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Copyreading and Headline Writing

1. Below is an excerpt from a news article published on the website of Manila Racounteur

Kabataan Partylist Rep. Sarah Elago raised Campus Press Freedom Bill on Thursday
replacing Republic Act 70709 or Campus Journalism Act of 1991 (CJA) despite reported
campus press violations. (Cortez, 2016)

What is wrong with the sentence?

A. The word “representative” should not be abbreviated.
B. There is a typographical error regarding “Republic Act 70709.”
C. Sarah Elago is not the Kabataan Partylist when the news was published.

2. Which of the following statements is least likely to be a duty of a copyreader?

A. Straighten out grammatical constructions.
B. Shorten sentences and tighten paragraphs.
C. Change the context of the article.

3. What is the correct sequence of the following steps in copy editing?

I. Headline Writing
II. Content Editing
III. Mechanical Editing

4. __________ is a newspaperman who occupies seat on the news desk. He/She corrects
errors and eliminates libelous and derogatory statements.
A. Copyreader
B. News Writer
C. Cartoonist

5. What type of headline pattern is shown below?

PUP trains teachers

on research proposal making

A. Crossline
B. Bar line
C. Dropline

6. Effective writing is concise. And a copyreader, to be concise should drop verbal

deadwoods in the article. Which of the following is an example of a verbal deadwood?
A. major breakthrough
B. unintentional mistake
C. notwithstanding the fact that
7. Which of the following items may be included in the printer’s direction?
I. font size
II. type of headline according to style
III. date of copyread
IV. name of the writer
V. number of paragraphs
VI. writing style

A. I & VI only
B. I & II only
C. All except III & IV

8. Statement 1: Copyreading is the same with proofreading.

Statement 2: Proofreading is the editing of errors, machine errors, or operator error made
by the linotypist or computer typesetter.
A. Statement 1 is true; statement 2 is false.
B. Statement 1 is false; statement 2 is true.
C. Both statements are false.

9. A newbie in the editorial staff submitted a news article with the title “DepEd will support
Campus Freedom Act.” As a copyreader, what is will be the best assessment regarding
the title?
A. The title is free from bias and error. Thus, it is perfect for the article.
B. The title should be replaced by “DepEd to support .....”
C. The title should be replaced by “Department of Education to support .....”

10. Which of the following copyreading symbols are correctly defined?

I. a - capitalize III. abc - transpose

II. nine - start a new sentence IV. ab c - close up

A. I, II & III only

B. I, III & IV only
C. II, III & IV only

1. B.
2. C.
3. C.
4. A.
5. C.
6. C.
7. B.
8. B.
9. B.
10. B.
General Information and Current Events

General Information
1. RA 7079 entitled “An Act Providing for the Development and Promotion of Campus
Journalism and for Other Purposes,” was approved on July 5, 1991 and was ratified by
a. Pres. Corazon Aquino
b. Pres. Fidel Ramos
c. Pres. Joseph Estrada

2. According to Sec. 2 of RA 7079, the Campus Journalism Act of 1991 seeks to:
a. uphold and protect the freedom of the press even at the campus level
b. promote the development and growth of campus journalism
c. both A & B

3. How many sections does RA 7079 have?

a. 12
b. 16
c. 20

4. When RA 7079 was approved, the Department of Education was referred to as

a. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
b. Department of Education, Culture and Sports
c. Department of Education

5. Funding for the student publication may include:

a. savings of the respective school’s appropriations
b. student subscriptions
c. both A & B

6. In 2013, Kabataan Party-list Representative Terry L. Ridon filed House Bill 1493 that
seeks to repeal Republic Act 7079. HB 1493 is also known as
a. Campus Journalism Decency Act
b. Campus Press Ethics Act
c. Campus Press Freedom Act

7. Once the publication is established, who shall determine its editorial policies and manage
the publication’s funds?
a. editorial board
b. publication adviser
c. DepEd

8. Senate Bill No. 747 was filed on July 21, 2016 by Senator Francis G. Escudero. It is an
act declaring ______ of every year as the National Campus Press Freedom Day.
a. July 25
b. August 20
c. October 30
9. In the case of elementary and high school levels, the editorial board shall be composed
I. duly appointed faculty adviser
II. qualified editor
III. representative of the Parents-Teachers’ Association

a. I only
b. I and II only
c. I, II, and III

10. "Never use the ideas, words and concepts of others without giving credit to sources"- is
one of the Campus Journalism don'ts. It refers to:
a. Plagiarism
b. Bias
c. Sloppy Reporting

Current Events
1. The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (Teco) in the Philippines announced that Filipinos
who wish to visit Taiwan for up to two weeks may enter the country without applying for a
visa. The said visa-free initiative would undergo a nine-month trial period from
__________ as part of the country’s “New Southbound Policy.”
A. November 1, 2017
B. December 1, 2017
C. January 1, 2018

2. The Department of Education (DepEd) is responsible for the formulation, implementation,

and coordination of policies, plans, programs, and projects in the areas of formal and non-
formal basic education. Which of the following agencies are attached to DepEd?
I. Bureau of Alternative Learning Systems
II. Technical-Vocational Education Task Force
III. Department of Science and Technology
IV. National Museum

A. I & II only
B. All of them except III
C. All of them

3. Statement 1: The defense secretary announced on October 16 the death of two key
leaders of the Islamic State-linked Maute group in Marawi City namely Isnilon Hapilon and
Omarkhayam Maute.
Statement 2: Despite the death of the two local IS-linked leaders, Lorenzana said there
was still one MILF leader, identified as “Doctor Mamud,” from Malaysia, who was still at
A. Neither of the statements is true.
B. Statement 1 is true; statement 2 is false.
C. Statement 2 is true; statement 1 is false.
4. Which of the following is incorrect?
A. DepEd Secretary – Hon. Leoner Briones
B. DOH Secretary – Dr. Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial
C. DOST Secretary – Hon. Mario Montejo

5. As a contributor in your publication, you were asked by your adviser to search for the
organizational chart of the Department of Education so as to verify the accuracy of
information in your newspaper. To easily accomplish the task, you decided to search it on
the Internet. To which website will you most likely log on so as to gather the most accurate
and precise information.

6. Which of the following abbreviations of government agencies are incorrectly defined?

I. BTr – Bureau of Transportation
II. NEDA – National Economic and Development Agency
III. DAR – Department of Agricultural Reform
IV. DOE – Department of Employment

A. II & IV only
B. I & III only
C. All of them

7. Mark Bercando of the Department of Education's (DepED) Bureau of Curriculum

Development confirmed to Rappler that the 2018 NSPC will acknowledge the vital role of
the campus journalist in promoting comprehensive education for all. The official theme of
the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) 2018 is
A. "21st Century Campus Journalists: Vanguards of Truth and Change"
B. “Strengthening Freedom of Information Through Campus Journalism”
C. “Embracing ASEAN Integration: Campus journalists' role in advancing inclusive

8. On October 12, Thursday, Duterte ordered __________ to become the sole agency
tasked to carry out the war on drugs, implementating Republic Act 9165 or the
Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

9. Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista will not speed up his resignation despite the
Congress’ vote to impeach him because
A. he wants to give Comelec time to adjust
B. he wants to file a counter affidavit
C. he wants to talk with the president
10. The government has allotted P5 billion this year for the reconstruction and repair of war-
stricken Marawi City, according to the defense secretary. Who is he?
A. Delfin Lorenzana
B. Vitaliano Aguirre II
C. Ernesto Abella

General Information
1. A.
2. C.
3. A.
4. B.
5. C.
6. C.
7. A.
8. A.
9. C.
10. A.

Current Events
1. A.
2. B.
3. B.
4. C.
5. B.
6. C.
7. C.
8. A.
9. A.
10. A.