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Board of Directors

For 2017-2018


Justice Consuelo Ynares Santiago

Independent Director

Atty. J.V. Emmanuel A. de Dios


Domingo T. Uy

Monico V. Jacob
Independent Director

Carolina Inez Angela S. Reyes


Romeo B. de Guzman
Vice Chairman and Senior
Strategic Adviser

Dennis A. Uy
Atty. Socorro Ermac-Cabreros
President and Chief Executive Officer Corporate Secretary

Cherylyn C. Uy Frederic C. Dybuncio

Director Director

Joseph John L. Ong Stephen T. CuUnjieng

Director Director

Paul G. Dominguez
Top Management
Executive Committee (L-R)

Chryss Alfonsus V. Damuy

Vice President for Finance and Chelsea Shipping Corp.

Chief Operating Officer

Alan Raymond T. Zorilla

Vice President for External Affairs,

Dennis A. Uy
Business Development, and
President and Chief Executive Officer

Joseph John L. Ong

Chief Finance Officer

Romeo B. De Guzman

Chief Operating Officer

Sales and Support Groups (L-R)

Joven Jesus G. Mujar

Asst. Vice President for

Lubricant Sales and

Debbie U. Rodolfo

Asst. Vice President for

Customer Service and
Corporate Communications

Celeste Marie G. Ong

Asst. Vice President for

Human Resources
Ignacio B. Romero

Asst. Vice President for Technical

Services, Quality Assurance and
Roy O. Jimenez
Product Development
Asst. Vice President for Sales –
Richard C. Tiansay
North Mindanao
Asst. Vice President for Sales –
Maria Rita A. Ros
Asst. Vice President for Supply
Maria Celina I. Matias
Ericson S. Inocencio
Asst. Vice President for Brand and
Marketing Asst. Vice President for Sales –
Mega Manila
William M. Azarcon
Norman T. Navarro
Vice President for Operations,
Transport, Aviation, and Asst. Vice President for Sales –
Engineering South Mindanao

Joselito G. de Jesus Deputy Chief

Operating Officer and Asst. Vice
President for Sales – Luzon