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Top 10 AI technology trends for 2018

Learn about the artificial intelligence advances that will have

the most impact
Artificial intelligence is front and center, with business and government leaders pondering the right moves. But what’s happening in
the lab, where discoveries by academic and corporate researchers will set AI’s course for the coming year and beyond? Our own team
of researchers from PwC’s Artificial Intelligence Lab homed in on the leading developments both technologists and business leaders
should watch closely.

Here are the top AI tech developments to know. Find out why they matter at

Deep learning theory Capsule networks Deep reinforcement Generative adversarial Lean and augmented
The information bottleneck New type of deep neural learning networks data learning
principle explains how a network that learns with This technique combines A type of unsupervised deep Different techniques that
deep neural network learns. fewer errors and less data, reinforcement learning with learning system, enable a model to learn from
by preserving key deep neural networks to implemented as two less data or synthetic data.
hierarchical relationships. learn by interacting with the competing neural networks,
environment. enabling machine learning
with less human

Probabilistic Hybrid learning models Automated machine Digital twin Explainable artificial
programming Approach that combines learning A virtual model used to intelligence
A high-level language that different types of deep Technique for automating facilitate detailed analysis Machine learning techniques
makes it easy for developers neural networks with the standard workflow of and monitoring of physical that produce more
to define probability models. probabilistic approaches to machine learning. or psychological systems. explainable models while
model uncertainty. maintaining high
performance. @PwCDigital

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