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Read each question and their corresponding answers carefully and completely.

Shade the circle corresponding to

b.The cart experiences a force that it didn’t
1. Which of the following statements correctly c. The track is not level.
states Newton's first law of motion? d.Friction reversed direction.
a. Every object retains its state of rest or its 8. Which object has more inertia and why? A
state of accelerated straight-line motion unless bowling ball at rest or a high-speed soccer
acted upon by an unbalanced force. ball?
b. Every object retains its state of rest or its a. Soccer ball. Because it is moving with a high
state of uniform straight-line motion unless velocity.
acted upon by a balanced force. b. Soccer ball. Because it has a greater volume
c. Every object retains its state of rest or its than the bowling ball.
state of uniform straight-line motion unless c. Bowling ball. Because it is not moving.
acted upon by an unbalanced force. d. Bowling ball. Because it is more massive.
d. None of the above is correct. 9. When a 20-N falling object encounters 5 N of
2. A constant net force_________________. air resistance, its acceleration of fall is
a. Does not affect the velocity. a. Less than g. c. More than g.
b. Causes a uniform change in velocity. b.g. d.Terminated.
c. Does not cause a change in velocity. 10. If a 50-N person is to fall at terminal speed, the
d. Does not cause a uniform change in velocity. air resistance needed is
3. When a horse pulls a wagon, the force that a. Less than 50 N.
causes the horse to move forward is the force b.50 N.
a. the horse exerts on the wagon c. More than 50 N.
b. the wagon exerts n the horse d.None of the above.
c. the horse exerts on the ground 11. As the skydiver falls faster and faster through
d. the ground exerts on the horse the air, air resistance
4. A force of 10 N gives an object an acceleration a. Increases.
of 5 m/s2. What force would be needed to give b.Decreases.
it an acceleration of 2 m/s2? c. Remains the same.
a. 2 N c.50 N d.Not enough information.
b. 4 N d. 5 N 12. As the skydiver continues to fall faster and
5. A sheet of paper can be quickly withdrawn faster through the air, net force
from under a soft-drink can without the can a. Increases.
toppling, because b.Decreases.
a. Gravity pulls harder on the can than on the c. Remains the same.
paper. d.Not enough information.
b.The can has weight. 13. As the skydiver continues to fall faster and
c. The can has inertia. faster through the air, her acceleration
d.None of the above. a. Increases.
6. Consider a cart pushed along a track with a b.Decreases.
certain force. If the force remains the same c. Remains the same.
while the mass of the cart decreases to half, the d.Not enough information.
acceleration of the cart 14. A soccer player kicks a ball with 1500 N of
a. Remains the same. force. The ball exerts a reaction force against
b.Halves. the player’s foot of
c. Doubles. a. Somewhat less than 1500 N.
d.Changes unpredictably. b.1500 N.
7. Push a cart along a track so twice as much net c. Somewhat more than 1500 N.
force acts upon it. If the acceleration remains d.None of the above.
the same, what is a reasonable explanation? 15. When a cannon is fired, the accelerations of the
a. The mass of the cart doubled when the force cannon and cannonball are different, because the
doubled. a. Forces don’t occur at the same time.

Don’t act unless the rock is dropped. that b. 20. c. Will both move at the same 24. objects are not the same. direction b. how can anything ever be heavier than Suzanne. Gravity acts on him more. Kevin and Suzanne go sky diving. Harry gives his little sister a piggyback ride. what is the reading a. The material of the two objects 19. It is unbalanced. d. Newton's second law is not valid. Masses are different. The bus doesn’t change its velocity 28. The observed accelerations of the two a. 200 N. d. A passenger standing in a moving bus. The acceleration of the two objects on the scale during the lift-off? b. He has weaker terminal velocity. but both use the same size accelerated? parachute. d. facing person to the left. The support force supplied by the floor d. 16. Kevin is opposite in direction. b. person to the right d. if her weight on 18. If you push on a railroad boxcar with a force of speed in opposite directions? 200 N and it doesn't move. 400 N. Object A has one-third the mass of object B. c. The bus turns to the right law of motion are equal in magnitude and 23. Yes. The size of the two objects a. 25. Its mass increases. a. What horizontal forces are acting on the floor at a steady speed in a straight-line person? direction. b. object A has b.1100 N d. Equal to the pushing force. When you hold a rock in your hand at rest. An astronaut inside a rocket was taking its c. off from each other. There is a force of 200 N in the opposite a. The bus slows down person to the right c. A person is dragging a box attached to a string a. match his weight. No. He has to fall faster for air resistance to in practice aren’t the same. ΣF = 0. 0 N c. Two people of equal mass on slippery ice push d. b. and the Earth is pushing the c. a. Less than the pushing force. weight using a scale when the rocket lift-off with d. 200 N. less streamlined Harry weighs 400 N and his little sister weighs shape than object B. c. the amount of friction acting on the a. No. The tension force in the string is pulling the desk is person to the left a. Are mainly due to gravity. c. along the ground. d. person to the left This can be an indication which of the following? d. and the Earth is pushing the b. Since the forces demanded by Newton's third d. Are mainly due to the upward push of your acceleration three times that of object B. although theoretically are the same. you can conclude a. When a desk is horizontally pushed across a v. the 26. c. 17.2 m/s^2. unless acceleration occurs. Both the person and the box b. . Kevin has a greater terminal speed a. Which hand. person to the left. and the Earth is pushing the forward suddenly falls backward. b. Ratios of force to mass are the same. of the following is correct? c. 600 N. The tension force in the string is pushing the a. Yes. The forces in question act on different bodies. an acceleration of 12. The same net force is applied to object A and forces on the rock object B. The tension force in the string is pulling the 22. b. must be 27. An object will accelerate when d. Newton's 3rd law only applies when there is compared with Suzanne because NO acceleration. c. The tension force in the string is pulling the b. b. 490 N d. more than 600 N are moving to the right with a constant velocity. This force is cancelled by the third law force. Dependent on the speed of the sliding crate. The bus speeds person to the right. c. a. 120 N c. but only if both push equally. What does the amount of friction depend on? earth before lift-off is 490 N. Cancel to zero. It is pushed or pulled with a net force. Greater than the pushing force. Forces. He has greater air resistance. 21. Object A has three times the mass of object B. The boxcar has too much mass to accelerate. The orientation of the two objects b. Object A has more friction than object B. Object A has a different.

05. The 44. A child stands on a bathroom scale while riding in an elevator. None of the above a. It is multiplied by two c. equal to Mg 34. What is the force of friction if the applied force question. It is divided by eight a. What does horizontal floor.9 m/s2 a. down respectively. c. A 50-kg skier slides horizontally along the snow b. It is equivalent to inertia.20-N force is applied to a 1. 1. CotΦ d. 10 N d. It is multiplied by eight contact surface.40 and 0. Book c. What is the tension in the cable acceleration? (neglecting the mass of the cable)? a. less than zero c. greater than 100 lbs b. 1.39 b. what happens to a? 39. 0 N c. 4. The same as a frictional force. left The mass of the crate is 175 kg d. A force F is acting on an object of mass m to 38.613 m/s2 b. down in the cable (neglecting the mass of the cable)? b. 1.0 kg book on d.82 m/s/s. None of the above 29. Neither book nor box d. equal to Mg accelerate it rightwards. left b.30 for the book and the ramp. A 5. 0 m/s2 b.82 m/s/s. An elevator of mass M is pulled upwards at of the object. equal to 100 lbs exerted is 0 N? d. What is the force of friction if the applied force c. CosΦ the skier? 45. What is the acceleration of a crate if two move a 345 N crate on a horizontal surface? movers apply 85. and the coefficient of 40. right a. You release a 5. Which coefficient of sliding friction for the crate and object will slide down the ramp? the floor? a. right a. 1. The coefficient of static friction between two d. 1. greater than Mg 3. 0. TanΦ c.40 d.526 m/s2 35. The object encounters d. A refrigerator breaks away from the movers 41.) constant velocity by a cable. greater than Mg surfaces is 0. Box b.6 N a. 1. What is the and 0. The child's weight when the For numbers 39-41. Other changes create the acceleration. 31. (Neglect air resistance. What is the initial speed of b. between zero and Mg d. What is its velocity.82 m/s/s.5 N b.82 m/s/s. down surface b. b.5 N force a. the elevator has a positive.15 sliding across the warehouse floor. It remains unchanged b. An elevator of mass M is pulled upwards by a and slides down a 23-degree ramp that has a cable. 1. and a frictional force of 45. c. None of the above c. less than zero b. 0 m/s2 for a distance of 21 m before coming to rest. right acts in the opposite direction of the motion? c. between zero and Mg 33. but decreasing coefficient of kinetic friction of 0. 1. the tenth floor on its upward trip? a. 1. 0. exerted is 10 N? 30. The coefficient of static friction the scale read as the elevator comes to a stop at and kinetic friction is 0. Is on the point of motion . It is a force that acts perpendicular to the d.82 m/s/s.82 m/s/s. The coefficient of friction (µ) is equal to coefficient of kinetic friction between the skier a. 1. It is equivalent to the weight of an object. a ramp of 12 degrees.82 m/s/s. 19. SinΦ and the snow is 0. d. 1.20 respectively. A force of 250 N is used to keep a 65 kg crate static friction for the box and the ramp is 0. 40 N b.25. 2. Determine the acceleration 42. Newton's 2nd law is more important. What is the force of friction if the applied force give it an acceleration of a. 1.82 m/s/s. The force of friction is maximum when the a. left d. less than 100 lbs 36.82 m/s/s.05-kg object to c. A 10-kg box rests on a elevator is not moving is 100 pounds.25 b. 0. Both book and Box a.5 32. What is the tension a.58 m/s2 b.90 m/s 2 d. 0.25. 0.0-kg box and a 1. c. What force must be used to 43. Not enough information is given to answer the 37.90 m/s2 d. If m is halved and F is exerted is 40 N? quadrupled.0 N and 52.29-N of friction. What is a normal force? a.

𝐹/5𝑚 54.5 m/s^2 b.02 m/s^2 b. 0. 0. Is moving coefficient of kinetic friction is 0. The friction remains same at all points a. If an identical block is 52.2. 0. What is the tension in the rope? a. d. g/3 d. falling freely to the three identical 1-kg weights are attach to the the ground. Is at rest 51. 9.17 m/s^2 d.58 kg iron piece dangles from the pulley? c. A 10-kg rock is supported by two ropes inclined at 30 degrees with the horizontal. kg. For 44-45. The rock is sliding at constant speed of 10 m/s^2. When a body slides down an inclined surface. g/2 b. B.065 m/s^2 b. What is the acceleration of the 1-kg cart when it carries two pieces of 1-kg iron and only one 1- a. t/4 d.25 m/s^2 d. the acceleration ‘a’ of the body is given by a. then it will reach in time string? Ignore friction. What is the acceleration of the 1-kg cart when released from the same point. t 47.54 d. 3g/4 53. 2g/3 the coefficient of kinetic friction? c. a.87 49. What is the acceleration of the blocks? If the c. What is the acceleration of the blocks? Neglect b. b.8 m/s^2 . In the figure to the right. 1 g b. A block slides down a smooth inclined plane at c. 49 N a.(𝑀−𝑚)𝑔/(𝑀−𝑚) friction. what is the magnitude of the acceleration of the system? (Ignore friction and the mass of the pulley. What is a. (𝑀+𝑚)𝑔/(𝑀+𝑚) a. 2 g c. 𝐹/𝑚 c. 0. a = g c. two boxes of masses m and 4m are in contact with each other on a frictionless surface. two masses M and m are suspended from the pulley. What is the acceleration of the more massive box? a. 9. 0. θ = 30 degrees.25 m/s^2 46. Given the figure below that m =M = 1 shown on the diagram. t/2 c. In the Atwood machine. A rock is sliding across a ramp inclined at an angle of 30 degrees shown below. t/3 b. 0.5 b. M > m) a. (𝑀−𝑚)𝑔/2𝑀 c. 0. a. inclined at an angle β. 𝐹/4𝑚 d. 0.8 m/s^2 30° in time from the top. 10 N c. a = g tanβ 48. 20 N d. (𝑀−𝑚)𝑔/(𝑀+𝑚) 50. 98 N b. a = g sinβ c. 𝐹/2𝑚 b. g/2 d. a = g cosβ d. 0. g/4 55. 0.

0.0-kg what is the tension force in the string between object is suspended in an elevator is equal to 44 the boxes? N. two boxes of masses a. F/m c.56. 61. its acceleration is 10. 11 m/s2 upward b.0 m/s2. What is the smallest value of the force F such a.0-kg block slides on a frictionless 20° a. Which a. 0.2. what is the magnitude of T? 60. then force M = 10 kg. of friction between wood and horizontal marble 62. 57. 20 N m and 3m are connected by a string while a b. The tension in a string from which a 4.0-kg block will not slide down the c. 30 N a.45 m/s2 c. 0. If coefficient of friction between wood and F = 20 N. 0. A block is pushed across a horizontal surface by the force F with constant velocity. F/4 d.55 m/s2 d.5 N d.75 m/s2 The mass of second object is 64. b. 2. 10 m/s2 upward For 63-64. . T1 = T2 d. 98 N 58. 40 N d. 30 N that the 2.2 m/s2 upward c. 5.0 kg c. 45 N wall? The coefficient of static friction between the block and the wall is 0. T1 > T2 air. 20 N d. 108 N c.0 N. A force of 16 N acting parallel b. If the magnitude of W of the block is 15.0 kinetic friction is 0.0 m/s2 down the incline statement is correct? b. 2. 5 N b. F/2 a. 10. 8.6. 36 N c. 10 N d.0 kg inclined plane.0 m/s2 up the incline a.F/5 b. and marble is 0. A block is suspended from three ropes parallel c. 98 N c. A heavy weight is supported by two cables that block. so that it hangs motionless in the d. 3. 1.2 m/s2 downward d. T1 < T2 to each other. 5. 1. When a certain force is applied to an object 63. When the same force is applied to a a.mass of wood is 6 kg. 23 N b. A 3. 2. In the figure to the right. What is the acceleration if the coefficient of with a mass of 2 kg.3 m/s2 up the incline c. θ = 30°. What is the acceleration of the elevator? a. its acceleration is 4. 4 N force F is pulling on the more massive box. What is the acceleration of the block? exert tensions of magnitude T1 and T2.0 kg d. 88 N b.5 kg to the incline and up the incline is applied to the 59.1? m/s2. What is the floor will be magnitude of the normal force on the block? a.65 m/s2 different object. T1y = T2y 65. 7.9 m/s2 down the incline b.