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Annexure to Client Registration Form, Unit Trust Account Opening Form and PRS Joint Account Opening Form

IMPORTANT: Please insert X where appropriate.
1. This annexure will be read in conjunction with the Client Registration Form, the Unit Trust Account Opening Form, the PRS Joint Account
Opening Form and relevant terms and conditions, where applicable.

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, please take note that it is mandatory for you to provide CIMB-Principal Asset
Management Berhad (“CIMB-Principal”) with the information requested within the Client Registration Form, the Unit Trust Account Opening
Form, the PRS Joint Account Opening Form, where applicable. However, the following personal information requested within the respective
forms are optional:-

Client Registration Form Unit Trust Account Opening Form PRS Joint Account Opening Form
i. Gender i. Fax No. i. Salutation
ii. Salutation ii. E-mail Address ii. Mother’s Maiden Name
iii. Marital Status iii. Relationship to First Applicant iii. E-mail Address
iv. Annual Income
v. No. of Dependent
vi. Mother’s Maiden Name
vii. Employer Address
viii. Fax No.
ix. E-mail Address
vi. Spouse Details

2. Please note that the following clauses will form part of the terms and conditions governing your account with CIMB-Principal in line with the
Personal Data Protection 2010.
2.1. Privacy Clause (for Individual Applicant(s))

2.1.1. You hereby confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the CIMB-Principal Privacy Notice (which is
available at and the clauses herein, as may relate to the processing of your personal information.
For the avoidance of doubt, you agree that the said Privacy Notice shall be deemed to be incorporated by reference into this
application form.

2.1.2. In the event you provide personal and financial information relating to third parties, including information relating to your next-
of-kin and dependents (where you are an individual) or information relating to your directors, shareholders, officers, individual
guarantors and security providers (where you are a corporation), for the purpose of opening or operating your
account(s)/investments with us or otherwise subscribing to our products and services, you (a) confirm that you have obtained
their consent or are otherwise entitled to provide this information to us and for us to use it in accordance with this agreement;
(b) agree to ensure that the personal and financial information of the said third parties is accurate; (c) agree to update us in
writing in the event of any material change to the said personal and financial information; and (d) agree to our right to terminate
this agreement should such consent be withdrawn by any of the said third parties.

2.1.3. Where you instruct us to effect any sort of cross-border transaction (including to make or receive payments), the details relevant
to the cross-border transaction (including information relating to those involved in the said transaction) may be received from or
sent abroad, where it could be accessible (whether directly or indirectly) by overseas regulators and authorities in connection
with their legitimate duties (e.g. the prevention of crime). In instructing us and/or our agents to enter into any cross-border
transaction on your behalf, you agree to the above said disclosures on behalf of yourself and others involved in the said cross-
border transaction.

2.1.4. We may use a credit reporting/reference agency to help make decisions, for example when we need to (a) check details on
applications for credit and credit-related or other facilities; (b) manage credit and credit-related accounts or facilities, including
conducting reviews of your portfolio(s); and/or recover debts. You will be linked by credit reporting/reference agencies to any
other names you use or have used, and any joint and several applicants. We may also share information about you and how you
manage your account(s)/investment(s) with relevant credit reporting/reference agencies.

2.1.5. Even after you have provided us with any information, you will have the option to withdraw the consent given earlier. In such
instances, we will have the right to not provide or discontinue the provision of any product, service and/or account(s) and/or
investment(s) that is/are linked with such information.

2.1.6. We reserve the right to amend this clause from time to time at our sole discretion and shall provide prior notification to you in
writing and place any such amendments on our websites and/or by placing notices at prominent locations within our branches.

2.1.7. This clause shall be without prejudice to any other clause in this application form which provides for the disclosure of

Version 2.3 dated 1 April 2015 1

: NRIC/Passport No. shareholders. Privacy Clause for (for Non-Individual Applicant(s)) 2. guarantors and/or relevant persons. Where required and subject to any applicable local laws. 3.3. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ____________________ Signature of Applicant/Authorised Signatory Signature of Joint Applicant/Authorised Signatory Date Name: Name: NRIC/Passport No. Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) Act 2014 Any fees and charges payable by you are subject to any applicable taxes (including but not limited to GST) and/or duties as may be imposed by the government and/or the relevant authorities from time to time. Should the said consent and/or authority be subsequently revoked by any of the said directors. guarantors and/or relevant persons) as may be required by CIMB-Principal for use in accordance with this application form. You agree to undertake the responsibility to update CIMB-Principal in writing should there be any change to the personal and financial information relating to the said directors. ii. 3. Where required by domestic or overseas regulators or tax authorities.2. its parent or ultimate holding company or any of its affiliates (including branches) to share your information with domestic or overseas regulators or tax authorities where necessary to establish your tax liability in any/or the relevant jurisdiction. iii. shareholders. 2. officers. and confirm that you have duly obtained your directors.1. shareholders. guarantors and/or relevant persons. guarantors and/or such other relevant persons. you agree that CIMB-Principal shall have the right to terminate its products and/or services. shareholders. guarantors and/or relevant persons with information on CIMB- Principal’s products.2. to carry out the necessary reference checks including but not limited to credit reference/reporting checks to further ascertain your status and your subsidiaries.3 dated 1 April 2015 2 . if there is any change in the information which you have provided to CIMB-Principal. or provide additional information if requested by CIMB- Principal. to be provided information (inclusive of relevant personal information of the said directors. at CIMB-Principal’s sole discretion without further reference to you. if you/shareholders/director(s) are subject to the relevant jurisdiction’s requirements. guarantors and/or such other relevant persons consent and authority. You hereby irrevocably consent and authorise. Where in the event of any indication that you may be deemed as possibly US person(s).: Version 2. guarantors and/or relevant persons personal information to the classes of parties described in CIMB-Principal’s Privacy Notice. 4. you are required to complete the relevant form for individual or entity respectively and return the completed form with the supporting identification document(s) to CIMB-Principal within thirty (30) days of our request. 3. whether individual or entity wise. or otherwise made available to me/us) and confirm my/our agreement to the same. accurate and complete. to disclose the said directors.5. 3. which you/authorized signatory/director(s) will sign. to provide the said directors. Failure to do so shall render CIMB-Principal the right to terminate the business relationship with you. officers. officers. You hereby confirm that you are not a US resident/US citizen/US permanent resident or not an US entity/legal entity with US directors/shareholders with more than twenty-five percent (25%) ownership/US person(s) as beneficial owner(s) and hereby declare that the confirmation provided by you in this Annexure as of date is true. shareholders. You also agree and undertake to notify CIMB-Principal within thirty (30) days. your subsidiaries. officers. shareholders. officers. services and/or offers (inclusive of the products. you also understand and agree that CIMB-Principal may be required to obtain additional documents and/or forms. Acknowledgement I/We hereby acknowledge that I/we have accessed and/or read the Privacy Notice issued by CIMB-Principal (which is available at all CIMB- Principal branches as well as at the CIMB-Principal website at www. shareholders. officers. 3. services and offers of entities within the CIMB Group) which may be of interest and/or financial benefit to them. officers. guarantors and/or relevant persons. officers. directors. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”) Declaration for Unit Trust and PRS Products 3. and iv.1. you also consent for CIMB-Principal. for CIMB-Principal: i.