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Maale, Rachel Marie S.

Group Process, Techniques and Strategies
III-10 BVE Professor: Ma’am Agarao

Summary Report
“Psychosynthesis: Model of a Person”

Robert Assagioli proposed diagrams which basically represent the human person are
very essential part of the Psychosynthesis. The Applied Psychosynthesis is commonly used in the
process of Psychotherapy which helps the individual to improve his mental health and well-
being. One of these diagrams is the Egg Diagram. The Egg Diagram is the mere representation
of the individual itself and described by Assagioli as simple yet gives an almost “anatomical”
structure of the human person’s “inner constitution”. The Egg Diagram draws like this:

The Egg Diagram basically comprises of (7) seven parts which include: (1) the Lower
Unconscious,(2) the Middle Unconscious, (3) the Higher Unconscious, (4) the Field of
Consciousness,(5) the Conscious Self or “I”, (6) the Higher Self and (7) the Collective
Unconscious. The Lower Conscious refers to the part or “realm” of the person which consists of
the different experiences of fear, shame, pain, despair and even rage. To describe the lower
unconscious better, it is part of the human person which consists of the different painful and bad
experiences of man which are “broken away from consciousness”. The Middle Conscious is the
one, though unconscious supports our conscious life. In this, lies the ability to form patterns of
“skills, behaviors, feelings and attitudes” that can function even we’re unaware of it which
greatly influences our consciousness. The Higher Unconscious is termed by Assagioli as “the
sphere of aesthetic experience, creative inspiration, and higher states of consciousness”. This
refers to the “higher potentials we have which seek to express themselves but which often repel

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