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903 July 21, 1983


WHEREAS, the Manila International Airport as the principal airport of the Philippines for
both international and domestic air traffic, is required to provide standards of airport
accommodation and service comparable with the best airports in the world;

WHEREAS, domestic and other terminals, general aviation and other facilities, have to
be upgraded to meet the current and future air traffic and other demands of aviation in
Metro Manila;

WHEREAS, a management and organization study has indicated that the objectives of
providing high standards of accommodation and service within the context of a financially
viable operation, will best be achieved by a separate and autonomous body; and

WHEREAS, under Presidential Decree No. 1416, as amended by Presidential Decree
No. 1772, the President of the Philippines is given continuing authority to reorganize the
National Government, which authority includes the creation of new entities, agencies and
instrumentalities of the Government;

Sec. 3. Creation of the Manila International Airport Authority. There is hereby established
a body corporate to be known as the Manila International Airport Authority which shall be
attached to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. The principal office of
the Authority shall be located at the New Manila International Airport. The Authority may
establish such offices, branches, agencies or subsidiaries as it may deem proper and
necessary; Provided, That any subsidiary that may be organized shall have the prior
approval of the President.

Sec. 4. Purposes and Objectives. The Authority shall have the following purposes and

(a) To help encourage and promote international and domestic air traffic in the
Philippines as a means of making the Philippines a center of international trade and
tourism and accelerating the development of the means of transportation and
communications in the country. l

(b) To formulate and adopt for application in the Airport internationally acceptable
standards of airport accommodation and service; and

(c) To upgrade and provide safe, efficient, and reliable airport facilities for international
and domestic air travel.



to do all such acts and things as may be necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this Act and to promote the purposes of said Federation. and shall perform the duties inherent upon such status over the entire Philippine territory. Sec. or in any armed conflict in which the Philippines may be involved in the future: Provided. . to invest its funds for the exclusive benefit of the veterans of the Philippines. Section 4. and generally. 4. to adopt a seal.The Philippine Red Cross shall be recognized as the voluntary. or World Wars I or II. to represent and to defend the interests of all Filipino veterans. or land arms or services of the Philippines at some time in the Philippine Revolution. within its capabilities. regulations and rules. all necessary assistance. to assist said authorities in discharging the obligations set forth in the Geneva Conventions and the Statutes of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. and not for pecuniary profit of its members. Pursuant to the fundamental principle of unity. NONGOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION AUXILIARY TO THE AUTHORITIES OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES IN THE HUMANITARIAN FIELD. to coordinate the efforts of all different veterans of the Philippines in behalf of the interests of respective members. or in the Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea in the Korean Campaign. 2. to promote mutual help among former comrades-in-arms.Sec. No association shall be an affiliated member of the Federation unless it is integrated by veterans who served in the naval. however. The purposes of the Federation shall be to uphold and defend the democratic way of life as envisioned in the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. TO BE KNOWN AS THE PHILIPPINE RED CROSS Section 3. to undertake acts of charity and relief work. to perpetuate their common experiences in war. Sec. to publish a magazine and/or other publications. 3. or in the United States Army Forces in the Far East in World War II. and operate such enterprises as may further the material or moral well-being of veterans. Any action or decision of the Federation or of the Supreme Council shall be subject to the approval of the Secretary of National Defense. to hold such real and personal property as shall be necessary for its purposes. independent and autonomous nongovernmental society auxiliary to the authorities of the Republic of the Philippines in the humanitarian field. devise or bequest. and to alter or destroy the same at pleasure. municipalities and barrios of the Philippines and to amend said laws. That the said veterans have been honorably discharged or separated from the service or continue in the active military service or are carried on the military rosters on inactive reserve. cities. In general. the promotion of health and the mitigation of human suffering by their own programs in such fields as education. to foster love of country and things Filipino and inculcate individual civic consciousness. to establish and operate branches of its office anywhere in the Philippines. REPUBLIC ACT NO. and to receive real and personal property by gift. Philippine Red Cross. . health and social welfare.The purposes of the Philippine Red Cross shall be as follows: (a)To cooperate with public authorities in the prevention of disease. the Federation shall exist solely for purposes of a benevolent character. . the Philippine Red Cross shall be the only national society of the Red Cross in the Republic of the Philippines and be directed by a central body. AUTONOMOUS. to preserve peace and order. to have offices and conduct its business and affairs in the City of Manila and/or provinces. for the benefit of the community. Purposes. with power to sue and be sued. 10072 AN ACT RECOGNIZING THE PHILIPPINE NATIONAL RED CROSS AS AN INDEPENDENT. The said Federation shall have perpetual succession. to extend.

PROVIDING FUNDS THEREFOR. FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES. 4850 July 18. and to act in such matters between similar national societies of other countries and the Governments and people and the Armed Forces of the Republic of the Philippines. deterioration and pollution. PRESCRIBING ITS POWERS. within the context of the national and regional plans and policies for social and economic development and to carry out the development of the Laguna Lake region with due regard and adequate provisions for environmental management and control. (e)To establish and maintain a system of national and international relief in time of peace and in time of armed conflict and apply the same in meeting emergency needs caused by typhoons. (f)To devise and promote such other services in time of peace and in time of armed conflict as may be found desirable in improving the health. and to devise and carry on measures for alleviating the suffering caused by such disasters. earthquakes. Declaration of Policy. emergency relief operations and other services to assist the sick and wounded of armed forces in time of armed conflict. Laguna Lake Development Authority created. 2. and the prevention of undue ecological disturbances. in time of peace and in time of armed conflict. The Authority shall execute the powers . safety and welfare of the Filipino people. AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. floods. fires. 1966 AN ACT CREATING THE LAGUNA LAKE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY. to perform all duties devolving upon the Philippine Red Cross as a result of the adherence of the Republic of the Philippines to the said Convention. and other natural or man- made disasters. (d)To act in matters of voluntary relief and of communication between the people of the Republic of the Philippines and their Armed Forces. as provided for in Section one hereof. (b)To organize. hereinafter referred to as the Authority. in accordance with the spirit of and under the conditions prescribed by the Geneva Conventions to which the Republic of the Philippines proclaimed its adherence. cities and towns hereinafter referred to as the region. and (g)To devise such means as to make every citizen and/or resident of the Philippines a member of the Philippine Red Cross. in liaison with public authorities. 1. (c)For the purposes mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. there is hereby created a body corporate to be known as the Laguna Lake Development Authority. For the purpose of carrying out and effecting the declared policy. and of all peoples in general. REPUBLIC ACT NO. and accelerate the development and balanced growth of the Laguna Lake area and the surrounding provinces. It is hereby declared to be the national policy to promote. which shall be organized within one hundred twenty (120) days after the approval of this Act. Sec. preservation of the quality of human life and ecological systems. CHAPTER I DECLARATION OF POLICY AND CREATION OF AUTHORITY Sec.

aid to the fullest possible extent in carrying out the aims and purposes set forth below.and functions herein vested and conferred upon it in such a manner as will. . This Act may be known as the Laguna Lake Development Authority Act of 1966. in its judgment.