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Book Club Lesson Plan

Calvin Book Club Leader: Rachel Vos
Grade: 4th
Date: November 6, 2017
Subject area: ELA.
1. Main Focus: How to Steal a Dog, Chapters 2-3 (pages 13-25), Georgina’s rules for
stealing a dog and finding a dog to steal
Common Core Standard: RL.4.1 Refer to details and examples in a text
when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing
inferences from the text.
Teaching and Learning Outcomes (Goals. SWBAT): Students will be able
1 to cite details from the text when explaining traits of a character in the
Assessment: Listen to students’ contributions during group discussion and
look at their comprehension graphic organizers for evidence of text
Common Core Standard: W.4.9 Draw evidence from literary or
informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.
Teaching and Learning Outcomes (Goals. SWBAT): Students will be able
to analyze Georgina’s rules for stealing a dog. Students will be able to
create two additional rules they think would be important for stealing a
Assessment: Read students’ journal responses and have them share their
reflections with the group.
Common Core Standard: SL.4.1 Engage effectively in a range of
collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with
diverse partners on grade 4 topics and texts, building on others' ideas
and expressing their own clearly.
Teaching and Learning Outcomes (Goals. SWBAT): Students will be able
to discuss character traits and important events in the book with their
partner and with the whole group.
Assessment: Listen to individual partner discussions and group discussions
to see how well students are able to articulate their ideas and how well
they are able to collaborate with others.
Differentiation (UDL)
For content: Allow each student to list their own characteristics and
definitions so they can use vocabulary that they are familiar with. Allow
students to choose which events they would like to write about and discuss.
Book Club Lesson Plan
The process: Give students a graphic organizer to fill out to reduce the
amount they will have to write. Allow students to write as much or as little as
they would like about the event they are describing.
Student outcomes: Students will complete a graphic organizer, vocabulary
cards, and work on character pages and the timeline in their notebooks.
These activities allow for differentiation as students are able to write at their
own level. Have students share at least once in the group discussion, but do
not make them share more than that if they do not want to.
Materials and other preparation
- Books, notebooks, folders, trifold board, index cards, markers, crayons,
pencils, PowerPoint, graphic organizers, journal prompt
- Place an index card with each student’s name on it in the place they
should sit. Seat the students in this order: Abby, Chase, Elaine,
Mariella, Lily.
- Partners for reading: Abby & Chase, Elaine & Mariella, Lily & Miss Vos
The Lesson
Motivating, Engaging. (Introduction)
- Ask students to share what they think of the - Share their
2 book so far. What do you think is going to thoughts on
happen when we read today? the book and
- Remind students that we learned two new
vocabulary words last time. Call on two
students to define those words (unkempt & prediction.
- Tell students that we have two new
vocabulary words to learn this time. Show
students the word cruddy. Ask if anyone - Guess what
knows what this word means. cruddy means
- Define the word for the students: Cruddy
means something that is dirty and disgusting.
Ask the students to show me what face they
might make if they saw something cruddy.
- Give students a notecard and have them - Fill out their
write the definition of the word and draw a vocabulary
picture to help them remember it. notecard.
8 - Show students the word slinked. Ask if anyone - Guess what
knows what the word means.
slinked means
- Define the word for the students: Slinked
means to move quickly and quietly, like a spy.
Ask the students to show me how they would
- Give students a notecard and have them
write the definition and draw a picture to help
Book Club Lesson Plan
them remember it. Have the students put their - Fill out their
new cards on their vocabulary rings. vocabulary
Development (Process)
- Explain the spinner and how we will use it to
take turns answering questions.
3 - Explain that today we have two chapters to
read and we are going to read in partners.
While we are reading, we are each going to
write down things we are learning about the
characters. We are also going to write down
new vocabulary words we do not know.
- Pass out journals to students.
- Explain to students how the character
organizer works. On the left side, they will write
down anything they learn about their
character while reading. On the right side,
they will write down the part of the book that
showed them that. Give students an example
from last time. Assign each partnership a
4 character to write about: Abby & Chase:
Georgina, Mariella & Elaine: Toby, Lily & Miss
Vos: Mama and Luanne.
- Explain what to do with vocabulary: If you
and your partner come across a word you
don’t know, write it down on a blank page in
your notebook. See if you can use the - Read book, fill
context clues to help you figure it out. Write out character
down what you think it might mean, and organizer and
when we are all done reading, we will go write down
over those words together.
- When students are finished reading, they can
go back and fill in some of the character words they do
traits from last time in the organizers. not know.
10 - Read Chapter 2. - If they finish
- After reading, ask the students what they early, have
learned while reading this chapter. them fill out
- Tell students that in this chapter, Georgina some of the
creates some rules for how to steal a dog.
Have students look at page 17. Tell students
that they are going to write about those rules information we
in their journals. Put prompt up on trifold. talked about
(What do you think about Georgina’s rules for last time.
how to steal a dog? Do you think they will
work? If you could add 2 rules, what would
they be?)
Book Club Lesson Plan
- Give students time to write. If they finish early - Respond to
7 they can keep filling out the character the journal
organizers. prompt.
- Once students have finished, have each of
- Share their
them share what they thought.
- Read chapter 3 as a group, each person reflection.
10 reads one page (I read the first and last - Read chapter
pages). 3.
- Give each partnership time to write down - Write down
anything new they learned about their characteristics.
- Have each group share what they learned
7 - Share what
about their character and have the other
groups write them down in their organizers. they learned
- Talk as a group about what we have learned about their
about each of the characters so far. character.
- Participate in
- Ask students to think about what the - Share what
5 important events in these chapters were. Call they think the
on students to share what they think. Write important
these events on the big timeline and have events were.
students copy them into their notebooks. - Add to their
- Have students make a prediction about what timeline.
they think might happen next time. - Make a
- If we have extra time, allow students to prediction
decorate their folders. about what
- Collect materials and say goodbye. might happen