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DATE OF SUBMISSION: December 14, 2017; 11:00 am

SUBJECT: Environmental Engineering and Safety SECTION: V138
NAME: Lagarde, Christian Bernard P. STUDENT NUMBER: 201310164

TOPIC: Environmental Issues in the Philippines

1. AIR POLLUTION – In today’s environment seeing busses, jeepneys and
vehicles that emit smoke in the air is normal for us. But we don’t know what
damages it makes to our environment. When going to Antipolo you can see
the whole metro manila covered in SMOG (Smoke + Fog). Smoke can
contaminate the air we breathe causing us to have different diseases and
making us citizens hard to breathe.

2. WATER POLLUTION – When you go piers in the metro whether it is in north
or south harbor. We can notice the abundance of trash such as plastic bottles,
baby diapers, food packaging and other trashes that are floating and making
the water color darker than the normal color of the sea. In rivers many rivers
are considered dead due to the pollution and trashes that people throw. For
example the San Juan River, squatters living near the river secrete their trash
and human waste on the river making it unusable for fishing and bathing.
Wastes can make the water polluted and causing diseases to people living near
the river. Oil spills from oil depot and ships also contribute to the pollution in
oceans and bays.

3. SOIL CONTAMINATION – Secreting toxic chemicals in plantation sites
makes the land unusable and contaminated making it impossible to use in
planting rice and other crops and making it dangerous for existing crops to be
consumed by people.

coals. people still use fossil fuels. lakes and under the bridges. trees are being cut without having any legal permits and documents. 5. intense flooding in barrios and changing the temperature of a certain area.4. With illegal fishing in operation many fishes are being caught and being sold in markets and when they don’t sold the fishes they just let it rot. Especially the ones who are living in areas that has no roads and people living in polluted rivers in the metro. OVERFISHING – Overfishing makes the species of fishes to deplete and making it more endangered of being extinct. 7. Squatters are being created meaning they build their houses on lands that they don’t really own. parks. geo thermal. ENERGY CRISIS – Due to the expensive cost of renewable energy such as solar panels. 6. OVER POPULATION – Over population makes cities polluted due to their waste. diesel and others for energy. Deforestation causes intense landslides taking lives of people living near the mountains. Over population creates traffic which makes noise pollution and air pollution. . Due to their location and state clean water is not accessible. This causes pollution and emitting unhealthy gasses that can cause diseases to people surrounding them. Many children are getting sick by water contamination that came from rivers and unsanitized areas. windmills and etc. WATER SANITATION – Water sanitation is a major problem in people living in squatter areas and in provinces. like sidewalks. 8. DEFORESTATION – Due to mining and illegal logging.

wastes create clogs in drainages and floods. RISE OF GOLDEN RICE AND GMO – Many are into as some call it as FAKE food where chemicals are used to make vegetables. REFERENCES  https://www. For nutritionists they say that people are not eating the real foods and get the nutrients that are not genetically modified. those waste create pollution which is water pollution in seas. cities inside and outside the metro are experiencing loss of water and dams get into critical levels. it causes death in fishes and damages in corals and beaches. lakes and rivers. 10. Beaches are damaged due to mining and causing coastal erosion exposing seaside houses and communities to floods. WATER CONSERVATION – In excessive use of water during summer time. streets. 11. WASTE DISPOSAL – Trashes in . has stripped provinces especially the northern part of the  http://www. 9. rice and fruits. Viruses from wastes can be spread out trough water and air that can lead to diseases and ultimately death of children and adults. In  http://legitipines.psst. People use water excessively and using it in a very unimportant way. But those waste has a downside. bays and seas are common to people today.rappler. 12. BLACK SAND MINING – The extraction of magnetite or black sand by small scale miners that has been approved by local goverments. It also creates water contamination that can spread viruses and diseases in communities.