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1st Quarter Examination

I. MULTIPLE CHOICE: Circle the letter that corresponds to the correct answer.

1. A webpage that allows interaction from the user.
a. comment
b. dynamic
c. social
d. static

2. Currently, this is the fastest mobile network.
a. 2g
b. 3g
c. 4g
d. 5g

3. According to this magazine, two Philippine cities are part of the top 10 in their research about “The Selfiest
Cities around the World.”
a. candy
b. people
c. Reader’s Digest
d. semantic web

4. Most of this sites have additional social features like liking, commenting and having user profiles.
a. convergence
b. microblogging
c. media sharing
d. mobile technologies

5. A website, application or online channel that enables web users to create, co create, discuss, modify, and
exchange user generated content.
a. convergence
b. microblogging
c. mobile technologies
d. mobile technologies

6. What feature of web 2.0 where users are able to categorize and locate information through tagging?
a. folksonomy
b. hashtags
c. rich user experience
d. taxonomy

7. Pinterest is a social media website that can be classified as.
a. bookmarking sites
b. blogs and forums
c. media sharing
d. microblogging

8. A more complicated way of phishing where it exploits the DNS in creating fake websites.
a. pharming
b. spam
c. virus
d. worm


Form Document b. Mail Merge b. Rogue Security Software d. form document 12. TOTAL 16. a. Adware b. address block b. data file c. worm 10. preview result 14. It replicates and can transfer from one computer to another. file tab b. a. A document that contains the main body of the message. address b. Trojan c. Trojan c. Which of the following is not a component of the mail merge? a. Microsoft Excel b. a. a. PLUS c. Virus 18. greeting line d. home tab c. Where can you find the Start Mail Merge button? a. a. Rogue Security Software d. pharming b. It tricks the user into posing that it is security software but is not. List or Data File d. What button allows you to see the result of your mail merge even before you print or send it out? a. What feature of Microsoft Word allows you to efficiently create documents that have the same general content buy may have different recipients or purpose? a. Unwanted email mostly from advertisers. file name d. A program designed to create spreadsheets which can later be used to analyze statistical data. Send Merge d. View Merge 11. SUM d. Virus 17. references tab 13. spam c. List 2 . Microsoft Publisher d. Microsoft Word 15. Adware b. A function that adds a range of cells. Print Merge c. virus d. insert merge field c. mailing tab d.9. a. ADD b. Microsoft OneNote c. Label Generation c.

a. It states that anyone who uses your work without your consent is punishable by law. Windows Mobile d. vagueness d. security c. a. none of the above 25. none of the above 24. Facebook c.0 which user’s security is also in question since the machine is saving his or her preferences. a. Policy 23. security c. Windows Mobile d. a. Private Policy d. middle name d. It send an official looking email and designed to steal personal sensitive information. a. Android b. vagueness d. Web OS b. A closed source and proprietary operating system developed by Microsoft. vastness 28.0 a. a. Symbian d. A problem of Web 3. iOS c. Pharming b. An individual information or data that needs to be merged to the form document. Internet d. Phishing c. Label Generation c.0 which HTML files and current web browsers could not support the not support Web 3. copyright b. compatibility b. last name c. 4G b. Spamming d. It was developed by Microsoft for smartphone and pocket PCs. Form Document b. a. fair use c. vastness 27. Sharing this alone is probably not the most risky but sharing your full name would be. cellphone number b. Spying 21. a. It is originally a smartphone OS and used by Nokia Devices. Web OS b. List or Data File d. compatibility b. Social Media 20. Windows Phone OS c. Web OS 26. It is well known as the information superhighway. a. Windows Phone OS c. List 22. A problem of Web 3.19. your birthday 3 .

. shapes 4 .jpg d. internet crime c. your birthday 30. none of the above 33. cybercrime b. It should never be posted over the internet. . none of the above 34. tight d. which allows you to place an image or external material in line with text.29. What external materials allows you to insert organization or structural templates like organization charts and flow charts on your document? a. These are printable objects or materials that you can integrate in your document to enhance its appearance. .png 36. through c. treating the image just like how a text is treated? a. privacy policy d. internet crime c. your birthday 31. Form Document c. cybercrime b. in line with text b. What image file types is capable of displaying simple animation? a. cellphone number b. Letting people know this type of information is probably a must if you want to get as many gifts as possible. a. labels c. none of the above 32. What types of document can you create using mail merger? a. A crime committed or assisted through the use of internet.bmp b. middle name d.gif c. screenshot d. a. chart b. chart b. letters d. screenshot d. pictures c. posters 35. last name c. middle name d. a. cellphone number b. shapes 38. What tells the Microsoft Word exactly where to place the information coming from the data file to the main document? a. privacy policy d. last name c. It tells the user how the website will handle its data. a. . pictures c. Data File b. Among the text wrap options. List Data d. envelopes b. square 37. a.

39. a. in front of text c. ctrl + n c. insert place holders. picture b. ctrl + c b. create form document. a. print 5 . pictures c. A Shortcut key in Microsoft Word that is used to save a document. a. start mail merge d. ctrl + s d. This setting allows the image you inserted to be placed anywhere within the paragraph with the text going around the image in a square pattern like a frame. Which among the following is not part of Mailing Tab? a. ctrl + s d. insert place holders. a. insert place holders. ctrl + c b. none of the above 44. screenshot d. preview. a. ctrl + v 46. a. chart b. shapes 40. print b. square 43. ctrl + n c. through c. preview c. none of the above 47. in line with text b. create data source. insert place holders. insert place holders. none of the above 42. tight d. create data source. preview d. create main document. in line with text b. What are the steps in creating a simple mail merge? a. label generation b. It is used to adjust how the image behaves around other objects or text. This allows your image to be dragged and place anywhere on your document but with all the texts floating in front of it. select recipients c. It provides a snipping tool for your screen shots so you can select and display only the part that you exactly like to capture on your screen. mail merge c. create data source. through c. square 41. top and bottom d. a. A Shortcut key in Microsoft Excel that is used to copy a cell. preview. behind text b. This setting pushes the text away vertically on the top and bottom of the image. ctrl + v 45. preview. tight d. text wrap d.

blackberry OS c. a. android b. Web OS 49. social news Sir Rod 6 . assistive media b. It is used in blackberry OS. mobile technologies d.48. a. none of the above 50. symbian d. An open source operating system developed by Google. convergence c. Smartphone OS d. blackberry OS b. A nonprofit service designed to help people who have visual and reading impairments. Symbian OS c. a.