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Watson Developer Cloud

Cognitive Solutions
Last Updated: July 7, 2017

• IBM Watson
• IBM Watson Developer Cloud
• Cognitive Services
Unstructured Data

• 2.5 Quintillion bytes of new data created daily

• 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years!
• 80% of this data is unstructured

• Data sources
• Human-generated documents
• Social media communications
• Multimedia accounts
• Internet of Things
• And more!
Data generation & consumption

• Almost everything we do generates

or consumes data
• Sheer volume of data is so vast that
we struggle to use it productively
• We need better technology that can
harness unstructured data

Cognitive Systems
Cognitive Systems

Understand Reason Learn Interact

Cognitive systems They can reason, With each data With abilities to see,
understand imagery, grasp underlying point, interaction and talk and hear,
language and other concepts, form outcome, they cognitive systems
unstructured data hypotheses, and infer develop and sharpen interact with humans
like humans do and extract ideas expertise, so they in a natural way
never stop learning
IBM Watson core offerings

• Software as a Service (SaaS)

• Watson Knowledge Studio
• Watson Virtual Agent

• Cognitive APIs
• Watson Developer Cloud
– Conversation
– Discovery
– And more!

• IBM Watson
• IBM Watson Developer Cloud
• Cognitive Services
Watson Developer Cloud
• Provides developers easy access to cognitive building blocks

Data Language Speech

Insights • Conversation • Speech to Text
• Document Conversion • Text to Speech
• Language Translator
• Natural Language
Classifier Vision
Language Speech • Natural Language • Visual Recognition
• Personality Insights
Data Insights
• Tone Analyzer
• Discovery
• Discovery News

Access the site to see the latest

additions and updates
Watson Developer Cloud
Common use cases

Use case #1 Use case #2 Use case #3

Cognitive Discovery Cognitive Conversation Cognitive Extend

Unlock answers Scale human interaction Understands signals in data

Services: Services: Services:

• Discovery • Conversation • Speech to Text
• Discovery News • Tone Analyzer
• Visual Recognition
• And more!

Create innovative solutions by identifying new combinations of cognitive services for your industry!
Example solution architecture

• Application using the Watson Conversation service

Getting started with cognitive services

• Enable cognitive computing features in your application using IBM

Watson’s Language, Vision, Speech, and Data APIs (via IBM Bluemix)

• Each service provides:

• A REST API and reference docs with code samples for each function
• Robust documentation, including an overview and tutorial(s)
• A demo application, including a link to the source in GitHub

• The following Software Development Kits (SDKs) are available:

• Node, Java, Python, Swift, .NET, Unity
Starter Kits

• Get a jumpstart building your cognitive app with code examples that
combine multiple services for common use cases

• Chatbot with Long Tail Search

• News Intelligence
• Social Customer Care
• Text Message Chatbot
• Voice of the Customer
• Knowledge Base Search
• Answer Retrieval
Community and Support

• Stack Overflow
• Largest online community for developers to learn and share programming knowledge

• developerWorks Answers
• Questions relating to cognitive computing with IBM Watson

• WDC Slack Channel | Invite link

• Real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams

• Watson Webinars
• Get insights on building with Watson APIs to create cognitive business apps

• IBM Watson
• IBM Watson Developer Cloud
• Cognitive Services
Language Services

• Conversation = add a natural language interface to your application

• Document Conversion = transform documents for use with other services
• Language Translator = identify and/or translate text between languages
• Natural Language Classifier = interpret and classify natural language
• Natural Language Understanding = text analysis through natural language processing
• Personality Insights = learn someone’s personality, needs, and values
• Retrieve and Rank = enhance information retrieval with machine learning
• Tone Analyzer = helps users understand tones present in text

• What is it?
• Combines several cognitive techniques to help you build a bot
• Train the bot by defining intents and entities
• Craft dialog trees to simulate conversation

• Common use cases

• Add a chat bot to a website to respond
to frequently asked questions
• Build bots to interact with other
messaging platforms…or even a robot!
• Allow customers to control your mobile
app using natural language
Natural Language Understanding

• What is it?
• Analyze text to extract meta-data from content such as concepts,
entities, keywords, categories, sentiment, emotion, relations, and more
• Identify industry specific entities using custom annotation models

• Common use cases

• Identify the causes behind negative and
positive reviews
• Track important industry events
• Tailor recommended content and
advertisements to the page content
Tone Analyzer

• What is it?
• Uses linguistic analysis to detect three types of tones in written text
– Emotions, social tendencies, writing style
• Helps you understand conversations and communications

• Common use cases

• Analyze communications to improve
message effectiveness
• Understand and route call center
customers based on their tone
• Fine tune writing to reflect a specific
personality or style
Speech Services

• Speech to Text = low-latency streaming transcription

• Text to Speech = synthesizes natural-sounding speech from text
Speech to Text

• What is it?
• Can be used anywhere there is a need to bridge the gap between
the spoken word and it’s written form
• Uses machine intelligence to combine grammar and language
structure with audio signal composition to generate transcriptions
• Common use cases "results": [ {
"word_alternatives": [ {
• Interactions in mobile experiences "start_time": 0.8,
"alternatives": [ {
• Transcribing media files "confidence": 1,
• Voice control of embedded systems } ],
"word": "my"

"end_time": 0.96
Vision Services

• Visual Recognition = understand the content of images

Visual Recognition

• What is it?
• Understands the content of images, has already learned over 20,000
visual concepts including faces, age, and gender
• You can train the service to recognize and classify custom concepts

• Common use cases

• Organize image libraries into
categorized folders
• Identify user interests from social media
• Find high-quality images with specific
content faster
Data Insight Services

• Discovery = identify patterns/trends/insights to drive decision-making

• Discovery News = query the world’s news sources like a database

• What is it?
• Extract value from unstructured data: convert, normalize, enrich
• Utilize pre-enriched datasets like the Discovery News collection
• Use simplified query language to explore data

• Common use cases

• Aid customer service reps in delivering
answers to complex questions
• Help researchers understand insights
from vast amounts of documents
• Extend Watson Conversation to find
additional answers from intents