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A resting place for the gods

Pyramids have always been great point of interest for people all over the world. There are more than 200
pyramids in the world.

Each Egyptian pyramid is a tomb where the king will rest in peace. The shape of the pyramids resembles a
stairway which the dead king could climb to get to the stars. Also, the sloping slides of the pyramids were
representing the sun's rays.

There is an old saying which pays respect to the great pyramids of Giza which have been resisting for more
than 4500 years, which says that „pyramids laugh at time„.

The most amazing of all are the pyramids of Giza. They were built around 2550 BC. It is 147 meters high,
made of around 2.300.000 blocks of limestone. Each of the pyramids weighs about 2,5 tonnes. Also, an
interesting fact is that the difference between the longest and the shortest side is only 20cm.

Throughout the time the shape of the pyramids has been imitated in different buildings because of the belief
that a pointed building is closer to heaven.

People believed that the dead pharaohs were buried with fortunes and they tried to rob the pyramids. Huge
efforts were made so that the thieves could no longer enter the pyramids. The only complete king's burial
belonged to Tutankhamun.

The fact that the pharaohs were buried with all their treasures means that they were considered living gods.
Also, those who helped building the pyramid were motivated because they believed that if they helped their
king to get to heaven, then the king will look after them in the next world.

After 4500 years there is a different kind of pyramid in our modern cities-the pointed skyscrapers.
Architects, artists and designers continue to be inspired by the unique shape of the pyramids, so the modern
buildings give the impression of something built by gods.