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Following settings to be done in ACAD2017 for Engineering Graphics Course

Settings for ACAD 2017 to be implement once during first time use:

1) Right click on the Grid display icon on the bottom menu bar and select

2) In the snap and grid tab, make sure that Snap on ,grid on and 2D model space are active
(checked). adaptive Grid and display grid beyond limits should not be active (unchecked).

Put the grid space and snap space value in both direction (x&y) 0.25.

LIMITS 0,0 Enter Then 27,10 Enter.

3) In the object snap tab. select clear all. .

4) In the 3D object snap tab. select clear all 5) In the Dynamic Input tab. make sure that Enabler pointer input and enable dimension input when possible are not active .

. click on the Options buttons and select the display tab . change the crosshair size to 100.6) In the same window.

8) Right click on the Cube at the top right corner of the workspace and select View Cube Settings. select ok again.7) In the User preferences tab. now select apply and then ok . . active key board entry as the priority for coordinate data entry.

. 10) Open the Workspace drop down menu from the top toolbar and select save as Auto classic and close any other newly generated windows. if any.9) Deselect the Automatic option of View cube size and set the minimum (Tiny) size and Inactive opacity to the Low. Click Ok.