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THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, the accused Rufino Gensola who assumed sole responsibility

vs. for the same.1awphîl.nèt

TAN, defendants-appellants. The lower court found the three defendants guilty as principals
of the crime of murder and rendered judgment as follows:
Appeal from the decision of the Court of First Instance of Iloilo
finding the defendants. Rufino Gensola, Fidelina Tan and Por tanto, el Juzgado declara a los acusados Rufino
Felicisimo Tan, guilty as principals of the crime of murder and Gensola, Fidelina Tan y Felicisimo Tan culpables,
sentencing each of them to reclusion perpetuaand ordering fuera de toda duda racional, del delito de asesinato
said defendants to pay in solidum the sum of P6,000 as tal como se alega en la querella y, no habiendo
indemnity to the heirs of the deceased Miguel Gayanilo. circunstancias que pueden modificar su
responsibilidad criminal, condena a cada uno de los
Rufino Gensola was the driver, while Fidelina Tan and tres a sufrir la pena de reclusion perpetua, a
Felicisimo Tan were the conductors, of a passenger truck, indemnizar, mancomunada y solidariamente, a los
Gelveson No. 17 (belonging to Jose Tan, father of Fidelina and herederos de Miguel Gayanilo en la suma de
Felicisimo) with station at Guimbal, Iloilo. They suspected P6,000.00 sin sufrir prision subsidiaria
Miguel Gayanilo of having punctured the tires of the truck correspondiente, en caso de insolvencia, dada la
while it was parked in front of his carinderia on Gerona St., naturaleza de la pena principal, a las accesorias de la
Guimbal, on November 18, 1958. In the afternoon of the ley y a pagar ademas, cada uno una tercera (1/3)
following day, November 19, on the return trip of the truck, parte de las costas del juicio.
then driven by a temporary driver, Restituto Gersaneva, from
Iloilo City, Enrique Gelario and Enrique Gela were among the Defendants appealed.
passengers of the truck. Before the truck entered
the poblacion of Guimbal, it parked on Gonzales St. to
Appellants contend that Rufino Gensola alone inflicted with
discharge a passenger and his baggage. Enrique Gelario and
stone blows the serious wounds and fractures of the skull
Enrique Gela overheard Fidelina Tan mutter to herself,
which caused the death of Miguel Gayanilo, but that he did so
obviously referring to someone she did not name: "He does
in legitimate defense of Fidelina Tan and of himself. The
not appear because I will kill him." ("No aparece porque le voy
contention is unmeritorious in view of the following
amatar.") The truck then continued on its way and parked in
considerations: (1) The testimony of Rufino Gensola and
front of Teodora Gellicanao's carinderia on Gerona St. in the
Fidelina Tan that Miguel Gayanilo, then drunk, angrily
poblacion. All the passengers got off the truck. Enrique Gelario
demanded to know from Fidelina why she suspected him of
and Enrique Gela crossed the street towards the carinderia of
having punctured the tires of the truck and was about to strike
Pedro Genciana to await another passenger truck for their
Fidelina with a stone, and that in legitimate defense of Fidelina
respective barrios. The Gelveson No. 17 then left in the
and of himself Rufino picked up two stones, struck Miguel on
direction of the nearby carinderia of Violeta Garin, returned a
the left face with one stone and threw the other stone at him
short time later, and parked in front of the bodega of its
when he started to run away, hitting him on the back of the
owner, Jose Tan. The time was about 6:30 p.m. Miguel
head and causing him to fall and strike his forehead against a
Gayanilo was crossing the street from the public market in the
pile of stones, is belied by, first, the serious wound's and
direction of his carinderia with Rufino Gensola, holding in his
fractures of the skull on the back of the head and on the left
right hand a stone as big as a man's fist, following closely
forehead of the victim, which could have been caused only by
behind. At this time, Felicisimo and Fidelina Tan were standing
strong blows with pieces of iron; and, second, by the
in the middle of the street. After Miguel Gayanilo had crossed
testimony of Dr. Juan Encanto who performed the autopsy,
the middle of the street near the two, Fidelina Tan shouted,
that he did not see any pile of stones near the dead body of
"Rufino, strike him." Upon hearing the shout Miguel looked
Miguel Gayanilo when he arrived at the place in response to a
back and Rufino suddenly struck him on the left face with the
call. (2) The admission of Rufino Gensola that he alone was
stone. Felicisimo then struck Miguel with a piece of iron on the
responsible for the serious wounds and fractures of the skull
back of the head causing serious wounds and fracture of the
inflicted upon Miguel Gayanilo in legitimate defense of Fidelina
skull. Not content with the two blows already given, Fidelina
Tan and of himself, has no probative value because it
struck Miguel with another piece of iron on the left forehead
constitutes, in the face of contrary credible evidence for the
causing serious wounds and fracture of the skull. Miguel fell to
prosecution, an assumption by Rufino Gensola of the criminal
the ground near the canal along the side of the street. Rufino
liability of Felicisimo Tan and Fidelina Tan. The penal law does
Gensola immediately left for his house situated on Gonzales St.
not allow anyone to assume the criminal liability of another.
Felicisimo and Fidelina observed the prostrate body for a few
seconds until Fidelina muttered: "He is already dead." ("Ya
esta muerto.") The two then left the scene of the crime. Appellants contend that the testimonies of the principal
prosecution witnesses, Enrique Gelario and Enrique Gela, are
unworthy of credence because of contradictions and
The autopsy report shows that Miguel Gayanilo suffered
uncertainties, showing that they were not present and did not
lacerated wounds on the left face, serious wounds and fracture
witness the commission of the crime. The contention is
of the skull on the back of the head, and serious wounds and
untenable for the following reasons. (1) The contradictions
fracture of the skull on the left forehead. Death was caused by
pointed out involve only the relative locations of the
traumatic shock.
three carinderias near the scene of the crime, not the acts of
commission of the three defendants at a distance of about
The death of Miguel Gayanilo caused by traumatic shock which seven meters from where the two state witnesses were then
resulted from the strong blows inflicting trauma on the back of standing. (2) The uncertainties pointed out refer to the
the head and on the left forehead, was admitted particularly by
description of the pieces of iron used by Felicisimo Tan and reward, command, and pacto. With respect to command, it
Fidelina Tan, that is, as to the size, length and other details. must be the moving cause of the offense. In the case at bar,
Considering that the place was not well-lighted and that there the command shouted by Fidelina, "Rufino, strike not," was
was little time to observe, accurate description of the weapons not the moving cause of the act of Rufino Gensola. The
used could not be expected three years later when the evidence shows that Rufino would have committed the act of
witnesses testified. (3) The contention that Enrique Gelario and his own volition even without said words of command.
Enrique Gela testified against Felicisimo Tan and Fidelina Tan
out of spite because the latter had refused to transport the Are the appellants Felicisimo Tan and Fidelina Tan both liable
former to their respective barrios, is not well-taken. It is not for the death of Miguel Gayanilo? Our opinion is in the
natural for a person to testify under oath against his neighbor affirmative. The trauma inflicted by Felicisimo and the trauma
on a matter of life and death just because of a trifling incident inflicted by Fidelina, combined, produced death due to
causing slight inconvenience. (4) We find the testimonies of traumatic shock. When Fidelina struck with a piece of iron the
the four defense witnesses, Fidelina Tan, Felicisimo Tan, Elias left forehead of Miguel, he was not yet dead. It was only after
Gensola and Salvador Gayatao, that Enrique Gelario and the trauma inflicted by Fidelina that the dying Miguel fell to the
Enrique Gela were not present at the scene of the crime ground and died seconds later. This is clear from the evidence
because they had already left Gerona St. walking to another that after Miguel had fallen to the ground Felicisimo and
street to await transportation to their respective barrios, Fidelina observed his prostrate body for a few seconds until
unworthy of credence. Fidelina muttered, "He is already dead."

Let us now consider the criminal liability of the three Assuming that the trauma inflicted by Felicisimo was by itself
appellants. The lower court found them guilty as principals of sufficient to produce death due to traumatic shock, should
the crime of murder on the assumption that there was Fidelina be also held liable considering that death could have
conspiracy among them. We do not agree, for the following resulted anyway from the act of Felicisimo and that a person
reasons: (1) Fidelina Tan's intention revealed by the words she cannot be killed twice? The obvious answer is that although a
muttered to herself, "He does not appear because I will kill dead person cannot be killed again, a dying person can still be
him," was not shared by Felicisimo Tan, who kept silent. killed. Miguel was not dead but dying when Fidelina struck his
Silence is not a circumstance indicating participation in the left forehead with a piece of iron. Hence, the trauma inflicted
same criminal design. With respect to Rufino Gensola, he was by her hastened the death of Miguel from traumatic shock
not even in the truck at the time. (2) When Miguel Gayanilo made doubly severe. She must, therefore, be also held
was crossing Gerona St., it was only Rufino Gensola who criminally liable for the death of the victim.
followed closely behind. Fidelina Tan and Felicisimo Tan were
in the middle of the street. The words shouted by Fidelina Tan,
Was the killing murder? Our opinion is in the affirmative
"Rufino strike him," were meant as a command and did not
because it was attended with the qualifying circumstance
show previous concert of criminal design. (3) The blows given
of alevosia. There was alevosia because after Rufino suddenly
with pieces of iron on the back of the head and on the left
struck Miguel Gayanilo with a stone, Miguel, defenseless, was
forehead by Felicisimo and Fidelina after Rufino had struck
struck by Felicisimo Tan with a piece of iron on the back of the
with a piece of stone the left face of Miguel, do not in and by
head and by Fidelina Tan with a piece of iron on the left
themselves show previous concert of criminal design.
Particularly when it is considered that Rufino immediately left
thereafter while Felicisimo and Fidelina remained for a few
seconds observing the prostrate body of Miguel until Fidelina PREMISES CONSIDERED, that part of the appealed judgment
muttered, "He is already dead." sentencing each of the appellants Felicisimo Tan and Fidelina
Tan to reclusion perpetua is affirmed. Said appellants are also
ordered to pay in solidum the sum of P12,000 as indemnity to
In the absence of conspiracy, the liability of the three
the heirs of the deceased, Miguel Gayanilo. That part of the
appellants is individual, that is, each appellant is liable only for
judgment against appellant Rufino Gensola is modified by
his own act.
sentencing said appellant to an indeterminate penalty of from
3 months of arresto mayor as minimum to 3 years of prision
Appellant Rufino Gensola is liable only for the lacerated correccional as maximum.
wounds inflicted by him on the left face of Miguel Gayanilo.
Such lacerated wounds caused disfigurement ("deformity") of
Costs against the appellants
the face within the meaning of Article 263 (3) of the Revised
Penal Code punishable by prision correccional in its minimum
and medium period in relation to the Indeterminate Sentence
Law. The offense having been committed with treachery, the
penalty should be imposed in its maximum period.

Is appellant Fidelina Tan also liable for the offense considering

that she gave the command "Rufino, strike him"? The second
class of principals, according to Article 17 of the Revised Penal
Code, comprises "those who directly force or induce others to
commit it (the act)." Those who directly induce others to
commit the act are called "principals by inducement" or
"principals by induction," from the Spanish "autores por
induccion." The word "inducement" comprises, in the opinion
of Viada and the Supreme Court of Spain, reward, promise of
PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, plaintiff-appellee, On August 21, 1990, Abejuela and Samson were charged
vs. LEO ABEJUELA and WELINIDO SAMSON (at for the killing of Juresmundo in an information which reads:
large), accused,

LEO ABEJUELA, accused-appellant. That on or about June 29, 1990, in the evening thereof, at
Barangay Nipa, Municipality of Palanas, Province of Masbate,
Philippines, within the jurisdiction of this Court, the said
DECISION accused confederating together and helping one another with
YNARES-SANTIAGO, J.: intent to kill, evident premeditation, treachery, superiority of
strength and taking advantage of nighttime, did then and there
willfully, unlawfully and feloniously attack, assault and stab
Before us is an appeal from the decision of the Regional with a knife one Jurismindo (sic) Moradas hitting the latter on
Trial Court of Masbate, Branch 48,[1] in Criminal Case No. the different parts of the body thereby inflicting wounds which
6102, finding accused-appellant Leo Abejuela guilty beyond caused his instantaneous death.
reasonable doubt of the crime of Murder, sentencing him to
suffer the penalty of reclusion perpetua, and ordering him to
indemnify the heirs of the victim in the amount of P50,000.00. CONTRARY TO LAW.[5]

The facts are as follows: The two suspects evaded arrest by fleeing to Manila.
Later, the Masbate police learned that Abejuela was arrested
On June 29, 1990 at around 8:00 p.m., Juresmundo
in Makati City, but when they forwarded their Alias Warrant of
Moradas and his wife, Leticia, left their house in Nipa,
Arrest to Manila, Abejuela was already gone.[6]
Palanas, Masbate to attend a benefit dance at Sitio San
Mariano. The trial court then archived[7] the criminal case until
1996, when Abejuela turned up and was apprehended in his
At 11:00 p.m., Juresmundo and Leticia left the dance
parents house in Nipa, Masbate. On May 10, 1996, Abejuela
hall. As they were walking home, Juresmundo noticed two
was arraigned and he entered a plea of not guilty.[8] Samson,
persons following them. Juresmundo confronted the persons
on the other hand, remained at large. Thereafter, the trial
behind them, while Leticia simultaneously turned around and
court proceeded with the trial of Abejuela.
focused her flashlight towards the direction of the two persons.
She recognized them as accused-appellant Leo Abejuela, their Accused-appellant Abejuela testified in his defense and
neighbor, and Welinido Samson. Juresmundo asked the two presented two witnesses, namely, Julio Banquito, whose house
what they wanted and Abejuela responded, Huwag kang was adjacent to the dance hall, and Elisa Balasta. Their
kikilos, huwag kang tatakbo. Abejuela suddenly stabbed combined testimonies tend to show that at 8:00 p.m. of June
Juresmundo four times with the help of Samson. 29, 1990, Abejuela and his wife arrived at the dance hall,
where they sold softdrinks, candies and cigarettes.[9] The only
Juresmundo and Leticia ran in different
instance when Abejuela conversed with the victim was while
directions. Juresmundo was chased by the two
they were dancing the pantomime at the dance
assailants. Leticia ran towards her house, but ended up in the
hall.[10] Abejuela did not leave the place at any time during the
house of one Meming Ramirez, where she spent the night.
dance, as attested by Balasta who was then also selling goods
Leticia told Meming that Abejuela and Samson attacked her
15 meters away from Abejuela.[11] Abejuela left only when the
husband. She did not immediately return to her home, for fear
dance finished at 1:30 a.m. of June 30, 1990, after asking
that she might also be hunted down by her husbands
permission from Banquito.[12]
On March 11, 1998, the trial court rendered its decision,
At 5:00 a.m. the following day, Leticia finally went home
the dispositive portion of which reads:
and found out that her husband was not able to return to their
house the previous night. It was only then that she reported
the incident to barangay captain Mariano Escandor, who WHEREFORE, there being no other aggravating nor mitigating
accompanied her to the Palanas Police Station to ask for circumstance in the commission of the offense charged being
assistance in locating her missing husband.[2] proved, accused Leo Abejuela is hereby sentenced to suffer
the penalty of RECLUSION PERPETUA, to indemnify the heirs
At 11:15 a.m., Leticia and Escandor, together with SPO4 of the victim, Juresmundo Moradas the sum of Fifty Thousand
Gregorio Tamayo, SPO4 Elioly Tambago and PFC Rodrigo Pesos (P50,000.00) and to pay the costs.
Tamayo, went to the place where Juresmundo was stabbed.
After a few minutes of searching, they found the dead body of
Since the accused is a detention prisoner, he shall be credited
Juresmundo at the opposite side of a river.[3] It was thereafter
full time of his preventive imprisonment which shall be
brought to the house of a relative where a post-mortem
deducted from the penalty imposed.
examination was conducted.

Dr. Primitivo Monterde, Municipal Health Officer of While the case against accused Wilinido Samson who remains
Cataingan, Masbate, examined the rigid corpse of Juresmundo at large until the present is hereby ordered archived. Let
and reported that there were six wounds inflicted on the therefore an Alias Warrant of Arrest be issued for the
victim. Dr. Monterde opined that the injuries could have been apprehension of said accused.
caused by two assailants using two kinds of sharp, pointed
weapons. Hemorrhage secondary to stab wounds was SO ORDERED.[13]
determined as the cause of Juresmundos death.[4]

Abejuela interposed this appeal alleging that:


(to the witness)

TESTIMONY OF THE PROSECUTIONS STAR WITNESS. Q Who said that huwag kang kikilos, huwag kang
II A This Leo.



Accused-appellant contends that the testimony of the Q How were you able to identify this Leo Abejuela?
lone eyewitness, Leticia Moradas, is simply unbelievable and
A I know him already because we are neighbors.
unreliable. If her account of the incident were true, she would
not have abandoned her husband and reported the crime only COURT
the following morning. She also would not expect her husband
to be home the next day, since she knew that the latter (to the witness)
suffered serious stab wounds the night before. Moreover,
Q It was night time, how were you able to
accused-appellant had no motive for killing Juresmundo, as
recognize Leo Abejuela?
there was no grudge or ill-feeling between them.
A We have a flashlight with us and the moon was
We have carefully examined the evidence on record and
found no reason to depart from the trial courts findings.
Leticia has sufficiently explained that she immediately ran
away because she feared that accused-appellant and his Q You said that you were able to identify the
companion would also stab her. She spent the night at the accused in this case because of that flashlight.
house of Meming Ramirez upon the latters prodding, since she Who was then carrying the flashlight?
entertained apprehensions about returning to her home that
night.[15] She also stated that she had an uneasy and sleepless A Myself.
night at Memings house and wished that her husband was able
Q What did you do with that flashlight when your
to escape. She searched for her husband in their house the
husband confronted this Leo Abejuela together
following day hoping that he survived the attack, since she
with his companion?
saw him run away even after he was initially injured.[16]
A I focused to him my flashlight.
We do not find Leticias reactions unbelievable. Although
Leticias actuations may fall short of ordinary expectations, it is Q How far were you from Leo Abejuela when you
nevertheless not entirely doubtful that dread and panic took focused that flashlight to him?
the better of her and she was not able to act accordingly. At
any rate, witnesses to startling occurrences react differently A A distance of five (5) meters.
depending upon their interaction and state of mind, and there
Q And when this Leo answered, do not move, what
is no standard form of human behavioral response when one is
happened next?
confronted with a strange, startling or frightful experience.[17]
A He immediately stabbed my husband.
It may be true that there was no proof of any motive on
accused-appellants part for killing Juresmundo, however, he x x x x x x x x x.[18]
was clearly and positively identified by Leticia as one of her
husbands killers. Leticia categorically testified in open court as Accused-appellants identity was unqualifiedly ascertained
follows: by Leticia, who beamed the flashlight towards his direction.
Leticia was appellants neighbor for over 16 years[19] and stood
xxxxxxxxx only a meter away when she witnessed her husband being
stabbed by accused-appellant.[20] It is, therefore, unlikely that
Q You said that you left the dancing hall at
Leticia could be mistaken in identifying accused-appellant as
around 11:00 oclock in the evening. While on
one of the malefactors. There being no serious doubt as to the
your way home, do you notice of any unusual
assailants identity, proof of motive becomes unnecessary.[21]
Accused-appellants defense is denial and alibi. According
A After ten (10) minutes we noticed that somebody
to him, on the night of the incident, he stayed in the dance hall
was following us.
and never left the place to go anywhere else. This is
Q And when you noticed that somebody was corroborated by the testimonies of the defense witnesses, who
following you, what did you and your husband saw him in the dance hall throughout the affair.
Denial and alibi are the weakest defenses and cannot
A What my husband did, he asked those persons prevail over accused-appellants positive identification as one of
what they want of him and they said huwag the perpetrators of the criminal deed. Alibi is always
kang kikilos, huwag kang tatakbo meaning do considered with suspicion and received with caution, not only
not move and do not run. because it is inherently weak and unreliable, but also because
it is easily fabricated and concocted.[22] Also, for alibi to
prosper, it is not enough to prove that accused-appellant was the attackers cooperated in such a way as to secure advantage
somewhere else when the offense was committed. It must of their combined strength to perpetrate the crime with
likewise be shown that he was so far away that it was not impunity.[28] No proof was adduced here to show that the
possible for him to have been physically present at the place of aggressors took advantage of their combined strength in order
the crime or its immediate vicinity at the time of its to consummate the offense. The fact that there were two
commission.[23] killers as against one victim did not of itself establish that the
circumstance of abuse of superior strength was present when
In the instant case, the dance hall at which accused- the crime was committed.
appellant claims to have stayed is situated only ten minutes
away from the crime scene. This is estimated to be the same Notwithstanding this, accused-appellant may still be held
duration of time within which the victim and his wife traversed criminally liable for murder and not for homicide. The manner
the road from the dance hall to the place where the stabbing in which Juresmundo was attacked suggests that the same
occurred. was done treacherously, with the victim totally unexpecting the
aggression coming from accused-appellant. The essence of
Furthermore, the defense witnesses could not account for treachery is the swift and unexpected attack of the malefactors
accused-appellants whereabouts the entire night. Both on their unarmed prey without the latter giving the slightest
Banquito and Balasta admitted that there were many people provocation.[29] An unexpected and sudden attack under
milling around the premises and that their attention was not circumstances which render the victim unable and unprepared
focused solely on accused-appellant.[24] It is thus apparent that to defend himself by reason of the suddenness and severity of
accused-appellants physical presence at the locus the attack constitutes alevosia.[30]
criminis cannot be completely ruled out. Accused-appellant
could have easily slipped away from the dance hall unnoticed Accused-appellant and Welinido Samson approached the
and committed the crime stealthily in the meantime. victim from behind and assaulted him without any provocation
whatsoever. No altercation preceded the incident and there
Accused-appellant denies that he fled to Manila to escape was nothing to warn the victim of any impending attack on his
prosecution. He claims that he continued to stay in his parents person, which would put him on guard against accused-
house until after four months from the time the killing took appellants offensive. Although the victim sensed that he was
place. He went to Manila in October 1990 because it was then being tailed by accused-appellant and he was able to turn
that he was summoned to work in a bakery. When he was around and see his attackers, the suddenness of the assault
informed by his father in 1996 that he was charged with and the immediate infliction of four consecutive stab wounds
Juresmundos murder, he allegedly returned to Masbate. ensured that Juresmundo would not be able to retaliate or
We are not convinced that accused-appellant learned that defend himself. Under the circumstances, treachery attended
he was being sought for the killing of Juresmundo only in the killing.
1996, after he was informed by his father. As early as 1990, The trial court correctly awarded civil indemnity of
the police repeatedly went to his parents house in an attempt P50,000.00 to the heirs of the deceased, Juresmundo
to effect his arrest. Welinido Samsons simultaneous Moradas. In addition, however, the victims heirs should be
disappearance also reinforces the notion that they both went awarded moral damages in the amount of P50,000.00,
into hiding at the same time. This tends to strengthen Leticias pursuant to prevailing jurisprudence.[31]
account that they were truly responsible for Juresmundos
untimely death because flight, as we have held firmly, is WHEREFORE, the decision of the Regional Trial Court of
nothing less than an indication of guilt.[25] Masbate, Branch 48 in Criminal Case No. 6102 finding accused-
appellant Leo Abejuela GUILTY beyond reasonable doubt of
Leticia was not shown to have any motive for testifying the crime of murder qualified by treachery, is AFFIRMED with
falsely against accused-appellant and, accordingly, her MODIFICATION. Accused-appellant is sentenced to suffer the
testimony was correctly regarded by the trial court as entitled penalty of reclusion perpetua and to pay the heirs of the
to full faith and credit.[26] Accused-appellant failed to show that victim, Juresmundo Moradas, the amount of P50,000.00 as
the trial court overlooked, misunderstood or misapplied some civil indemnity and P50,000.00 as moral damages.
matter of weight and substance which would materially affect
the result of the case and its conclusion regarding the SO ORDERED
witnesses credibility must thus be respected and given great
weight. After all, we have long recognized that the task of
assigning values to the testimonies of witnesses and weighing
their credibility is best left to the trial court, who had the
distinct advantage of personally observing the witnesses while
they testified before it.[27]

Lastly, accused-appellant submits that he should only be

held liable for the crime of homicide since the prosecution
failed to prove that the killing was attended by any of the
circumstances which would qualify it to murder. In particular,
accused-appellant points out that there was no showing that
he and Samson took advantage of superior strength, as found
by the trial court.

We agree with accused-appellant that abuse of superior

strength did not attend the commission of the offense. For this
circumstance to be appreciated, there must be clear proof that