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1) RDK ( Rashid bin Darwish AL Kitbi) Residential building

• Project Description:
Three luxury residential building 14 floor each located in al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi.
• Project Status:
• Project Value (Façade Package):
28 Million AED.
• Scope Description:
Project has three major packages as below:
➢ 10,500 Sqm of unitized curtain wall.
➢ 4,500 Sqm of Stick Curtain wall.
➢ 2,000 Lm of handrails.
• Project Challenges and Achievements:
➢ Engineering:
✓ Designing of customized unitized curtain wall for the project that achieve structural
adequacy and design intent.

➢ Procurement:
✓ Each unitized panel is unique
and procurement of glass
starting from fabrication order
till receiving glass in sequence to
match installation schedule was
a real challenge.

➢ Fabrication:
✓ Fabricating a staggered huge
panel with size of 2.4 m by m
panel including logistics and
handling was a challenge which
is achieved successfully by our
fabrication team.
➢ Installation:
✓ Handling huge unitized
panels and install it within time
frame was a success story to our
installation team.


000 Sqm of unitized curtain wall. • Scope Description: Project has three major packages as below: ➢ 9. . ➢ 3.500 Sqm of Stick Curtain wall. • Project Status: Completed • Project Value (Façade Package): 22 Million AED.000 Lm of handrails. ➢ 1.2) Najmat Residential building: • Project Description: Two luxury residential building 14 floor each located in al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi.

The capacity of the hospital is 719 beds and the total built up area is 358. facing the same challenges and getting phase two with the same client and prestigious consultant like forster and Partners is clear proof of excellent job done in Najmat building. • This project for the same client and build up for RDK tower.000 square meters. 3) Al ain Hospital Project: • Project Description: The project calls for construction of Al Ain New Hospital. • Project Status: Ongoing • Project Value (Façade Package): 135 Million AED • Scope Description: .

1 m ➢ Other packages like sand trap louvers. ➢ 6. ➢ 100. and fall arrest system. stick curtain wall. stick curtain wall. ✓ Perforated sheets waffle slab fixed over steel trusses with custom trapezoidal shape with size of 2 m by 2 m. doors. • Project challenges and achievements: ➢ Engineering: ✓ Design of steel structure for curtain wall of segmented curtain wall with height of 32 m without slabs. The project contains different 22 different packages described as below: ➢ 12.000 Sqm of sick curtain wall over steel structure of span of 32 meters without any slab. ➢ 1500 windows size of 4 m X 2.000 Sqm of perforated soffit internal cladding to formulate a waffle slab. .000 Sqm of continuous skylight with water evacuation system. ➢ 817 units of automatic electrical system of Laser cut designed sheet shading for windows. balustrade. ✓ Gutter design as per rainwater intensity to ensure safe evacuation of water on 6000 Sqm of skylight ✓ Electrical laser cut shading system completely engineered and design by fibrex. walkways. decorative cladding.

glass from UK. CNC water jet. ✓ Maintaining QC records for stage by stage of fabrication with full documentation as per approved ITP. . CNC laser cut machine. steel from Korea. Man lifts. procurement of material from different countries custom size aluminum sheet from China. ✓ Inhouse fabrication of Steel structures for skylight and curtain wall including welding. birdcage scaffolding. and CNC aluminum profiles machining center. and 8 engineers working safely with the desired quality as per QHSE plan. all of those material are custom sizes and purchased specially for al Ain hospital project. 32-meter-high mast climbing platform with size of 500 Sqm to install box assembled perforated soffit. ✓ Team of 450 installers. CNC cutting and bending. ➢ Installation: ✓ Manage complicated access through mast climbers. ➢ Procurement management: ✓ With such big project. extrusion from UAE. ➢ Fabrication: ✓ Fabrication of extra huge panels and complicated shapes of sheets done inhouse with state of art factory setup and machines using CNC punch. Motors from France.