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REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration.










Imperial war museum
Duxford Airfield
CB22 4QR Date April 2015

REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration.

Preliminary Matters 3
1.0 Introduction 3
1.15 SITE RULES 16

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Trade Preambles 23


5.3 AWARD CRITERIA (other than price)



REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration.

This outstanding example of modern British architecture houses IWM Duxford's unique collection of historic American combat aircraft including the SR-71 Blackbird. George Bush and HRH the Prince of Wales present. Many of the aircraft at IWM Duxford still fly. military vehicles and artillery displayed in walk through battle scenes in the Land Warfare Hall.4 In addition. 1.0 Introduction 1. the only one of its kind on display in Britain and the B-24 Liberator. 1.1 An Act of Parliament founded the Imperial War Museum in 1920 following the Great War to act as a National War Museum to collect and display material relating to that War. with former president of the US. 1. SECTION 1 Preliminary Matters 1. and the Rededication Ceremony on 27 September 2002.6 Today.3 At the commencement of the Second World War the Museum’s terms of reference were extended to cover both the Great War and the Second World War. 1. The airworthy aircraft at the Museum belong to private collectors and operators and are an important part of IWM Duxford's unique living atmosphere. The arrival of these new stunning exhibits led to the reconfiguration of the American Air Museum. 1.000 Americans who died flying from bases in the UK including IWM Duxford. 1. IWM Duxford is one of the world's leading aviation museums.5 IWM Duxford is a former RAF fighter station originally dating from the First World War. the IWM provides exhibits of educational and general interest to members of the public. 1. IWM Duxford is internationally renowned for its annual programme of world- class air shows. It has a long and distinguished history from 1924 until its closure as an RAF Station in 1961 and is particularly famous for its role in the Battle of Britain in 1940. during the Second World War. and again in 1953 to cover all military operations involving British & Commonwealth forces since August 1914. but eventually acquired its current home at Lambeth Road in July 1936 on the site of the former Bethlem Royal Hospital. housing some 200 aircraft ranging from flimsy biplanes to modern day jets.2 The Imperial War Museum was opened in 1920 at a site in Crystal Palace.8 IWM Duxford is not just about aircraft and the Museum houses an outstanding collection of tanks.7 The American Air Museum stands as a memorial to the 30. Two of the . Due to the general interest displayed by the Dominion Governments this led to the title “Imperial War Museum” (IWM). REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration.

0.0.3 Lambeth Road 1.0.4 IWM North. 1. Manchester .2 Cabinet War Rooms & Churchill Museum 1. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. Trafford.9 As of 2003.0.1 HMS Belfast moored in the Pool of London 1. the Imperial War Museum consists of 4 other major public tourist attractions: 1. most poignant exhibitions are 'The Normandy Experience' and the 'Monty' Exhibition.

.1. 1.2 GENERAL MATTERS 1.6 Tender Drawings The following drawings form part of this specification and will become contract documents.1.1 PRELIMINARY PARTICULARS ETC. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration.1. 1. 1.1. 1.4 General Description of the Works The works comprise the redecoration of the external steel frame to the Land Warfare Hall located on the south site at Location and Access to Site The site is located immediately to the east of the M11/A505 junction in South Cambridgeshire. 1.1 Limits of site operations The contractor shall limit his operations to the immediate area of the 1.2 Contract Administrator S J Rogers FRICS Capital Projects manager Imperial War Museum Duxford CB22 4QR Tel 01223 497220 e-mail sjrogers@iwm. 1.2.1. Access into the site is from the A505 to the south side and via the staff entrance/guardroom.1 Employer Imperial War Museum Duxford Airfield Duxford Cambs CB22 4QR 1. No tender drawings are provided.1.3 Principal designer. IWM represented by S J Rogers FRICS as above.

or ‘Directed’ means the approval. when appointed. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. ‘Selected’. selection. references or terms are used in the Specification. District Surveyor or any other person with authority under statute to require compliance with any regulation or byelaw.3 Abbreviations and references The following abbreviations.2 Preliminary investigation The Contractor shall be deemed to have visited and inspected the site and to have examined drawings (if any) and contract documents and to have adequately acquainted himself with local conditions. British Standard Specification The term ‘Contractor’ used throughout this document relates to the Contractor who is contracted to carry out and complete the works.3. delivered and fixed at the expense of the builder. electricity and telephones. The term ‘Provide’ means that the item(s) is to be supplied.1 Safety/Health and Welfare . the availability and supply of materials. plant. arranging for loading/unloading materials and organizing his works in a manner that does not interfere with other parts of the site and access to same. etc. The term ‘Day Work’ is applicable to the work of an unknown or unforeseen nature that could not be specified and therefore estimated for during the preparation of the schedule of works. The contractor shall be the ‘Principal Contractor’ under the CDM regulations. Reference to CA means the Contract Administrator or other consultant.2. The reference to Building Inspector means Building Control Officer. CP . Such work is usually paid for on a time and material basis with the Contractor submitting evidence of hours of work and invoices for materials.2. accessibility of the works and site. 1. supply of and conditions affecting labour. The contractor shall be responsible for storing materials.3 STATUTORY/GENERAL OBLIGATIONS 1. all in relation to the execution of the works as no claim on the ground of want of knowledge in such respect will be entertained. with authority under the terms of the contract to act is such a capacity. the nature of the ground and subsoil. The terms ‘Approved’. British Standards Code of Practice BS . 1. 1. or direction of the client/CA. water.

percussion tools and vehicles with effective silencers of a type recommended by manufacturers of the compressors. other of the site features. and supported by a troughed metal deck.1700.0730 . which require contractors design input.3. 1.3 Statutory Regulations The works must be undertaken in compliance with Statutory Regulations. 1.3. but is considered not to be notifiable. regulations and working rules relating to safety. The Contractor’s attention is drawn to Section 2 of this Specification. Do not interfere with their operation without consent of the service authorities or private owners or the CA as appropriate.7 Structural Fabric The contractor is advised the roof of the LWH is finished with a single ply membrane. The contractor shall be responsible for properly making good to the satisfaction of the C. all areas disturbed during the execution of the works. gates.2 Working Hours Monday to Friday . maintain and prevent damage to all services. Contractor is to plan the works and in particular the maneuvering of plant and machinery so as to cause minimal disturbance to adjacent areas.5 Public and Private Services Adequately protect. paved areas. particularly in respect of service installations. 130mm PIR insulation board. laid over approx.3. 1. which covers Health & Safety matters specifically.A. These works are subject to the CDM Regulations 2015. The contractor may extend working hours on weekdays subject to approval of Employer. 1.3. 1.6 Existing Features Prevent damage to existing buildings. The roof is designed to accommodate occasional pedestrian . Building Regulations. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. uphold. health and welfare of work people.3. Weekend working will only be allowed with the prior agreement of Employer. roads. which are to remain in position during the execution of the works. tools or vehicles. walls. Contractor is to allow in his tender for compliance. Water Bye Laws and IEE Regulations. 1.4 Noise Fit all compressors.3. fences. Allow for complying with all enactments. Gas Safety Regulations.

1.5 Monitoring . 1.Subcontractors works including completion of drawings etc. including subcontractors. The Contractor is to provide a competent person to constantly supervise the works and shall inform the CA of the name of such person. Works must be undertaken in a manner that does not cause damage to the roof coverings/ fabric of the building. 2.2 Insurances Before starting work on site submit to the employer (through the CA) documentary evidence and/or policies and receipts for all insurances which are required to be taken out by the Contractor. 1. Local Authority and statutory undertaker and obtain and supply information as necessary for co-ordination of the work. a programme for the works that should make allowance for all: 1. Other work concurrent with the contract. prepare. The person is to be able to adequately receive directions given to him by the CA and is to remain on site throughout the duration of the contract and shall not be changed without prior approval from the CA.4. 1.4 MANAGEMENT/ADMINISTRATION PROCEDURES 1. Work resulting from instructions issued with regard to the expenditure of provisional sums. The person is to implement the requirements of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 20157 as they apply to this project. in an approved form. supervision and administration of the works.4.4. 1. and must assist the Principal Designer in maintaining the health and safety file for this project. 3.4 Commencement of Work Inform CA as least seven working days before proposed date for commencement of the work on site.4. supplier. access for the purposes of maintenance only.1 Supervision Accept responsibility for co-ordination.4. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. Arrange and monitor a programme with each subcontractor.3 Programme As soon as possible and prior to starting work on site.

REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration.4. 1. The CA will take the Chair and minutes will be taken and distributed by the CA. 1. Update or re- draft without delay if circumstances arise which affect the progress of the works with copies of all revisions to CA. guard rails. Notify all consultants. planked footways.5 RESOURCES/TEMPORARY WORKS AND SERVICES 1.4. 1. Meetings will normally be held every four weeks.6 Site Meetings Hold regular site meetings as necessary for the proper management and co- ordination of the contract and as required by the CA. for the proper execution of the works and for meeting the requirements of the Local or other Authority. hoardings. mess rooms. Plastic mesh fencing held by metal posts. Attend all meetings and inform subcontractors and suppliers when their presence is required. The contractor will be required to fence the works to prevent unauthorized persons entering into the working area. vans.2m . 1. or commercial.5. screens. gantries and the like as may be necessary for protecting the public and others.1 Accommodation Provide necessary temporary sheds.7 Notice of Completion Give CA at least one week’s notice of anticipated dates of practical completion of the whole or parts of the works.8 Measurements Give reasonable notice to the CA before covering up work. 1.4. offices. private. to 1. Scaffolding/access platforms must not be placed so as to restrict access into/out of the building by any of the users. Routes from fire escape staircases away from the building must not be obstructed at any time.4. 1. sanitary accommodation.9 Covering Up Give not less than one working days notice to the CA or Clerk of Works before covering up. Record progress on site and keep a copy of the programme on site.2 Protection Provide temporary fencing.5. and other temporary buildings required for Contractor’s own and domestic subcontractor’s use. which the CA requires to be measured.

restrictions on use and calculations to show compliance with the standard. Scaffolding must be in accordance with BSEN12811-1 (2003). undertake a risk assessment and identify the most suitable method of operation. which is to be secured closed at the end of each working day. a handover certificate must be issued to the CA. Erection. this must include drawings showing the general scaffold arrangement. a method statement describing the erection and dismantling sequence. alteration and dismantling of all scaffolds must be under the direct supervision of a competent person – an advanced scaffolder or design engineer with the appropriate industry experience. to ensure it will have adequate strength and stability.5.3 Scaffolding The contractor must allow in his tender for providing a safe means of access for operatives to all areas subject to works. the scaffold should be designed by calculation. The handover certificate must be issued by a competent person (by means of experience or assessment. Regular inspection should be carried out (minimum weekly) also by a competent person. the permitted platform loadings. Contractor’s materials storage areas will need to be enclosed by Herras fencing. which should refer to the relevant drawings. Unless the scaffold is a basic configuration described in recognized guidance. In deciding what access equipment is necessary. the contractor must demonstrate to the CA that the scaffold meets all of the criteria for a basic scaffold. As a minimum. and restrictions on use. Where the scaffold is the subject of design the person responsible for the design shall make an inspection and certify the scaffold is erected in accordance with the design and drawings. the contractor must supply to the CA detailed information to show compliance with the BSEN12811-1 standard. Where the scaffold falls outside the scope of a ‘basic’ scaffold. for example NASC publication TG20-08 (volume 1). the contractor must fully appraise the works. 1. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. Further advice on what is required is contained in volume 2 of TG20-08. If proposing a scaffold that is termed a ‘basic’ scaffold under volume 1 of TG20-08. by a competent person. On completion of the scaffold erection. height is considered adequate. permitted working loads. Any proposed modifications or alterations outside a generally recognized basic configuration must be designed by a competent person. appropriate for the type and complexity of the scaffold erected). .

1.2 Manufacturers Recommendations Handle. Contractor is to make temporary arrangements for storing and distributing around the site. Suitable for the purposes of the work stated in or reasonably to be inferred from the contract documents. The contractor is referred to HSE guidance note for a list of scaffold structures that need to be the subject of design.6.5 Electricity The contractor is to make his own arrangements for the supply of power he may require. 1.4 Water Water for the works is available on site free of charge.6. eg a ladder access tower. (The use of trap doors within the platforms will not be permitted). store. or under the close supervision of. A separate arrangement must be made for bringing material to the platform level – hoists etc. 1.6 THE WORKS GENERALLY GENERALLY 1. products and workmanship are not fully specified they are to be: 1. In accordance with good building practice including the relevant provisions or current BSI documents. experienced tradesmen.3 Workmanship The works to be carried out by. skilled in the particular type of work. these must not be used for bringing materials or tools of any sort to the working platform. 1. Inform CA if these conflict with any other specified requirement. or fix each product in accordance with manufacturers printed or written instructions/recommendations.5. prepare and use. the means of access to any particular working platform must be arranged so that it is outside of the working platforms and does not obstruct or restrict their use.6. 1. If ladders are proposed for access to scaffold platforms. 1. For the avoidance of doubt.6.1 Good Practice Where and to the extent the materials. or platform steps.5. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. and 2.4 Service Runs .

7 Proprietary Names The phrase ‘or equivalent’ is to be deemed included whenever products are specified by proprietary names. Handle. PRODUCTS/MATERIALS GENERALLY 1. Produce written evidence or sources of supple requested by CA. plant. Wherever possible. quality and overall appearance.6. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration.6. Do not change without approval. 1.5 Products to be New Unless otherwise specified. but the CA reserves the right to insist on a named product(s) the rates or prices will be held to be based on the product(s) specified. including unobstructed routes and fixtures. ducts. the whole quantity required to complete the works must be the same type manufacturer or source. size. Take all responsible precautions to prevent unauthorized access to the site.6. store and fix products with care to ensure that they are not damaged when incorporated into the works. the works and adjoining property. 1. materials. ACCURACY/SETTING OUT 1.6 Or Equivalent Approved Means that the products of different manufacturers may be substituted if prior approval has been obtained. the works and any existing buildings affected by the works from damage and theft. 1.6. products. unless agreed otherwise.6. chases and holes to be formed during construction rather than cut. . Make adequate provisions for services. Ensure that the whole quantity of each product and material required to complete the work is of consistent kind.8 Single Source Where a choice of manufacturer or source of suppliers is allowed for any particular product or material.6.9 Accuracy N/A PROTECTION/CONDITION OF WORK/DRYING OUT 1.10 Site administration and Security Adequately safeguard the site.

extending existing finishes.19 Make Good Means carry out local remedial work. 1. Refix or re-stick. Damage due to trapped moisture. dress down. piece in. 2. 3.6. Consequent upon alteration.6. including the following as appropriate and necessary to leave the work sound and neat to approval: 1.6. 2. and support as necessary. Prevent overloading/damage. SAMPLES/APPROVALS/TESTING/INSPECTION .6.6. 1. 3.11 Stability Accept responsibility for stability and structural integrity of the works during the contract. 1. Details of design loads may be obtained from the CA. ALTERATIONS/EXTENSIONS/MAINTENANCE WORK 1. 5. 1. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration.12 Inclement Weather Adequately protect the works from damage by inclement weather and use all reasonable and approved building aids and methods to prevent or minimize delays during cold or inclement weather. Fill. Remove defective parts of existing finishes and components and around any stated features.13 Rubbish Remove rubbish and debris as it accrues and keep the site and works clean and tidy.14 Drying Out Control the drying and humidity of the works and the application of heat to prevent: 1. make minor repairs and adjustments. 4. patch. Redecorate. Excessive movement. Blistering and failure of adhesion. extension and maintenance work is deemed to be included in such items.

Materials and loads to be supported. 5. 1. Retain approved samples on site for comparison with products and materials used in the works. submit samples or other evidence of suitability.being subject to approval. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. Extent and purpose of the approval. 5. Nature of compatibility with products/materials being fixed and fixed to. 2. FIXING/FASTENINGS/ADHESIVES/MORTAR 1. Respect or characteristics which are approved.materials Where approval of products or materials is specified.6. Conditions expected in use. 1. Retain approved samples on site for comparison with the works. Recommendations of manufacturers of fastenings and manufacturers of products/material being fixed and fixed to. 4.workmanship Where samples of finished work are specified. 3. obtain approval of stated characteristics before proceeding with the works. Appearance . products or work unless the CA confirms in writing the express terms referring to: 1. Remove when no longer required.25 Fixings Generally Use fixings and jointing methods and types and spacings of fastenings which are suitable having regard to: Samples . Date of inspection.6. Remove samples which are not part of the finished works when no longer required.22 Samples . Part of the work inspected. 4. Any associated conditions.24 Approvals Inspection of any other action by the CA must not be taken as approval of materials. 1. Do not confirm orders or use materials until approval has been obtained. 2. 3. WORK AT COMPLETION/MAKING GOOD DEFECTS .

In the absence of such recommendations cleaning materials and methods are to be approved by CA.8. The Contractor should include for all costs incurred in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the Contract. Such sum is only to be expended on the authority of the CA. The Specification and drawings (if any) will become contract documents. 1.8 CONTINGENCY/ PROVISIONAL/ PRIME COST SUMS 1. or on the drawings which could reasonably be expected to be included in the works. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration.2 Provisional Sum Not used.7 CONTRACTUAL MATTERS 1.26 Cleaning Cleaning materials and methods are to be as recommended by manufacturer of product being cleaned.7. The Contractor must include for all works shown on the drawings. together with amendments to date including the April 2015 ammendement incorporating the CDM Regulations 2015. whether referred to in the Specification or not.6. 1.1 Contingency Sum Allow the contingency sum of £3000. 1.8. 1.8.2 Appendix 1 to these Preliminaries Appendix 1 at the end of these Preliminaries describes the contractual details that will be included in the Contract Conditions. 1.1 Form of Contract The Form of Contract will be the JCT Agreement for Minor Works 2011 Edition. 1. and for all works which are not included in the Specification.3 Provisional Repairs .27 Certification Not required. for works of an unforeseen nature.6.7. 1.

11 WORKS UNDERTAKEN CONCURRENTLY BY OTHERS Building services and fabric are maintained on the site by an FM contractor appointed by the IWM. 1.4 Prime Cost Sums Not used. (Cofely GDF Suez).10 PROVISIONAL DAYWORKS Not used. 1. 1. Contractor is to provide appropriate warning signs and notices in order to warn the public or site users. The works are located at roof level – and as such this provides separation of the working area from the remainder of the site.9 APPROVED SUB-CONTRACTORS Not used 1.12 PHASING OF WORKS No specific phasing of works is required. When working from MEWP’s. and enclosed with fencing fence at the bottom with warning signs to keep people away. these must be enclosed by temporary fencing to prevent public/staff form getting close to the plant. . 1. The normal activities of this contractor are not expected to interfere with these contract works.14 SITE RULES The Museum operate specific rules for ‘Safe Working Conditions and Protection of its Staff. This contractor will be permitted access to the buildings at all times. Any ladders for emergency egress must be tied. Not used. Visitors and Collection’.8.13 TEMPORARY SIGNAGE AND FENCING. Any fencing/enclosure should be arranged so that is does not obstruct pedestrian or staff access/egress from the building. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. 1. Such ladders will be required to be taken down at the end of each working day. Contractor/subcontractor advertising will not be permitted. 1.

Security forms are available from the guardroom and must be competed and returned at least 3 weeks prior to commencement. 1.A.16 NEW SUPPLIER The successful contractor if not on the museum’s approved supplier system. will carry out a site induction for all contractors’ operatives on the morning of the first day of starting on site. 1. These will be made available as part of the contractor’s induction which the CA will provide pre contract. The C.A. will be required to complete a ‘New Suppliers Form (appendix 3) and return it to the C. .15 SECURITY CLEARANCE All of the contractor’s staff will need to be security cleared prior to undertaking any work on site. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. within 5 days of award of contract. The contractor will be required to sign the form included in the booklet to confirm he has read the rules and will ensure all work is carried out in accordance with same.

Land Warfare Hall. Seventh. Article 5 The appointed contractor will be the Principal Contractor under the CDM Regulations. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. Fourth. Sixth. The work required is the external redecoration of steel roof structure. Contract Particulars: Fourth recital Base date 01 January 2015. Article 7 (and Schedule 1) the arbitration provisions of article 7 and schedule 1 apply.1 4 weeks. Documents comprise the contract specification. Not applicable. This project is considered not to be notifiable under the CDM Regulations 2015. excepting paragraph 5. Articles : Article 3 The Contract Administrator shall IWM Duxford Article 4 Substitute Principal Designer for CDM Co-ordinator. ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT: Recitals: First. . The contractor shall supply a fully priced copy of the specification to the employer. Second. Duxford. Fifth. Applies. APPENDIX 1 Contract: The form of contract will be the JCT Agreement for Minor Building Works 2011 together with any amendments to date. Third. The employer is not a contractor under the CIS rules. Clause 1.

2 Contract Insurance required is £10million minimum 5.4B applies % addition to cover fees – 20% 7. 3 months 4.4B Clause 5. Clause 2. subject to making good of defects. Clause 2.8 Liquidated Damages £ not applied. Beginning on the date of receipt by the contractor of the tender documentation.10 Rectification Period 24 months 4. 4. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration.8.3.2 Nominator shall be President of the RICS Schedule 1 Appointment of arbitrator shall be the President of The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors .1.4 Percentage is 90% At the expiry of 12months after practical completion.11 Deleted 5. half of the retention percentage will.2 Commencement To be agreed Completion Clause 2.3 Percentage is 90% 4.4A & 5. The remaining retention percentage will become due for payment at the expiry of 24 months after practical completion and subject to making good of any defects that become apparent up to that point. be released.

2. . Contractor is to organize works such that pedestrian access into and egress from buildings is not obstructed. Prior to commencement the contractor must ensure a construction phase health and safety plan has been produced. The Contractor will be responsible for ensuring that subcontractors employed by him operate in a safe manner appropriate to the work they are employed to undertake. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS The works that are the subject of this Specification are subject to the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. The following aspects of the work are considered to represent a risk. 2. The Contractor will be required to operate as the ’Principal contractor’ under those regulations and co-ordinate and manage Health & Safety issues during construction work. but also the erection and dismantling sequence and methodology.0 INFORMATION ON BUILDING/ENVIRONMENT/RISKS. and that adequate provision is made on site for provision of welfare.1 Proximity to Public and staff The work will involve working in areas where public have access around. not only the design of same. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. SECTION 2 HEALTH & SAFETY PRE CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION. liaise with the Contract administrator during the course of these works. Specifically Part 4 – General Requirements for all construction sites. The principal contractor must consider carefully measures to be employed to prevent injury to these persons. or to other persons in the area of the works. Staff similarly will have access to and be in occupation of buildings during the works. The principal contractor will be required to comply with the relevant regulations contained in part 4. The project however is not considered to be notifiable under those regulations. either to the person engaged in undertaking that work directly. and into buildings. These are to be addressed in the Principal contractor’s Construction Phase Plan. Special attention is to be paid to the scaffold work. and.

The roof is designed to accommodate occasional pedestrian access for the purposes of maintenance only. 130mm PIR insulation board. The client will arrange for a temporary alarm sounder to be wired in to the fire alarm to warn of a fire. 2. The steel roof trusses make access and egress to the working area difficult. Details of scaffolding proposals (if any) are to be included in Method Statement. Manufacturer’s COSSH data sheets should be followed and available on site for inspection by CA. 2. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. The contractor is to detail the measures to be taken to ensure safe working access and platforms. 2. when the site is particularly busy. laid over approx. Works must be undertaken in a . and supported by a troughed metal deck. The museum has 3 major airshows during the year. Emergency egress provision should be made such that the distance from any point of working. 2. to emergency egress ladder/platform is no more than 25m.4 Safe working loads The contractor is advised the roof of the LWH is finished with a single ply membrane. No work will be permitted during the airshows. Arrangements must be put in place to ensure safe egress from the roof in an emergency.specific provisions for safe storage and handling must be identified by Contractor.1 Checking/Handling and Site Storage of Materials and Components Contractor is to pay particular attention to how paint and associated materials are handled and stored. Airshows are scheduled for the following weekends: May airshow 23 and 24/5/2015 July airshow 11 and 12/7/2015 September airshow 19 and 20/9/2015.3 Emergency egress.2 Working at Heights Much of the work to be executed is at high level. Some products are likely to be flammable .

The Principal Contractor is to provide information on request to enable the file to be preapared. The ‘Principal Designer’ for this project is The IWM. Throughout the construction phase the principal contractor is to ensure the plan is reviewed. The contractor’s risk assessment and method statements. Before works commence on site.6 Risk Assessments and Method Statements The Contractor shall provide. Copies of manufacturer’s current technical literature and COSHH data sheets for all materials. 2. 2.7 Construction phase plan. The Principal contractor shall liaise and cooperate with the Principal designer in preparing the plan and providing information for inclusion into the Health and safety File. taking account of the nature of the site and use of the building.9 Health & Safety File The Principal Designer will prepare the Health and Safety file. represented by S J Rogers Capital Project Manager. but not be limited to a. manner that does not cause damage to the roof coverings/ fabric of the building and does not overload the roof. . and updated. organized and monitored in order to ensure the works are undertaken both efficiently and safely. the Principal contractor must draw up a Construction Phase Plan. b. Such information is likely to include. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. 2. or revised so that it continues to be sufficient to ensure construction work is so far as is reasonably practicable carried out without risks to health or safety. . This must set out the health and safety arrangements and site rules. plant and equipment selected by the contractor. with his tender. an outline Method Statement setting out how the work is to be approached.

. and where the final coat has been applied. Intermediate coat – Interseal 670HS. 0. SECTION 3 Trade Preambles To be read in conjunction with Preliminaries and General Conditions 3.05 Primer After suitable preparation of surfaces. The contractor is asked to supply a ‘extra over price with his tender for applying a different weather coat as follows. Interfine 979 – Application to achieve a wet film thickness of at least 100 micron to achieve dry film thickness of 75 micron. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. The weather coat Colour is to be BS20C37.04 Paint for steelwork Paint for use in the recoating of steelwork is to be as follows. Weathering coat – Interthane 870. apply Interplus 256 primer to a wet film thickness of at least 156micron and dry film thickness 125 micron. Application to achieve a wet film thickness of t 122 micron to give a dry film thickness 100 micron. Application to achieve a wet film thickness of 134 micron and dry film thickness 75 micron. All products are part of a paint system supplied by International Protective coatings and must not be substituted or modified. The intermediate coat colour is to be a different shade so that it is possible to easily see where the steel is in intermediate coat.01 MATERIALS 0.

When planning the work consider the need for cleaning. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. Feather all loose and cracked paints to a firm edge. All surfaces to be painted must be free of contamination. Apply Interthane Plus to any areas where the steel substrate. Prepare surfaces by high pressure water washing with non-ionic detergent to remove oil.06 Preparation of Coatings .02 WORKMANSHIP 0. salts. or rust is evident. and made available for inspection by the CA prior to commencing application of coatings. peeling and poorly adhering coatings back to a firm coating or back to the original background.04 Initial Preparations of Surfaces.03 Order of Working Work in a sequence that ensures the finished work is not spoilt by dust and debris arising from subsequent preparation work.05 Defective Backgrounds Advise CA of defective backgrounds and seek clarification on how to proceed. 0. grease. 0. 0.01 Generally Comply with the requirements of BS 6150 ‘Painting of Buildings’ subject to any qualifications given below. Use a minimum pressure of 2500psi. flaking. 0. Use portable power tools to clean welded or bolted joints any damaged areas to St3 ISO 8501-1:1998 (Swedish Standard SIS 05 5900/SSPC-SP3). poorly adhered paint and other contaminants. heating or drying equipment. 3. Comply also with the requirements of BS 8000 Part 12 1989 ‘Workmanship on Building Sites’. Ensure removal of defective. washing down.02 Ordering of Materials Obtain liquid materials in containers sized to suit the extent of the work and to prevent deterioration of residual quantities in opened containers. Note – the preparation of surfaces will require considerable work as the existing paints finishes are in poor condition. 0.

plastered external walls etc. Do not use thinners without the specific consent of the CA. 0. (b) Air temperature is below 4 degrees centigrade. wipe or otherwise remove any dirt or contaminant. (e) Lighting is inadequate. .) Remove any moisture or condensation by drying surfaces and/or applying general warmth if necessary. timing and queueing directions when preparing two part coatings. 0. Generally follow paint manufacturer’s specific site instructions in respect of preparation of coatings prior to application. This will usually involve thoroughly stirring liquid paints so that all solids are fully and evenly incorporated. heavy metalwork.07 Final Preparation of Surfaces Examine surfaces immediately before painting and where necessary undertake following final preparation. (f) There is inadequate ventilation. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. Lightly rub down between coats if necessary by fine wet and dry paper on fully hardened surfacing.08 Unsuitable Conditions Do not apply coatings when: (a) Airborne dust and grit is present. Wash.09 Application Applied specified coatings allowing adequate intervals between coats. Apply primers by brush unless otherwise approved. (c) Relative humidity exceeds 80%. 0. (i) Temperature of the surface is too low eg. (Do not use a brush as this move dust to another surface. Take particular care to observe manufacturer’ pot life. (d) Substrates have not properly dried out.

11 Sampling and Testing Contractor shall supply samples of paints for analysis at the CA’s request during the course of the work. . or from applied work. ‘ 0. The samples may be taken from open tins. roller or spray for the coating and surfaces involved. When brushing apply full coat. The work will be inspected from time to time by a qualified coating inspector who will check surface preparation and sample paint film thicknesses to establish the work is compliant with the specification. 0. Apply other coatings in accordance with manufacturer’s preferred methods eg brush. REF IWM/VPS1292 IWMD LWH External redecoration. evenly worked.10 Inspections CA will make frequent site inspections to judge the preparation and quality of the work.

 External steel roof trusses. Page 28 of 34 .H3 IWMD External redecoration and repair SECTION 4 SCHEDULE OF WORKS Provide suitable access and working platforms.  Exposed steel eaves beam to the barrel vault at the west end of the building.  Steel handrail over the Bailey bridge at the main entrance and the steel guard railing each side of the entrance along the path. Including all steel connections to columns penetrating the roof decking. comprising the following. Include the steel stub columns that penetrate the roof decking and provide support to the internal roof purlins. steel column supporting the boiler flue located at the eastern end of the building. including base plate connections to beams and trusses.  Steel trusses spanning east to west located at the western end of the building 4No. spanning north to south.  1No. external columns and steel eaves beam supporting the barrel vault at the eastern end of the building. together with all necessary labour and materials to execute the redecoration work to the external steel structure and associated steel components. on each side of the barrel vaulted roof -36No.  2No.  External columns – 36 No.

Envelopes and/or packages should be plain and bear no reference to the tenderer's name.H3 IWMD External redecoration and repair SECTION 5 Tender Submission The contractor will be required to comply with the following in order for their tender to be considered. Electronic submissions or e-mails will not be considered. Two dates are available for site inspection as follows.2 Tender Acceptance The ‘Tender Declaration Form’ included in this specification must be submitted.1 Site Visit As part of the process the Contractor shall visit site to acquaint themselves with the site. in an envelope. If the contractor does not comply fully.00am. by post. S Rogers at the Duxford site on 01223 497220 to make arrangements. and addressed to: FM Department Imperial War Museum Duxford airfield Duxford Cambs CB224QR FAO Mr S Rogers.00pm.00am until 11. then the tender may be rejected by the Museum. franking machines that automatically print the company name should not be used. 5. The contractor is to contact Mr. Your tender envelope should be headed TENDER DOCUMENT REF IWM/VPS/1292. 5. Tenders in envelopes that in any way may identify the tenderer will not be considered. the extent of the work and the conditions under which it is to be carried out. Page 29 of 34 . 28th May 2015 – 9. 27th May 2015 – 2.00pm until 4.

as indicated in the accompanying documents. a clear postmark and/or certificate of posting).e. The Trustees will not accept liability for any expenses incurred in the preparation of the tender. Tenders shall remain open to acceptance by the Trustees for a period of 6 weeks from the date required for submission.5 Supporting Information The contractor shall as part of tender submission include the following information: a) An outline Method Statement describing how the work are to be undertaken and what arrangements will be put in place to manage health and safety. c) Copy of the company’s Health & Safety Statement . d) This tender document complete. 5. 5. with each page initialed to indicate reading.H3 IWMD External redecoration and repair It is the responsibility of the tenderer to ensure that their tender is delivered no later than the appointed date and time.4 Award Criteria (other than price) Page 30 of 34 . g) Proposed programme of works. f) The tender form properly completed and signed.3 Basis of Prices All prices must be quoted on the basis of lump sum fixed price based on no re- measurement. Late tenders franked with the firm’s own franking machine will automatically be rejected. The Trustees do not undertake to consider tenders received after the appointed date and time unless clear evidence of posting is available (i. b) The names & contact details of two references where the company has carried out similar work. 5. Quantities given are for guidance only and prices entered should exclude VAT. The Trustees do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender and reserve the right to accept a portion of any tender unless the tenderer expressly stipulates otherwise on his tender. e) The schedule of work items priced up.

k) Contractor’s ability to demonstrate his competence in carrying out works of this nature. j) Suitability of the Method Statement and Risk assessment referred to above.H3 IWMD External redecoration and repair The employer does not bind himself to accept the lowest or any tender. when awarding the contract in addition to price the Employer will have regard to the following. i) Compliance with tender instruction for submission of documentation. h) Accuracy of submission. Page 31 of 34 .

2 Contract Start Date: CT 2.4 Tender Opening Time: TBA CT 1.1 Contract Lead-in Time To be advised To be advised.H3 IWMD External redecoration and repair SECTION 6 CONTRACT TIMETABLE 7.1 Tender Period 3 weeks CT 1.0 CONTRACT TIMETABLE The following schedule represents the proposed timetable for the appointment of a consultant and commencement of the contract for the services in relation to various external building projects as detailed within the tender documents on behalf of the Trustees of the Imperial War Museum.2 Tender Submission Date: Tuesday 9th June 2015 CT 1.0 Issue of Tenders: 15 May 2015 CT 1.0 Contract Award: 15th June 2015 CT 2.6 Tender Evaluation Period: One week CT 2.3 Contract Completion Date: To be advised. CT 2. CT 1.3 Tender Submission Time: Noon CT 1. Page 32 of 34 .

No. _____________________ Signature: ___________________________________________________ Print Name: ___________________________________________________ In the Capacity of:___________________________________________________ Page 33 of 34 . No. Company Name: ___________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________ _ Tel. Alternatively for the enhanced specification for the use of Interthane 979 as the weather coat . Land Warfare Hall – Redecoration of steelwork. _____________________ Fax. I/we Do hereby offer to execute and complete in accordance with the Conditions of Contract the whole of the works as described for the sum of: - £_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (excluding VAT) (_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ amount in words).H3 IWMD External redecoration and repair Tender Declaration. To: The Trustees of the Imperial War Museum I/We having read the following documents delivered to me/us in respect of the above Contract: Do hereby offer to execute and complete in accordance with the Conditions of Contract the whole of the works as described for the sum of: - £_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (excluding VAT) (_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ amount in words). Contract Reference: IWM/FM _________ Project.

. (£) Preliminaries (excluding scaffold). . . . . . . ________ Contin gency sum. . . . . . .H3 IWMD External redecoration and repair (The above named person is duly authorised to sign tenders for and on behalf of the Company) Dated this . _£3000 Section 4 schedule of works ________ Total Tender figure. . . . .day of . _________ (Exclusive of VAT) Page 34 of 34 . . . . . . . . . . 2015 TENDER BREAKDOWN. .