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Time: 11.55 am- 1.

10 am (1 hour 10 minutes)
Form: 4 Angsana
Focused skill(s): Writing
Date: 29th January 2014
Integrated skill(s): Speaking
Theme: Social issues
Grammar item(s): Modal verbs
Topic: Letter of complaint
(Examples: must, might, might,
Level: Lower- intermediate should,could,would)

Curriculum specification(s) :

Learning outcomes Specification

Level 1
1.1Make friends and keep friendships by
iii. Relating personal experiences.
a. taking part in conversations and
Level 2
1.3 Obtain goods and services by
iv. Giving feedback about a product or service as
b. making complaints and responding to a consumer.

Behavioural objective(s) :

by the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

1) Write and elaborate the contents of their formal letter of complaint.
2) Label the different parts of a formal letter correctly.

Moral value(s):

1) Practicing smart consumerism

Educational emphases:

1) Preparation for the real world
2) Multiple intelligence

Previous knowledge:

1) Students are well-versed of the format of a formal letter.
2) Students already learnt about modal verbs in the previous lesson.

Resource(s): 1) Drawing of a hamburger (breads sesame seeds. 2) poorly cooked 3. T writes all of the answers T-Ss food on the board and adds a 3) unhygienic few more relevant conditions complaints. T uses the picture of the T-Ss of a formal minutes) 2) Recipient’s hamburger and starts letter in a fun address and labeling parts of the way name hamburger as parts of the  To help ss 3) Date formal letter. the structure (+ 20 1) Sender’s address 2. T explains the fillings of T-Ss on how to 5) Subject heading the hamburger. T elicits from ss have they T-Ss minutes) Anticipated answers ever complaint about the service or the food in any 1) Rude waiters restaurants. T draws a template of a Ss-Ss  To help ss writing Formal letter structure formal letter and asks 9 remember volunteers to label it. beef patty. which are elaborate 6) Contents the contents of the formal the contents 7) Ending letter. T elicits example of T-Ss . salad. chicken patty.Anticipated problem(s): 1) Teacher might not have time to do the drawings on the board Solution(s): 1) Prepares all of the drawings beforehand or asks a volunteer to do the drawing for the teacher. experiences (+ 10 2. cheese) 2) A template of a formal letter 3) Labels for the formal letter template Stages Content Teaching-learning activities I/A Rationale and time Set Topic of the day 1. remember 4) Salutation 3. T draws a picture of a T-Ss  To invite ss induction hamburger on the board to share Writing a letter of and writes down the topic their complaint to a restaurant. 1. 4) wrongly totaled bill 5) noisy surrounding Pre. way 4. need to be of a formal 8) Signature seasoned with letter in a fun 9) Sender’s name elaborations. of the day on the board.

ss discuss Ss-Ss together about what to Modal verbs write for each fillings/paragraph. A letter of complaint 1. it is awareness (+5 important not to be rude to ss of the minutes) and be considerate. T gives a situation where T-Ss  To writing ss have to write a letter of encourage Imagine that you were complaint to a manager of ss to work in ( + 20 very dissatisfied with the a restaurant.g. Ss draw the picture of the Ss-Ss help each restaurant. Ss write their letter of Ss-Ss 2) Must complaint individually 3) Should using the points as 4) Can discussed. Fillings of the sentences from ss for all hamburger (Content) of the elaborations. complaining ettiquettes.g. 5) Could Post. T nominates ss to read Ss-Ss  To provide writing and share their letter of opportunity complaint to the class.g.fourth paragraph (e. of complaint to the and label the parts. T explains that when T-Ss  To give complaining. who am I? / why am I writing?) 2) Beef patty- second paragraph (e.third paragraph (e. comments. In pairs. 1) Chicken patty- first paragraph (e. hopes/ warning) While. 3. 1) Might 4. . Write a letter hamburger in their book other.g. Closure 1. manager. 1. problems and examples ) 3) Salad. exaggerate with praise. question and surprise) 4) Cheese. Ss give comments and share their minutes) opinions of their friends’ Ss-Ss opinions and letter. for ss to (+ 15 2. groups and minutes) food and services at a 2.