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tara of Seating * 3^Attaint Swttrc nf Astrolngg nf it ofaimg * BY TRIX DEVOS .

A686680 SEP 28 '22 . 2* 7c <7 COPYRIGHT 1922 BY Trix Devos ©CI.


Kirchhoff is one of the most intelligent Astrologers. devotion and enthusiasm. KIRCHHOFF It is gratifying to know that Professor Chas. A. A. C. which is not diminishing in the slightest degree. He has a host of ardent and zealous friends who appreciate him for his integrity as well as for his ability. PHONE: KILBOURN 4813 C. Wis . A Kirchhoff SCIENTI FIC ASTROLOGER 817 I6th Street Milwaukee.

Why some persons continually quarrel while with others there is peace. It will intensify natural intui- tion and. in the apparent inequality of mankind. quiet and harmony. Noone should hesitate to begin an investigation of this science for even a superficial examination will show that there is a way. There is more in Astrology than the mere writing and reading of horoscopes and the delineating of char- acter and vocations. and others strong. makes perceptible things which would otherwise have re- mained obscured. The study of Astrology will develop talents that are latent and of which persons are unconscious. . It will show why some persons succeed and others fail. The second is to become of use to those who do not have the advantage and opportunity of obtaining this knowledge for themselves. Sickly sentiment and distaste for improving the mind is inculcated by reading stupid books and vulgar novels so by the study of the science of Astrology is the mind ex- panded. It is the key that opens to seekers after knowledge an explanation of the mysterious and unchanging laws that govern the universe and all living things. Why some are weak. There are two motives in the student taking up the study of Astrology. new and ever rising ideas and thoughts are elevated and the pleasures of life realized. present and future events from the positions of the planets and of the earth in the Zodiac at any given time. which the casual reader does not comprehend. The first is to thoroughly understand one's own nature. Astrology has interested the most advanced races of mankind ever since the reflective faculties of the mind were developed which is evidenced by recorded history and research into the manners and costumes of past ages. ASTROLOGY Astrology is the science of delineating character and judging past.

Never before in the history of the world has the struggle for existence been so demoralized and unsettled. The man who dares not follow his own judgments. but such a person must eventually suc- ceed. By it we can fore- tell future events according to the position of the heavenly bodies at the time of birth. then do it. If the science of Astrology was sufficiently known very many of the evils now afflicting mankind would not prevail and much pain. That a practical Astrologer can select these times with unerring accuracy has been proven by hundreds of years testimony in that direc- tion. in fact. trouble and consequent disappointment now abound- ing would not exist. I size too strongly that Astrology is not Universal because the men- tality of the people is not there to grasp the meaning of the science. known to be more than ten thousand years can not empha- old. thinking man and woman to grasp every means and opportunity to better their conditions by perma- nent efforts to rise to the higher places of thought and action. are never the less facts and exist in spite of the incapacity of ordinary persons to ex- plain them. There- fore it behooves every sensible. a mere fragment of a human being. psychological influence. carried about the world. yet invisible things such as gas. He is. sorrow. industrious person with fair abilities may fail at times by following his judgment. Astrology today is based on sound mathematical calculations." The person who denies the existence of anything be- yond comprehension is as credulous as one who believes every- his thing without discrimination. Invisible things cannot be seen. the vital power of plants. the producing power of the Sun. the . That it is the oldest Science in existence is proved by the fact that the Astrological Signs have been found in ancient Temples. but con- stantly takes the advice of others. electricity and many other things too numerous to mention. Know your work. an insignificant cipher. thought feeling. becomes at last a moral weak- ling and an intellectual dwarf. Both of these persons are slaves to opinion or limited in their intercourse with the world. Astrology is the science which teaches the effect of the planets on Human Life and the things of the Earth. and animals. A sober.

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and well if aspected or free from affliction. giving an attraction for a serious. the Sign it rules. it would not be near so bad. unless otherwise stated. For instance : "Saturn in the Fifth House. . elderly person. its delineation by House. and to what natured planets. the delineations folio. for ing. as herein given." "Delay. is subject to modification correspondingly. using this as a guide. first see if the planet in question is in any dignity or debility. even if you only give ten words. lead. These interpretations are for the planets unaspected and by their positions in theHouses alone. and from what Houses then modify the reading accordingly. af- fections and pleasures. mines and property.INFLUENCE OF PLANETS IN THE MUNDANE HOUSES. incapacity for obtaining real enjoyment. NOTE— Read carefully! Before taking literally. you bring into unfoldment the latent faculties of per- ception and expression. disappointment and sorrow through love affairs. word word. suc- cess in investment in lands. and in good or bad aspect. Saturn were in Capricorn. . coal and such things as Saturn rules. 16 . If a planet is aspected by another. By taking this idea into consideration and giving your own modified interpretation. besides developing judgment and intuition. note the nature of the Sign in which it is located see if it is at home or at ease therein then look . Notice the nature of the planet. investments. quiet enjoyment." Now. loss through speculations. Planets in House are indications only and do not give continued success or continued difficulty. up its aspects and you are ready to blend and modify according to the testimonies thus gathered.

sexless and convertible. Moon inHouse. sen- sitive. activity and an inclination for public life re- . e. The Moon most important in a woman's horoscope. good or adverse. nature ambition. The two aspects do not neutralize each other. Its tendency here is to lift the native upward in life and bring benefits and advantages from the public through social life in which the domestic interests largely enter. In the Fixed Signs the nature is more firm. Just when these different conditions would be operating can he known by judging from the "Transits" and through the horo- scope by "Directions. good for commissions. Every aspect works. instead. less changeable and more contented if employed in some common or ordinary or popular oc- cupation connected with the general public. Dream experiences. assisted by Moon.. Jupiter was afflicted.its nature being such that absorbs much of the character of the planets with it which it comes in contact or aspect. close attention must be paid to the Sign it is in. First Chance in fortune. occupation and employments." If a planet is in to one and in adverse aspect to good aspect another. Afflicted in a Watery Sign. thus :Mercury." i. . the "Progressed chart. ingenious. fined. In a Common or Cardinal Sign it denotes flexibility. incon- stancy. but if. observative and considerate. Mercury in First House. for it is rules the functional arrangements and shows health or illness ac- cording to the aspects. in its own time. often timidity. followed by difficult and troublesome times. there would be spells of favorable periods. assisted 17 . it indicates through successthe one and misfortune through the other. For example Jupiter in the Second or Tenth House and in good : aspect to one or more planets. intuitive and receptive mind fruitful imagination and . would give long periods of success and prosperity. additional to the aspect it receives. residence. shows danger from water and liquids. consequently. and great desire for change or roaming. NOTE— Mercury is neutral.

The nature of Venus is feminine. singing. in good aspect to Mars. studious. erosity. if Neptune assist. Venus governs touch. Many changes. prophecy. Inspiration for art comes from Neptune. writing or speaking. mechanical and constructive faculty. and . etc. thought and action. so look up its aspects and see the tendencies. free and careless with money. power for psychomestrising and clairaudience. kidneys and generative organs also the throat. If in aspect to Mars. sharp. fectionate disposition. It shows a refined.. Venus in First House. etc. if Jupiter assist. good for business and responsible positions . sympathetic and af- cheerful. Denotes an amiable. art. in favorable connec- tion with the Sun. 18 . singing. good for music. just nature. Bad aspects Mars. Perceptive. enjoyment and society and like to make others around them happy. foresight. responsive to the love and emotional side of the nature. if Uranus assist. but it requires a good aspect to Venus to manifest it. journeys. fertility of resource . It gives an appreciation for art and beauty and a fondness for pleasure. The nature is fruitful. a good theologian. persuasive and expressive fertile imagination. an originator and inventor.Rapid comprehension fondness for Jiterature. opera. inquisitive. If in adverse aspect to Saturn. Note carefully the influence or nature of the Sign that Venus is in. Saturn. . This planet rules the groins. Venus. Gemini. spells of restlessness and anxiety. always on the alert for new information. for books. Quick in speech. drama. generous. trustful. The tendency of this position is towards good fortune. a good divine. logical. Fond of company. Mercury gives an inquiring adaptability. much gen- . Uranus or Neptune indicates much to discord and trouble in married life afflicting Jupiter. if Saturn assist. it delays marriage. Taurus. music. reading and learning. and one who is usually much admired by the opposite sex. yet fortunate in getting it. the native marries early. Libra and Pisces are the best for this posi- tion. chin and cheeks.

combative . Love of liberty and independence free. skillful. scalds. free. adding a certain appearance of dignity and strength that impresses others . forceful and impatient. at times rash. fiery. 19 . amorous. constructive and destructive . High motives. aspiring. Danger of cuts. Sun rules vitality and strength of constitution. executive ability. the recuperative power is not good. By nature it is masculine. falls and bruises and other acci- dents. it gives an independent. inflammations and eye affections. Good. Frank. Sun in First House. e. coupled with hope. usually causes a mark or scar about the head or face and one on that part of the body represented by the Sign it is in. . Usually create a great deal of their own fate by impulse and strong desire nature. pride. Look into the aspects carefully. and as- sertive. enterprising. generous. outspoken disposition. ception and constructive faculty. firmness and stability humane strong moral nature quick per- . combative and defensive ambition. Saturn or Uranus. tends to honor and general success. sharp attacks of sickness. audacious. aggressive and defensive. love of power and authority that results in the native rising above his sphere in life and into positions of trust. . burns. Somewhat . A great deal depends upon the Sign Mars is in. it indicates heavy. also losses and reversals through impulsiveness. Mars rules the muscular system and urino-genital organs. When afflicted. it strengthens the constitution and adds to the vitality. advancement and good will of superiors. Ambitious. confident. practical. and positive scorning defeat and reckless of danger. fevers. courageous.. headstrong. ambition. influence and respon- sibility. confidence. i. Mars in First House. also feverish and inflammatory troubles. If afflictingMars.

faith- ful. perseverance and steadiness. it indicates one of high standing. hopeful disposition . long-distance officials. rarely entering into any project that is not premeditated and planned. Its toward good reasoning. Jupiter in First House. economy. calm. cashier. sincere. contemplation. power and dignity and fits the native for leading positions in social and business circles. courteous just. transit. humane. draper. Note carefully the Sign that Jupiter occupies and the aspects for judgment regarding wealth. professors. prudence. but it is sure in bringing reputation. etc. The progress and success may be slow. grave. excess. action when affected by Saturn. ant action of parts when afflicted by Mars or Sun or defective . clothier. theologians and govern- ment Business connected with shipping. The always a more or less fortunate one. influence of Jupiter is It gives executive ability. . assistant. liver complaints. Optimistic spirit : cheerful. respect and at- tention to affairs generally. is logical. doctors. it ness and consideration for the welfare of others. wholesale business or commerce on a large scale. confidence and determination. judges. When well-placed by Sign and aspect denotes thoughtful. and amiable pleasant manners. When afflicted : clerk. When weak or afflicted it indicates liability to colds and trouble to that part of 20 . . honor and credit through persistence. grocer. also. serious. broad mind. prudent and noble nature. according to the Sign occupied super-abund. excessive stout- ness. a tendency. gout. such as bank- ers. diligence. lawyers. station and ability. generous. self-possession. plethora. system. If unafflicted. The desire is and to attain position as the result of merit to that end they labor with method. penetrative and chaste. The disposition is faithful. industry. Saturn in First House. Jupiter affecting the body brings on disease resulting from im- pure blood. varicose veins. discretion. prac- tical ability. worldly wisdom and continual effort.

21 . acquisitive and careful of personal affairs. intuition. old. curious new and the odd. telepathy. psychic research.the body ruled by the Sign it is in. habits. electricity. un- fortunate conditions. signifies originality of thought. inventive genius. magnetic healing. or fateful events and delays. also through constipation. Estrangements from parents and kindred. It is significant of many changes in residence and occupation and isusually not good here for marriage. oc- It attracts cultism. chills and poor circulation. stone. psychism. rheumatism. right knees and spleen gives ear. phrenology. It also indicates many sorrows and disappointments. Uranus independence of mind. Loss and misfortune through negligence. Bruises to the head. Uranus in First House. spiritualism. peculiar. lack of op- portunity. intellectual and metaphysical ability. eccentric. in fact to everything out of the ordinary. makes one appear odd. obstructed growth and deficient action. mesmerism. gravel. towards such subject as Astrology. bringing about peculiar. thoughtful. Saturn rules the bones. a liability to suffer from colds. etc. secretive and given to periods of gloom and discontent. progressive and It about one hundred years ahead of their time. The na- ture is reserved. the antiquated. inventions. difficulties and separations. and an uphill time generally. teeth. . hypnotism. apt to change thoughts and position radically and suddenly. It predisposes one to the occult. sometimes poverty. subtle. mistrustful. It is Uranus manifesting which makes one independent and revolutionary. forming his own opinions regardless of what others may think of them. Free Masonry.

sciences. Mercury gives the ability to reason. sudden changes and losses in un- expected ways. studies. He is often called a crank. They are not at all opposed to discussion or de- bate and seldom become angry in it. separa- tions. but invariably his cranky notions become ac- cepted facts after a time. While Uranus gives and individuality of thought. but thou Moses (Uranus) shall teach him what to say. Uranus stands for freedom. They are nearly always on the opposite to the things that are popular. erratic. formal or limited. eccentric. They are usually forceful. irregularity. equality. the faculties of comparison and casualty. just how fine the native will manifest or interpret the rays from Uranus depends upon the quality of the ASPECTS to it in the chart. Uranus rules the originating or creating faculties. "And I send Aaron (Mercury) thy will brother.estrangements. pre- ferring expansion and upheaval. strange ideas. It gives unconventionality. for I know he can speak well. 22 . ex- pound and express. originality yet one may be running over with good ideas. knowing that his liberty is increased correspondingly. However. sarcastic. journeys. originality." The enlightened Uranian gives all the freedom possible to those around him. mental impulsiveness. critical and easily of- fended . interpret. without which there can be no invention or science. independence and self-will. but are vigorous in the cause of the oppressed. inventive genius. detest limitations and cannot stand control or dictation. understand. etc. but not par- ticularly quarrelsome or antagonistic. Uranus afflicted shows quickness of mind. abrupt. religion. phrenological- ly expressed. even when they are almost well enough in the opinion of many. wilful. and its natives can al- ways see how conditions may be better. impulsive. changeful. brusque. and therefore takes the side of the unpopular in movements. but unless Mercury assists he will never get them uttered satisfactorily.

love of luxury and taste. yet it indicates intuition. allowing the feelings to get the upper hand of the judgment. etc. psychometry. Romance and emotion. Danger through and hurts by machinery. It exalts the artistic tastes. The influence of this planet is always more or mediumistic less and the native will either consciously or unconsciously take on the conditions of the surroundings and of those with whom they come in contact. Mysterious happenings. psychic centers and mysterious. strange places. bringing uncertainty and confusion through instability. changefulness. sense-loving and emo- tional side of the nature. enmities and deceptions. crystal gazing. trance.dreams. enthusiasm denotes a receptivity to the psychic conditions that might run into extremes. indolence or lack of energy. wandering disposition. ruling the organ of calculation denotes far-seeing. weird feelings. many jour- 23 . assum- ings. water and liquids in general. explosions and vehicles of travel. excitability. clairvoyance. acts of indiscretion. lightning. It being a neutral planet. When well aspected it gives good intuition and spirit percep- tions . able to it estimate quickly and accurately. thoughts and experiences. color and sound. Neptune in First House. Danger through plots. electricity inventions. engines. It represents inspiration. Gives an interest in all occult affairs and rules the psychic aura and the personal magnetism. When it is weak or afflicted it seems to open an avenue oi temptation that appeals to the passional. strange or un- natural appetites. intrigues. deceptions. giving a love for beauty in form. It gives ability to cultivate thought reading and transference. it depends upon ASPECTS for the manner in which it will manifest. It attracts one to peculiar people. also mediumship and Spiritual- ism. imagination. It bears relation to matters connected with the sea. schemes. Visionary mind. While it and perception.

by dealing with liquids and commodities. societies. and. Sun Second House.. sta- tionery. commissions and ordinary business and commercial af- fairs generally. mentally and physically they should investigate the philosophy of all things mys- . medicines. again. in Second By luck and good will and favors from others money comes readily. traveling.neys. terious rather than the phenomena. pleasure. there are days when they should strive to develop their occult faculties. social affairs. etc.. etc. music. If well aspected it is favorable for financial success. Gain by employment. clerking. seances or drugs. writings. Benefit 24 . etc. gain by affairs of government or through holding official appointments or other responsible positions. and the wants of the com- mon people generally. SECOND HOUSE. pleasure. confectionery and wearing apparel. A good deal of money is spent on adornment. Venus House. speaking. gases. particularly the Moon. Gain through any occupation according to the nature of the planet in closest good aspect. but nevertheless they get it to spend. luxuries. teaching. books. Denotes gain by letters.. advertising. These times are when other planets come into aspect with Neptune. distributing. Moon in Second House. also through study. hotels. Mercury in Second House. changes. jewelry. marriage. There are days when Neptune people should have nothing to do whatever with any occult phenomena. friends. millinery. although somewhat variable. Money obtained through females or the mother. it is often gained through artistic pursuits. up and downs. through public affairs and occupations. friendships. Being rapidly affected by the en- vironments or surrounding conditions psychically. Good for things ruled by the Moon and the Sign it is in. in Money obtained by industrious effort and through the father and superiors.

The person sees many opportuni- ties. Gain by father or employer. etc. Good earning powers but usually extravagant. coal. activity and strength. 25 . Increases the chances for success. social intercourse. science. and tends to gain through law. etc. Again. chemicals. and to the ruler of the eighth. promoter. business enter- prise as agent. over-generous or careless in nature regarding the accumulation of wealth. in a position to take advantage of them. expenditures or extravagance. things run along apparently well and smooth and then take a turn and go persistently wrong or retrograde. mines. Saturn in Second House. Lack of money. timber. Saturn. and by stock farming. If Mars is afflicted. investments. stocks. property. iron. heavy losses. and trouble. literature and travel. storage. Mars in Second House. thrift. but is seldom. pleas- ure and luxury. labor. One with this position should become thoroughly acquainted with the directions operating in his chart to avoid fail- ures and aid success in land. Delays. and money runs quickly through the fingers. The native is inclined to generosity in money matters. wealth and general pros- perity. religion. It denotes gain by the native's own energy. building. to ruler of the seventh. education. and the Sign occupied. has to do with government and responsible business It affairs.through superiors and persons of rank and title. When well aspected or favorably located by Sign : prudent financial ability . by marriage. Jupiter in Second House. lead. strife and contentions over finances. denotes money by legacy. When well aspected. tends to make an uphill struggle and much work for little gain. economy and solid conservative invest- ments bring steady but slow returns. steel. The nature of the occupations depend upon what Sign the Sun is in. Money through things indicated by the House which Jupiter rules in the chart. unless well aspected.

occultism. Neptune in Second House. curious. Astrology. Neptune rules hospitals. If Neptune is well aspected the native will gain through these things. ever alert for new information and generally possess a fund of knowledge regarding public affairs and conditions. . speaking. Gain through inventions. new thought. especially those of a curious or mental character and great ingeniousness. etc. science. in Many short journeys much activity and writing. in Many changes of pursuit and occupation desire for publicity of . study. fond of reading. broaden con- sciousness and understanding. THIRD HOUSE. mediumship. secret service. lectures. railroads. mechanisms. The mind . will lose by them. Short studies prove beneficial. Neptune gives a liability of having financial affairs much in- volved and loss through fraud and schemes. Well aspected good for learning and mental attainments along . extraordinary composition and some- times music. active and inquisitive mind. navigation. Uranus has to do with unique occupations. bath. popular lines. public estab- lishments. desire for new surroundings. Uranus in Second House. affairs and employments of all kinds. some sort. 26 . Not enough continuity. inclines to investigate all that tends to enlighten. The mentality quick and perceptive and usually interested is in or anxious regarding relatives. electrical af- fairs. and downs. literature. the sea and its various industries. teaching. Moon Third House. especially when well aspected by Venus. journeys and changes. mystical and secret societies. ups financial affairs very uncertain . Many changes in fortune . but if it is weak or afflicted. MercuryThird House. new conditions and material. institutions. Spiritualism. asylums. An unfavorable position for peace of mind if afflicted unfinished education or accomplishments.

haughty states of mind. and if Mars is afflicted by Saturn or Uranus. relations. When Mercury is afflicted the native is inclined to worry or anxiety. bright and desirous of peace. At some time the native will be troubled with brain fever or deliriousness. forceful. men- tal development and gain through third House affairs. good for all things ruled by this House. benefit and assist others mentally. painting. When well aspected. it is good for all things ruled by the Third House. writings and litigation. keen. music. It denotes favorable relations and aid or gain through them. The native is quick and prompt in speech and possesses executive power in literary or educational directions. opera. accomplishments. enlighten. Sun in Third House. It tends to re- It is spect. 27 . The mind is cheerful. creative. The mind is resourceful. Mars in Third House. combative and alert and likely to get out of control. Afflicted trouble with some of the kindred and through proud. and that is likely true enough. Venus in Third House. fine arts. in fact. The mental Strong inclination and liking for quality is good. trouble through travel. light literature and all that tends to uplift or refine the mind and give pleasure. good position for pleasure trips or pleasure and gain It is a through journeys and successful travels. shows thoughts of suicide or violent tendencies. optimistic. magnanimous and ambitious of success and honor through mental qualifications the desire is to . it is said that the mind re-acts on the bowels. uplift. successful travels. Pleasant correspondence. Liability to dangerand accidents through journeys. singing. . good will and benefit from relatives and successful travels for business and pleasure. for Mercury represents both. fruitful. The mind is energetic.

Gain in all things ruled by House. just and considerate in all matters of correspondence. worry. traveling. annoyance. anxiety and misgiving. and the best Aspects are the good ones to Saturn or Mercury. clairaudient or telepathic faculty in addi- 28 . When well aspected it denotes responsibility. restlessness. meetings. sincere. this philosophical. but the natives are usually intellectual and possess ability to develop clairvoyance. relatives. Saturn in Third House. The tendency of the mind gloom. literature. journeys and changes. orderly reasoning. Moon or Mer- cury. philosophic mind with the ability of taking up profound studies or writings. Coldness between brethren. loss. insanity. adventures and occur- rences through travels. becoming more contemplative. thought- ful. The mind is optimistic. Denotes estrangements from kindred and neighbors and strange experiences through them. Jupiter in Third House. earnest. cautiousness. Benefits through education. Trouble. steady thinking. publica- tion or exchange of thought. etc. odd happenings. The nature is peculiar or eccentric in some things. If Saturn is ill-aspected or afflicted by the Sun. diplomacy. Kind. although a good one to Uranus will give genius in some line and inventive ability. mental concentration and control. de- spondency. refined. hindrance and delays in connection with education. tact. the melancholy expression is liable to run into extremes. The mental condition improves with age and is much better in later life. courteous. traveling and changes. thoughtful and capable of con- centration on serious or profound subjects. brethren and neighbors. cheerful and sympathetic. Capable of adapting them- selves to any conventionality of thought prevalent and popular. disappointment. thought power. sociable and reasonable in speech and writing. The best Sign for Mars to be in here is Capricorn. acquisitive- is to ness. writings. sudden and unexpected news. especially in youth. morbid tendencies. Uranus in Third House.

weak intellect or depraved tastes. When well aspected it gives artistic taste or appreciation of an exalted order through a peculiar blending of the feelings and in- tuitions. possi- bility of independent or automatic writings. imbecility. ancient or unpopular studies and social or mental reforms. Moon in Fourth House. new. peculiar difficulties with relatives. unconventional and fond of the occult. given to the investigation of spirit phenomena and matters pertaining to the occult or mysterious. it shows danger of accidents. inventive mind. extraordinary. wards the close of life. FOURTH HOUSE. etc. Publicity or popularity through the parents many changes in residence and fluctuation in affairs to- . ingenious. some chance of inheritance. schemes. in- ventive. favors from the opposite sex. mystical. by Moon or Mercury. fruitful. IfNeptune is weak or badly aspected it is not good for the mind. projects and mental attitude. Well placed or aspected. home and domestic life. morbid fancies. through vehicles of travel or treachery on the part of relatives. spiritual perception . Signifies journeys. If Uranus is afflicted by Saturn. wrecks or explosions on jour- neys. Neptune in Third House. deceits. showing hallucinations. plots. shows gain and benefit through the it parents. 29 . If well dignified here it shows ultimate rise to success and independence. the native incurs severe If afflicted criti- cism on account of his ideas. and ability to get beautiful things inspirationally . Denotes psychological faculties . Possessions and prosperity. or Mars. etc.tion to mesmeric or magnetic healing. Changes in name — nick-name. profound. Intuitive perception and understanding with regard to things occult. It gives inspirational ideas and weird feelings or experiences. nom de plume or alias. The mind is curious.

fraud or deception. newspaper of- fices. in fact. Worry and anxiety regarding disturbance in home affairs. more satisfied and studious. loss through unexpected reversals and changes. peaceful. publishers. In bad aspect to Uranus. probably the mother. houses or property and investment. : tions. etc. Chance of gain itance. opportunities and inheritance. Indicative of favorable domestic affairs and happiness through the parents . Moon or Jupiter adverse lack of opportunity or limita. Venus in Fourth House. difficulty through the mind at the close of life or sudden end. Uranus in good aspect : occult investigations and enlightenment before the close of life. inclines to success. com- 30 . : Sun. or. Afflictions by Mars. Jupiter adverse denotes lack of opportunities and limitations through environments. : Mars adverse loss through imposition and controversy. Inconstancy in affairs generally change of residence through . Moon or Venus in good aspect : activity. mine and real estate agencies. Saturn or Jupiter in good aspect : steadier. often the subject has no fixed abode. keeping from poverty and sor- row through family affairs. . fraud and theft. Sun. Sun or Mercury denotes loss by theft. Good position for proprietors of private schools or other sta- tionary places where literary or clerical work is carried on. registry offices. matters connected with business. many traveling men have this position. But if Saturn afflicts the Moon great difficulty will be encoun- tered in attaining success. parents. libraries. Saturn adverse denotes deception. such as land. Neptune adverse mystery or : complications concerning home affairs. ments from or loss of parents. Mercury in Fourth House. Uranus adverse sudden changes difficulties with home affairs estrange- : . love of home and by inher- country. popularity and success before the close of life.

The good aspects give much energy. Mercury or Jupiter are not particularly evil. Mars in Fourth House. A chance of honor in declining years. Moon. Jupiter.fortable conditions at the close of life. carelessness or ex- travagance toward the close of life. In good aspect to Moon. early death of a parent. If afflicted : obstacles. The adverse aspects of Sun. especially if Mercury afflicts. unfortunate in the place of birth. Inclines to secrecy or investigation of occult or spiritual af- fairs some psychic experiences. bringing general affairs to a successful issue. Weakens the con- stitution at close of life. Sun. property and oc- cupations connected with them. Successful termination to hopes and wishes. lands and mines. financial success. limitations. Sun in Fourth House. Liability to loss through speculations in property. but affect the finances. inhar- monies or quarrels in the home life. 31 . liability to loss and difficulty by living beyond the means or through heavy obligations. Moon or Jupiter in good aspect is exceed- ingly fortunate. Saturn. Domestic unpleasantness and many misunderstandings. suicide or sudden end by accident. activity and enterprise in the acquisition of pos- sessions. Good for house. land. Mars adverse : difficulty through generosity. Worry in old age. force. Physical unpleasantness caused by bad digestion. Venus. successful ambitions hopes and wishes realized. fire and accidents in the dwelling place. : disappointments and sorrows toward the end of life. Gain or chance of inheritance by or through the parents fortunate heredity. disappointments and ob- stacles. Losses by thefts. inheritance. . In good aspect to Uranus or Saturn : success in old age. Many difficulties. property. distress and poverty. If Uranus or Saturn afflicts danger of mental : trouble. Uranus or Neptune adverse sudden. . peculiar losses. troubles and sorrows through the parents and home life . Saturn or Uranus gain.

Mars or Saturn in good aspect a religious : or satisfactory end. Saturn in Fourth House. and family surroundings gain and favor . If afflicteddenotes limitations. Much work. probably the father. serious nature. Mercury adverse : danger of lawsuits over property or in- heritance. benefit through land and possessions good . Sun or Moon adverse : liability to sudden heart trouble or apoplexy. Un- fortunate in the place of birth. If unafnicted : A fortunate. many changes . Jupiter in Fourth House. Tends and peaceful domestic af- to satisfactory. heavy responsibilities and great difficulty to success. Sorrow through parents. and extravagance . position. Jupiter afflicted gives trouble through the parents or their af- fairs. and if both the ruler of the fourth law with or afflict. A 32 . through the parents. studies. comfortable fairs successful home life ." Good aspects. however. inability to bring affairs to : satisfactory conclusions poverty. retiring disposition at the close of life. Unsettled residence . heredity limitations. Seclusiveness at close of life. do- mestic troubles and family affairs. Estrangements from parents . Exceptional experiences. success at the place of birth. life. Unsatisfactory domestic or home life. successful termination to business enterprise and affairs generally. Uranus favorable occult tendencies long : . a checkered career. : through the parents. show a chance of inheritance and suc- cess by judicious investment in property. Acquisitive- ness. Difficulties and troubles through property. property and success toward the close of life. lands and mines religious . occult development. affairs serve as a brake or "hold-back. inheritance or mines. Parents or domestic . Uranus in Fourth House. The luminaries favorable : overcomes many adverse testimonies in the chart and shows a rise in life to opulence and popularity. Unfortunate in the place of birth. easy life . privations.

Psychic ex- periences. some secrets of mystery regarding the home life schemes. frauds and misunderstandings afflict the parents in some way. Changes Voyages. Neptune : is neutral. 33 . Saturn adverse liability to accident. Much depends on the aspects. fraud and deception. if one is expected. being restraint or in a hospital or public institution. Moon in Fifth House. changeable affections (except in Fixed Signs). Afflicted by the luminaries liability to heart trouble and paraly- : sis. ily affairs. children and young people. Jupiter adverse loss : through Government matters. Much activity and change in all enterprise. fondness for pleasure and the society of children and the opposite sex. Loss of inheritance. Peculiar domestic and fam- of residence. Neptunein Fourth House. yet the heart may be given to one who least deserves it and thus the affection change to aversion. if well aspected. Public success in connection with places of amusement or with women. and acci- : dent by flood or action of the elements. The luminaries in af- fliction denotes weakened vitality and poor health. coldness or indifference. Mercury adverse mental derangements. Neptune ad- : verse threatens loss through theft. law or by lightning. Strong tendencies toward speculation. Many ups and downs and tastes' of poverty through peculiar circum- stances. Mars adverse dan- : : ger of violence.sudden or peculiar end to life. according to the nature of the aspects. difficulty with em- ployers or superiors. : Mercury ad- verse mental troubles and peculiar nervous disorders. also that the native will in some manner be closely connected or drawn to a child or young person. Strong attraction to things occult. Worry through occupation. It is indicative of a child who achieves fame! and popularity. Unfavorable close of life in exile or seclusion probability of . consequently good aspects would show benefits through property and houses. Much work and strange or unex- pected results. FIFTH HOUSE. Several offspring (if in a Fruitful Sign). happy disposition.

etc. ability to entertain others and enjoy success through all manner of social intercourse. also through theatres. etc. indiscriminative or unconven- tional bestowal of affection. pleasure and places of amusement. divorce.. and children and their affairs. A fruitful union and handsome children who will be endowed with musical ability happiness. friendships.. Refines the pleasures and makes them more mental than muscu- lar. and danger or sorrow and trouble through love. investment and general It indicates enterprise. which are usually or mostly girls. enterprise. Mars or Uranus adverse trouble and danger through : the opposite sex. Mercury in Fifth House. more of the mind than of the senses. speculation. Venus in Fifth House. paint- ing. If Venus is much afflicted it gives liability of injury to the health through over-indulgence in pleasurable gratifications. children. etc. offspring. scandal. gain through speculation. Saturn ad- verse sorrow and disappointment through love. singing. pleasure and amusement. e. children and morals. and is good for oc- cupations connected with entertainment. : cess in connection with traveling for public amusement and with children. concerts. children. lawsuits. etc. etc. rash. schools or travel. Mars or Uranus adverse Denotes troublesome love af- : fairs. This position often denies children 34 . Sun in Fifth House. and careless. chil- : dren. If the Moon is afflicted it brings loss through speculations. A good aspect of Saturn or Jupiter much improves the position and brings success and gain through these things and also through speculation. Luminaries favorable indicates suc. i. investment. Honorable and successful attachments. Gain through specula- tions. This position denotes gain and success through love affairs. Small family. comfort and gain through artistic or . schools. This position denotes worry. separations. anxiety and sorrow through ob- jects of affection.

and produces difficult or dangerous child-birth; this, however, de-
pends upon the nature of the Sign on the Cusp, whether barren or
not, etc. If the Sun is afflicted here it causes loss through specu-
lations, troubles and jealousy in courtship, and sorrow through love,
pleasure and pride.

Mars in Fifth House.

Pleasure through the strenuous sports, athletics, muscular ex-
ercise. Impulsive, rash and unfortunate attractions towards the
opposite sex. Sensual emotions or over-ardent affections and too
much indulgence in pleasure, amusement and tastes results in
physical, financial and social loss danger of accident to first child.

In a woman's horoscope this position shows difficult and dangerous
child-birth. Loss by speculation, gaming, extravagance, pleasure
and excess of feeling. Trouble with or through children.

Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Moon or Venus adverse : threat-
ens danger of ruin or disgrace through the opposite sex.

Well aspected gain through occupations and enterprise con-

nected with pleasure and investment corresponding to the nature
of Mars.

Jupiter in Fifth House.

Good and dutiful children, who will be a help and comfort to
to the native. Success, happiness and gain through love affairs, and
the opposite sex. Pleasure, success and gain in connection with
places of amusement, theaters, socials, schools, etc. good posi- A
tion for gain through speculation, investment and financial enter-
prise, more especially if Mars or Sun is in good aspect. For a fe-
male denotes an attachment with an older gentleman or widower

or to one of religious nature or social standing. Increases the
number and is fortunate for them. If Jupiter is af-
of children
flicted it modifies its good influence, giving the same desires but
troubles, losses and obstacles, according to the nature of the af-
flicting planet and from which House.


Saturn in Fifth House.

Denotes disappointments, delays, hindrance and sorrow in con-
nection with love affairs attraction to those who are older or more

serious in disposition.

Loss of child and troubles and unhappiness through children.
Loss by speculation, investment and games of chance.
Danger from hurts by animals while on pleasure.

Danger of drowning Saturn is in Scorpio, and of heart trouble

if in Leo. If Saturn is well aspected by either Sun or Moon and
not otherwise afflicted, it is a good position for investment in lands,
mines and property and such things which Saturn governs. If af-
flicted by Sun, Moon or Jupiter, take no chances of any kind.

Uranus in Fifth House.

Unconventional ideas with regard to sex union ; strange, ro-
mantic, inconstant, secret or impulsive love affairs. Social vexa-
tions, scandal, etc.

Loss of first child through some sudden or extraordinary man-
ner or separation, anxiety and trouble through children; difficulty
through child-birth. Difficulties in domestic life and love attach-
ments. Loss through speculation, risks, chances, etc. Liking for
all odd, new, daring pleasures or places of amusement.

Neptune in Fifth House.

Strange and peculiar experiences in connection with the feel-
ings, emotions and affections abnormal conditions relating to sex

matters. Sensuous pleasures. Seduction. If afflicted it denotes
trouble, faithlessness or confusion and sorrow in love affairs and
loss through lax control of the desires and appetites losses in specu-

lation through deceit or treachery. If well aspected the native wili
be benefited in his development through a fortunate union with one
of the opposite sex; gain by investment in oil, shipping and such
things as Neptune rules.


Moon in Sixth House.
Uncertain health, especially in a woman's horoscope much sick- ;

ness and danger in infancy. Desire to serve the public in some pro-
fessional capacity. The subject has better knack and ability of
getting good results from serving others than from others serving
him. Many changes among servants or employes. Success in
domestic service or in catering to the public's want for necessities,
food stuffs, drinks, etc.
Good aspects to the Moon helps the health and gives success
with small animals, servants and through some subordinate posi-
tion connected with the occupations ruled by the Sign the Moon
occupies. Moon afflicted gives poor success with employes and
treachery and dishonesty among them bad for small animals, poul- ;

try, etc. weakness in the part of the body ruled by the Sign Moon

is in.

Afflicted in Common
Signs danger from lung trouble and :

chronic diseases. Fixed Signs bronchitis, gravel or stone. Cardi-

nal Signs nervous derangements and stomach trouble.

Moon afflicted by Mercury: indigestion, aches in head and
teeth ; bowel troubles.
Moon afflicted by Venus : functional or skin trouble.
Moon afflicted by Mars : inflammatory complaints.
Moon afflicted by Jupiter : liver and blood trouble.
Moon afflicted by Saturn : chronic diseases ;
poor circulation.
Moon by Sun, Uranus or Neptune weak
afflicted : vitality ; in-
digestion; indisposition through psychic conditions.
Mercury in Sixth House.
Many small vexations through servants; journeys on account
of health. Good position for the study of hygiene, medicine or
chemistry. Gain in subordinate positions through writings, clerical
work and Mercurial affairs generally.

Active mentality, but liable to become overstrung or impaired
through anxiety, worry or overwork, causing dyspepsia or a ten-
dency to become easily affected by the surrounding conditions.

Any Mercury here are dangerous
afflictions to to the health
through the mentality and nervous organization.
Afflicted by Uranus : liable to become unbalanced or commit
Afflictedby Saturn danger through despondency or worry.

Afflictedby Mars mental derangement or excitement.

Afflicted by Sun, Moon, or Neptune fevers, stomach trouble :

indisposition through psychic conditions.
Venus in Sixth House.
Is favorable to good health, but care and discretion should be
exercised to keep from excesses of all kinds, especially with regard
to eating and drinking. Gain in the employ of others. It is favor-
able for success and benefits through servants, hygiene, medicine,
nursing, and by clothing, small animals, poultry, etc. People
with Venus here often take up work for the pleasure it gives them
and the interest it creates. Love for pets, fine clothes and adorn-
ments. If afflicted it shows trouble to the health through indul-
gences, and to that part of the body ruled by the Sign Venus is in
or by the planet afflicting. Health improves after marriage.
Sun in Sixth House.
This is a cadent House, therefore the Sun, ruler of vitality,
placed here is not in a very good position for health, as it may
slightly weaken the constitution. If afflicted by Neptune, Uranus
or Saturn, the recuperative power is not good, and a great deal of
indisposition will be encountered ; liability to contagious diseases
and danger from epidemics.
When the Sun well aspected the native seems to intuitively

understand how to safeguard the health and in that way escapes

Any aspect of Mars strengthens the constitution.
A good aspect of Mars, Jupiter or Venus would show success
and gain through servants and service rendered success, promotion ;

and fortunate conditions in employments that benefit others, such
as healing, doctoring, chemistry, hospital work, etc., in fact, the
Sun well dignified or aspected here indicates that the native can
do a great work in assisting to relieve the sufferings of humanity.

Sun afflicted in Fixed Signs : quinsy, bronchitis, asthma, diph-
theria, gravel, heart trouble, weak back, sides and loins. Afflicted
in Common Signs chronic diseases, troubles with breathing organs.

Afflicted in Cardinal Signs liver trouble, nervousness, weak chest

and stomach, rheumatism; also liable to some permanent injury.

Mars in Sixth House.
Disputes, quarrels, losses and thefts through servants or em-
ployes and much difficulty and annoyance by their taking liber-
ties, advantages, etc. The native is usually an active, energetic
and enthusiastic worker and liable to overdo himself, especially in
the employ of others.
Mars and the subject is liable to impair, injure,
rules the tastes
or suffer in healththrough excesses, acts of indiscretion, careless-
ness, extravagance and through accident.
Its position here
usually significant of incision with steel to

that part of the body ruled by the Sign it is in.
Mars afflicted inflammation or accidents to that part of the

body ruled by the Sign occupied; difficulty in employ; danger, loss
and trouble through employes, animals, poultry, pets, etc.
Mars gives a tendency to inflammatory complaints in the bowels
and troubles that part of the body represented by the Sign oc-
cupied in about the same manner as does the Sun when in Sixth
House and in a like Sign. (See Sun in Sixth House.)
Saturn adverse : danger of death through operations and
Uranus adverse : danger of fatal accident or suicide.

Neptune adverse : danger of foul play, accidental poisoning, etc.

Jupiter in Sixth House.
Gives good health, and, if indisposed, the subject receives kind
treatment, good attention and many comforts, in fact, is likely to
gain through sickness. The native's care and presence would be
beneficial and healing to others in distress.
If the person should become a physician, would be successful
financially, and with the patients.

. poor cir- : culation and recuperation. are apt electricity. and with the che f bowels. privation. Gain and profit through employment. especially in high circles also through servants and inferiors. etc. sorrow. If afflicted the health will suffer from over-indulgence or intemperance in diet. poor circulation. warm water enemas physics rack and deplete the sys- . tem in the performance of their work.. Ill success and loss with small animals. and through religious. liver. Many lost opportunities through the state of health. Treatment by mesmerism. Afflicted oy Uranus : incurable diseases. Saturn in Sixth House. poul- try. If much afflicted the sicknesses are incurable danger of mental derangements danger of illness . through exposure and circumstances over which the subject has little control. poultry. etc. Saturn denotes poor digestion. neglect. Success with small animals. Sickness which is puzzling or not well understood. but instead. Afflicted by Mars : dangerous illness through accident. blood and . through the employment and through sudden changes. constipation. Notice the part of the body represented by the Sign occupied. Not a good position for occupation. debility. employes. servants. while water benefits and is productive of better results. etc. Afflicted by Sun. rheumatism. Not a good position for employment or success with servants or inferiors. Uranus in Sixth House. but beneficial if well aspected). and a careful study of the diet and environments should be made. Moon or Neptune chronic ill health. disappointment. . etc. etc. digestive organs. physics should not be administered. psychic and heavy ills. to prove detrimental (if Uranus is afflicted. Troubles according to the nature of the Sign Saturn oc- cupies. philan- thropical and social tendencies. colds. Troubles through peculiar nervous disorders. Denotes much sickness. obstruction. something the same as Sun in Sixth House. denoting loss and trouble through them. 40 . service. hypnotism. etc.

or some inherited tendencies. r L'rvous. and never wear any but their own. If Uranus is well aspected here it may bring some unexpected or unique opportunity to perform exceptional service and obtain great results. Uranus and sometimes the subjects take on or rules the aura sense the conditions of the person who prepares or handles the food and the influence might be adverse to them. schemes.. . especially if afflicted by Mars. food. Use only the most fresh and pure food obtainable and no animal matter. The subject should carefully avoid narcotics and opiates and if any medicine is taken use only the simplest kind. excited or angry. retirement or servitude. nor should any apparel be worn once used by another. Never eat when tired. incurable disease. clothing. or loss and difficulty through servants. Being genuinely receptive they absorb what others are throwing off and often this proves detrimental rather than beneficial. atrophy. If well aspected the native can develop fine psycho- metrising powers. the native should never take food into the stomach received from a sick person or one of undesirable habits. Neptune in Sixth House. this house rules clothing. they will prove most efficacious. If much afflicted it shows severe sick- ness and danger from gratifying the tastes or desires. although the intentions may be good. 41 . Uranus well placed would give success as a meta- physician. wasting sickness. No success with poultry. This position may keep the native in seclusion. especially for sensing surrounding conditions- They should always pay attention to their own intuition in regard to food. Threatens some chronic. and through occult and electric treatments. Danger of some deformity through illness. deceit. etc. consequently. inertia. environment. Uranus people especially should put on clothing for the first time only in the new of the Moon. or it might be good investigate if you are having stomach trouble. Neptune people need to exer- cise great care regarding the physical condition and habits of their associates or of those whom they engage to treat them. Neptune rules the mediumistic faculty. Thefts. etc. plots. etc.

hasty speech and action. In a female chart it indicates a union with one whose affections are variable. SEVENTH HOUSE. Uranus adverse: separation. If the Moon is well aspected and to the ruler of the First House it helps to offset the adverse testimonies and magnify the good ones. If well aspected it favors an early marriage. both verbal and mental. People who indulge in tobacco. estrangement. If the Moon applying to any aspect of Uranus the native is is likely to marry suddenly and meet one to whom affection is given afterwards. female enmity. Mercury in Seventh House. . fond of change and travel and of unsettled nature. also money or property by marriage. partnership. peculiar experience in connection with the unions . trouble and loss through litigation. discontent. popularity. The native usually carries on Mercurial pursuits in partnership or association with others and is fortunate or otherwise thereby. loss and sorrows through unions. Moon in Seventh House. are best. Unless the Moon is well aspected and located this is not a favorable position death of partner public opposition and un- . Mercury adverse : matrimonial and business worries. should never be allowed to touch the body of an indisposed Neptune person. changeful relations with the opposite sex and with partner and associates. Saturn adverse : disappointment. unexpected enmities. or who countenance or encourage cruelty in any form. according to aspects. public favor. 42 . Taken alone inclines to journeys and removals. In bad aspect to Mars : discord. popularity and social success. es- : pecially when in a movable sign. liquors. Kindly suggestion.

Difficulties by arbitration or mutual consent.. etc. successful partnerships. . traveling. Venus in Seventh House. worries. If well aspected success and rise in through mar. quick the partner is in thought and action. The native usually marries early and enjoys much happiness. Death of partner. Marriage is generally the result of writings or traveling and is more of the mind than of the senses or emo- tions. Sun in Seventh House. With marriage comes social and financial pleasures. sarcastic. active. ac- cording to the nature of the planet aspecting. . shrewd. . If Mercury is much afflicted many small strifes. Good for partnership and general popularity. contracts. Mars in Seventh House. many inharmonies . gain averted through business. If afflicted : delays. union possible separation through excessive demonstration of af- . loss. In a female chart : danger of sudden death of husband or sud- den accident to him. life after or riage a proud but magnanimous. : vexations. happiness. love for off- spring. clever and progressive. speech. if well aspected. opposition. If Mars be in Cancer or Pisces he is apt to be worthless through dissipating habits. The partner is usually younger and oftentimes is an employe or is related in some way. fections and combative or forceful nature of partner. peaceful termination to strifes and success in public relations. legal affairs. and if afflicted. 43 . disappointment. through writings. untruthful and hasty tempered . ably a dissipated partner loss through litigation and partnerships. especially with business people and superiors. contracts and associations. lasting attachment. Ifbadly aspected it gives delay and sorrow in marriage prob. and business dealings with others. warm-hearted partner firm and . If afflicted : impetuous an early or rash love affair or in love . Unsettled married life .

usually older. ability or original character. Marriage about the age . sudden. or union with one older and more serious than the native. much strife. intuition. 44 . In a male chart: the partner is industrious but assertive. and possessing property. the native may marry a Mars per- son and benefit thereby. • Ruin by contracts and partnerships persistent opponents liti- . A romantic. not demonstrative or emotional. criticism and opposition is frequently met. If well aspected : success. gain through litigation or legal affairs. Uranus in Seventh House. sometimes resulting in violence. secret or irregular union with likelihood of inharmonious results. Saturn or luminaries adverse: marriage is delayed or denied. who will be of Saturnine disposition and habit. . The partner is usually of good social and financial standing. of 28 or after. If afflicted : sorrow. faithful : and well-disposed partner. but stable in the affections. business enemies. the partner being faithful and good. impulsive. Jupiter is weak in Virgo and Capricorn. gation business enmities and treachery. Well aspected or in Libra gives a sincere. gain and happiness through marriage. Saturn in Seventh House. Success in partnership and in dealing co-operatively with others friends and popularity with and through business people. posi-' tive or masculine. according to the Sign and Aspects. Jupiter in Seventh House. When Mars is well aspected if located by Sign much of the above is modified. prudent. Well aspected : union with one of genius. part of the partner. Loss through litigation or partnership. more patient. If afflicted by Uranus or Mars: loss by litigation is threatened. death or enduring coldness on the grief. incompatibility with the marriage partner. profound or religious than the native.

gain by inheritance or goods of the dead. : Saturn adverse : slow or miserable. Sun adverse : weak vitality and serious sickness. drowning. Taken 'alone: if any occult phases have manifested it benefits and gives ability to cultivate or develop them for practical results. Not a good position for partnership and public dealings un- less well aspected. but in the presence of others. estrangement. : Uranus adverse extraordinary. opposition. especially if afflicted. In a female chart : it tends to increase the number of children. in a male chart. separations. ral death. but signifies the death of some. . : Mercury adverse stomach and bowel : trouble. followed by unhappy results. . Neptune in Seventh House. Venus adverse urinary troubles. If afflicted : unsettled fortunes after marriage . Mars adverse : violent or sudden. also the wife. Threatens domestic troubles. confusion and : deceit in connection with unions. opponents. or marriage to a deformed person much sickness peculiar af. EIGHTH HOUSE. misunderstandings. partnerships. probably through mother's connections natu. contracts. death of part- ner. Well aspected: gain and finance through the in public affairs business or marriage partner and the mother. The native's mother is quite likely to pass over early. scandal or death of partner. If afflicted : a hasty or impulsive union or attachment. scandal. law. Loss through strangers. 45 . . Two engagements or marriages. peculiar or sudden. fairs. open enemies and public contests. Unex- pected oppositions. Moon in Eighth House. Neptune adverse by treachery or water. wilfulness. jealousy. etc. death of a pub- lic nature. accident. When afflicted some mystery.

which in some way cause death. loss of legacy native's father will expire. Death of brother. The intellect is conscious and active at time of death. Worry in connection with the financial affairs of partners and others. Steady fortunes after marriage gain by inheritance fame often. In a female chart : troubles. sister. 46 . comes at death which should have come before or the end may be due to self-sacrifice or heroic deed. The tendency is to gain through death and through the partner. death may be due to heart affection or constitutional weak- ness or through some honorable event or there are some honors connected with the event. sharp attacks of sickness during transits and directions. The foregoing is to be considered when the Sun is well aspected. The mind inquires into occult subjects. peaceful or easy demise. Mercury in Eighth House. bladder or functional derangement. or kidney. disappointment in love. lectures and meetings regarding the continuity of life. Taken alone about the forty-fourth year will be a critical : period . who is apt to be over-generous and ex- travagant. The vitality is increased and the life prolonged. in a woman's chart the husband dies first. cousin. A journey on account of death. Gain through marriage or partnership. dissensions and difficulties with the partner regarding money. Sun in Eighth House. If afnicted : death may be caused through the pursuit of pleas- ure. employe or neighbor causes much grief and mental anguish. Venus in Eighth House. If afflicted indicates a liability to brain and nervous disorders. quarrels. Gain in financial affairs by legacy or through goods and affairs concerning the dead. De- notes a natural. literature. death of mar- riage partner. . If afflicted : liability to violent or sudden death . Gain by marriage or partnership.

natu- ral and peaceful death. although not always remem- bered . inflammatory complaints. If unafflicted marriage brings prosperity the partner is or will : . In an Earthly Sign : heavy sickness. Gain by legacy. shock or accident. Difficulties concerning legacies or property of de- ceased persons. danger of death by drowning. Saturn in Eighth House. If Saturn is in a Watery Sign danger of drowning. Jupiter in Eighth House. If Mars is in a Watery Sign. Troubles regarding financial affairs after marriage the partner . happy dreams . loss of legacy financial lossthrough partner. 47 . is usually extravagant and spends the money of the native if al- lowed to do so. danger of loss by fire and theft. death of father. . Death usually comes quickly as the result of short sickness. accident. If affllicted : liability to violent or sudden death . be well off financially. If Mars is ruler of the Fourth or afflicts Jupiter. If afflicted or weak : some lingering or slow death resulting from chronic ailment . financial difficulties after marriage no gain through business partnership or legacy delay . and disappointments with regard to goods of the dead. If an Airy Sign mental afflictions. distressing dreams. foul growth and consumption. affairs of the dead and by occupations of this House and Sign. In a : Fiery Sign by fire. Mars in Eighth House. denotes heart troubles and danger of blood poison- If afflicted : ing. When af- : flicting Mars or Uranus from the Fourth House danger of fatal : accidents. The marriage partner will be poor. or violence. If well aspected : helps all the above and denotes long life death from natural causes. Success in the investigation of the occult .

death. trative. Well aspected ability to enter into spirit planes and gain in : knowledge through the experience. Keen imagination and high thought ideals. Moon in Ninth House. Interested in inventions of a public na- ture. Well aspected sudden and unexpected benefits. pene- : . strange dreams. NINTH HOUSE. unexpected or peculiar . unexpected conditions arising in connection with deaths. violence. Liability of death through some extraordinary or sudden event. epilepsy. trance conditions. progressive. or some uncommon ner- vous disorder. Strange psychical and dream experiences . Uranus in Eighth House. and benefits or improvements through change. . gains in peculiar manner through others. loss through complicated money affairs of others . heart disease. peculiar death. . paralysis. : through the marriage or business partner. or cre- mation after death. Taken alone : difficulties in financial affairs after marriage . If afflicted : troubles in money matters after marriage. fond of investigation gives a love for traveling . Peculiar death. and gains. the partner is usually careless in money matters. reflective. weird feelings. and possibly through the partner. Well aspected an ingenious mind inventive. Benefits through relatives by marriage. Neptune in Eighth House. sud- den losses through partner and through the financial losses of others trouble through legacy sudden. 48 . interest in occult affairs and subjects dealing with the con- tinuity of life peculiar psychic and dream experiences. desire to investigate Spiritualism and other mystical subjects. Nightmares. If afflicted : worry and annoyance regarding legacies or goods of the dead . especially modes and means of travel and learning. Danger through poisons and anaesthetics.

science and higher educational or enlightening subjects. affairs. and knowledge of. life in foreign lands. for readings. Keen. form of mental improvement. Kind. philosophy. much doubt not enough decision difficulties with clerical or legal . Benefits from relatives by marriage. gentle disposition and a cultured intellect philosophical spirit optimistic appreciation for every . Taken alone a busy. The native may marry abroad or marry a foreigner or become united to one of a spiritual. clever mentality. all love of knowledge. 49 . . . an ingenious. eccentric. pleasant journeys. Some remarkable dream or psychic experiences. Mercury in a Movable Sign is a sure indication of travels. sympathetic. Afflicted tendency to worry and scatter forces by engaging in : numerous things instead of concentrating on one until achieved too . science. helpful. travel. success abroad. publications. and literary persons. Uranus adverse : romantic. Sun adverse over-enthusiastic in religion. fanciful and idealistic mind. prob- : ably both. . clerical or legal affairs and publishing. Desire for life in foreign countries. social intercourse. music. operas. literary pursuits and every form of knowledge. sharp. . and partner's relatives. religion. diversity and novelty. or unorthodox. active mind danger of legal worries taste : . studious mind. Fondness for fine arts. Fond of change. Success in journeys. Saturn adverse: sorrow and difficulty through religion. liberal religion. distant places. Venus in Ninth House. modify many adverse testimonies regard- Venus here will ing mental qualities and helps to keep the subject from harm. or travels to. high-class literature and lectures. at some time. Well aspected: literary ability. romantic. fruitless and troublesome journeys. scientific or artistic disposition. legal or clerical persuasions. taste for art. Publicity of some sort regarding science. fond of adventure . Taken alone: signifiesvoyages. traveling or mysticism. Mercury in Ninth House.

and disappointments through their un- attainment. good marriage and good fortune gen- erally. firm. irregular or skeptical ideas re- garding religious matters . Saturn favorable love for justice. universities or law. etc. music. science and intellectual development. and constant in re- . Forceful in beliefs. Jupiter favorable: success and honors through popular reason- ing in science. un- successful in clerical or legal affairs. Mars in Ninth House. Ambitious spirit: and confident. ligious beliefs whether orthodox or unconventional. liberality and freedom of thought. troubles in foreign countries. Sun in Ninth House. sincere. enthusiastic or peculiar in religious beliefs . Saturn adverse : hindrance through perversity. pride. . generally through legal or religious matters danger of violence in foreign places . also through travel and social intercourse. . ability for profound or : re- sponsible undertakings philosophical. consistent. fanatical. desire to investi- gate science and philosophy to find truths worthy of giving out to benefit others. Many strifes. self-reliant Taste for fine arts. Distressful dreams or fancies. earnest. If Venus is the highest planet in the map it is a splendid posi- tion.. If afflicted : forceful. religion or philosophy. patriotic. Mars or Uranus afflicting: extreme. a good counselor. denoting honors. Dignity or success abroad. Enthusiasm or impulse in religion or philosophy. Jupiter adverse : unsuccessful in legal or clerical affairs. also with legal af- fairs and partner's relations. troubles through journeys and wife's relative. Mars favorable : courageous and vigorous in defense of justice and right . preconceived or early religious teach- 50 . high ideals and de- sires hard to materialize. success. or residence in foreign countries faithful. favor of wife's relatives. If Venus is afflicted it gives longings. Success or honors in connection with church.

lack . philosophy. Well aspected : the mental attitude is scientific and philo- sophical. Ninth House. philosophic or philanthropic affairs favorable for travel and success abroad prophetic faculty . the nature is studious and meditative. Mars adverse : danger of shipwreck. clear foresight. : higher science. given to the in- vestigation of law. Mars or Uranus favorable impulse towards occult philosophy. law. changes of religion or indifference. and originality of thought. metaphysical or unusual knowledge. Well aspected : active in defense of rights .ings are overthrown. Sun in good aspect : gives a very faithful or devotional and re- ligious spirit. Taken alone or afflicted dangerous : trouble in foreign lands . fairs troubles through relatives by marriage . religion. Saturn in Ninth House. Uranus in Troubles in foreign lands or through relatives by marriage peculiar. legal. . unexpected or dangerous voyages taste for philosophy. occult. self-deception. and grave mental af- . fliction. of comprehension of the profound or higher sciences or philoso- phies likelihood of religious bigotness. 51 . danger while traveling. Mars adverse : danger of serious mental derangements. . Uranus adverse : unexpected loss. etc. litigation. or trouble through them. disputes. success and honors in religious. metaphysics. liability to extremes in religious matters. fire or accident through journeys. logical and optimistic disposition. voyages (especially if in a Watery Sign) loss through legal af. psychic and occult subjects gen- erally. collegiate. difficulties and experiences through journeys. Well aspected: good intuition. peaceful. disagreement with some of the relatives. and prophetic dreams. relatives. . many troubles. Jupiter in Ninth House. successful in law enterprising in development.

popularity and prosperity. ominous forebodings . employment. 52 . Mars adverse: public scandal or discredit. eccentric or reformative and pro- gressive ideas. If afflicted : distressful dreams . TENTH HOUSE. inventive. phenomena and philosophy. instability of position and popularity. Mercury being neutral. voyaging. traveling.. obstacles in busi- ness. relatives. Impressionable and simulative nature. rise in life followed by reversal or downfall. occupation and life . . troubles through travels legal involvments complicated affairs with wife's . Taken alone it gives ability and tendencies to employment of : a changing nature. feelings and experiences. Public business. Mercury in Tenth House. Psychic studies or investigation of Spiritualism. Carefulness in money matters and usually gain in property and possessions. Women some way. Venus or Jupiter: favors suc- cess. Voyages if in a Movable or Watery Sign. novelties. Good position for public service or those holding responsible po- sitions under superiors. according to the influence the position in aspects. The honors. also with things ruled by the Sign occupied. Pro- phetic intuitive faculty and sometimes antiquarian or Uranian pursuits. strange dreams. Clairvoyant or other psychic faculties a highly inspirational . affairs connected with the common people and women generally. Voyages if in a Watery or Cardi- nal Sign. Neptune in Ninth House. success in business or occupation depends upon the Sign and aspects. nature. Desirous of traveling and investigating. Adverse psychical experiences. shipping. Inclines one to public changes in business. Moon in Tenth House. If well aspected by Sun. Original. etc. dealing in public commodities. peculiar.

gen- eral prosperity and artistic or musical pursuits. lecturers. Jupiter or Moon: the subject meets with social distinction. good will and support of those in good position. . psychologists. If inan Airy Sign retentive memory and a fluent. Generally well disposed and of good moral stamina. and the favor. occupations or undertakings. jewelry. When afflicted the native encounters lack of opportunities to manifest the abilities . limitations. disliking quarreling or trouble of any sort and delighting in all that is social. antiqui- ties. usually marries above the station in life and enjoys suc- cess in dealing with ladies. inventions. This position favors honors. 53 . . finery. superiors and responsible persons. as though the planet in questoin were actually in the Tenth House. government officers. travelers. teachers. occult profes- sions generally. thus Uranus most strongly aspecting : novelists. pleasant and harmonious. If well aspected by Sun. speech. several professions. etc. This position is fortunate for parents and home life and for the occupations of Venus and those designated by the Sign she occupies. It favors gain through the parents (probably the mother). etc. the native has merit and ability. The occupations of Venus are those which deal with the artistic. Taken alone : it gives a taste for literature. luxury. mercantile work. etc. The vocational tendencies and abilities may be seen by delineat- ing the planet in most powerful aspect to Mercury. Venus in Tenth House. possesses an agreeable and pleasant manner. refinedand amusing . electricians. agen- cies penetration adaptability resourcefulness active mind men- . all business directly connected with females adornment. commissions. popularity and friendships. railroad employes . . tal ability. honors and financial success. . . dealers in occult literature. If much deceptive impulsive speech or untruthfulness. reporters.

decorators. discredit and disrepute. positions of trust. band or choir masters. favorable environments. demonstrators. A freedom and desire for conquest spurs the subject spirit for on. car- penters. pride. stage directors. dyers. honor or governmental office. wood turners. good vitality. Mars in Tenth House. speculators. positions of trust and refinement. While the Sun in the Tenth is always beneficial in some respect. librarians. Scandal. Influential posts. ar- tists. character readers. It is significant of extravagance or extremes in some form. secretaries. and. responsi- bility. 54 . The nature of the profession depends upon the nature of the Sign. and good position. distinction. whether deserved or not. impulse and feeling are likely to predominate. love of . The native's success is generally steady in whatever business. Death of father or a disagreement with him. printers. prosperity high patronage and favor of those in power . Well aspocted: honor and success. If in good aspect with Mercury they make fine musicians. to his detriment. etc. Public work in professions which causes considerable traveling or takes one into contact with the people. in- dependence. opposition. Sun in Tenth House. singers. actors. painters. profession or occupation he adopts. confectioners. Unless Mars is in the Sign Capricorn. writers. reason and intellectuality often being over- ridden by the passional or forceful side of the nature. reversals. independence. authority. bailiffs and other political officers. at times. If afflicted : power dignity. The characteristics and tendencies can be known by the nature of the Sign the Sun occupies. The native meets with much turmoil and strife through exces- sive ambition. housekeepers. high moral standards. Good birth. masterfulness or force. druggists. speakers. yet strong difficulties will be met according to the nature of the af- fliction.

55 . athletes. honors. and all lines where skill is combined with muscular energy and the use of tools. mechanics. steel. if the chart prom- ises it. If Mercury masons. town coun- cillors. : Jupiter in Tenth House. esteem. influential or important positions at some period. trust and social welfare. and danger. The consequently. capable of being in business for himself. dignities. Saturn adverse laborious employments. etc. Good birth . stock brokers. Saturn adverse : downfalls. Gain through the occupation and through parentage. help from relatives or those in high position. cat- afflicts : tlemen. energy. Uranus adverse : reversals of fortune . carvers. Luminaries adverse : difficulty in social life and through changes and travel. surgeons. responsibility. merchants. social and finan- cial success. Mars adverse : legal troubles . : philosophers. iron. Well aspectedgain and promotion through business acumen : benefit through the father and also by legacy. losses. surgical instrument makers. enterprise and force. but will only succeed in the occupations corresponding to the nature of Mars and his best aspects in the chart. This is a good position for rise in life. If Mercury is in good aspect : engineers. public appointments. favor of superiors. lavatory or laundry attendants. tanners. honor. and is good for positions of dis- tinction. government officials.. soldiers. draughtsmen. officers. etc. ministers. hardware dealers. trustees. losses. good will. bath. bankers. sculptors. difficulties. sailors. instruments. obstacles . ambassadors. butchers. native has plenty of courage. iron workers. den- tists. workers in metal. and where there is an element of risk. Mercury favorable makes good judges. laborers. The native has good moral standards and will occupy secure.

Uranus in Tenth House. but lacks opportunities and meets with obstacles. delay. the subject is unique in that he originates new lines of activity for himself. and other employments where care and skill are required diplomatic occupations. All effort is made forfreedom and to undo and overthrow all bonds of limitations. If the native has a good situation he had best keep it and not branch out into any new undertakings. A strange and eventful career. clothiers. scientists. follows uncommon lines of thought and employments. Originality is a marked feature. These take . book. apart and opposite to the conventional. etc. dishonor and fail- . provision dealers or those who cater to the public. preachers. builders. grocers. notary publics. eccentric and un- 56 . and establishes customs and codes of his own. drapers. the native rises above his sphere in life by steady persevering industry. Very independent. financial ruin is threatened in professional life. When well aspected : gives ambition for power and advancement. architects. place during adverse transits and directions. dull periods and disappointments. coal deal- ers. defeat. printers. solicitors. When afflicted by aspect or weak by Sign : rise and success is followed by downfall or adversity. ures. bank clerks. In business. Saturn in Tenth House. geolo- gists. coal handlers. Mercury in good aspect helps to> better the conditions and de- notes government officials. managers. land surveyors and dealers. Public affairs fail and bring loss and discredit. contractors. If Mercury afflicts : minor or laborious government offices. gardeners general and . lawyers. : binders. many important changes of po- sitions and credit. whether deserved or not in government. practcial work connected with the earth and its products country . organizers. stationers. bricklayers. night watchmen. erratic. upholsterers. The subject is usually per- sistent and has ability. A great deal depends upon the Sign and aspects.mining engineers. binders. If Mercury afflicts miners.

etc. not necessarily through difficulty. If Mercury afflicts : novelists or reporters. antiquarians. singers. musicians. In good aspect to Mercury : it fits to reconstruct. actors. metaphysicians. of attaining honors or positions through some unique achievement. peculiar complications. motormen. disgrace or scandal. investigators. re- formers. line- men. In a Common two simultaneous occupations are indi- Sign : cated. The position endangers the life of one of the parents while the native is yet young. explorers. secret service. A strange and peculiar career. electricians. astrolo- gers. occult students. it. opposition from public functionaries or governmental bodies. teachers. and follow uncommon pursuits. undertake new and improved methods. hypnotists. inventors. A highly inspirational nature capable . new professions. But if well aspected may bring inheritance from a parent or gain through some pursuit connected with psych- ism. Estrangement from parents and kindred. secrecy or inspiration or a nom de plume or title are employed the sea and the various industries connected with . whether deserved or not. unless good planets occupy the Fourth House. psychics. 57 .conventional. ideas . dealers in curiosities and antiquities. unless one of the parent's rulers afflict. artists. It being a neutral planet the occupation depends on the planet in closest or strongest aspect. inspirational writers. create. professional people become municipal employes. new plans of work. dynamo tenders. liquids or water. etc. Neptune in Tenth House. Difficulty with employers . mediums. The subject be- comes interested in the mysterious in nature and seeks to arrange deductions for practical application. Threatens discredit and reverses. and extraordinary employment. a chance of honor in some artistic or scientific field. psychologists. Taken alone : it signifies all occupations where mystery. railroad employes having to do with the transit and mechanism people of peculiar genius.

who can only aid through : kind words. life and popularity friends among women. wishes and intentions. Useful inspirational ideas. If afflicted : separation from parents . unless in a Fixed Sign and well aspected . trouble and loss through wrong advice and carelessness in handling the truth. Neptune here in the Sign Taurus in trine to Mercury gives An : active desire and ability to simplify science. loss and delay or limitations occasioned by friends. Saturn adverse unfortunate friends. Venus in Eleventh House. disappointments and delays in 58 . Fruitful marriage. unreliable friends . friends are often of an artistic nature. Saturn adverse : sorrow. Favors from ladies fondness for sociability . Some scandal or fraud causes compli- cations. Afflicted unreliable and troublesome acquaintances if by : . disappointed ambitions . to popularize it as far as possible and present it in the most reasonable manner. the native should in no way rely or de- pend upon friends for assistance or go security or bonds for them they will cause worry. Gain and happiness through friends who desire to forward the interests of the subject.unfortunate business or professional complications. Mercury in Eleventh House. children and young people. . anxiety. Well aspected : development and gain through inspiration. philosophical and spiritual philoso- phies of life. Saturn or Jupiter. . sudden changes among friends and separation from them. sorrows and losses through friends . some association with literary or scientific people. especially by Mars or Uranus : troubles. Uranus. If afflicted. Many acquaintances but few lasting friends . Also to investigate and carry on occult. and with those who are younger. ELEVENTH HOUSE. Moon in Eleventh House. Large circle of acquaintances . success in dealing with ladies. few lasting at- tachments. mental friends. Well aspected : gain through acquaintances and successful hopes good'for social . social success and popularity.

In Cardinal Signs : executive ability . the subject into trouble through impulse or some form of extrava- gance. gain through acquaintances of good position . associations with prominent per- sons . worth. . In Fixed Signs : jealousy or pride amongst friends. social success. 59 . ec. Venus or Moon adverse over-indulgence with friends. Mars in Eleventh House. : Uranus adverse disaster. honors and esteem through friendships successful . popularity and credit. : Neptune adverse: losses and unfortunate complications through friends.hopes and wishes possibility of losing ground through excess of . The marriage partner will be fruitful. ambitions. honorable and constant . Disagreement with acquaintances some social unpopularity. law troubles. dignity. financial losses. In Common Signs : domestic or religious friends. : centric or seductive friends. progress. True and fortunate friends . due to the instrumentality of friends. Association with those of power and good position. friends . . loyal mind. etc. Jupiter or Sun adverse : difficulty through wrong advice. alienation and deaths among friends and troubles with others in social life few real friends friendships are likely to lead . Ambitions are often attained and hopes brought to a successful issue. well regulated hopes firm. Sun in Eleventh - House. pleasure with friends. extraordinary events and attachments. social success. Uranus or Neptune adverse unreliable. gain in reputation. respect for dignitaries or superiors. Definite and lofty ambitions and desires . Saturn or Mercury in affliction : violence or treachery among friends. honesty of purpose. contentions. self-respect. Jupiter in Eleventh House.

occultism. Un- expected benefits from friends. impulsive attachments often end in coldness odd hopes and wishes. Liability of the senses dominating the reason. sor- row. un- fortunate acquaintances by whom the subject is liable to care. Well aspected friends among occult or peculiar people unusual or : . but success in out of sight work. inventors. Neptune in Eleventh House. Hindrance and limitations are prominent. If Neptune is well aspected : the subject gains through medium- istic or spiritual friends. or. This is not a good position for success in marrying or with su- periors and relatives. . causing indiscreet love affairs. and unaccountable attractions and associates seductive friends and . Uranus in Eleventh House. . secret arts or romance. In a Fixed Sign : delay and hindrance through friends. Moon in Twelfth House. Love of mystery. through acquaintances who are older. TWELFTH HOUSE. . especially if in a Cardinal Sign. Taken alone or afflicted peculiar or remarkable friendships. alliances treachery among supposed friends unreliable advisors . Saturn in Eleventh House. geniuses. Saturn is exalted or well aspected If few friends gain : . etc. loss and ruin. scientific or serious. extraordinary acquaintances. Unfavorable attachments unsatisfactory friendships strange . . In a Common Sign hopes are likely to be unachieved and : ambitions often frustrated. progressive hopes and wishes. losses and troubles thereby complications among friends. . sorrow and loss thereby. writers. in occupations which require seclusion rather than 60 . unexpected estrangements. profound. Strange and romantic attachments. This is the natural House Uranus but whether of his presence therein will b*enent the subject or not depends upon his aspects. eccen- : tric or unreliable acquaintances sudden. Taken alone or afflicted : false and deceitful friends.

Mystery. and female enmities. Well aspected tends to success ultimately. for unusual lines of thought generally. Capricorn or Cancer are the worst sign for Venus here. Venus in Twelfth House. Liability to restraint. or intrigues leading to enmity of women . The subject pos- sesses ability but lacks power or opportunities to manifest. secrets. enforced retirement or sickness in a hospital . Many small enmities. If the Moon not in Scorpio or Capricorn and well aspected it is shows development and progress. separation or divorce. quiet. chem- istry . fanciful fears. an early unoin (especially if Mars is in any aspect) . Afflicted: the subject lacks firmness and and is led into stability acts of indiscretion resulting in worry. chemistry. 61 . Scorpio. Inclines to romance and adventure a love . affection for an- other after marriage. in re- mote. Liking for mystery. detri- mental to the native because of excess. pleasure and success with horses and other animals. ability for occult arts. and.Peaceful or voluntary seclusion. medi- cine. medicine. fre- quently caused by writing or scandalous reports. trouble. giving too great a love for physical and emotional pleasures. secret arts. Well aspected : success with large animals. Gain by an obscure or plebeian occupation also benefit through charitable institutions. Voyages. particularly through the occult. Mercury in Twelfth House. if Saturn afflicts.publicity. or secret artsand for risks and adventures of a secret or dan- gerous nature. Small worries and annoyances. for the mysterious in nature. Fondness for the investigation of occultism. Note if Mercury is within : : 12 degrees above the ascending degree consider it as in the ascendant. obscure places. and sorrow and disappointment through the opposite sex. Secret love affairs. Note : if the Moon is within 12 degrees above the ascending de- gree consider it as in the ascendant. institutions or in isolated positions. for investigating the occult. in hospitals.

liability to imprisonment. after the first third of life. . chemistry. chemistry or occult studies respect for . lack of frankness or candor. . The good aspects of Sun and Venus. Success in medicine. Sun in Twelfth House. Luminaries adverse : distressful circumstances. Death in seclusion or re- straint. ancient wisdom and teachings success through asylums. also in some quiet. pulse. hospi. Well aspected : the native is self-sacrificing and enduring and rises out of seclusion. . or the Sign Capricorn here. improve this position of Mars. in places remote from birth. Life in lands far from the place of birth. slander. Afflicted : sorrow and misfortune through things indicated by the sign that the Sun is in. and burglars. or occult affairs. . Unfortunate adventures secret enemies danger of injury . charity given or received the native readily helps others. Note : if within 12 degrees above the ascending degree consider it as in the ascendant. through large animals. and success in medicine. Danger of injury. obscure or unpopular occupation or in connection with hospitals prisons or . tals or public institutions through benevolence and philanthropy . . by his own efforts. obscurity or difficulties. Mars in Twelfth House. loss of reputation or treach- ery from enemies or misplaced affection grave trouble through im. in quiet places and with animals. . success over enemies. secret. Occult and psychic tendencies uncommon tastes and inclina. If in a Watery Sign : strong mediumistic faculty. scandal. Help and charity received when needed. Jupiter adverse : financial and social ruin. If Mars is in Libra or Pisces it denotes poverty or limitations. Saturn adverse : injuries or imprisonment. 62 . Seclusions. Jupiter in Twelfth House. other institutions. The partner is subject to feverish complaints. tions.

Uranus in Twelfth House. peculiar. mysterious and unexpected misfortunes strange . melancholia. troubles through psychic and occult sources . Uranus adverse unexpected or strange enmities : . . violent tendencies . loss of credit and honor. quietly or secretly. The nature is acquisitive. Saturn in Twelfth House. or in quiet or laborious occupations. losses and bruises through animals. disgrace. Peculiar experience in connection with the affections. gations secret. results in benefit. eccentric. Well aspected : success through occult affairs. hallucinations. Mars adverse danger of violence. and unexpected enmities eccentric people perplex and annoy by . romantic. underhand actions. sorrow through death of loved ones. liability to false ac- cusations and even imprisonment or confinement. . reserved. Aid from friends and others. Estrangement from one's native state or kindred occult investi. reversals followed by success. etc. restraint in public institutions . Afflicted : threatens disgrace . Secret sorrows. they turn to friends and he eventually gains through them . : Mercury adverse liability to insanity. robbers. fears and disappointments . and inclined to quietness or solitude. : Luminaries adverse: tendency to despondency. Secret enemies who work for the native's downfall. institutions. desire to work secretly. or suicide. mysterious affairs and attractions dif- . success about the middle part of life. however. which. 63 . Well aspected : success in seclusion. . The subject prevails over enemies. ficulties with animals psychic and magical experiences. unobserved. and to live peace- fully or alone.

disgrace and secret sor- rows. Whether he shall rise and fluorish Or in poverty abide. It is the key to harmony. detective work. Well aspected : success in mediumship. Neptune in Twelfth House. fraud. Because the horoscope of every individual is a guide and shows when he may use his senses. Vague or weird apprehensions. and poverty and sickness will disappear. crime. strength and energy to avoid undesirable conditions and embrace those which are in keeping with progress and attainment. — Once refused it comes no more. secret enemies. etc. As Astrology becomes understood and used more and more. scandal. "Once to every man and woman Fate comes knocking at the door Once 'tis offered. secluded and quiet methods. Astrology is the most useful science and the most necessary science known to humanity today. "Once to every man and maiden Comes the moment to decide. through secret. psychical research and occult investigations. mind. warfare. Afflicted danger from psychic sources and through deception. Astrology is the key to happiness in marriage. failure." 64 . : schemes. once considered.

and are moved a great 65 . forceful and determined in effort and expressive in speech . and possess an electric . vehement when excited. They have a great deal of endurance. The desire is to be at the head of things and leaders in thought and action. control and govern themselves or others. The following delineations of the effect of ascending signs are for the signs alone without any planet in the first house if any . persistent nature capable of working hard and long in order to accomplish their pur- poses. reliable and trustworthy. fond of their own way and happy only in activity and command. planet be therein it will modify or accentuate these testimonies if . They are at their best when they can guide. They are enterprising and ambitious. and vice versa if a malefic planet. quite versatile. it will increase the good and diminish the ad- verse qualities. and they possess a sharp. They are lovers of independence. Somewhat inclined to be fiery or quick-tempered and ready to resent abuse or imposition and. nature. and usually rather headstrong and impulsive. as they have the ability to plan and map out the future and lay out modes of action. penetrating will power. music and literature. when opposed are stubborn and unyielding. a fortunate planet. ARIES ASCENDING—They admire scientific thought and are quite philosophical. The planetary significator is Mars. they do not hold a grudge for any great length of time. do not become discouraged easily. but "mad as a bull" when really angered. They love justice and freedom. art. Whatever sign is on the first house of your Horoscope that is your Ascending sign. Gentle while unprovoked. INFLUENCE OF ASCENDING SIGNS. intense when interested. while liable to go to ex- tremes through indignation. are usually quiet and dogmatic and somewhat secretive or reserved con- cerning their affairs. latent power and energy are practical and organizing and usually sincere. TAURUS ASCENDING— Gives a self-reliant. are en- thusiastic admirers have practical ideals. They are fond of pleasure and love beauty in nature. and. .

the mind is and imaginative. are industrious. investigation and experimenting they . are some- what sentimental. high-strung and dif- fusive. because inactivity causes them impatience. where the mind and hands can be engaged in several different things. matters connected with the earth and its products succeed under their supervision. receptive to new ideas. economical and anxious to acquire the goods of life. Fear of ridicule or criticism makes them and conventional. They love change and diversity and must be constantly busy to be happy. also intuitional. inventive. They appreciate ap- by feeling and sympathy. are also apt. There is a lik- ing for pleasure and for adventure and for science and educational pursuits. me- chanical and ingenious. sensitive and many changes and ups and downs of po- retiring disposition with sition and occupation. and have the ability to adapt themselves to environments. The emotions are strong and they delight in beautiful scenery and in romantic or strange experiences or adventures. The literary and educational world is their best outlet. indecisive. frugal. At times they are restless. The planetary significator is Venus. They are careful and steady and able to carry to completion the projects which they undertake. especially for family or historical events. are very conscientious. They are fond of home and family. curious and given to inquiry. The nature is sympathetic and sensitive. They do best in occupations where there is a variety of employment.' They have a tenacious memory. sympathetic and talkative. dexterous and active and capable of engaging in two or more pursuits at the same time. 66 . they are able to benefit those who are deficient in vitality or those who are irritable or nervous. Possessing a magnetic quality. CANCER ASCENDING— Gives a changeable. anxious. The planetary significator is Mercury. mentally timid. irritable and excitable. They have psychic and mediumistic faculty. GEMINI ASCENDING— Makes one ambitious. perceptive quite idealistic and fond of all mental recreation. They possess inherent conversational and literary ability. as they are progressive. They have the ability to earn money for others and are good at all executive work. aspiring. diplomatic probation and are easily encouraged by kindness. They have a fertile imagination. They have the ability to become very clever.

The significator is the Sun. They are generally good-tempered. The planetary significator is Mercury. peace and 67 . are very active. are of a speculative turn and often give way to worry and over-anxiety. philosophical. LIBRA ASCENDING— Gives keen sense of perception with foresight and good comparison. are energetic and lavish in the expenditure of energy and vitality when their sympathy or interest is aroused. gen- erous. forceful and demonstrative in man- ner. very perceptive and somewhat intuitive. are sensitive to surroundings and to the conditions of others. VIRGO ASCENDING—This makes one modest. They have great hope. aspiring. Their nature is electric and inspiring. economical and prac- tical and usually act with forethought. They are prudent. They should always avoid drugs and animal foods and should study hygiene with regard to diet to obtain best health. entertain high ideals . thoughtful. free. Commercial and business affairs and matters connected with the earth and its products succeed under their careful supervision. charitable. in- ventive and intuitive . are imperious and fond of power and command . They succeed best where they have authority to hold some high or responsible position in man- aging or executive departments. sincere and passionate. usually popular and leaders in their social sphere. They are philan- thropic. Mentally. have good endurance and do not show their age. They are quite dis- criminative and careful of details. adaptable. conscientious. They receive and grant favors readily and are usually fortunate in the long run. they are . impulsive. The planetary significator is the Moon. LEO ASCENDING— Gives a good-natured. tactful and shrewd.They are adapted to pursuits which embrace the catering for the masses and all matters of a fluctuating and public nature. order. independent. conserva- tive. out- spoken. In affection they are ardent. Cautious regarding their own interests and will not neglect the interests of others. though high- strung and quick to anger. They are frank. being diplo- matic. noble disposition. kind-hearted. yet are very forgiving and do not hold a grudge for long. They have a de- sire for wealth. loyal. not easily contented. contemplative and industrious. They love justice. but require extra effort to save money. and learn readily and quickly . faith and fortitude.

They are quick- witted. The planetary significator is Mars. also impressionable idealistic. artisitc. skill They enjoy fond of investigating mysteries and things travel. impulsive. They admire modesty and refinement. generous and compassionate. They love liberty and freedom. are easily ap- peased. tenacious. significator is Venus. bright. and gifted in accomplishing things requiring muscular skill or aggressive en- terprise. The best outlet for their talents is in the professions. constructive. brusque and seemingly fond of contest. and inspirational. shrewd. and alert. They accomplish their purposes by subtlety. pleasant and agreeable persons. yet can be very frugal and economical. neat touch or fine finish. The planetary . critical and penetrating mentality. hopeful. strength of will or by force if necessary. sunny and mirthful people. They are affectionate. dislike a master and will allow no one to order or drive them about. are very independent. intuitive. and although quick in decision and anger. sympathetic. etc. forceful and positive. They have keen judgment and mechanical and much constructive or destructive ability. but nevertheless they make strong and splendid friends. In disposition they are frank. They are natural chemists. possessing a quick. adaptable. in nature. literature. but are usually good-humored and honorable. are am- bitious and dislike unclean work and all discord. fear- less. nervoush energetic. vated pleasures and amusements and greatly enjoy the company and society of brave. possess good calculation and fore- 68 . sincere and quick to arrive at conclusions. They are sympathetic and loving.harmony. They pos- sess grit and go-ahead-ativeness that them to reach will enable high attainments. SAGITTARIUS ASCENDING—This gives a nature which is inclined to be jovial. and are usually very courteous. surgeons and contractors. de- termined and secretive. outspoken. They are somewhat inclined to be sus- picious or skeptical and stingingly sarcastic. ambitious. They are often blunt. art. appreciating luxury. happy. They are fond of beauty in all forms. mu- and can enter with zest into refined and culti- sic. enterprising. generous and charitable. SCORPIO ASCENDING— Makes one reserved. quick in speech and action. demonstrative. are occult. kind. keen. and they have ability for lines requiring good taste..

thoughtful. and interested in travel. are given to investigation. They re- spect religious customs. interested in theology and become very profound in any subject or science undertaken. and. and usually act only after due pre- meditation. contemplative nature. The planetary significator is Jupiter. the significator. especially in business they . and with large corporations. fond of honor and dignity. very humanitarian and usually refined fond of art. artistic and practical. patient. Capable of much en- deavor where opportunity is afforded. active on reform. quiet. Everything in the mental world appeals to them and they are sincere. enjoy outdoor sports. and to definitely consummate business arrangements. . CAPRICORN ASCENDING— Gives a serious. They are industrious. are intuitive and prophetic. yet they rarely miss the mark in their deductions. law. They are not demonstrative in feeling and do not readily show theirsympathy. economical and practical. At times they are restless. If Saturn. possess organizing and concentrating ability. In disposition are reasonable. being determined and persistent. In the professions or commercial world they are generally aggressive. and. inclined to give way too readily to adverse circumstances and are restricted by poor health. also having caution and calculation and deep thought. over-anxious and high-strung.sight. quiet. are fond of animals. medicine and philosophy. is much afflicted in the horoscope. otherwise they do well with matters connected with the Earth and its products. They are ambitious and persevering and can work hard and long without becoming discouraged. they prefer ideas to words and acts to prom- ises. self-reliant and thrifty. They are philosophical in tone. thought- ful. progressive 69 . scenery and literature. pru- dent. They are cautious. unobtrusive and faithful nature as a rule. discriminative. respect religion. they can plan and carry out schemes of considerable mag- nitude. pro- gressive and aspiring quick to see and take advantage of openings . while often appearing blunt or abrupt. music. the native meets with many delays and disappointments. Always aim directly at the point in their affairs. AQUARIUS ASCENDING— Gives a determined. concentrative and intelligent. possessing dignity and self-esteem enough to look well after their interests.

trustful. cour- teous. receptive and ideas. Quick to observe in deficiencies in others or lack of completeness in anything. They are idealistic. They succeed in pursuits where steady application of the mind and concentration of thought is necessary. discretion and power to make the best of circum- stances. The planetary significator is Neptune. good memory and concentration usually sociable and of large acquaintance. fond of occult research. sympathetic nature. and become over-anxious. indecisive. and in any employment that brings some kind of change. gen- erous nature. impressionable. They succeed in occupations that require industry. telepathic. The disposition is industrious. At times they are inclined to despond. affable. are modest and timid and hesitate about putting themselves forward. pleasant.and possess a sympathetic. and lacking in life and energy. hospitable and methodical. They are usually lacking in confidence and self-esteem. Apt in detail and orderly manner. PISCES ASCENDING—This gives a kind. intuitive and inspirational faculty. mediumistic. Uranus is the planetary sig- nificator. good-hearted. imaginative. peculiar or eccentric in some ways. confiding. loving. 70 . They are clear reasoners and very capable of deal- ing with facts. are intuitive. Have strong likes and dislikes. scenery and animals. or where attention to details and completeness is necessary. They have in- ventive genius and literary ability. emotional. They love music. They . Capable of developing fine psycho- metric.

when ? we have a first class funeral for some of the idiots that pass away. There is no personal charm so great. All kinds of stuff is coming oft" and on. I get music from the air. "How can planets affect one away off in space with nothing. It works like a charm. according to the instrument that receives the vibrations The chances are that in a few years. ASTROLOGICAL COMMENTS. along comes a ser- mon or a concert. The operator stirs up the elements and starts them oscillating and any one who knows how can reach into the heavens and take what he wants and let the rest go. I get news from the govern- ment. All I have to do is to throw the switch and hear what the wire waves are saying. we will simply tune the machine to Saturn and have a long. we may tune into Venus and get a regular symphony concert right off the bat. as the charm of a cheerful and happy temperament. it is a great error to suppose that this comes entirely- by nature. it comes quite as much by culture. without a conductor except space. when suddenly. nothing between me and Pittsburg or Denver. mournful howl that will leave a brown taste in one's mouth . Here we have it. dark. I have just become interested in wireless or Radio Telephones and have installed one in my office in Crystal Bay. It comes through storm or sunshine and is as plainly heard as though in the same room. not even a wire to send an influence. This wireless will take a crimp out of some of the egotistical who say. 71 . why cannot Mars or Jupiter also send some vibrations that will effect me or produce music or inharmony. or if we deserve it. JJC JK ¥ H? 5j5 By Frederick White. If electric vibrations can be sent from Washington or New York to me in Crystal Bay.

21 Venus. 6 Saturn. 10 Jupiter. 8 MARS. 13 Saturn. 24 Saturn. 11 Mars. 11 Jupiter. 10 Saturn. 8 MERCURY. 7 Venus. DIRECTIONS The hour of each day is figured from the exact time of sunrise. 9 Saturn. g 1 MOON. 7 Mercury. 18 Mars. 4 Mars. 15 MERCURY. 3 Venus. 20 Venus. PLANETARY HOURS FOR EACH DAY OF THE WEEK. first (which is given in any astrological almanac) and the rest of the 23 hours follow inrotation just as given on this page. 3 Saturn. 72 ^ . 15 MARS. For instance: MONDAY : <£ MOON. 10 Venus. 5 Moon. 4 Mercury. 12 Sun. 20 Sun. 14 Mercury. 13 Sun. 12 Moon. 16 Moon. 23 Sun. 21 Jupiter. 21 Mercury. 18 Mercury. 23 Saturn. etc. 17 Venus. 9 Sun. 8 MOON. 5 Sun. 24 Venus. 24 Jupiter. 19 Sun. 1 MERCURY. j) TUESDAY. $ WEDNESDAY. 19 Mars. 22 MERCURY. 22 MARS. 2 Sun. 19 Moon. 20 Saturn. : MONDAY. 17 Jupiter. 16 Sun. 18 Jupiter. 14 Jupiter. 17 Saturn. 2 SATURN. 12 Mars. 15 MOON. 11 Mercury. 1 MARS. TUESDAY $ MARS. 23 Moon. 4 Jupiter. 7 Jupiter. 13 Venus. 16 Saturn. 14 Venus. 22 MOON. 5 Mars. 6 Sun. 2 Moon. Each day is ruled by the planetwhich rules the first hour. 3 Jupiter. 6 Venus. 9 Moon.

20 Mars. 7 Moon. 18 Moon. 10 Mars. T? SUNDAY. 9 Mercury. 2 Mercury. 16 Jupiter. 17 Moon. 11 Moon. 73 . 16 Venus. 8 JUPITER. 14 Moon. 18 Saturn. 22 VENUS. © 1 JUPITER. 23 Mars. 9 Jupiter. 9 Venus. 10 Moon. 12 Saturn. 17 Mercury. $ SATURDAY. 7 Mars. 8 VENUS. 24 Mars. 21 Saturn. 3 Mercury. 22 SUN. 24 Sun. 17 Mars. 19 Mercurv. 4 Sun. 1 SUN. 2 Jupiter. 21 Moon. 22 SATURN. 10 Mercury. 2 Venus. 6 Jupiter. 23 Jupiter. 6 Moon. 20 Jupiter. 7 Sun. 1 VENUS. 5 Jupiter. 21 Sun. 20 Mercury. 21 Mars. 9 Mars. 19 Jupiter. 17 Sun. 5 Mercury. 11 Sun. 14 Mars. 15 VENUS. 3 Moon. 16 Mercury. 13 Jupiter. 2 Mars. 10 Sun. 15 JUPITER. 4 Saturn. 12 Jupiter. 16 Mars. 13 Mars. 3 Sun.THURSDAY. 8 SUN. 12 Venus. 18 Sun. 15 SATURN. 11 Saturn. 19 Saturn. 4 Moon. 12 Mercury. 14 Sun. 13 Mercury. 23 Venus. 3 Mars. 4 Venus. 14 Saturn. 8 SATURN. 1 SATURN. 20 Moon. 18 Venus. 5 Saturn. 6 Mars. 24 Moon. 7 Saturn. 22 JUPITER. 11 Venus. 23 Mercury. 15 SUN. If FRIDAY. 5 Venus. 24 Mercury. 19 Venus. 6 Mercury. 13 Moon.

" THE SUN HOUR— This good for asking favors. political affairs and dealings with corporations should be attended to in this hour. music. promotion and political af- fairs. King Solomon said : "To every- thing there is a season and a time for every purpose. and for buy- ing goods to resell. fire. Mistakes are seldom made at this time. leases. love. and accidents of a fiery nature generally occur in this hour. proposing marriage. taking medicine. deeds. wills. but especially so for dealings with the opposite sex. It is a good time to visit places of amusement and enjoyment. taking medicine. PUSH ALL LOVE AFFAIRS in this hour.. This is a positive hour. On any day when the SUN is adversely aspected. and there are others when many unlooked for obstacles present themselves in the way of success and progress. and for all literary affairs. THE MERCURY HOUR— Is good for writing letters. eating. or to purchase fancy things and deal with loveable and affectionate people. mines. wine and women. There are hours when most favorable progress can be made. the government. It insures success in any uncertain transaction. dress. The conversation during this hour is generally on business matters. Any favors asked of the opposite sex are usually granted at this hour. etc. Whatever is done in this hour is very apt to stand. collecting bills. Good for planning and thinking. Seek employments at this hour and deal with those in authority. This is a positive hour. buildings. The conversation during this hour tends to be in relation to art. Wills and other important matters agreed upon in this hour are very seldom changed. writing hour is letters. signing papers. Many quarrels and controversions or arguments occur at this time and many unpleas- ant things are being said. sign- ing papers and traveling by land. contracts. asking favors. THE VENUS HOUR—This hour is good for everything in gen- eral. tasty and cheerful things. feasting. PLANETARY INFLUENCES UPON THE HOURS. all scientific thought and occult matters. The SUN hour is favorable for popularity and friendship. signing papers. position. business. This hour is very often used by thieves to 74 . but evil for obtaining loans. Large business transactions and everything" relating to railroads.

visitors. for there is liability at this to break the promise. sickness. The conversation at this hour is apt to be about travel. old and dirty places. also for coal and junk dealers. rambling and unsteady. or the matter may be lost without the sufficient gain extracted therefrom. This is a negative hour. This is a negative hour. deceit. death. asking questions. This 75 . All agree- ments made hour should be written down. as all people are more talkative as usual and easily ap- proached and persuaded to change their minds. etc. use caution against them. SATURN HOUR—The hour of SATURN is very evil. SATURN signifies death. especially with elderly persons. social matters. It is a very unfavorable time for taking medicine and many deaths occur at this hour. the health. mines. It is a changeable hour. Matters that seem favorable should be clinched at once and not left unfinished. water or liquids. discontented. cellars. removals. common metals. Do not undertake any- thing that you wish to be permanent at this time. (It is also good for finding minerals by SATURN persons only). and is favorable to all moveable things and people. dealings with women. the insane and all matters of a common and changeable nature. These people often make good bargains in a SATURN hour. is good for all things that require to be done quickly. gloomy. generally connected with intellectual affairs. Conversation at this hour generally relates to something weary. yet it is often good for those persons who have SATURN for their ruling planet. ores. change- able.their advantage. making new acquaintances. such as travelers. Hotel keepers and all those that are dealing with the general public are generally fortunate at this hour. and seldom anything good occurs at this time. making researches. It is the hour which is unfavorable for all purposes. A friend made in this hour is a friend indeed. THE MOON HOUR—-Is good for traveling on water. and often takes a quick turn for good or evil. things connected with shipping. Con- versation at this hour is apt to be active but of no serious import. agents . by fakirs. People are generally wavering at this hour and may be easily induced to change their minds. Ask questions at this time. liquids. People are always restless at this hour. etc. visiting. while very uncertain. earthly. melancholy. etc. It is barren. This hour. begin- ning short journeys.

People have a tendency to be more lenient. You can get money from a miser in this hour. conservative. Avoid quarrels. argumentative and liable to lead to quarrel- some A very positive hour. JOURNEYS — Should be undertaken in a good hour. cattle. would be wise to delay until a good it hour before you would see the party for whom you had intended to undertake the journey. gain. greedy. battles. bold. horses. seeking employment. JUPITER HOUR—The JUPITER good for all pur- hour is poses. This is a positive hour. courageous. Deal with judges and the clergy. banks. or you will regret it. Conversation during this hour always bears upon money matters. traffic. free and open-hearted at this hour. and explosions. collecting bills. The conversation at this time is always spirited. bankers. railroad wrecks. precious metals. THE MARS HOUR—This hour is an evil very unreliable. or races. such as the VENUS. Liars. unclean people. accidents from metals. The hour is good ask- ing favors of rich persons. very generous and benevolent. elderly. keep away from dangerous places and people at this time. 76 . especially if he is your ruling planet. MOON MERCURY hour. Do not trust people at this hour nor rely upon professed friendship. gambling or playing for a chance. Open shops and begin new business. although dangerous results are liable to follow. hour generally brings about transactions with mistrustful. Things begun at this time usually end unfavorable. It is a good hour for all courageous transactions. thieves and evil-doers are always active in this hour. People who cater to evil are always successful in this hour. not apt to submit to dictation as much as at other times. Sell anything especially real-estate or things connected with the soil. results. speculating for a rise. It is hour. seed. The MARS hour brings danger. It is very easy to become involved in quarrels in a MARS hour. If you happen to reach a or certain city in a SATURN hour. assults and slanders. buying anything. which will be tedious and slow. or before you reach the place of your ultimate destination. profit. etc. although not as evil as the SATURN hour. A positive hour. Dishonesty and unreliable reports will come more to your notice then and people feel independent and are not easily discouraged .

LIBRA the is and CAPRICORN. but from twelve to seventy-two hours are good. CONSULT religious fraternity while MOON in LIBRA. to persons of authority when the MOON is in LEO. GEMINI. select. The Seller is most fortunate in dealings from the first quarter to the full MOON. be sure the MOON is in TAURUS. PRIVATE MATTERS you wish to have your work to be- : If come much discussed. From FULL MOON to last quarter the time is best for the buyer. JOLTRNEYS : When there is a serious object in view. This assures safety and prosperity. LIBRA. It is still better. to common people while in CANCER. VIRGO. buy when the MOON is in CANCER. buy or wear for the first time clothing on a day or evening while the is in MOON SCORPIO. ENGAGING SERVANTS: When you engage or receive servants into your house or lodging. CANCER. This gives comfort and success. Removing. STUDY and write letters. Trading days—when the MOON in SAGITTARIUS give fair dealing. Why? Because they are apt to be torn quickly. GENERAL HINTS. : public soldiers. 77 . LEO. to excite attention. VIRGO. MOON in GEMINI. CLOTHING: Do not make. REQUESTS Speak to politicians. and much advertised. also see rela- tives and neighbors. is . EMPLOYMENT: Seek employment when New is in MOON TAURUS. The first twelve hours after the New MOON are bad for the beginner of any undertaking. GEMINI. VIRGO and increasing. spotted or soon worn out. start when MOON increasing and in ARIES. should VENUS be in good aspect also. plan to have it occur during the eight hours before or after exact time of Full MOON — as given in any astrological Almanac. friends in AQUARIUS. LAWYERS Should be consulted when the MOON : in is SAGITTARIUS. This enables you to buy cheap and sell dear. BUYING AND SELLING: To make a profit. SCORPIO and SAGITTARIUS. changing houses or lodgings should be done while the MOON is increasing and either in TAURUS or LEO. and sur- geons while the MOON is in ARIES.

SUCH IS LIFE! We find a wise purpose in all the ordinance of nature. Feminine. how beautiful the air. face and brain of the microcosm of man. to April 19. After the snow storm in the Win- ter. courageous and bound have his own way at any cost. though stubborn at times and has a more or less violent nature. After the thunder storm in the Summer the air is purified. yet he is . Taurus Peopl e Born from April 20 to May 20. restless. Born from March 20 any year. She generally marries more than once and often goes into business for herself. A few years from now you will look back and see why your present troubles were essential to your eventual good. There is a silver lining to every cloud. Also rules travel. Taurus is a Fixed. music and dancing and is a very great talker. The faithful revolution of the Stars. Cold. Earthly Sign. she loves company. He does not marry early in life and never dies young. Hot. yet he is never contented he receives many honors. Dry and Fiery Sign. Intellectual. their clock like regu- larity declare in stellar language —HAVE FAITH Aries People. and also the spark of life or the lympathic system. She is loved and honored by her opposite sex and has many love affairs which turn out favorable to her. year after year— all preach. Movable. A Word of Cheer to Those in Trouble. The favorite gems are the opal and diamond. but very forgiving and is easily deceived by those she loves. She is determined. it rules the head. It also rules friends and relatives. He will be more fortunate to in money than in love affairs and becomes rich through a woman. Melan- choly. It rules the neck and throat of mankind. resentful and the use he makes of the confidence of his female friends often cause him much unpleasantness. Being the first Sign of the new solar year. Aries is a Masculine. The perpetual pageant of the season. Dry. in this full of life and activity . — MAN The man born in this Sign generally marries a good wife. therefore she must be careful in whom she confides. It is hard for her to l^eep a secret. 78 . quick to anger. He is inclined to prevaricate and has many disputes and has many enemies because of his good fortune. any year. MAN — The man born in this Sign is fearless. — After the ebb tide comes the flood tide the darkest hour of night is nearest the dawn of the day. He is very generous. HAVE FAITH. WOMAN—The woman born Sign is animated.

MAN — The man born Sign will take many journeys in this through life and visit many places in search of fortune. arms and shoulders. Intellectual. yet he never becomes very rich nor able to obtain much credit. He loves reading. Gemini People. He is restless and uneasy. It rules the hands. for if she did she would be very miserable. but never loves more than one woman at a time. is very generous as long as he can have his own way and cares much for pleasure. but has many enemies and few real friends. miserly husband causes her many regrets. always ready to divide and always says just what she means regardless of consequences. Hot. When angered she smashes things in great shape. diligent and economical. His many friends become enemies through jealousy. as she has a powerful imagination and readily adapts her- self to the various conditions and circumstances of life. but very passionate when angry. a divorce and a second marriage generally sets her right. Airy. She has great wisdom. Born from May 20 to June 19. free- hearted. although much given to worry. Also rules friends and enemies. studious. She loves to give her friends good entertainments. wanting to do something all the time v and drifts through life following pleasure and fortune wherever it leads him. He is not easily excited. Gemini is a Variable. WOMAN—The woman born in this Sign is generally very beau- tiful. fickle in his affections. any year. A lover. but a stingy. Moist. but generally makes a mistake and is unhappy in domestic life. good natured. Sanguine and Barren Sign. She is generous. plenty of personal property and always takes things easy through life. She is somewhat jealous but lives contented and com- fortable. The favorite gems are the amethyst and all high-colored stones. She is very seldom disap- pointed. easily influenced but honesty is one of her virtues. He generally lives to a good old age. He is courageous and always ready for an emergency and generally squanders all he makes. makes large profits. Masculine. The favorite gems are the emerald and moss-agate. WOMAN —The woman born in this Sign is careful. She does not believe everything she sees or hears. and if careful will become very wealthy. is very fond of his opposite sex. She has many opportunities for marriage. He is enter- prising. He prefers strangers to relatives. and occupy high positions. 79 .

He is generally miserly towards his famliy. His early life is generally hard and wretched. Moist. Born from July 20 to August 19. He is lively but worries a great deal at night and often falls into ill favor with his friends. She is very sensitive and kind hearted. She is destined to have many children and is very passionate and emotional. He has good judgment. Feminine. Born from June 20 to July 19. is economical and industrious. Material Sign. WOMAN —The woman born in this Sign is generally very beautiful. thereby deceiving herself. a great talker. which indicates success in love. He is generally long lived if not reckless and becomes more fortunate as he grows older. any year. hasty. will attend to her home. Cold. Phlegmatic. Leo People. blood and nerves. She is often loved and sought after but becomes irritable and indifferent and by this means her husband or lover becomes unfaithful to her. It rules the chest and breast. Also rules prosperity and losses. He has many enemies and but few real friends yet he makes many acquaintances. Barren and Material Sign. He gets some property through marriage but never becomes very wealthy. not them. has a good memory and is very conscientious in all positions of trust. Mov- able. Cancer is a Watery. bound to have her own way but is easily discouraged if left alone. He forgives but never forgets an injury. MAN — The man born in this Sign is inclined to be very vain. fond of dress and show and very fond of women. is a great borrower and inclined to be tricky and misses many good chances*in life by not grasping his opportunities. Cancer People. Fruitful. It rules the heart. She is modest. Fixed. WOMAN — The woman born in this Sign is quick to take offense. any year. MAN — The man born in this Sign is bold as a lion. Death will seldom claim him before his sixtieth year. Masculine. She is pleasing in manner and speech. When aroused to 80 . but sometimes she will give her friends wrong impressions. courageous and virtuous. contrary and causes much trouble for those about him. never minds inconveniences and generally mar- ries more than once. Also rules health and life. The favorite gems are the onyx and emerald. proud and sometimes very abusive. although he never wants for anything. She always receives a large sum of money or property at some time during her life from some rela- tive. Leo is a Fiery.

Virgo men love order. He is very polite. Libra is an Air Sign. He is much loved by his wife or family but he causes them much worry and anxiety. active and a natural leader. honored and has many friends who envy him. which insures conjugal happiness. It rules the bowels. Reproductive. Libra People. 20 to Sept. He 81 . WOMAN— The woman born in this Sign is naturally timid and easily disgusted with anything coarse or common. Variable. 20 any year. Barren Sign. is prompt. It rules the loins. She has great vitality. She is indus- trious. Feminine. It is Equinoctial. to Oct. 19. He is patient and his advice always has great weight. Maternal. In such cases he generally dies in want. He generally dies very wealthy unless he is foolish enough to give his wealth to the church or to clothe the hottentots. He is a is great traveler and often wanders to distant places.anger she surprises her neighbors who thought she was very timid and bashful. The favorite gems are the ruby and diamond. He wise. Has excellent business talent and always deals with rich rather than with poor persons. Born from Sept. 19. Humane and Sanguine. back and kidneys. Cardinal. He is not very fortunate in love affairs in early life although he generally marries a very good woman and settles down happy and contented. Cold and melancholy.Movable. is seldom sick yet she does not take particular care of herself. Also love. She grows old very slowly and enjoys life in many ways. courageous and has great veneration for those she loves and persons holding high positions. Virgo is an Earthly. MAN—The man born in this Sign is a natural born speculator. MAN— The man born in this Sign is of few words. The favorite gems are the onyx and cornelian. She never lacks ad- mirers. Masculine. Virgo People. Leo women are inclined to art and literary affairs. Disorder destroys their appetite. She is always inter- ested in the love affairs of her friends and is very good at keeping secrets. any year. harmony and quiet when at home and settled down. Born from Aug. She lives to a good old age and many times regrets lost opportunities. She is greatly respected and often comes into large inheritance or marries rich. Favorite colors are red and green. yet he always carries through anything he undertakes. courtship and marriage. Also rules wealth and fortune.

Scorpio People. He is lenient with his enemies. She continually invests in new things. 19. is often de- frauded but never discouraged and always ready to try again. a strong will power. but Only so far as she can accomplish her ends or gain her objects. determined and will go to great extremes to quiet. accomplish his ends. Fixed and Reproductive. is courteous and dignified and often causes his victims to do things they would despise. Also rules males and marriage. 20 to Nov. She generally marries early and the man of her choice and gets a good husband. Sagittarius People. She dies a widow and quite wealthy. She marries more than once. The favorite gems are golden tinted ones. Variable. It rules the privates and generative organs. any year. handsome. He meets with serious reverses and has great power to hide his feelings or emo- tions and appear the opposite of what he really is. She despises hard or dirty work. He is never as courageous as he would have it appear and is friendly only so long as it pays. Favorite colors crimson and blue. even reckless at times and is never discouraged. high spirited. Fruitful. She is a good mother and destined to plenty of hard work through life. 20. He has great magnetic forces. She often causes her husband to become very angry with her. It is Feminine. Bi- 82 . WOMAN —The woman born Sign is very friendly to in this her neighbors and beloved by her family. Libra people nearly always marry well and more than once. any year. hard hearted and unfeeling. 1 generous. Born from Oct. has quite a large family and generally dies wealthy. genteel and very jealous. quick. being lull of hope and enterprise. Reproductive. dis- likes to see any cruelty or bloodshed and often gives without expect- ing any return. very passionate in love ambitious. WOMAN —The woman born in this Sign is very amiable and gracious. She is cool headed. deceptive and suspicious. 20 to Dec. Born from Nov. The favorite gems are opals and white stones generally. Sagittarius is a Fiery. Scorpio is a Water Sign. fond of luxury and the goods things of life. yet she is generally re- spected. Masculine. MAN — The man born in this Sign is generally false. He is very jealous and his jealousy often causes him much trouble in life. but inclined to be inconstant and uneasy. She is always expecting some disaster which never occurs and is destined to several long journeys in life. She is thoughtful.

denoting fidelity and truth. MAN —The man born in this Sign is very clever. but she too often takes the advice of others. WOMAN —The woman this Sign is naturally timid born in until aroused. He is well adapted to military affairs. straightforward and his advice is always good. violent and very eccentric. and his generosity is often repaid with ingratitude. His enemies cause him much trouble. especially among his opposite sex. and in old age he often repents of his follies of youth. 19. not demonstrative in love affairs. It rules the hips and thighs. He is very passionate and cruel when aroused and resents all interference with his affairs. active and industrious. She is 83 . She is a great worker. Movable. She will have but few children. He is cool. violent and always ready to profit by the misfortunes of his fellow beings. WOMAN—The womanborn in this Sign is excitable. and delights in all mysterious things. Feminine. always trying to do several things at once and never succeeds.. He is never without money. She makes great progress in all she undertakes and seldom makes mistakes when she follows her own ideas. yet by overcoming her faults she becomes a most docile and worthy wife and mother. It also rules success in new enterprises. Capricorn is an Earthly. She is often too quick and decisive for her own good and too often goes to extremes in her undertakings. any year. deliberative. loves all out- door games and sports and is very fond of travel. proud. Cold. He receives many presents through life and his fortunes come through his opposite sex. Serving. very undecided. little sickness or trouble. 20 to Jan. but often becomes sad and depressed. He loves good living. He has more friends than enemies. The favorite gems are the topaz and similar colors. It also rules all public affairs. MAN — The man born in this Sign is vain. She often gives advice where it is not wanted and is often misunderstood. It is great torture to her to be compelled to submit to the caresses of undesirable persons.corporal Sign. He is wise. eccentric and independent. especially those of his op- posite sex. He is a great worker. fine clothes. Born from Dec. He is always unsettled in life. She is very devoted and loving in domestic life and expects similar expressions from her husband. Dry and Melancholy Sign. It rules the knees. Capricorn People. She is very friendly. Tropical. has but few children and greatly given to pleasure.

Watery Sign. 20 to Feb. which signify quiet and serenity. WOMAN— The woman born in this Sign has inclination to and does accomplish many things. Fixed. It rulesthe feet of mankind. He often becomes a great traveler and searches after fortune or knowledge. Hot. Masculine. MAN —The man born in this Sign will become a favorite and be much liked by everyone. mild tempered and sel- dom heeds advice. It also rules happiness and pleasure. any year. Aquarius People. She has very magnetic eyes. liable to worry and saying absurd things. any year. which signifies true friendship. supernatural and occult things. She is amiable. Born from Feb. She is honest and true to those who place confidence in her and faithful in domestic affairs. Aquarius is an Air Sign. independent and careful in money matters. She is proud. but some- times he is given to drink or gambling by which he loses much money and reputation.often nervous from overwork. His anger is readily aroused. Pisces People. He always has something to say about everyone. It rules the legs and ankles. He will journey through many lands and gain much knowledge. Born from Jan. 19. 20 to March 19. MAN —The man born is very proud and vain. inclined to is be bashful. He will have many strange ideas and readily believe in strange rumors. Also rules females in marriage. He is wise. She is good and kind-hearted and often does more for humanity than is expected of her. is happy with her family. a sweet temper and a great calmness under provocation. Serving. Fruitful. The favorite gems are the bluish-green. She generally marries well. 84 . He will receive harsh treatment from pretending friends. The favorite gem is the carbuncle. good tempered and loves to brag about her friends and relatives. but does not always keep her promises. Pisces is a Variable. in this Sign He loves to deal with good people. In domestic affairs he is very faithful and exacting. Serving. has many possibilities in life and is agreeable. either good or bad. She has an excellent memory and is a natural thinker and philosopher. has many friends. takes great heed of money matters and the opinion of the world and could succeed in almost anything if she would stick to it. but he is easily pacified. Feminine. Sanguine and Humane.

She generally marries more than once. refined and dislikes anything coarse. lowers its tone. the symbol of temperance and chastity. The favorite gem is the ame- thyst. but easily coaxed. She is destined to many children and a good old age. dampness. espe- cially for the next three years. Hasty violent actions of any kind. 85 . it would be ad- visable for every one to guard their health very carefully from now on. infectious and contagious nature. Intemperance in our habits. resulting in attacks of an inflammatory. will worry without cause and does not show her affections as others often wish she would. brings about an altered state of the blood. weakening the natural resistance of the body to disease. HEALTH With the extremes in cold. com- mon or vulgar. WOMAN—The woman born in this Sign is very fond of talk- ing. Patience needs to be cultivated. for we are on the border of a new and better era of existence. This should be remem- bered by every one. as she is naturally timid and bashful. self control developed. violent actions and intemperate ways of living. and wind. bad habits elimi- nated. and more thought given to service they can render to others. is full of sympathy and compassion. creates an inflammatory state in the blood. She is good. particularly hasty speech. Impatience* flying into ungovernable fits of rage. honest and faithful in domestic life. She is at times apparently stubborn. ways of living changed. lay the foundations for diseased conditions to settle in our bodies and bring harmful results to the individuals who indulge in them. heat. forgetting self. A noticeable increase in diseased conditions affecting the general health of people everywhere is indicated. and mode of living.

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79 Characteristics of the Gemini People. . 81 Characteristics of the Libra People. 80 Characteristics of the Leo People. 82 Characteristics of the Scorpio People. 71 Astrological Comments — By Frederick White.Pag-e 58 Influence of Planets in the Eleventh House. 78 Characteristics of the Taurus People. 84 Characteristics of the Pisces People. 78 Characteristics of the Aries People. 81 Characteristics of the Virgo People. 82 Characteristics of the Sagittarius People. 77 General Hints. 78 A Word of Cheer to Those in Trouble. 78 Characteristics of the people born under the signs of the Zodiac. 72 Planetary Hours for Each Day of the Week. 60 Influence of Planets in the Twelfth House. 85 Health. 74 Planetary Influences upon the Hours. 80 Characteristics of the Cancer People. 84 Characteristics of the Aquarius People. 83 Characteristics of the Capricorn People. 65 Influence of Ascending Signs.



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