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Palm Oil Speech

Hello, I’m from the environment protection

agency. Today I will be talking about how
producing palm oil destroys the
To begin with producing palm oil could
and will extirpate rainforests killing
hundreds maybe even thousands of species
that can only survive in rainforests. With so
many rainforests being cut down large
amounts of carbon dioxide is being
released into the air and since 83% of palm
oil comes from Indonesia it has now become
the 3rd largest emitter of carbon dioxide in
the world.. Too much carbon dioxide can
cause carbon dioxide poisoning which is
very bad for your health.
However, some people may say that palm
oil is useful such as it generates returns of
$3000 per hector vs $100 for conventual
agriculture which helps the poor who work
with the palm oil. It is also said that palm
oil can help save lives because the high
antioxidant of red palm oil is a natural
weapon against cancer.