. · This function automatically creates a Centerline through the selection of two points. followed by selecting the direction the rectangle should be rotated. When using this option you must first select the insertion point.PERI_DRAW Line Rectangle Changed Polygon Polyline Flyout PERI_ARC Flyout PERI_CIRCLE Revcloud NEW Construction Line Multiline Flyout PERI_CENTERLINES NEW Point Divide Measure Boundary Changed Hatch Changed PERI Hatch Flyout PERI_TEXT NEW DText Change Text NEW Icons: · The Revcloud can be called directly and not only found in the Expresstools. · The Hatch offers supplementary funtions for example it can be modified when the hatch is double clicked. PERI_CENTERLINES NEW Circle Centerline Centerline · A Circle Centerline can be created automatically. · Flyout PERI_CENTERLINES (see description) · Flyout PERI_TEXT (see description) Modified functions behind familiar icons: · Using the command Rectangle you can use the option direction. Page 6 GmbH © 2006 .

GmbH © 2006 Page 7 .5mm or 3/32" (Color remains white) PERI TEXT with 5mm or 3/16" (New Color No.5mm or 1/8" (New Color No. Modified functions behind familiar icons: · It is possible with the GRV to plan outer formwork with a radius smaller than 1. · Flyout PERI_RUNDFLEX (see description) Modified functions behind familiar icons: · The PERI Prop function now sets dynamic blocks into the drawing. Using PERI Text Update the text height may be change to a different height. 100) PERI TEXT with 7mm or 1/4" (New Color No. What is new in PERI CAD 2006? PERI_TEXT NEW PERI TEXT with 3. 51) PERI TEXT with 2. The prop length can be changed by pulling on an extension grip point. HD 200 and MULTIPROP Towers (NEW) all in one. PERI_PERICAD_TOOLS PERI Prop Changed PERI Push-Pull Prop Shoring Towers NEW Girder Special Length Timber Changed Flyout PERI_RUNDFLEX NEW PERI Articulation PERI Assign Layer Manager Changed NEW Icons: · Shoring Towers contains the tools ST 100. It is also possible to update the text height to a new scale. 130) PERI TEXT with 10mm or 3/8" (Color No. 171) PERI TEXT with 14mm or 1/2" (Color No. PERI_RUNDFLEX NEW PERI RUNDFLEX RUNDFLEX PLUS NEW GRV Changed NEW Icons: · The automatic for the RUNDFLEX PLUS will be integrated in this position. · The dimension unit for the Timber text and detail can be selected.5m. PD 8. · In the PERI Assign Layer Manager the filter can also be used with the corresponding masterlayers. 210) PERI TEXT Update · All icons get the text style from the drawing settings (see: Startup Window).

By pressing the icon a second time it turns off the function.PERI_LAYER_CONTROL NEW Layer 0 Construction 0. For futher meathods see later descriptions.25 Construction 0.7 PERI AXIS PERI Helpline PERI Sectionline PERI Hidden PERI Hatch Masterlayer The majority of the icons are for creating sublayers. · With Tolerance you can attach a symetrical tolerance on an existing dimension. PERI_PERI_DIMENSION Arc Measurements Altitude Add Dimpoint Remove Dimpoint Flyout PERI_DIMESIONTOOLS NEW NEW Flyout: PERI_DIMENSIONTOOLS NEW Control Dimension Tolerance upper / lower Tolerance · This function makes a rectangle around a dimension marking it as a Control Dimension.5 Construction 0.35 Construction 0. With the icon Layer 0 the layer 0 will be set as the active layer. Page 8 GmbH © 2006 . · With upper / lower Tolerance two values will be attached to a dimension. Using the icon Masterlayer a new masterlayer can be created.

GmbH © 2006 Page 9 . First select a drawing command like line. This also works with the viewports. and select two points. All other layeres will be turned off. · With the function VP Dimlayer on / off all the dimensions created in the viewports will be turned on or off in the modelspace correspondingly. For example this creates the opportunity to freeze the wall formwork layer and all the other layers that belong to its group. · With the function LayerGroup isolate it is possible to isolate an entire layer group. The startpoint of the line will be the center of the two selected points. All the viewport dimensioning will be turned off for the active viewport except for the dimensioning that belongs to that viewport. This is helpful when a better overview of the modelspace is needed. What is new in PERI CAD 2006? PERI_LAYER_TOOLS Turn Object's Layer Off Turn all Layers On Freeze Object's Layer Thaw All Layers LayerGroup freeze NEW Lock Object's Layer Unlock All Layers Match Object's Layer Change to Current Layer Isolate Object's Layer LayerGroup isolate NEW Layer Merge Delete Object's Layer and All Object's on this Layer VP Dimlayer on / off NEW NEW Icons: · With the function LayerGroup freeze it is possible to freeze an entire layer group. PERI_OBJECT_SNAP Center Changed Track Select Previous Select Last Select Window Select Crossing Select Window Polygon Select Crossing Polygon Modified functions behind familiar icons: · The command Center is used in the same fashion as the object snap. then click the command center. This means that only the layers that belong to the layer group will be visible.

· With PERIwall Create the walls that have been created can be converted into walls for shuttering. · With PERIwall Situation the shuttering solution for the wall ends can be defined. PERI_PERICAD2006_FLEX and PERI_PERICAD2006_SKY contain the same functions like the previous versions of PERI CAD. The flyouts PERI_PERICAD2006_Area. It is possible to modify the wall using it's grip points. · The Cycle Slab function is as it was in previous versions of PERI CAD. Page 10 GmbH © 2006 . PERI_PERICAD2006_CYLCLE NEW Create Wall Cycle Joint Cycle Cycle Slab Formwork · Using the function Create Wall Cycle Joint cycle joints are set in the AEC walls. · With Cycle the wall cycle are seperated for individual shuttering. PERI_PERICAD2006_WALL NEW AEC Wall Input PERIwall Create PERIwall Situation · The AEC Wall Input is new and creates a new wall.The following toolbars are new in the PERICAD 2006 Functions: PERI_PERICAD2006 NEW Flyout PERI_PERICAD2006_WALL NEW Shutter Wall Changed Flyout PERI_PERICAD2006_CYCLE NEW Flyout PERI_PERICAD2006_Area Flyout PERI_PERICAD2006_FLEX Flyout PERI_PERICAD2006_SKY Flyout PERI_PARTS NEW Flyout PERI_PARTSTXT NEW Modified functions behind familiar icons: · Shutter Wall no longer opens a dialogbox for input instead it directly shutters the walls with TRIO.

· With Part-Text off it is possible to turn the text off for an individual PERI object. · When using the PERI Parts Reload the PERI objects in the drawing will be refreshed. · Part-Text default changes the text color. alignment. · With PERI Parts Instruction Set various rules can be selected for shuttering (e. · With Part-Text on it is possible to turn the text on for an individual PERI object. · With PERI Parts additional Osnap on/off supplementary object snap points will be turned on or off correspondingly. PERI_PARTSTXT NEW Part-Text Layer on Part-Text on Part-Text off Part-Text default Part-Text color Part-Text size Part-Text rotate Part-Text horizontal Part-Text align Part-Text change Part-Text articlenumber Part-Text short Part-Text long · Part-Text Layer on turns the layer for the PERI object's description on or off accordingly. · PERI Parts Locksymbol Modify changes only the size of the symbol. GmbH © 2006 Page 11 . TRIO 330 in place of 270). · With PERI Parts Lock numerous PERI objects can be made into a group (only over the context menu is it possible to unlock a group). · PERI Parts Locksymbol on/off switches the lock symbol on or off orrespondingly (it is only shown when PERI objects have been locked). · Create PERI Parts Block takes PERI objects that have been placed together and saves them as a single PERI object. and caption (function Part-Text change) back to the standard settings. What is new in PERI CAD 2006? PERI_PARTS NEW Export to Block-In Create PERI Parts Block PERI Parts Lock PERI Parts Locksymbol on/off PERI Parts Locksymbol Modify PERI Parts Reload PERI Parts additional Osnap on/off PERI Parts Instruction Set · With Export to Block-In PERI object groups can be exported to the userpath for future use.g.

for example when creating a hatch the hatch will be placed on a PERI Hatch layer no matter what layer is active. Very little thought will be needed for the organisation of a drawing because PERI CAD 2006 automatically does part of it for you. · Part-Text horizontal turns the text of the PERI object horizontal. A Masterlayer is there to bring order and structure to the drawing. A new drawing starts with the following layer structure: · Layer 0 (by pressing the icon Layer 0 the layer 0 will be set as the active layer).5 · construction 70 for line thickness 0. The names for these layers appear as "MASTERLAYER+ Sublayer" or "MASTERLAYER+ Eventlayer". 1. · Part-Text articlenumber shows the article number of the object. Possible Sublayers are: · construction 25 for line thickness 0.7 and · axis for center lines · helpline for help lines · sectionline for section lines · hidden for hidden lines · Hatch for hatches Page 12 GmbH © 2006 . This layer provides the basic structure for the drawing. · Part-Text rotate changes the alignment of the textfor the PERI object.35 · construction 50 for line thickness 0.· Part-Text color changes the color of the PERI object text by entering the number of the preferred color. and the Masterlayers: · BUILDING STRUCTURE+ · SLABFORMWORK+ · SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION+ · SUPPORT STRUCTURE+ · WALLFORMWORK+ A Masterlayer is recognizable by the + that is found at the end of the name. The difference between these two are that the sublayer are intentionally created by the user and the eventlayer are created automatically by PERI CAD for example when dimensioning. The PERI CAD Layer Control system is sorted into three predefined categories: · Masterlayer (Layer Group) · Sublayer (Basic Layer) · Eventlayer (Automatically Created Layer) A Masterlayer is a top level layer that which should not be drawn on. · Part-Text align aligns the object's text with the object. · With Part-Text change it is possible to change the default text of an object. Since a Masterlayer is not to be drawed on Sublayer and/or Eventlayers will be needed. · Part-Text long gets the long or standard text for the object from the selected database and turns the text on.25 · construction 35 for line thickness 0. · Part-Text short gets the short text for the object from the selected database and turns the text on. easy to use tools that lightens the workload.4 Explanation of the New Layer Control The new Layer Control system offers a simple way to structure a drawing with predefined. Created under this are the sublayers and eventlayers. · Part-Text size changes the size of the text of the PERI object.

..+ Helpgeo Purple (181) Continuous YES . The RUNDFLEX will be drawn on this layer. Layer Name Layer Color (NO. Since a masterlayer is not to be drawed upon a sublayer is needed to place the geometry upon.. The following table gives a short overview: Layer Name Layer Color (No..+ GRV_Accessories Gray (254) Continuous YES ..+ GRV_Elements Yellow (2) Continuous YES .+ Text Yellow (2) Continuous YES .) Line Type (No...+ Dimension White/Black (7) Continuous YES .+ GRV_text White/Black (7) Continuous YES ... These layers are the same as Sublayers except for the fact they are not created by the user. To create a sublayer press the button Construction 0. Some of the PERI tools and other functions create so called Eventlayers.) Printable .. To the tools: When the for example the RUNDFLEX tool is used and the Masterlayer WALLFORMWORK+ is active. the first thing that will happen is that the Sublayer "WALLFORMWORK+construction 35" will be created.) Printable construction 25 White/Black (7) Continuous YES construction 35 Yellow (2) Continuous YES construction 50 Green (3) Continuous YES construction 70 Cyan (4) Continuous YES axis Red (1) Center (PERI 102) YES helpline Light Blue (140) Continuous NO sectionline Magenta (6) dashdot (PERI 103) YES hidden Orange (30) dashed (PERI 104) NO hatch Orange (31) Continuous YES We begin with structure of the building....+ Boundary Orange (30) Continuous YES GmbH © 2006 Page 13 . These layers are ideal for plotting with the PERI plot style tables.. and line thickness according to the international PERI standard settings.50 the Sublayer "BUILDING STRUCTURE+construction 50" is created and this layer can be drawed on. The neccessary Eventlayers will be automatically created as follows: · WALLFORMWORK+RUNDFLEX_accessories · WALLFORMWORK+RUNDFLEX_anchors · WALLFORMWORK+RUNDFLEX_elements · WALLFORMWORK+RUNDFLEX_text Another Eventlayer will be created when for example a dimension made directly after the RUNDFLEX was created... The name of this Eventlayer will be "WALLFORMWORK+Dimension". they are subsequently created directly from PERI CAD.) Linientyp (NO.+ Hatch Orange (254) Continuous YES . What is new in PERI CAD 2006? These layers comply with the color.+ GRV_Timber Orange (40) Continuous YES . therefore the Masterlayer BUILDING STRUCTURE+ (Layer Group) is active. line type...

... Under normal conditions an organized drawing will have at the most 10 Masterlayers..+ RUNDFLEX_elements Yellow (2) Continuous YES . Page 14 GmbH © 2006 .+ Skydeck_prop Grau (8) Continuous YES The user may also create new Masterlayers when neccessary... A layer within a drawing can be made into a Masterlayer by selecting the option "Present Layer to Masterlayer".... With the button Set Masterlayer Active the Masterlayer selected in the list will be set as the active layer.+ RUNDFLEX_anchors White/Black (7) Continuous YES .+ RUNDFLEX_text White/Black (7) Continuous YES .. This may be done by pressing the icon Masterlayer ..+ Skydeck_accessories Gray (8) Continuous YES . Once the button Add to Masterlayers is pressed the new Masterlayer will be created and will be made the active layer. In the area Masterlayer a name for a new Masterlayer may be entered.+ Skydeck_girder Weiß (7) Continuous YES ... In the lower area a previously created layer may be defined as a new Masterlayer. Important: All the objects that are present on the selected layer will be placed directly on the Masterlayer that is locked...+ Skydeck_panels Orange (42) Continuous YES ..+ PEP_prop Gray (8) Continuous YES ....+ MP_prop Orange (42) Continuous YES . Tip When beginning a new project some thought should be made about the organisation of the Masterlayers. This information should be dispersed to each individual that will be participating in this project so that each participant completes their part accordingly.+ RUNDFLEX_accessories Orange (41) Continuous YES ... When designing it is always important to know which Masterlayer group is at the moment active.