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 S U B J E C T: Vi s i t t o C o n s t r u c t i o n a l Te c h n o l o g y
a n d Tr a i n i n g I n s t i t u t e ( C . T. T. I . )

 P r e p a r e d f o r D r. K a m r a n M u z a f f a r.

 Prepared by CE students with

Roll # 08- CE-143 to 08- CE- 174

 Date: 29 December 2009.

Attached is the report you requested on 19 th October 2009 
on the issue of visiting the Constructional technology and 
training institute ( C.T.T.I.) .we have tried to meet your 
requests as stated by you and we hope this repot is useful to 
you and your office. 

     Our approach to the issue involved work at the site of the 
C.T.T.I., meeting with the people at site and persons 
responsible for the executation of different projects.

      We hope the report would be acceptable to you. As a group 
we found the investigation interesting, challenging and 
hopefully rewarding.


 Construction   Machinery   Training   Centre   (C.T.M.C)   was   established   in   May

1986 with the assistance of Government of Japan through Japan International
Cooperation Agency (JICA).
 The Centre, having successfully met the aims and objectives, was upgraded in
1992 and renamed as Construction Machinery Training Institute (C.T.T.I).


 To provide trained operators and skilled mechanics to construction agencies so
that construction machinery is preserved.
 To provide adequate knowledge in planning, employment and supervision of
construction machinery to project managers and supervisors.

 To contribute in the overall development of social infrastructure by producing
skilled manpower in Pakistan.

Asphalt paver

 Asphalt paver machine belongs to road surfacing machinery. It is widely used
in   construction   industry.   Asphalt   paver   machine   is   used   to   resurface   the
roadbed with asphalt. Asphalt paver machine is designed with reasonable and
fashionable pattern, it runs with perfect performance. Operation of the asphalt
paver machine is convenient.

Precautions to be observed

 While using the asphalt paver machine, make sure the asphalt flow out of the
machine continuously.
 Temperature of the paver machine should be controlled strictly to ensure the
paving effect.

 Images

Specifications of Asphalt Paver Machine:

Model 2LTLZ45B
Basic Paving
Max. Paving
10 ~ Max. 250mm (Paving width 2500mm)
Paving Thickness
250mm Max. 150mm (Paving width 4500mm)
Paving Speed 3.01 ~ 8.97 (m/min)
Driving Speed 2.29 ~ 16.74 (km/h)
Hopper Capacity 10 T
Max. Theoretical
220 t/h
Working Climbing≥10%
Climbing Capacity
No-load Climbing≥15%
50 Hz
Max. Paving
Rated Power 46 Kw
Rated Rotate
2000 r/min
Plate Feeder Speed 11.6~34.5 (m/min)
Auger Rotate
49~146 (r/min)
Heating Method Fuel Heating
Weight 11 T
Oversize(L×W×H) 5550×2494×2450 mm

power showel are used primiraly to excavate earth and
load it in to thet rucks .They are capable of excavating
all types of earth, except solid rock .They vary in sizes
and weight .They may have gasoline , disel or electric
drive.They may be mounted on crawler or rubber tyred
wheels .

The   main   load­bearing   parts   are   designed   with   stress

analysis and structure optimization.The material of bucket uses international standard
steel.   It   is   strong   and   abrasion­resistant.   can   endure   abrasion   from   any   kind   of
material  such as rock, sand, gravel,  etc.Excavator  has  hydraulic system .The diesel
engine of excavator meets the variational working condition.It uses adjustable seat at
all directions, this makes driver much comfortable to operate the machine .

Specification of excavator:
Operating weight 3600 Kg
Bucket capacity 0.11 m3
Engine power 19.8/2200 (Kw/rpm)
Operating pressure of
2*39.6+23.5+11.2 (L /min)
h hydraulic
Travel speed 2.5 /4.7 (Km /h)
Max. digging reach 5160 mm
Max. digging depth 3006 mm

Max. digging height 4742 mm

Max. dumping height 3386 mm

Boom swing
620/525 mm
Overall dimension 4875 *1550* 2406 (mm)
Max arm digging force 1 9.5 KN
Max bucket digging force2 7.5 KN


Three stage mast forklift is a kind of spade machine
used in construction industry for lifting purpose . 
Height   of   forklift   mast   can   be   from   3000mm   to
The forklift (three stage mast) is manufactured with
beautiful   appearance,   optimized   by   computer.
The   forklift   is   working   with   high   efficiency   by
combining   manual   operation   and   mechanized

Characteristics of forklift mast:

 Wide visual field.
 Two or three stage is optional freely.

Landfill Compactor

Soils are the principal component of all the construction
projects .they are used to support structures .some soils
are used in their natural state whereas others must be
processed before their application. Compacters are used
to compact these soils ,the purpose of compaction is to
increase   the  dry   density   of  soil   .After  compaction   soils
particles are artificially rearranged and packed together
in order to decrease air voids in soils.
Landfill   Compactors   offer   a   dependable   and   reliable
performance for this harsh environment.
Landfill Compactors offer you the best work environment
for the waste industry. They are successful where sharp
edged   materials   in   construction   debris   would   damage
rubber wheels.


Model Operating Weight Gross Power Net Power

52364 lb 253 hp 232 hp
816F Series 2 23748 kg 189 kW 173 kW

81498 lb 401 hp 354 hp

826H 36967 kg 299 kW 264 kW

118348 lb 554 hp
468 hp
836H 53682 kg 413 kW
349 kW


A loader is a  heavy equipment  machine (often used in construction) that is primarily

used to "load" material (asphalt, demolition debris,
dirt,   feed,   gravel,   logs,   raw   minerals,   recycled
material, rock, sand, wood chips, etc.) into or onto
another type of machinery  (dump truck, conveyor
belt, feed­hopper, rail­car, etc.).
                              It is a type of tractor, usually
wheeled,   sometimes   on   tracks,   that   has   a   front
mounted square wide  bucket  connected to the end
of two booms (arms) to scoop up loose material from
the ground, such as dirt, sand or gravel, and move
it from one place to another without pushing the material across the ground. A loader
is not the most efficient machine for digging as it cannot dig very deep below the level
of its wheels Their deep bucket can usually store about 3­6 cubic meters (exact number
varies with the model) of earth.
                             Track Loader are common. They are successful where sharp edged
materials in construction debris would damage rubber wheels, or where the ground is
soft and muddy. Wheels provide better mobility and speed and do not damage  paved
roads as much as tracks but provide less traction.


Road roller belongs to road surface2 machinery. It is widely used in construction 
Features Of Road Rollers.
1. LG514B road roller can be driventable
mechanically, it uses three­shaft synchronous
mechanical transmission with 3 forward gears
and 2 reverse. gears.
2. The hydraulic system of road roller consists of
vibration system and steering system. It has
characteristic with single frequency and double
3. This road roller runs with high reliability, it is
preferred with best cost performance.
4. Both parking brake and service brake are
available for ensuring safety of road roller.
5. LG514B road roller is designed with comfortable cab, containing shock absorbing 
6. This road roller is equipped with fan, radio and air conditioner; this makes the 
driver feel more comfortable.

 Model LG514B Operating weight 14000 kg

 Weight burdened on drum 7000 kg
 Weight burdened on wheels 7000 kg
 Vibration frequency 28 Hz
 Nominal amplitude 1.8/0.9 (mm)
 Turning radius 6300 mm Max. Tamping roller OR Sheep foot roller
 Climbing gradient 30 % Min.
 Turning angle 30±1(°)
 Wheelbase 3100 mm
 Drum diameter 1520 mm
 Drum width 2130 mm
 Travel speed Gear I 2.2 km/h
 Nominal power 92 KW
 Nominal RPM 2000 rpm
 Overall dimension 6160*2440*3400 mm (with A/C)

Wheel loader

These machines are divided on the basis of their mountings in to followinf types
 Crawler Tractor
 Wheel tractor
Features of LG816 Wheel loader:
It has a unique appearance with new
concept, the wheel loader has streamline structure and
wide visibility.Engine matches with the torque converter
perfectly.This wheel loader has articulated structure with
small turning radius and flexible steering which is
maneuverable in narrow space.
5. Combined flow of two pumps, low consumption and
high efficiency of LG816 wheel loader.

Specification of Wheel loader

Rated bucket capacity 0.8 m3

Rated payload 1.6 t
Lifting time of Arm ≤5.1 s
Total hydraulic cycle time ≤9.3 s
Gear I 7.4 km/h Bulldozers
Gear II 20.8 km/h
Gear I 7.2 km/h Bulldozers are versatile machines used on many
Gear II 20.4 km/h construction projects. They are used for following
purposes Max. grade ability 30 %
 Overall length 5200 mm
Overall width 2010 mm
Overall height 2750 mm
Wheelbase 1970 mm
Tread width 1440 mm
Max. dumping height 2356 mm
Dumping reach 841mm
Diesel engine model ZH4100G57
Rated power 45 Kw
Rated RPM 2400 rpm
Tire size 16/70-20
Operating weight 5.1 T
Clearing land from timber.

 Opening up pilot roads through mountains.
 Moving earth .
 Spreading earth fills.
 Clearing construction sites from debris.
They are classified as
1. Crawler Mounted
2. Wheel Mounted

There are different types of blades connected with the bulldozers that includes straight
blades or S-Blade ,Angle blade or A-Blade Universal Blade or U-Blade .
Crawler mounted machine having an advantage on short haul with soft or muddy grounds,and a
wheel mounted machine having an advantage of longer hauls and firm grounds. The production rate
of a bulldozer depends on following factors

 Blade type.
 Type and conditions of material.
 Cycle time


Cranes are a class of construction equipment used to hoist (raise) and place loads .they are
broadly classified as
 Mobile Cranes
 Tower Cranes

All Terrian Crane

These units are either mounted on Crawlers or large
wheels .Before loading the machine it should be leveled
and grond stability should be considered.A crawler type
crane requires a truck,railetc for its mobility at different

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