love has nothing to do with LOVE Has Nothing To Do With What You r Expecting To Get , It Is What You r Expected

...To Give ... Which Is Everything ... (=

attitude redefined 4 love Attitude Redefined 4 LOVE "I Can Always Take Care Of Myself ... ...But Still ! ! ! I Want To Meet The Person , Who Can Prove To Me That I Can Not ... "

i stopped thinking about beauty Touching Lines . . . ! "I Stopped Thinking About Beauty ... When ...I Saw Love Between BLIND COUPLE ... "

im not s i n g l e I'm not SINGLE And

...... You Should Have The FAITH .. a great line by a rose A Great Line By A ROSE (Flower) "It Is Better To Stay In A Boy's Grave .. height of over love Height of Over LoVe: A Boy Doesn't Chat Wid His Girl Friend .. Who Don't Know .... When Your Loved1 Commit Any Mistake Or Hurt You .That The Wrong Was Only IN-TENSION Not INTENSION ....... What Is LOVE .I'm not TAKEN..Then To Stay In Some Girl's Hair . I'm simply on RESERVE For the O N E That has my H E A R T . " best lines in a relationship Best Lines In A RELATIONSHIP ...

. ^..Bcoz Expression Is Just A Formality But Emotions r Reality love is when you tell after a fight Love is when You tell after a fight That You don't want 2 talk And .Still You check Your mobile to know If You have missed call or msg ... Rather Than The Expressions On Someone's Face .Coz He Feels Dat Her Hand Might Pain While Typing the text..^ i never did my homework Love Quote By BoyI Never Did My Homework 2 Get Punishment Of Standing In Front Of My Angel's Bench Just 2 See Her For The Whole Period.. ! Feel The Innocence Of True Love . .... espect the emotions Respect The Emotions In Someone's Heart.

2.Main pyar pe believe nhi krti.main nhi reh paongi tumahre bina. 4. But Paying the Bill does. .. 10. . Send to all boys Posted In | Boys vs Girls SMS Jokes Heart Attacks / English Funny Quotes Q: Why do Girls live Longer Than Boys? . . Posted In | Boys vs Girls SMS Jokes Mobile Bana Hai Mobile Bana Hai Har Larki Ki Shan. .Main dosri larkion jaisi nhi.(Dis line iz 100% true) 6.Funny SMS Boyfriend and Girlfriend Boyfriend. 12 Boyfriends Bana Kar Akarti Hain Pehlwaan.Tum meri zindgi k pehlay or akhri larkay ho. MissBell Aur SMS Kar K Kehti Hain MERI JAAN. . 3. Ans: Shopping never Causes Heart Attacks. Teri Aawaz Sunne Ko Tarastay Hain Mere Kaan. 5. Call Kar K Larkon Ko Karti Hain Ye Pareshan. 8.Sub larkay ek jaise hotay hain.Mujhe kuch nhi pata. Main cousin se baat kr rhi thi. 7. Only the CUTE 1's receive MESSAGES From ME! Posted In | Boys vs Girls SMS Jokes Larkiyon k TOP 10 JHOOT 1. . Mujhe TUM kehna acha nhi lagta. Main pehli dafa kisi larkay se baat kr rhi hon.. I miss u. But how will you survive? Posted In | Boys vs Girls SMS Jokes Love sms Who receives messages from me Only the open heart receives LOVE Only the open mind receives WISDOM Only the open hand receives GIFTS and. Do you think my salary is sufficient for you? Funny Girlfriend: It's sufficient for me. Main jhoot nhi bolti. Apni Friends Ko Har Raaz Bata Kar Karti Hain Hairaan. 9.

Boy:&u nevr told me that ur father's a pharmacist! Posted In | Boys vs Girls SMS Jokes Daata Darbaar Boy1: Yaar larki ko I Love u kehny ki sab se achi jaga kon c hai? . Kisi Aur Ki Girlfriend Se. . Love Marriage Main Aap Apni Girlfriend Se Shadi Kartay Hain.he begins to pray and continues with his head down 4 several minutes. Mat Aa Inke Chakkar Main Ye Sab Hain Shaitaan. Boy2: Daata drbaar ..Kehti Hain. . Hosh Kar Aye Mere Yaar. Posted In | Boys vs Girls SMS Jokes Love Aur Arrange Marraige Love Aur Arrange Marriage Main Kya Faraq Hai? . Boy2: kyun k whan lrkiyon ne chappal nahi pehni hoti. Pharmacist:v sell them in packs of 3. . . . Aur . Aankhen Khol Aur Pehchaan. Once she has me.We are having dinner with her parents & then going out. Arrange Marriage Main . she shall want me all the time. Boy1: kyun? . . Which 1 u want? Boy:The girl is hot. . At dinner. Ab Kisi Ki Call Aye To Usay Kehna JI BHABHI JAAN. Posted In | Boys vs Girls SMS Jokes Mehangai Hai =>Larka : Dil Ruba .b4 eating with her parents. Lakon Ko Ullu Banana Hai Bohat Aasan. Girl:u nevr told me that u'r such a religious person. Larki : Balance bhejwa .. Posted In | Boys vs Girls SMS Jokes Boy 2 Pharmacist / English Funny SMS Boy 2 pharmacist: I need condoms. 9 &12.Better give me the 12s pack.

Meri Pictur Wapis Bijhwa Do" . "Tum se Acha He Me Uski Dulhan Bano Gi . Larka : Mehangai Hai . 'Lo In Me Se Nikal Lo. Muje Tmhari Shakal yad nhi: . Posted In | Boys vs Girls SMS Jokes Badla 1 Foji ki Girlfriend "BADLA" . Foji Ne Apne Sare Sathion Ki Girl Frnds Ki 30 Picturs Jama Ki Beech Me Uski Pictur Rakh K Khat Likha . 1 Foji Ki Girl Frind Ne Use Khat Likha Meri Life Me Naya Larka aa gia hai . Larki : Kaise Nahi . Larki : Phir aaj se Tu mera Bhai Hai.Larka : Paise Nahi .

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