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Innovative Lesson Plan

Name of the teacher trainee : Darsana. G Std : IX

Name of the school : MKLMHSS, Kannanalloor Strenth :
Subject : English Duration : 40 m.
Unit : Enlightening the minds
Subunit : Newton’s Law (Poem)
Theme : Development of Science
Sub theme : Modern Science

Content Analysis : Attentiveness is very important for study. “Newton’s

Law” said about an experience of the author when she was inattentive in class.

Learning outcome:
The learner,
read, writes and speaks meaningfully in English
develops imagination and creativity
identifies the poetic device like rhyming words, metaphors etc.

The learner,
is able to read the poem
has the study skill of referring a diction.
Main aim of teacher
1. To give students the knowledge about different kinds of poems.
2. To make the student understand the value of attention in classroom


Teaching Aids
Chart, Blackboard

Teaching learning process Students Response

Warming Activity
Teacher creates an informal interaction with the students
To make a fresh environment for the students to start the class.

Introducing the Author

Teacher introduces the author to the students by showing
A picture of the poet Nandita Das

Explanation of the Title

Teacher asks an explanation of the title from the students
side and later explains the title to the students.
Leading to the Topic
Teacher asks the students about their opinion
1. How should a student behave in a classroom?
2. What are the things a student should do while he/she is
in a classroom?
3. How many kind of poems do they know?
4. What kind of poem will they write, if they are asked to
write a poem?

Recitation/model recitation of the Poem

Teacher reads the poem with proper tone and expression

Silent Reading
Teacher asks the students to read the poem silently and
understand the beauty of the poem along with the message
the poet wants to convey through her experience.

Reading and explanation of the poetry

Teacher divides the class into four group and asks each
group to explain the poem in their own way using innovation
method on way using innovative method (it can be role play,
Monoact, using placards etc.)

Discourse construction
Teacher asks the students to write a conversation between
Nandita Das and Teacher where the teacher is appreciating
Nandita for her way of answering the question (three dialogues)
Teacher asks some questions to the students to check their
1. Why do you think some children hates to go school?
2. Why didn’t the poet look up at the teacher?
3. Why did the class roar with laughter?
4. How did the poet demonstrate Newton’s law?

Teacher concludes the class by giving a summary of the

Imagine yourself as Nandita Das and write a diary entry.