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FRA Concerned with Speed- Bid to Revive SCCI.

ing in the West. Pg. 3 Pg. 8

Serving People at Affordable $7.5m Hall to be Built

Price.Pg. 4 Behind Nadi Temple. Pg. 11


Pg. 10

Company Limited
P.O. Box 12088
Nadi Airport
Fiji Islands.
Phone: 679 6727664
Fax: 679 6727664
Cell: 679 9992382
E-mail: Supplier of Bed, bath linens,
pillows to hotels and resorts.


Up to 100,000 people are expect-
ed to attend the Hindu Thaipusam
Festival thats currently held at the Sri
Siva Subramaniya temple in Nadi.
Thaipusam is a frenetic festival
celebrated by Hindu Tamils to honor
Lord Murgan, the Hindu god of war
and a son of Shiva.
The festival will last for 10 days
from January 25th till February 4th.
Thaipusam commemorates Lord
Murugan’s gift of a vel (spear) from
his mother, Parvati, the Hindu god-
dess of love and fertility.
Nadi Temple Devastharam Board
Chairman Gandhi Mestry said peo-
ple of different races from around
the country and the world travel to
the temple to attend the annual cel-
Thaipusam is also celebrated in
places like India, Malaysia, Singa-
pore, Sri Lanka and Mauritius.
“We have been investing a lot into
the preparation of this festival. There
was a special painting on the pave-
ments so people walking around Customers enjoying their meal during an event held at the Rhum-Ba on Denarau Island, Nadi. Photo: RHUM-BA.
the temple won’t burn their feet due
to the scorching sun, we also built
sheds to cater for busy days like
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,” Mr.
Mestry said.
He adds they have also done an
extension of the temple backyard,
holy platform, and front car park.

Continued on page 3 Priest Sal Indran Reddy (right) with another priest at the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple in Nadi. Photo: ANA SOVA.

“Fiji - the way the world should be”

“ You must be asking yourself as to what makes Fiji so special? Amongst many things, the
Fijian people is mainly what makes this tropical island so special when compared to other
FROM THE DESK places in the world.They are friendly, welcoming and gracious. Fiji has all of the requistes

necessities for the typical tropical paradise, pretty much everything. The golden sun, sandy
beaches, sparkling blue water and tropical rainforest with activities ranging from diving,
snorkelling, jet-skiing and more”

FOR WATER Development Practitioners


SHUTDOWN Trained in Risk Screening

PEOPLE in the Nadi-Lautoka area who will be affected by
a four-day water shutdown that will commence this Satur-
day should prepare themselves.
The Water Authority of Fiji said people living in Nadi and
parts of Lautoka will be without water from 1am on Febru-
ary 3 to 5pm on February 6.
WAF said 100 water lorries will be used to cart water dur-
ing the shutdown.
A total of 55 trucks will service the Denarau area and 45
will service the Nadi, Momi and other areas.
WAF added that 15 filling points will be used to refill the
trucks to ensure faster turnarounds.
The WAF Office in Namaka will be the command cen-
tre and phone contacts would be provided so people can
check on truck locations and schedules.
WAF said the Lautoka CBD, including the Tanoa Water-
front, Cathay and Lautoka hotels would receive piped water
from Saru.
Water will be released to the system on February 4 after
repairs are completed to the Nagado Water Treatment Plant.
But because of the complex restoration process, supply
should be normalised by Tuesday February 6.

Planned Asbestos Prishika Nadan (left), Rural Development Research Officer, and Lusiana Nasegai (right) Senior Disaster Risk Reduction Of-
ficer, at the Training for Risk Screening for Development Projects. Photo: DEPTFO.

Removal at the New development ini- ter risks associated with de- the training of development to scientific and technical

Lautoka Hospital
tiatives, if unchecked, can velopment projects before practitioners in identifying mappings and forecasts but
pose harm to people and implementation. risks is a result of the Fijian also inclusive of the differ-
reduce the intended good. Initiated in partnership Government’s commitment ent ways communities are
Identifying how develop- with the National Disas- at COP23 in Bonn. affected by gender, sexual-
Planning has commenced Lautoka Hospital, in con- ment projects can put peo- ter Management Office “This risk screening tool ity, age, or disability – some-
for the safe removal of As- sultation with the National ple’s safety at risk will help (NDMO) and the Pacific is very important for us as times referred to as ‘invis-
bestos-containing Materials Occupational Health and increase the success and Risk Resilience Program practitioners because it ible risks’.
(ACMs) at Lautoka Hospital. Safety (OHS) Service, is cur- longevity of government in- (PRRP) of the United Na- aligns with the Prime Min- Mr. Jiwanji said, “We not
This follows the December rently in the process of select-
2017 fire in the hospital’s op- ing a qualified contractor in vestment. tions Development Program ister’s commitment during only need to respond and be
eration theatre room, which line with the Code of Practice This has been the focus (UNDP), the three-day train- COP23 in Bonn that Fiji is better prepared for disasters
uncovered ACMs in air-condi- for the Safe Removal of As- of a training undertaken this ing program equipped de- serious about implementing but this needs to be comple-
tioning ducts and pipe insula- bestos and international best week by senior Government velopment practitioners in risk screening procedures mented with sensible de-
tion installed during the build- practices.
ing’s construction in the early ACM removal will begin rural development and di- assessing project proposals in its development planning velopment, in other words
1970s. The newly-discovered once a suitable contractor is saster management officials and applications for small processes.” not putting people in harm’s
ACMs never posed a threat appointed and OHS endorses from the four divisions. and major infrastructural Mr. Leweniqila said that way in the first place”.
to the public, and continue to an official Asbestos Removal The training, a result of projects. addressing risks of climate Participants included
pose no immediate threat. Control Plan. Fiji’s commitment at the This will ensure that new change, natural hazards development practitioners,
Conference of Parties 23 development initiatives and man induced disasters policy makers, research of-
(COP23) in Bonn, Germany pose no harm to people and ensures that development fices and disaster manage-
in November last year intro- save costs and time from projects are sustainable. ment officials from the four
duced participants to risk potential damage. Addressing the partici- divisions in Fiji.
screening – the process of Speaking at the train- pants, PRRP Programme
assessing and addressing ing, NDMO Director Anare Manager Moortaza Jiwanji
climate change and disas- Leweniqila indicated that said the risks are not limited

Rakiraki Residents Welcome

Flood Mitigation Measures
A consultation was held by the Min- projects: - Clearing and widening of public
ister for Waterways Honourable Ma- - Clearing and construction of new drain links to main Nakauvadra River
hendra Reddy for Rakiraki residents open channel drains on both sides on from Lins Bakery to the river
to highlight plans and to get views on the back of Gafoor to MH Supermarket - Construction of new open channel
THE JET is Fiji’s first community newspaper published weekly by how to address the issue of flooding in - Construction of new open channel from LTA to Nakauvadra River (bridge
YOURSPACE LIMITED from Nadi - the tourism capital of Fiji. the area. and installation of culvert from behind end)- Construction of new drains for
The consultation, which was at- the FBD building to Shiu Raj Supermar- Ram Murthi main drain
PUBLISHER/EDITOR: SAMUEL SHANKAR Cell: 9966115 tended by business houses, landown- ket - Construction and installation of
NEWS/SPORTS : ANA SOVA Cell: 7378722 ers and the general public, also sought - Construction and installation of new public drains at MH compound
to inform and hear views on ways to new open channel drains and instal- Road main drain
OFFICE PHONES : 6707075 / 6750443
solve flooding in Vaileka. lation of new culverts from behind Dr - Clearing of debris from the back of
EMAIL : During the consultations, Minister Naidu’s clinic to Adi’s Motel Sunil Chand lot (off Vatumami)
: Reddy informed them of the various - Construction of new drains and - Construction of concrete open
WEBSITE : projects that would roll out starting installation of culverts from Dhiraj to channel at Qelema (beside Iguana
next week to address this issue. CMF Church Rentals towards Akbar garage).
COMPLAINTS: The Jet Newspaper continues to strive for excellence in “The Government has given Raki- - Clearing and construction of drains A separate project for the dredging
its publications, with this in mind we welcome all complaints and sug- raki Town Council $212, 000 to ensure (rockwall) at the at the rear service of the main river will have its tender
gestions from our readers. All such comments could be sent to We thank you our readers for your valued
that all drains and other projects are lane (Naidu’s building to Bank of Baro- advertised in Saturday’s newspaper
support towards The Jet Newspaper. completed before June or early July da and work on this project is expected to
this year,” he said. - Clearing and construction of drains begin once the tender process is com-
PRINTED BY MAX MARKETING - LAYOUT BY MARGARET NAQIRI The funds will used for the following from Adi’s Motel to Nakauvadra River pleted and awarded.

ANZ FETA FRA Concerned

Announces with Speeding
Venue for in the West
2017 Awards
The ANZ Fiji Excellence developing an online ticketing sponsors and members of the
Abusing roads in an unusu-
al manner is a major concern
for the Fiji Roads Authority in
the Western Division.
The Land Transport Author-
in Tourism Awards (FETA) system to make the ticket- Tourism Industry for their sup- ity and the police are working
is excited to announce that ing process easier to access. port and contribution towards closely with LTA to controlled
the Gala Dinner event will be Bookings for the Awards din- the organising of the Fiji Ex- this national issue.
hosted by Sheraton Fiji Re- ner can be made and paid on- cellence in Tourism Awards. Chief Executive, Jonathan
sort’s Denarau Convention line and this is expected to be Ms Mavoa said: “This is a Moore, said there is no need
Centre on Saturday 17thFeb- released next week.” team effort by all concerned to put major speed bumps
ruary 2018. “We want people to mark and the Awards whilst recog- on highways such as in Mat-
In making the announce- the date and with the venue nising the excellent contribu- intar and Namaka and those
ment, Chair of the Organising confirmed they can start plan- tion of the Tourism Industry, in traffic lights and those traf-
Committee, Ms Olivia Mavoa ning on buying their tickets for also brings together all mem- fic lights have may benefitted
said, “We look forward to the biggest awards night in bers of the industry to cele- in controlling l the traffic, im-
working with Sheraton Fiji the country.” brate their excellent achieve- prove congestion and allow
Resort to host another suc- Ms Mavoa added, “Judging ments for the 2017 season.” pedestrian to cross,”
cessful ANZ Fiji Excellence in is continuing with our panel Members of the Organising Fiji Road Authority stated
Tourism Awards. We are ex- of expert judges, headed by Committee are made up of traffic lights will be installed in
pecting to attract more people the CEO of Flour Mills of Fiji, Trustees Olivia Mavoa and critical placers in the West to Fiji Roads Authority Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan
to attend this year’s event and Mr Ram Bajeklal and they in- Craig Powell and also in- control speeding issues. Moore. Photo: SUPPLIED.
Sheraton Fiji Resort was the clude renowned industry pro- cludes Nathan Wilson from

best fit for hosting our awards fessionals locally and interna- ANZ, AFL’s Christopher Chand
night.” tionally.” and and Emele Tuilagivou.
“FETA has revamped its The Organising Commit-
website and we are currently tee Chair also thanked ANZ, ANZ FETA

Inclusion of Persons
with Disabilities in Festival

Pacific Disability Forum CEO Setareki Macanawai. Photo: GOOGLE.

A man getting his body pierced for prayer ritual. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Continued from page 1 gratitude and gifts of devotion • Pitchers of milk are
Fifty participants attended two days region- ing representatives organisations of persons for prayers answered. carried on the head as offer-
al meeting and consultation that happened at with disabilities in the Pacific (DPOs), UN Three chefs and 15 work- Mr. Mestry said members ings.
Tanoa International hotel in Nadi embarked by Agencies, Governments, NGO’s and Humani- ers have been hired to work of the public regardless of re- • The tongue and
the International Agency Steering Committee. tarian Actors in the Pacific across all sectors. in preparation for and during ligion or race are invited to at- cheeks are pierced by two
Good opportunity to all humanitarian stake- “Participants at the workshop will contrib- the festival. tend the festival. symbolic skewers to show
holders, Government, NGOs and International ute to a global guideline on Inclusion of per- Devotees from various dis- “We welcome everyone to that a pilgrim sacrifices the
Agency in the region to contribute to the devel- sons with disabilities in Humanitarian Actions,” tricts will be participating in attend the festival although, gift of speech. These same pil-
opment of a global guideline on the inclusion he added. the puja on designated days there are strict rules to be grims often shave their heads
of persons with disabilities in Humanitarian This guideline, he said will be a tool to be and also give donations that followed in entering the tem- and walk long distances to be
Actions. used by governments and humanitarian actors will be utilised to prepare free ple,” he said. there.
Pacific Disability Forum,CEO Mr. Setareki to ensure that their approaches, processes, ac- lunch and dinner for those at- For devotees, females are • Devotees carry ka-
Macanawai, said the workshop aimed to en- tions and programs are disability inclusive. tending the festival. required to wear sari or sal- vadis (burdens) that pierce or
gage key humanitarian stakeholders and en- “Guideline will strengthen the work of hu- Mr. Mestry said devotees waar kameez and males are stab their bodies. Some pull
courage their commitment to the Guidelines manitarian actors to be disability inclusive and have been fasting for weeks to wear long pants or doti. heavy sleds attached to their
in the region, and ensure the Guidelines are guarantee full inclusion for all persons with dis- prior to the festival. Non-devotees shall wear bodies with hooks.
relevant for the Pacific region. abilities,” he added. “Devotees will pierce their clothes that are long and de- • Before someone
“The regional Consultation Workshop for The Pacific Disability Forum mandates, he faces or dragging sleds at- cent. can wear a kavadi, they
humanitarian actors in the Pacific is organised stated to advocate all human rights with dis- tached to their bodies with No kava, alcohol or smok- cleanse themselves for 48
by the Pacific Disability Forum (PDF) in part- abilities in the Pacific to all stakeholders. hooks. Not everyone pierces ing is permitted within the days through celibacy, a spe-
nership with the United Nations Inter-Agency “This opportunity allows PDF including its their bodies, other worshipers premises of the temple. cial diet, and continuous
Standing Committee (IASC) Task Team on the members across the Pacific to advocate the carry pots of milk as offerings Rituals During Thaipusam prayer.
Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Hu- use of this guideline with humanitarian agen- to Lord Murgan.” he said. • Participants wear
manitarian Action,” he added. cies and government during emergencies in During Thaipusam, Lord yellow and orange, colors sig-
Mr Macanawai said the workshop is target- the Pacific,” he added. Murugan is showered with nificant to Lord Murugan.


Serving People at Affordable

Great things in business are never done by In 2015, they decided to get married and set-
one person. They’re done by a team of people. tle down in Suva but moved to the West after
Those words were true to Shayal Chand Sanjay got himself a job to work at the island
and Sanjay Kumar today after owning Priceline pharmacy in Nadi.
Pharmacy located at 17 Sagayam road in the “Out of our excited life, we always allo-
midst of Nadi town with pharmaceutical needs cate time for our 10 month old daughter,” she
at an affordable price. smiled.
Outspoken Shayal and her husband, both “Family time is very important to us and we
Registered Pharmacist by profession and five treasure the most,” she added.
years experience believed in same vision. Progress is in the hands of the Couple Phar-
“We have common personalities in terms of macist who are trying to manage the long hours
having similar interest in becoming a pharma- and give their best to serve their customers.
cist one day, we also raised from middle class “We wanted to assist Doctor Kris Naidu’s
family whereby hardwork and struggle is real clinic, because he has vision to have its own
and practiced,” Shayal said. nearby pharmacy for people to get easy access
Shayal’s dream to succeed in life begins instead of waiting in que in hospital in times of
when she met her soul mate at the Fiji School need in medicine and pills,” she added.
of Medicine and spent 4years studying together. “It’s all about serving the people and mak-
“Leaving FSM we spent another one and ing things available and convenient to people,”
half years of internship, still going intact with she added.
medicines and pills,” she added. Shayal gets her major supplies of medica-
Shayal believed because of their common tion and other pharmaceuticals from Makans
in approaching things in life that leads them to Drugs and Excel Distributors.
where they are today. “We have been expecting a lot of custom-
“After graduating from FSM, my husband ers now days because of the cheap and low
went to work with Island Pharmacy in Suva/ prices,” she added.
Nadi branch for five years and later join Mega The drugstore has three staff with business
Pharmacy in Lautoka the following year until hours from Monday to Friday, 6am till midnight
last year,” she added. 12am, and Saturday hours: 7am till 1pm and
For Shayal, she joined the Lautoka hospital then 8pm till midnight and Sunday from 2pm
from 2013 to 2014 until following year she went to 5pm.
to work with Colonial War Memorial hospital At Priceline Pharmacy the pharmacists are
and later joined Budget Pharmacy in Namaka. always on the floor to attend to patient needs. (L-R) Sanjay Kumar and Shayal Chand.Photo: SUPPLIED.

WAF Conducts Nagado Water

Shutdown Awareness

The Water Authority of Fiji officials visited hours during the planned shutdown period.
communities in Togomasi in Nadi to distribute So far, the WAF community engagement
flyers on the upcoming Nagado Water Shut- teams have visited Namulomulo Village, Nam-
down ON Wednesday, 24 January. ulomulo Community Post, Solovi, Nawaka,
A team also took the streets of Nadi Town to Aladutta, Mulomulo Temple, Mulomulo, Tovo-
distribute flyers and inform the members of the tovo, Mulomulo Muslim Primary, Sabeto Vil-
public on the water shutdown. lage, Nawaka Area, Votualevu, Carreras, Mala-
WAF will ensure that during the disrup- wi, Tadra, Lauwaki Village, Korovuto, Nacovi,
tion period there will be minimal interruption Malolo, Navo, Transmitter, Togomasi, Lavusa,
to major services such as hospitals, airport, Natova, Keloiya and Nadele.
schools and hotels, as 100 water trucks will be On Thursday, 25 January, WAF officials vis-
deployed to deliver them with water accord- ited Nasoso Shiu Temple Hall to meet with res-
ingly. idents of Nasoso, Koroniqava, Sanasana from
Nadi & Lautoka customers can contact the 9am to 10am.
Nagado shutdown helpline through the toll- At the same time WAF officials will be at the
free shortcode #1507 for Telecom Fiji, Voda- Legalega Shopping Center to conduct similar
fone Fiji, Digicel and Inkk Mobile Fiji network awareness sessions with residents living along
users or email Legalega West, Nilfield, Westfield, Qumani WAF Customer Service Officer, Jamie Darren Laveti handing out flyers to a resident of Togo-
for further enquiries and it will be available 24 Road, Kabani Road and Bellup area. masi Settlement in Nadi. Photo: WAF.

MOU to Develop Specialist Medical

Training and Education

Doctors from Australia, New medical colleges, individual New Zealand. The College rep-
Zealand and Fiji will now be able medical colleagues, and organ- resents a broad range of medi-
to work together to develop spe- isations working in the region,” cal specialties including general
cialist medical training expertise Yell said. medicine, paediatrics and child
and education. She adds they look forward to health, cardiology, respiratory
This has been made pos- building stronger ties with FNU’s medicine, neurology, oncology,
sible through a Memorandum College of Medicine, Nursing and public health medicine, occupa-
of Understanding (MOU) signed Health Sciences and working tional and environmental medi-
between the Royal Australasian together on post graduate edu- cine, palliative medicine, sexual
College of Physicians (RACP) cation, training and research op- health medicine, rehabilitation
and the Fiji National University portunities. medicine, geriatric medicine and
(FNU). The RACP’s support will in- addiction medicine.
RACP President, Dr Catherine clude Fellows assessing teach- Beyond the drive for medical
Yell and said internationally, their ing materials and curricula, pro- excellence, the RACP is com-
focus is on health education and viding mentoring and advice on mitted to developing health and
research and building capacity teaching practices and assess- social policies which bring vital
among educators, academics, ment processes and assisting improvements to the wellbeing
physician specialists and their in- professional development mate- of patients.
stitutions in our region. rial support and clinical teaching The College offers 61 train-
“Specifically, we have deter- practice. ing pathways. These lead to the
mined to focus our initial efforts The MoU is effective immedi- award of one of seven qualifica-
on supporting specialist medi- ately and will remain in place for tions that align with 45 specialist
cal training and education in the five years. titles recognized by the Medical
South West Pacific and Timor About RACP: Board of Australia or allow for
Leste,” The RACP trains, educates registration in nine vocational
“This MoU will also enhance and advocates on behalf of scopes with the Medical Council
many activities undertaken by more than 25,000 trainees and of New Zealand.
our own physicians, Australasian physicians across Australia and FNU seals 5-year deal with RACP. Photo: FNU.


Navakawau Village New SOPD

Recieves Water Tanks Wing
Opened for
Government is commit- diabetic comprehensive care,
ted in improving and alleviate mental health, hypertension,
health services to the public. asthma clinic, medical clinic,
A Special Outpatient De- surgical clinic, coordinate out-
partment (SOPD) wing was reach activities by actively fol-
opened by the Minister for lowing defaulters and general
Health and Medical Services patient education and coun-
Hon. Rosy Akbar at the Nadi selling.
Hospital. “Building infrastructure
The opening of the clinic capacity is important, but we
has been made possible after must also integrate the care
the refurbishment of the old and the design of our health-
outpatient wing which was care facilities to better serve
close for over 15 years. the needs of our patients. And
“The main aim of the re- I am glad to say that this new
furbishment and transforma- SOPD has been planned with
tion of the old hospital into the such needs in mind,” Minister
Special Outpatients Depart- Akbar added.
ment (SOPD) was to reduce She the various improve-
the overcrowding number of ment works or new facilities
patients at our general out- are a sign of the Government’s
patient department into this dedication to the Fijian peo-
new facility,” Minister Akbar ple’s health and well-being.
said during the opening of the “However, we provide the
clinic. service and your responsibility
“The Nadi sub-division is to ensure that you take care
Villagers of Navakawau in Taveuni pictured with Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama. Photo: DEPTFO. has a population of close to of your health. Building new
100,000 with about a 1000 vis- facilities does not encourage
iting our clinics every month. you to be casual with your
By ANA SOVA Further to that an aver- health.”
age of 350 patients are seen She also announced a
Water problems for Navakawau drinking water. distribution of 1,600 water tanks to over in General Outpatients Dept $2million maintenance over-
and nearby villagers in the district of Bainimarama said that distribution of 436 villages, settlements and schools all (GOPD) daily with maximum haul for the Nadi Hospital that
Vuna,Taveuni are now over. free water tanks have been targeted to over Fiji. Of this allocation the northern of 500 and this may at times will begin at the end of next
Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama drought stricken and maritime areas. division is earmarked to receive over 700 lead to complaints and frus- month and is anticipated to be
handed over twenty six water tanks to He adds these water tanks offer ad- water tanks,” Bainimarama said. trations among our patients, completed by November this
the village as part of the Rainwater har- ditional water storage of 25,000 liters to Meanwhile, Navakawau villager, Mo- thus, to tackle this problem year.
vesting system. complement the existing boreholes and sese Lauti thanked the government for our Health Ministry has part- Refurbishment works at
This assistance is part of the govern- rainwater harvesting sources. the assistance saying this will not only nered with stakeholders to Nabouwalu Sub Divisional
ment initiative and commitment in en- “Government has allocated $1.4 mil- greatly help his family but he will also help curb this problem - a re- Hospital is also expected to
suring that basic needs of all Fijians are lion for this initiative in the 2017/2018 share the water with his neighbours. sult of which is the opening of begin next month and com-
met to have access to clean and safe National Budget and this involves the the SOPD clinic today.” pleted by end of 2018.
The new clinic is expected

Walesi Digital TV Launched in

to further improve services in


Minister for Health and Medical Services Hon. Rosy Akbar.


Children of Naselesele village at the Walesi Digital Television platform launching. Photo: DEPTFO.

Prime Minister Hon. Voreqe Bainima- information and entertainment,” Baini- ferent sports. He adds individuals can
rama launched the Walesi Digital Televi- marama said. also apply for free set top boxes whose
sion platform in three different villages During the launch at Korovou village, household income is under $30,000.
of Taveuni who now have tremendous Bouma, Naselesele village and Lamini vil- A resident of Naselesele village Esther
benefits of the free to air digital television. lage, the Prime Minister said the villagers Fisher is thankful to the government for
“This initiative is a major milestone here can now follow the news and stay providing crystal clear television service
in the government’s vision to give every up to date with the development across as they will no longer have to adjust the
Fijian regardless of their socio-economic the country, cheer for our Flying Fijians antennas to have a clear picture.
status of their location access to better and also other athletes competing in dif-

Navola Youth Club Receives

$2500 Boost
Navola Youth Club was which also the club to generate revenue
overwhelmed after receiving shares information pertain- for example yaqona cassava
$2500 from Vodafone ATH Fiji ing to projects undertaken by dalo at the same time the
Foundation to assist in farm them. produce from farming project
projects. Hardworking Youth leader will be supplied to nearby ho-
Located on the Coral and farmer himself Waisale tels and Sigatoka market.
Coast highway in the vicinity Rerega said Yaqona, banana, “The time and effort invest-
of Vatukarasa in Tikina Kom- dalo, vegetables and other ed by the youths consistently
ave. cash crops are ways in earn- will be profitable to Navola
Foundation Executive Am- ing money to the clubs this Youth and will contribute im-
balika Devi Prakash said with year. mensely to our village,” he
the funding, it encouraged “ We have other projects said.
constructive investment of running simultaneously but Club’s Treasurer Selina
time and effort for sustainable we are focusing on yaqona Sigadrodro said with the
community livelihood. and cash crop farming oppo- $2500 given by Vodafone ATH
She said visiting villages site the village on the hills”, Fiji Foundation, the Navola
enable them to identify fur- said the Youth Leader, Mr. youth will purchase chain
ther needs and link them to Waisale Rerega saw, farming implements,
proper institutes not only this The funds, he said will help yaqona suckers, and other
we also help the various clubs increase the cultivation of the seeds, said the Club’s Trea- (L-R) Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation Executive Ambalika Devi Prakash handover $2,500 boost
to market the product and ser- lands which will increase the surer Selina Siqadrodro.
vice through websites www. farming projects that enable to Navola Youth Club. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Farmers Urged to Collaborate

with Ministry as Clusters
By ANA SOVA the Government will continue
its various assistance pro-
Yaqona farmers in Ka- grams to farmers.
davu have been advised to He said the benefits of
strengthen the formation of collaborating as clusters will
clusters to organize their ac- ensure a common voice that
tivities in a coordinated man- will result in the provision of
ner that will increase their machineries and technical as-
revenue and improve their sistance which will benefit in-
respective farms. dividual members in the long
While speaking to mem- run.
bers of the Kadavu Kava As- “Of course we need to
sociation (KKA), the Minister share knowledge and experi-
for Agriculture, Rural and Mar- ence amongst ourselves and
itime Development and Na- this is why we need to build
tional Disaster Management up and strengthen farming
and Meteorological Services, clusters.”
Inia Seruiratu highlighted the Seruiratu reminded every-
importance of working col- one to be proud of their past
laboratively as a cluster and achievements and to main-
partnering with Government tain the basic objectives of the
during their consultation at Association so that they can
Raiwaqa Agriculture Head- take ownership of the work
quarters last week. that they do and further con-
Seruiratu also stressed the tribute to the advancement of
importance of partnering with the agriculture sector.
the Ministry to improve the Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management and Meteorological Services, The Association recently
services rendered to them. Hon. Inia Seruiratu with members of the Kadavu Kava Association. Photo: DEPTFO. concluded a week-long tour
“Farming must be consid- of the Central Division, visit-
ered as a partnership and as fore we need to work together tor but it is advisable to group pathways,” Seruiratu said. tivities such as value addition ing farms, processors and
iTaukei, the ideals of work- in partnership,” farmers together and share He added not only will it and processing. prospective markets to im-
ing together through our tra- “The Government can resources that are available, allowthem to achieve volume “We need to change the prove their knowledge and
ditional protocols such as bring the expertise and tech- at the same time it makes the of products in tonnes, the Ka- way we conduct our work to build networks with some key
_’solesolevaki_’ are part of nology to the farms that is work of Extension Officers davu Kava Association can increase production,’’ he said. stakeholders in the local kava
our communal setup, there- needed to improve the sec- easier in coordinating market be involved in some other ac- Seruiratu reiterated that industry.

Agreement signed on Fiji Agricultural

Partnership Project

The Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Da- locally but the issue now is to lift it up to a more
vid Kolitagane signed a Memorandum of Agree- commercial and sustainable level,” Kolitagane
ment (MoA) with the Executive Director, Part- said.
ners in Community Development Fiji (PCDF), Ravumaidama of PCDF acknowledged the
Tevita Ravumaidama at the Ministry of Agricul- opportunity offered through the memorandum
ture Headquarters in Raiwaqa, Suva last week. as one that would further their efforts in assisting
The Agreement will seal PCDF’s engagement rural based communities.
as the designated lead implementing partner for “We are grateful to partner with the Govern-
the Fiji Agricultural Partnership Project (FAPP). ment especially on this project through the Min-
While speaking at the signing, Kolitagane re- istry of Agriculture and I believe this is the first
iterated the significance of the FAPP as one that one for PCDF and we treat it seriously because
would benefit all agricultural stakeholders. we believe if we do this right, it can be replicat-
“The project is expected to generate ben- ed,” Ravumaidama said.
efits for all the actors involved in the production, He said as a local Non-Government Organisa-
trade, processing and exporting of high value ag- tion (NGO), they have been working with other
ricultural products, as well as for domestic con- Government Ministries in trying to work with all
sumers and the communities that we are involved in to develop
country as a whole,” Kolitagane said. their community development plan and this is
He a said the project approach is to develop something we are targeting to implement in the
the competence and confidence of communi- 41 villages we have earmarked.
ties to engage in agribusiness and to strengthen “The 41 villages are located in the remote
private sector commercial linkages, at the same highlands of Viti Levu, involving three provinc-
time building up the capacity and institutional es, seven districts and 41 villages and targeting
know-how of Government services to interact 2,000 household farmers and that is going to be
with farmers and value-adders as partners. a huge challenge for PCDF and as the leading
“It is all about addressing the challenges of implementing partner only on component three,
the farming communities that are isolated from we will be tasked with empowering communi-
the commercial centers, it is all about address- ties so that farmers can change their mind-set Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, David Kolitagane (seated right) and PCDF Executive
ing the domestic demands that are mainly met from traditional farming to that of a business Director, Tevita Ravumaidama sign the Memorandum of Agreement on FAPP. Photo: SUP-
at the moment by imports so we are producing it concept,” said Mr. Ravumaidama. PLIED.

Bid to Revive
A meeting was called in Si- of Commerce and Industry, rayan of Sigatoka Electric
gatoka on Sunday 21 January Annemarie De Voss. Secretary/Treasurer – Dr
to revive the Sigatoka Cham- Dr Raju highlighted the Ashank Naidu, GP
ber of Commerce and Indus- mission, vision, aims and 5 Comm. members – Shanil
try. objectives of Chambers of Naidu (MD, True Blue Hotel),
Dr Ram Raju, President of Commerce and Industry and Sesha Reddy (businessman),
Nadi Chamber of Commerce how such an august body can Natwar Singh (businessman),
and Industry who has close contribute towards local and Rajend Singh (businessman)
links with Sigatoka, spear- national economic growth, and a lady member to be in-
headed the revival together development, vestments and corporated.
with Dr Salik Ram Govind. productivity. The interim committee will
Dr Govind who is the own- Members present unani- soon draw up a constitution
er of Shalini Gardens and Ho- mously agreed towards the and later organize the inaugu-
tel in Olosara was appointed revival but most importantly ral general meeting. The invi-
interim Chairman. passed a motion that they be tation will be extended to all
17 interested members called or renamed Nadroga the business houses in Nad-
from various sectors of the Chamber of Commerce and roga to attend and formalize
business community attend- Industry. Nadroga Chamber of Com-
ed the meeting and also pres- Other interim office bear- merce and Industry.
ent at the meeting was the ers elected:
Vice President of Fiji Chamber Vice Chairman – Vijay Na-

Vodafone ATH Assists Lautoka Club

Purple Rose Club of Lau- business such as roti parcel, and are ready to help them-
toka received $2500 to boost selling juice etc. selves.
their income generation proj- “The TC Winston project Worthington said they
ects from Vodafone ATH Fiji was done at breath which in- are mindful of not creating a
Foundation. cluded food vouchers, hous- handout culture but to ensure
“GROW $2500 into $25,000 ing assistance, clothes, edu- that our projects empower ev-
as we posing similar challeng- cation assistance,” she said. ery life we touch.
es to community groups”, said She adds they continue to Ms. Prakash said Voda-
Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation pay for university fees and buy fone ATH Fiji Foundation is a
Executive, Ambalika Prakash. accessories for students who charitable arm of Vodafone
Ms Prakash said with a continue attain good results. Fiji Limited and Amalgamated
vision to help the disadvan- Club Treasurer, Praveen Telecomm holdings and we
taged populace, the Purple Lata said the group in the past continue to make contribu-
Rose women’s group ven- has supported children with tion towards innovative and
tured into helping children heart ailments, and corrective creative projects.
and poor communities with surgeries, school fees, instal- “So far the $19 million
education and health rejuve- lation of electricity and water worth of social investment
nating projects. projects. has seen creating waves of
“We are on a journey to “We continue to grow, we projects in the community
help the community based approached Vodafone ATH ranging from health, educa-
women and youth clubs, a Fiji Foundation for small fund- tion, economic growth and
hearty cause that in turn sus- ing to ensure that we sustain social development projects
tains small groups continue to the activities that address the she said,”
inspire,” she said. needs of the community,” “These projects also steers
Club President, Celine Lata said. people away from suffering as
Worthington said Purple “We continue to energize well as creating employment
Rose was established in 2014 ourselves and have aspiration at various levels.”
through small morning teas to grow this $2500 in future to Ms. Preakash said they mo-
and contribution from mem- be able to support those proj- tivate clubs to reinvest profits
bers continues to grow. ects that yields higher rate of into other social and econom-
“So far we have executed return. We have plans for ma- ic projects of the community.
almost 100 small projects jor fund raising and income “As the charity organiza-
since Purple Rose Clubs in- generation projects.” tions grows in sizes from small
ception in 2014,” Ms Worthing- Lata said they are a small to medium we are mindful
ton said. group but the needs of the that projects we support also
She said their projects also communities continues to in- grows at breadth and depth
include helping the TC Win- spire them to raise as much said the Foundation Execu-
Purple Rose Club of Lautoka receiving their $2500 assistance from Vodafone ATH. Photo: ston victims, cancer patients, funds and continue helping tive,” she said.
SUPPLIED. seed funding to start small those that are hardworking VODAFONE ATH

IASC Guidelines on Inclusion of Persons

with Disabilities in Humanitarian
Actions, Pacific Consultation Workshop
The Pacific Disability Forum that responses to be local as an opportunity for Pacific hu-
(PDF) in partnership with the possible and international as manitarian actors to provide
United Nations Inter-Agency necessary. guidelines and tools that will
Standing Committee (IASC) She further reminded par- ensure that humanitarian ac-
Task Team on the Inclusion ticipants of the need to learn tions are inclusive of persons
of Persons with Disabilities in from each other and build with disabilities.
Humanitarian Action currently each other’s strengths through- IASC Workgroup on the
conducting a regional Consul- out the discussion. Inclusion of Persons with Dis-
tation Workshop for humani- “It is important to leverage abilities Co-Chair Mr Gopal Mi-
tarian actors in the Pacific. The each other’s strengths and tra said the guideline will be a
workshop which is the first re- contributions in a comple- set of tools that will ensure hu-
gional consultation undertaken mentary approach”, said Ms manitarian actors to plan, de-
by the IASC Task Team and first Lubrani. sign, implement and evaluate
such regional meeting in the PDF CEO Mr Setareki Ma- humanitarian actions which
Pacific will be an opportunity canawai stressed the impor- ensure full participation of per-
for disabled people’s organisa- tance of this opportunity for sons with disabilities.
tions (DPO), Governments, UN persons with disabilities and “This will also be a set of
Agencies, CROP Agencies, and humanitarian actors in the re- guidelines that will change
other humanitarian actors in gion. practice in humanitarian sec-
the region to contribute to the “The next two days is an tors and make it more inclu-
development of a global guide- opportunity for us to tell our sive of persons with disabili-
line on the inclusion of persons stories from the Pacific through ties”, said Mr Mitra.
with disabilities in Humanitar- this global process, and for us PDF acknowledges funding
ian Actions. to talk to each other on how support from the Governments
UN Resident Coordinator we can improve our policies of Australia and New Zealand.
and UNDP Resident Repre- and our process, funding and The consultation was from the
sentative Ms Osnat Lubrani humanitarian work better and 23 to 24 January, at the Tanoa
highlighted that this meeting truly, genuinely inclusive of International Hotel in Nadi.
is critical for us to ensure that persons with disabilities”, said
the Pacific voice is heard. She Mr. Macanawai. PACIFIC DISABILITY FORUM IASC Task Team held consultations at Tanoa International Hotel. Photo: PACIFIC DISABIL-
highlighted the need to ensure The workshop will also be ITY FORUM.

Ease of Doing Business New Priceline


Participants with Minister Permanent Secretary, Shaheen Ali (sitting fifthfromright). Photo: SUPPLIED.

By ANA SOVA Priceline Pharmacy.Photo: SUPPLIED.

The Ministry of Industry, tary, Shaheen Ali said the sec- each agency responsible at and pave the way for a vi- By MARIA LAQETA
Trade and Tourism together ond tier workshops presented any stage of the construction brant economy. We are glad
with the Singapore Coopera- an opportunity to map out the permit process needs to be to partner with the Ministry of
tion Enterprise participated in most efficient and effective fully committed to the pro- Industry, Trade and Tourism in A full-service known as Priceline pharmacy in serving the
the second tier of the Ease of processes in delivering the cess of changing the system. this second phase of a series Nadi town to offer convenient on-site option for the community.
Doing Business - Construction building permit approval pro- The faster, streamlined and of workshops on construction Nearly five days of serving the Nadi jet set town, people re-
Permit Workshop, which took cess to the citizens of Fiji. modernised process will en- permits and look forward to sponding positively towards the service.
place from 22nd January to “Once this is achieved we sure that the private sector a continued partnership,” Wy Located at 17 Sagayam road in the midst of town with phar-
26th January. will move towards the digiti- continues to invest in Fiji,” Ali Mun said. maceutical needs at an affordable price and cost.
The first tier of workshops, zation of the improved build- said. Ali said the partnership The company owned by Shayal Chand and Sanjay Kumar
which were held from 27th ing permit approval process,” Singapore Cooperation with Singapore Cooperation who are both Registered Pharmacist by profession and five
November to 30th November, Ali said. Enterprise chief executive of- Enterprise will enable the Fi- years of experience.
2017, was to audit and re-en- He said to get to that stage ficer, Kong Wy Mun, said, Im- jian Government identify the Good and friendly place to visit for medication needs after
gineer business processes for the Ministry will need to col- proving the ease of approving redundant processes, stream- hour’s service, provides support for any emergency medical
building permits approvals to laborate and all the approval construction permits is one line the building permit ap- needs.
enable the implementation of agencies will need to be on of the key factors in creating provals and implement the Opening hours from Monday to Friday, 6am till midnight
the Regulation of Building Per- board to develop a greatly im- a pro-business environment, Regulations of Building Permit 12am, Saturday hours: 7am till 1pm and then 8pm till midnight
mits Act 2017, gazetted on 14 proved and streamlined ap- especially so for its industries. Act 2017. and Sunday from 2pm to 5pm.
July 2017. proval process. “This will support the Further reference towards the Pharmacy, please call: 620
Ministry permanent secre- “I want to reiterate that growth of businesses in Fiji 1505 Landline, 5089 176 [Digicel] and 907 6530[Vodafone].

Tappoo City
Officially Opens
The Tappoo City Com- positive that our journey for- Tappoo Group of Com-
plex in Lautoka has officially ward as a nation isn’t only panies Executive Chairman,
opened. happening in Suva, or down Kanti Lal Tappoo said the Tap-
The event was officiated the coast in Nadi. It is happen- poo City Lautoka Complex
by the Prime Minister, Voreqe ing right here, and this project was an investment necessary
Bainimarama on Saturday, 20 is very much part of building for the standard we see today.
January. Lautoka into a premier city in “This vision would not
The $30million project Fiji, and the whole of the Pa- have been possible without
was completed last year and cific,” he said. the cooperation of all our part-
provides employment to over Mr. Bainimarama adds that ners, local and international.
500 people. that work has made it a very “We are also proud of our ten-
The Complex also hosts exciting time for him to be a ants at TappooCity Lautoka,”
restaurants, coffee shops, a Fijian, and an equally exciting “Quite a few of these are
400plus capacity cinema, lux- time to invest in Fiji. young entrepreneurs and
ury item shops, sportswear, “And I’d like to again thank small to medium size enter-
beauty parlors, a supermarket the Tappoo Group for making prises that have the opportu-
and six corporate booths fac- this major investment in Fiji, nity to grow with the success
ing Churchill Park. on behalf of the many Fijians of Tappoo City Lautoka,” Mr.
In opening the complex, who are working here and in Tappoo said.
Mr. Bainimarama thanked the the surrounding businesses, He adds this opportunity
Tappoo family for their contin- and all those who now look will further boost the confi-
ued confidence in the Fijian to this new shopping centre dence of those who have the
economy. as a fixture of the Lautoka vision to start businesses in Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama officially opens the Tappoo City Lautoka Complex.
“This development is proof cityscape.” Fiji. Photo DEPTFO.

Target 100 Initiative to

business provides a unique other things. est and welfare of all types of
tool for achieving economic “Through the Target 100 co-operatives at all levels.
goals in an increasingly com- initiative we will be able to “The NCF will provide a
petitive world.” understand the constraints platform for cooperatives to

Assist Cooperatives
Mr Ali said the Government and common problems that raise their concerns and is-
considers cooperatives as a are faced by the cooperatives sues at the national and in-
means of empowering the sector. And we will work with ternational levels” said the
grassroot communities that them to address those prob- Permanent Secretary.
helps build a robust and resil- lems.” It is anticipated that once
ient economy from within. PS Ali stressed that the established, the National Co-
By MARIA LAQETA He stated that the Minis- Fijian Government wants co- operative Federation will be
try through the Department operatives business to thrive able to access assistance and
of Cooperatives Business will and flourish into bigger en- support from apex organisa-
The Ministry of Industry, an initiative in Suva target- not able to earn a liveli- work with 100 selected coop- terprises and to continue to tions internationally.
Trade and Tourism is com- ing hood individually. eratives in the divisions to en- contribute to the growth of He also stressed that the
mitted to assist and guide 100 the Central and Eastern di- “Cooperatives are formed sure that their by-laws are in the economy. Fijian Government will con-
cooperatives around Fiji to be vision. to meet peoples’ mutual line with the requirements set The workshop also dis- tinue to provide the necessary
fully compliant with the Coop- Mr Ali highlighted that co- needs, as a group of people out in the Cooperatives Act cussed the formation of the support that is required by the
eratives Act. operatives represent a strong, work together to achieve and their accounting proce- National Cooperative Federa- cooperatives.
Permanent Secretary for vibrant and viable economic goals that none of them could dures are correct and that the tion – a central agency that
Trade and Tourism launched alternative to people who are achieve alone. Cooperative accounts are audited among will be representing the inter-



e press

‘Taste The Unforgettable

Fijian Touch’

Grinning Merelita Erenavula at her restaurant in Nadi Town. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.

THE dream of being a sole entrepre- wished to own one day,” she added. planned to lift up the standard accord- and drinks which suits our customer’s re-
neur was something Merelita Erenavula In February 27, 2015, journey began when ing to customer’s requirements with quirements and avoid processed food which
never thought of establishing one day. her prayer partner had a vision that she the help of my husband Isei,” she said. caused serious sickness now days,” she said.
Ms Erenavula a retired school teacher and would be offered a place to start a business. Talking about local food displayed Grinning Mere believed because of her devot-
former national Fiji Rep opened her new “I make an effort to face the challenge of the at the restaurant, Mere had to make ed Catholic faith she excel in all walks of life es-
restaurant called Lita & Lolo’s in Nadi town. revelation through approaching right people sure local foods were presented well. pecially Sports, Teaching career and business.
The 60-year- old of Namotomoto village in for the business to get on board,” she smiled. “We usually cook cassava at home, fish She acknowledged her husband’s support
Nadroga runs the business with her hus- Through her faith, she bought a business from and miti, lamb rourou, meaty bone soup we which results to her children’s excel in life.
band Isei Erenavula, serving people from all local business man and named it as Lita & Lolo. prefer to cook it at the restaurant, we also
walks of life with the best serve local food. “Lita & Lolo, [Lita stands for Merelita while offer freshly blended smooth,” she added.
“Owning a business was never in Lolo refer to my sister in Law, after re- “Unique thing about this business is that we
my bucket lists but with faith I always newing the names of the company, we have to make sure we presented local food

Sweet Tweets: Are you Ready for 2018 Elections?

Radhi Kumar Shiu Narayan Alivereti Togabale Mafi Baravilala Grace Korolima
Seru Nabola SUVA

“We passed 2017 and am “Yes, I can’t wait to make “I’m not taking part be- “Well...there’s so many
“ Yes,am excited to witness “Yes off course am looking things going on around
looking forward to have the the election which party go- my choice during election forward to the Election be- cause of religious reasons
Election soon and we got to and I do look forward to but I wish SODELPA wins. that’s kinda like diverted
ing to won the Election”. cause anything can happen. my attention away from
move with time”. see new people in author- Any party can takeover and Because am interested in
ity”. the party”. politics. Issues rising, ten-
lead the country forward”. sion amongst the politicians
that has kinda forced me
to draw my attention away
from it”.

$7.5M Hall to be built
behind Nadi Temple
A cultural hall with an esti-
mated cost of $7.5 million dol-
lars will be built by TISI San-
gam Fiji behind the Sri Siva
Subramaniya temple in Nadi.
Nadi Temple Devastharam
board chairman Gandhi Mes-
try said they have already
done excavation works and
are about to proceed with
the laying of the foundation.
“This is a huge investment by
TISI Sangam Fiji and we are an-
ticipating the signing of some
contracts,” Mr. Mestry said.
The building will house
a multipurpose hall, puja-
ris quarters, and 10 com-
mercial shops including
a vegetarian restaurant.
Mr. Mestry said the con-
struction of the build-
ing is scheduled to be
completed in 18 months.
“We have included a puja-
ris quarters because when-
ever we have an event in
which we have to get in
pujaris from overseas or An artists impression of the Sangam Cultural Centre. Photo: SUPPLIED.
from around the country
we normally pay for rental office will also be shifted to can also be hired for cer- “We are very grateful to support towards the temple fast pace,” Mr. Mestry said.
homes so this way it’s very the new hall once completed. tain celebrations like Sangam Fiji and all our ex- and initiatives which has en-
convenient for us,” he said. The multipurpose hall birthdays or weddings. ecutives for their continued abled us to progress at a very
Mr. Mestry adds their head

'' Wish a blessed Annual Pooja to all

the Devotees of Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple”

Sangam Cultural TISI Fiji Explores

Board members at Sri Subramaniya Temple in Nadi. Photo: SUPPLIED.

The TISI Sangam Fiji head of- ment and investments.” sisting of three halls, 16
fice in liaison with their Legal He said the Newly acquired classrooms and other fa-
Advisor and the Land and Es- 10 acres’ Freehold land from cilities within the complex,”
tates Board has been explor- the Nasinu Land Purchase Naicker adds the TIV Narewa
ing various options for the fur- in Nadawa is undergoing complex plan has been ap-
ther development and better developments and Sangam proved and we are in the
returns from our various prop- is drawing up a concept final stages to call for ten-
erties around the country. plan for the full utilization ders for the construction of
National President, Sadasi- of the property in Nasinu. the building consisting of
van Naicker said they have “Rakiraki is negotiating for Retail outlets and Offices.”
finally updated the records the purchase of a 12-acre “There are other Sangam
for the Madhuvani San- land adjacent to the Penang properties at Sangam Press
gam estate and are in the Sangam School and once this property in Nadi, Nawai,
final stages of now prepar- is acquired there will be po- Momi Bay-Savusavu, Sibe-
ing the new land leases to tential for lot of developments ria in Labasa, Lovu San-
By ANA SOVA be issued to the tenants. for the Rakiraki TISI Sangam. gam Village in Lautoka and
“Some of the vacant Similarly, Nasinu has em- within districts which are
This year after a lapse of In each of the divisions cer- mission of India has been lots will be reserved by barked on a major three- being assessed for appropri-
several years the Tamil/ tificates were given to all promoting a number of TISI Sangam for develop- million- dollar project con- ate developments,” he said.
Telegu Kirtan Sammel- participants and the 1st, 2nd, programs from India dur-
lan was organized by the 3rd place getters and the ing the festival of Namaste
TISI sangam in three zones best Dholak players were Pacifica Festival of India.
for the Western; Southern awarded with trophies. The next program will be
and the Northern Divisions. We hope to continue with the Kuchipudi Dance to be
The Western Division Sam- this in the new year to pro- staged at the Khatri Hall in
mellan was hosted by the mote the South Indian culture Suva on the 12th of January;
Solovi Sangam temple on and music. There are plans to Lawaqa Park Sigatoka 13th
the 21st of October and get the best kirtan artists from Janauary and at the Girmit
eight singers participated. the 3 divisions to one plat- Center Lautoka on the 14th
The Southern Division was form and have them perform. of Janauary, 2018. All these
hosted by Nasinu Sangam I wish to take this oppor- performances will be for 2
on the 18th of November tunity to thank the hosts hours starting from 7.00 pm.
and six singers participated for the Sammellan as well Earlier the Jatayu Moksh-
while the Northern Division as all the participating art- am Ramayana based Mu-
one was hosted on the 25th ists, judges and patrons. sical Dance Drama Group
of November, by Labasa Kuchipudi Dance was staged at the Nadi
TISI Sangam and altogeth- The TISI Sangam in part- sangam Primary grounds
er 16 singers participated. nership with the High Com- on the 29th. Of November.

Company Limited
P.O. Box 12088
Nadi Airport
Fiji Islands.
Phone: 679 6727664
Fax: 679 6727664
Cell: 679 9992382
E-mail: Supplier of Bed, bath linens,
pillows to hotels and resorts.


The Chairman and the Board and the Board house a new vegetarian cafeteria to be locat-
of the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple ed at a new site within the temple compound
needs to be commended for the major renova- together with offices and other amenities.
tion and temple upgrading works undertaken. The Thaipoosam begins on the 25th of Janu-
The Temple in preparation for the upcoming ary and ends on the 4th of February while
Thaipoosam and the Maha Kumbabhishek- the Maha Kumbhabishekam Pooja at the
am has undertaken the full renovation of the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple Nadi
Temple which includes, full temple painting, is from the 15th of June to the 17th of June.
tiling, extension of the car park, extension of The Labasa Sangam Shri Venkteshwara
the boundary fencing and other minor works. temple is also undertaking major renovation
The temple has also launched its major project works for their upcoming Maha Kumbhab-
the 7.5 Million dollars Multi- Purpose cultural hishekam Pooja scheduled For March, 2018.
hall consisting of retail outlets, offices, a 750 seat All other Temples are scheduled to ob-
hall and accommodation units. This had been serve their normal annual pooja’s.
a long standing project and is finally underway.
The temple is also constructing a building to



Nawaka Village. P. O. Box 3161, Nadi

Phone 670 2643. Mobile 992 7643/980 8615/992 7567





Foundation Approve Death Benefits

The TISI Sangam Fiji Founda- that the TISI Sangam Fiji Founda-
tion is now providing death ben- tion Charter be prepared Register
efits to its members. it with the Ministry of Finance and
A major decision was taken request for tax rebate status and
during a National Executive Board also appoint a Board with Com-
& Committee meeting in 2017, to mittee Members 1 from each dis-
provide benefits to the Sangam trict, TIV, TIM & Global Sangam.
members. The membership will have 3
The committee endorsed the categories:
proposal that any of our LM and • Bronze: Upon joining
for Ordinary members [provided and payment of $120.00 for 1 year
they had been Ordinary members • Silver: $600.00 or 5 years
continuously for 3 consecutive of continuous contribution.
years] will be entitled for $500.00 • Gold: $840.00 or 7 years
funeral expenses in case of their of continuous contribution
death. • Platinum: $1200.00 or
The Secretary General Damend 10years of contribution.
Gounder has already donated • Each membership cat-
$10,000.00 towards this welfare egory will have a certificate and
fund and other TISI Sangam Dis- upon acquiring Platinum status
tricts are also committing towards member will receive certificate
this fund. and a special Sangam Fiji Founda-
A proposal was put forward tion lapel badge.
during the COM meeting in Nadro- Members are urged to please
ga on the 10th of Septembers that register and contribute towards
Sangam Foundation needs to be this welfare fund.
owned by a wide cross section of TISI Sangam Council of Man-
members and not only by a small agement during its COM meeting
group of donors. on the 5th of November unani-
The membership needs to con- mously endorsed the appoint-
tribute and also have a say in the ment of Mr. Sanjeev Mudaliar to
way the funds are utilized. be the chairman of the Sangam
In this regard it was suggested Fiji Foundation.

Nursing College Developing New Courses


The Sangam College of Nursing is currently The college staff that was granted scholar- It was a milestone accomplishment in the cycle from Labasa, Lautoka and Suva centers.
in the process of developing four new Post ship to get the training in first half of the year is history of nursing education in Fiji for the Col- They are working together with former 158
Graduate Diploma courses in ICU, CCU, Public currently teaching with APTC counterpart. lege to develop the degree course in 2012 and students at various stations who graduated
Health, Leadership and Management. Once the current batch completes their pro- implemented in 2013 after obtaining necessary with degree from our College.
National President, Sadasivan Naicker said gramme of studies this month, the College will approvals from the Fiji Nursing Council and the Hopefully, all 114 graduating today will get
the draft CCU curriculum was presented to the take ownership to teach the course from next Fiji Higher Education Commission. to serve with them from next year.
Fiji Nursing Council (FNC) earlier this month. year. The first cohort of 67 students graduated Sangam Nursing College has thus contrib-
“The valuable suggestions received will be With an increase in the life span of people, with Bachelor of Nursing Science degree in uted 478 nurses with degree qualification to
incorporated and after further consultations the need for individual support is growing both 2015, 91 students graduated last year. the service comprising 272 full-time students
with stakeholders, submission will be made to at home and in the neighboring developed All graduates are serving with the Ministry studying on campus here and 206 who did
FNC for their decision. The other two courses countries. of Health. part- time studies through the bridging course.
are still work in progress.” There would be ample job opportunities for Yet another great achievement of the San- Currently 197 nurses are pursuing bridging
He adds the College in partnership with the those who undertake the course. gam Nursing College was the development of course at five centres, three named earlier
Australia-Pacific Technical College (APTC) has This is the 12th year of operation of the San- the new bridging curriculum in 2016 to assist and two more subsequently opened at Ba and
also commenced the delivery of a new Aged gam College of Nursing. nurses working fulltime to upgrade their quali- Taveuni.
Care training programme which began in July, During the period, the College graduated fication from Diploma to Degree. Arrangements are being made for the open-
2017. 445 students with Diploma qualification, 27 The flexible learning model blended with ing of another center next year.
The first cohort of 21 students was fully Enrolled Nurses, 59 Midwives and eight Nurse face-to-face lectures and online studies made
sponsored by APTC. Practitioners with postgraduate diploma. it possible for 206 nurses to graduate in the first




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Radisson Internship Intake


The internship intakes for Trainee Marisia Qoli.

the Radisson Blu Resort Fiji The internship is a second
have increased since the re- year requirement for the USP
sort first partnered with the School of Tourism and Hos-
University of the South Pacific pitality Management degree
(USP) in 2015. prior to graduating.
So far the Radisson Blu Re- Radisson Blu Resort Fiji
sort Fiji has undergone intern- General Manager, John Bendt-
ship training for 11 competent sen said the programme is
USP students also simultane- beneficial for both parties,
ously running a USP Gradu- while interns learn the ropes
ate Management Trainees in time they can also fill rel-
programme where identified evant positions and grow their
potential team members are career within the resort.
groomed for supervisory posi- He adds the database of
tions. potential students discovered
This year the resort has en- during the career fairs acts as
gaged four students from the a reference for future vacan-
University of the South Pacific cies.
to conduct their 12-year in- Every year the resort at-
ternship at the resort where tends the USP Careers fair to
they will train in all depart- meet and interview possible
ments to gain exposure, prac- interns, graduate Manage-
tical skills, build their resumes ment trainees, and potential
and have a better understand- upbeat team members.
ing of the Hospitality and Tour- Bendtsen said a good
ism industry before resuming number of interns have se- From-R-L-Radisson-Blu-Resort-Fiji-General-Manager-John-Bendtsen-Graduate-Trainee-Marisia-Qoli-Intern-Richard-Misau-
their final year of studies. cured permanent employ- Elenoa-Draunidalo-and-Resort-Manager-Julien-Racine. Photo: SUPPLIED.
The promising 2018 interns ment within the Resort and
are Richard Misau, Adi Elenoa have now moved up to super-
Draunidalo, Mary Cokanasiga visory positions. munity and social responsi- Carlson Rezidor Hotel brands. support in developing local increase our intake on interns
and Graduate Management “Giving back to the com- bility is a major facet of the We will continue to show our future leaders and we plan to in the coming year,” he said.

7 of the World’s Most Luxurious

Honeymoon Destinations
Begin your marriage on the lavish stays for the newly- moon itinerary, we wish you moon getaways. Every villa,
most splendid of notes with weds who want a holiday of only the most luxurious and resort, and private island was
the best luxury honeymoon absolute splendour. This list is romantic stay. chosen not only because of
destinations on the planet. filled with the most luxurious Check out the list here: its pure beauty, excitement,
The blushing bride and and magnificent of resorts, 1. Fregate Private Island – and adventurous appeal but
groom have walked down the villas, and hotels to make the Seychelles also because of its embodi-
aisle. A new Mr. and Mrs. have honeymooners beam with 2. Dolphin Island Fiji ment of romance. Your hon-
been united. What comes happiness. True luxury has 3. Emirates One&Only eymoon has never looked
next is the second most excit- never been closer than with Wolgan Valley more opulent than with these
ing experience of a lifetime: these magnificent locations. 4. Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef 7 luxury options. Now to de-
the honeymoon trip. Which one will top the oth- 5. Likuliku Lagoon Resort cide – where are you flying off
Doing the work for you, ers for you? Is it a private over- 6. Gili Lankanfushi to soon for the honeymoon of
we have scoured through top water bungalow or a serene 7. COMO Cocoa Island a lifetime?
honeymoon destinations to valley sanctuary? Whichever These 7 destinations truly
find the most exquisite and finds its way to your honey- top the world’s luxury honey- FLIGHT NETWORK 1. Fregate Private Island – Seychelles.

2. Dolphin Island Fiji. 3. Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley. 4. Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef.

5. Likuliku Lagoon Resort. 6. Gili Lankanfushi. 7. COMO Cocoa Island.


Annual Visitor Arrival Increased in 2017

Table 1 above presents arrival numbers by country for the years 2015 - 2017. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Fiji’s annual Visitor Arrival Countries -379 to 4,730, Unit- (74.8%), 74,492 (8.8%) came of 82,316 and 78,164 respec- The majority of visitors to lows;
number reached a new high ed Kingdom-213 to 16,925 and to visit friends or relatives, tively. Fiji in December 2017 were in 1) Professional Workers –
of 842,884 in 2017. Japan-76 to 6,350. 33,222 (3.9%) came for busi- The peak arrival months by the age range 25-64 (62.8%), 15,433
This was 6.4% more than Monthly visitor numbers ness purposes while 104,470 country and number were as which accounts for the vast 2) Legislators – 9,951
the previous record of 792,320 topped the 90,000 mark for (12.5%) visited Fiji for other follows; majority of the working age 3) Technician and Related
which was set in 2016. the first time ever in July with reasons. Australia – December with population. Children aged Workers – 7,470
Contributing to the re- 90,108 arrivals. There were significant in- 36,786 visitors 14 and below accounted for 4) Service Workers – 5,542
cord level of visitor arrivals The 2017 visitor numbers creases in the number of visi- New Zealand – July with 17.2% of the December visitor 5) Craft and Related Work-
in 2017 were increases from from New Zealand (184,595) tors arriving for the following 26,448 visitors arrivals; 13.9% were youths ers – 3,664
the following countries; New and USA (81,198) were the purposes; United States of America – aged 15-24 with the remaining Visitors who are not in the
Zealand- 20,759 to 184,595, highest ever in a given year. 1) Visiting Friends and Rel- July with 9,525 visitors 6.1% comprising those in the labour force were categorised
the United States of America Visitor numbers from Fiji’s atives (by 6,230 to 74,492) China – January with 5,908 predominantly retirement age into two major groups. The
-11,570 to 81,198, Austra- top two source markets, Aus- 2) Holiday (by 29,813 to visitors group of 65 and over. categories and numbers are
lia- 5,319 to 365,389, Rest of tralia-365,689) and New Zea- 630,700) United Kingdom – July December Visitors by Oc- as follows;
Asia-4,393 to 24,951, Pacific land-184,595 equate to aver- The July visitor arrival with 1,961 visitors cupation 1) Students – 18,263
Islands-3,979 to 53,720, Conti- age daily arrivals of 1,002 and number of 90,108 was the 6) Canada – July with 1,319 The top 5 Occupational 2) Retirees, Housewives,
nental Europe-2,722 to 34,368, 506 respectively. highest in 2017, followed by visitors Groups for visitors engaged in Children & Others – 12,456
South Korea-800 to 8,871, Visitors arriving for holi- the months of August and December Visitors by Gen- gainful employment in their
Canada-641 to 12,421, Other day purposes totaled 630,700 October with arrival figures der and Age home countries are as fol- FIJI BUREAU OF


2018 – Special
Year for USP
While 2018 is just another sity had a firm commitment to versity has much to be proud
year for some, it is a most quality even in the planning of of as it celebrates its golden
special one for The University the University as can be seen jubilee celebrations this year
of the South Pacific (USP) as in this extract from the Morris from February to December.
it marks its fifty (50) years of Report of 1966: Making education and
existence since its establish- “In our conception of such learning resources available
ment in 1968. a university we have in our to the Pacific people across its
There is much to be cel- minds two main principles, twelve-member countries has
ebrated about the regional in- both of which we hold to be not only contributed to the de-
stitution, which the University of cardinal importance. The velopment of the region but
has encompassed in the Anni- first is that in the whole field has also raised the standards
versary’s overarching theme of higher education, whether of living for individuals who
of “Celebrating the Pacific, in degree courses or diploma have been part of the Univer-
Shaping its Future”. courses, the highest qual- sity’s legacy and are now its
USP is the epitome of ity must be ensured in teach- proud alumni.
Pacific people’s vision and ing and in student achieve- Some of the events to
hope and has contributed ment…” (p.24). mark the celebrations include Each of our 12 Member Countries are a consistent source of strength and guidance to USP.
immensely to the develop- The University has re- the 50th anniversary launch, Photo: USP.
ment of human resources in mained true to this commit- Royal New Zealand Air Force
the region by ensuring quality ment and expectation. The (RNZAF) Memorial, Travelling Week, Library Quiz Night, can be sighted on engage in the many activities
graduates, who are contribut- University now enjoys an ex- Exhibition, Research Seminar ‘Our Sea of Islands’ sympo- USP will celebrate its that are instore for the Univer-
ing at different levels in their cellent reputation not only in Series, ‘Talking to the Ances- sium, Plaques unveiling, Sou- achievements, member sity’s 50th Anniversary festivi-
communities and countries. the region but internationally, tors’ Exhibition, Song Launch, venir Book Launch, ‘Sails’ countries, students, alumni, ties.
It has not only responded and the quality of the Univer- Library Focus Week, ‘We are Exhibition, USP 2019-2024 development partners and USP is also calling on its
to the needs of the region but sity’s programmes is vouched the Ocean’ Heritage & Arts Strategic Plan launch, Interna- other stakeholders through- alumni to contribute to the
also prepared its people for for by an increasing number Festival, ‘Living Objects’ Exhi- tional Conference on Oceans/ out 2018. University’s Alumni Fund,
upcoming opportunities and of international accredita- bition, Mural Opening, Open Climate Nexus, and Vice- The University invites all its to enable funding of special
challenges. tions. Day, a Mana: Voyaging Ocea- Chancellor’s closing dinner, stakeholders to be part of the projects from the interest
The Founders of the Univer- Five decades on, the Uni- nia Performance, Research among many others, which year-long celebrations across earned in the future.
its fourteen campuses and USP

CAFF Introduces Flexi Mercury Sampling Training

Learning Hours benefits IAS staff
The University of the South International Cooperation concentration in hair can be-
Pacific’s (USP) Institute of Agency (JICA) and the Gov- come high.
Applied Sciences (IAS) Labo- ernment of Japan. Hair analysis can reveal
ratory Services staff were The partnership was to be the level of mercury expo-
trained on Mercury Sampling for long-term monitoring of sure that has occurred over a
by the Institute of Developing mercury and to achieve the period of time in people. Hair
Economies (IDEA) Inc. con- objectives of Global Conven- mercury concentration is also
sultants from Japan who vis- tions such as the Minamata known to be proportionate to
ited Fiji in December 2017. Convention which aims to blood mercury concentration.
The training, which was reduce exposure to mercury. The World Health Organ-
held at the IAS laboratory at The effects of exposure to isation recommends the
the lower campus in Laucala low levels of mercury are well monitoring of methylmercury
is part of an initiative by Ja- documented globally and is a concentration in pregnant
pan’s Ministry of Environment public health concern. women’s hair and argues that
on monitoring mercury levels As 80 to 90 per cent of hu- the level of 10 ppm or above
in the Pacific Island region. man hair is composed of ker- can increase the risk of fetal
Apart from Fiji, the consul- atin, which contains an amino neurological defects. USP
tants had also visited Samoa acid group high in sulfhydryl
and Papua New Guinea to groups that easily combines USP
gain better understanding on with mercury; the mercury
such activities in the Pacific
region and to develop long-
term monitoring networks on
mercury levels in the regional
environment and populations.
Being experts in the field
of mercury testing in the en-
vironment and human popu-
lations, the IDEA consultants
demonstrated sampling tech-
niques for the collection of
human hair, ambient air and
Bachelor Science in Agriculture student, Krishneel Chand (R) with his friend at College of Ag- water to test for mercury.
riculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Photo: FNU. These demonstrations en-
abled IAS laboratory staff to
The Fiji National Univer- excellent opportunity to those “There are a lot of resourc- gain hands-on experience in
sity’s (FNU) College of Agri- already in the workforce in- es lying idle and they are not setting up samplers, collect-
culture, Fisheries and Forestry tending to further their stud- tapped to their full potential ing samples as well as record
(CAFF) will offer selected ies,” said Mr Chand. so in Agricultural Economics keeping (data logging).
programmes on flexible hours “We wanted to have the we are teaching how to fully This training added to the
from Semester 1, 2018 to en- classes at a venue which is utilise these resources. So experience of the IAS labora-
able potential students who easily accessible to everyone. this subject area is an impor- tory technicians who routine-
are engaged during the day to Looking at the heavy traf- tant component of any pro- ly do mercury testing in food
attend evening classes. fic flow in the afternoon we gramme at the College.” samples.
This is the first time the felt that it will be difficult for Meanwhile, third year The private consultants
College has introduced this working students to attend Bachelor of Science in Ag- held a brief meeting with Dr
study mode after receiving evening classes at Koronivia.” riculture student, Krishneel Johann Poinapen, Director
strong requests from employ- Mr Chand, who specialises Chand, plans to pursue Mas- IAS, including other senior IAS
ees intending to upgrade their in Agricultural Economics, ters in Agriculture through the Laboratory staff discussing
qualifications but weren’t in a said they are receiving a lot of University of Queensland after the multi-disciplinary services
position to commit to fulltime enquiries from students inter- graduating from CAFF. provided by the Institute and
studies. ested in studying agriculture The 23 year-old from Rar- services offered by the visiting
The classes will be offered and becoming entrepreneurs. awai, FSC, Ba said he has team.
at FNU Nasinu campus from 2 “Study programmes of- learnt many new and exciting Dr Poinapen acknowl-
February. fered at CAFF are designed things in the field of agricul- edged the efforts of the visit-
Lecturer at Department in such a way that it trains a ture through his studies. ing team and added that such
of Agricultural Economics student to start up their own “I’m happy that I decided training helps to augment the
and Extension Education, Mr farm. Through Agricultural to join this College for my ter- skills and knowledge of IAS
Ritesh Chand said the Col- Economics we are trying to tiary education. Agricultural laboratory staff in proper sam-
lege decided on this venue teach students how to man- Economics and Finance has ples collection for mercury
keeping in mind the travelling age finance in order to suc- been a very interesting com- analysis and monitoring.
convenience of the intending cessfully run a business. Now- ponent of my study here. I IAS, one of the six global
students. adays, farming is more about had never thought about how regional reference laboratory
“In this competitive work- business which we call ‘farm important the incorporation for persistent organic pollut-
force, the need to upgrade businesses’ and gone are the of economics and finance is ants (POPs) and IDEA had IDEA Consultants Researcher Miwako Ueda assists IAS Lab
qualifications has vastly in- days when it was only for tra- in today’s farming practices.” explored establishing a part- Techinician Anaseini Turukawa in measuring hair samples for
creased. This will provide an ditional purposes.” FNU nership along with the Japan Mercury Analysis.Photo: USP.

Jokes for Kids

pony sing himself a lul- after they get married? dancers?
laby? On a bunny-moon! They have two left feet.
He was a little hoarse. 29. What sound do 43. What did the wolf say
14. Why didn’t the porcupines make when they when it stubbed its toe?
skeleton go to the dance? hug? Owwwww-ch! (by Henrik,

Bet You Didn’t

He had no body to Ouch! age 5)
dance with. 30. Why do ducks make 44. Kid: What are you do-
15. What gets wetter great detectives? ing under there?
the more it dries? They always quack the Mom: Under where?

1. Why did the dinosaur
cross the road? A towel. case. Kid: Ha ha! You said
Because the chicken 16. What do you call two 31. What did one wall say underwear!!
wasn’t born yet. bananas? to the other wall? 45. Why did Johnny
2. Why can’t Elsa have Slippers. I’ll meet you at the throw the clock out of the
And speaking of ba- corner. window? Human Body Facts Human brain is more ac-
balloon? Human body works like tive at night as compared to
Because she will let it go. nanas… 32. What do lawyers Because he wanted to
17. Why did the banana wear to court? see time fly. a complex machine. It con- day time. The reason is still
3. How do you make an tinuously works and never not known to scientists.
octopus laugh? go to the doctor? Lawsuits. 46. What did one toilet
Because it wasn’t peeling 33. What kind of hair do say to the other? stops. Generally, you don’t When you blush, your
With ten-tickles! think about everything your stomach lining also reddens.
4. How do you make a well. oceans have? You look flushed.
19. What do you call a Wavy. 47. Why did the man put body does but if you will you You cannot sneeze with
tissue dance? might find out how great it is. your eyes open.
You put a little boogie fake noodle? 34. What’s black & white his money in the freezer?
An impasta. and read all over? He wanted cold hard It keeps doing a million things Human bones are com-
in it. each second without any de- posed of 31% water.
5. Knock knock. 20. What stays in the cor- A newspaper. (Okay, this cash!
ner yet can travel all over one might require explana- 48. What word is always lay like: – digesting your food, A red blood cell takes ap-
Who’s there? growing new skin etc. Some- proximately 20 seconds to
Interrupting pirate. the world? tion for digital-aged kids). spelled wrong in the dic-
A stamp. 35. And, what is black, tionary? times it also requires care. circle the whole body.
Interrupting pir— Facts you didn’t know: – Human brain has more
yarrrrrr! 21. How do you fix a white and green all over? Wrong.
cracked pumpkin? A pickle in a tuxedo. 49. How do pickles enjoy Your mouth produces than 100 billion nerve cells.
6. What did the nose say about 1 litre of saliva each You will not be able to taste
to the finger? With a pumpkin patch. 36. What time is it if an a day out?
22. What kind of award elephant sits on the fence? They relish it. day. your food if your saliva does
Quit picking on me! When you touch some- not mix with your food.
7. What musical instru- did the dentist receive? Time to fix the fence! 50. Mom: Does your un-
A little plaque. 37. What part of your derwear have holes in it? thing, your brain receives a Your tongue is the stron-
ment is found in the bath- message by a speed of 124 gest muscle of your body.
room? 23. What do you call a body can cause the end of Kid: Of course not!
funny mountain? the world? Mom: Then how do you miles per hour. Babies are color blind at
A tuba toothpaste. 70% of human body is birth. They only see black and
8. Why did the kid bring Hill-arious. Your apoco-lips (AJ, age get your legs in them?
24. Why are ghosts bad 8!) 51. Where do sheep go made up of water. white.
a ladder to school? The nail on your middle Most of the air we breathe
Because he wanted to go liars? 38. What do you call an to get their hair cut?
Because you can see old snowman? To the baa-baa shop! finger grows faster than the comes in through our nose.
to high school. other fingernails. Along with the air come aller-
9. What is a vampire’s right through them. Water. 52. What is a pirate’s
25. Why do bees have 39. Why didn’t the or- favourite letter? Men get hiccups more of- gens – pollen or other things
favorite fruit? ten than women. that cause an allergic reaction
A blood orange. sticky hair? ange win the race? Aaarrr!
Because they use a hon- It ran out of juice. 53. Why are leopards Jaw muscle is the stron- – and pollutants – things like
10. What do elves learn gest of your entire body. perfume, dust, or cigarette
in school? eycomb. 40. What dinosaur had so bad at playing hide and
26. What did the big the best vocabulary? seek? Our nose is multi tasking smoke.
The elf-abet. as it cools hot air, warms cold The air forced out when
11. What do you call a flower say to the little The thesaurus. Because they’re always
flower? 41. What did one DNA spotted! air and filters impurities. we sneeze can travel up to
dog magician? Every human has a unique 100 mph and spew saliva,
A labracadabrador. Hi, bud! strand say to the other DNA 54. Why did the boy take
27. Why was the picture strand? a ladder to school? fingerprint, unique smell and mucous, and germs as far as
12. Where do pencils go unique tongue print. 30 feet.
for vacation? sent to jail? Do these genes make my Because he though it was
It was framed. butt look big? a HIGH school! Babies do not shed tears It’s common to sneeze two
Pencil-vania. until they are at least one or three times in a row.
13. Why couldn’t the 28. Where do rabbits go 42. Why aren’t dogs good
month old.



AFL will host six aviation

seminars in 2018

Airports Fiji Ltd (AFL) is hosting six with each other,” said.
aviation related seminars, workshops “As this is an Asia Pacific event we Khan adds that air transportation is
and meetings in Nadi in 2018. hope more countries from Asia will be the greatest enabler for connecting our
This was revealed by AFL Executive coming to our beautiful Fiji to attend fu- people and our economies.
Chairman, Faiz Khan during ACI-ICAO ture workshops and meetings,” he said. “In the Pacific due to our geographi-
Aerodrome Certification, Compliance The five of 6 seminars that AFL will cal isolation, our economies are heavily
and Auditing seminar at the Novotel Ho- host are organized by Airports Council reliant on air connectivity for generating
tel in Nadi on Monday, 22 January. International (ACI) and the International trade and tourism for economic growth,”
Khan said due to the challenges of Pa- Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). “It is important that we continue to
cific Island countries to attend such sem- Khan said the ACI-ICAO Developing up-skill our people through such train-
inars that are usually held far and wide, Nations Airport seminar held in in Nadi ings that will ensure our airports are safe,
they wanted to bring as many seminars focuses on Aerodrome Certification, integrated, efficient and sustainable for
to the Pacific’s doorsteps. Compliance and Audit training. air travel in today’s Jet Age,” he said.
“The 23 participants from Vanuatu, “We are committed towards building The ACI – Developing NationsAirport
Cook Islands,Kiribati, Marshall Islands, the capacity of our people and the airport training seminar on Aerodrome Certifica-
Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solo- industry for continuous improvement in tion, Compliance and concluded on Fri-
mon Islands, Tonga and Fiji will also have aerodrome compliance in accordance day, 26 January. AFL Executive Chairman Faiz Khan speaking at the opening.
the opportunity to mingle and network with ICAO standards and guidelines,” he Photo: SUPPLIED.

Four Commercial
Trends Hitting
Aviation in 2018
Despite longer-lasting air- and airflow rate. the need for routine mainte-
craft, more durable engines By implementing digital nance and only triggering re-
and innovations in mainte- twins and creating a virtual pairs when needed — helping
nance techniques, recent model of the asset, organiza- increase fleet availability by
research has shown main- tions can receive early warn- up to 35% and reduce labor
tenance spending continues ings, predictions and even a costs by 10%.
to increase. In fact, airlines plan of action by simulating AI is helping bring this to
now spend more money on “what-if ” scenarios based on reality by using data from
maintenance than on fuel or weather, performance, op- in-service aircraft to predict
crew. The need to cut main- erations and other variables, potential issues. These algo-
tenance, repair and overhaul helping keep aircraft in ser- rithms are learning to pre-
(MRO) costs is a pressing is- vice for longer. dict delays and faults, giving
sue for airlines. So is the need GE helped develop the airlines, airports and MROs
to keep assets operationally world’s first digital twin for an a better chance of avoiding
available. How can airlines airplane’s landing gear. Sen- them.
keep aircraft in the air while sors were placed on typical The ability to correctly Photo courtesy of Duncan Aviation.
reducing maintenance costs? failure points on the asset, predict the right moment to
Here are four major techno- such as hydraulic pressure repair or replace a part is key computing is one of the top while offering greater accura- approval to make sure drones
logical developments that and brake temperature, to to this approach — if done too five areas identified for invest- cy of checks — freeing up en- are used safely.
can help airlines meet these provide real-time data and far in advance, the benefits ment in 2018. Over 30% of re- gineer time, reducing main- Despite these hurdles,
challenges and produce sig- help predict early malfunc- of longer usage are lost, but spondents identified mobile tenance costs and improving there is a growing opportunity
nificant benefits across the tions or diagnose the remain- if done too late, unexpected as being a key driver of digital safety. for the industry as the benefits
commercial aviation industry ing life cycle of the landing failures can result in unavail- transformation. Initial drone systems have start to outweigh the challeng-
through 2018. gear. able assets and lost revenue. Software as a service so- already been used to enhance es in 2018. For example, in the
Maintenance is one of the Armed with this sort of Airlines look to the cloud lutions are helping drive new visual checks made by engi- U.S., a new initiative — the
major contributors to aircraft data, engineers and MROs But one of the main chal- efficiencies into commercial neers. Low-cost carrier easy- UAS Integration Pilot Program
operating costs. Flight delays can compare data gathered lenges facing AI adopters is aviation operations, particu- Jet has been trialing drones — was announced. It aims to
and cancellations from un- by sensors on the asset to that storing and analyzing vast larly for line of business needs for known or unknown fu- pair unmanned aircraft op-
planned maintenance cost that of its digital twin, which quantities of data can over- such as line maintenance ex- selage inspections for some erators with state and local
airlines billions of dollars can be put through the same whelm IT systems. The next ecution and planning. Previ- time now and is looking to governments to safely expand
every year — not to men- paces the engine experiences generation of cloud solutions ously airlines and MROs have fully implement the solution cutting-edge unmanned air-
tion the impact on customer as it takes off, flies through dif- are here to help process this been concerned about the for hail and lightning strike craft operations. The program
satisfaction. Because of this, ferent types of weather and data, meaning everything amount of physical hardware damage in 2018. will shape a regulatory frame-
the minimization of operating undergoes regular wear and from predictive maintenance they might need to adopt new But developments are work that balances the ben-
costs and optimization of op- tear. If the two data sets don’t to in-flight performance and technologies, but the trans- now being made to automate efits of UAS technology while
erational availability continue match up, then a request can the real-time aging of the air- formation into a SaaS/mobile these inspections – not re- lessening the risks to public
to be top priorities for airlines. be put in for the engine to en- craft can be better tracked environment using tablets or placing engineers, but giving safety and security.
Digital twins, a state-of- ter servicing. and understood. devices and eliminating the them better tools, ones they Commercial aviation leads
the-art method of monitoring According to IDC, com- Cloud solutions are a vital cost of purchasing and man- can deploy quickly with less the way
engines when in use, will help panies that invest in digital tool in the new aviation IT aging on premise technology planning and training. The aviation industry is at
airlines achieve these aims. A twins will see a 30% improve- landscape, especially when is proving to be attractive. Workers would still control the forefront of innovation –
digital twin refers to a virtual ment in cycle times of critical dealing with scheduled and Cloud-based mobile solu- the flight of the drone, but by IFS research confirmed that
replica of a physical asset, processes, including mainte- unscheduled aircraft mainte- tions can be rolled out to the using visual processing algo- commercial aviation leads in
like an aircraft engine, which nance. In 2018, expect to see nance. Having smarter assets workforce with no physical rithms combined with enter- the take-up of new technolo-
can display how the engine is more benefits as the technol- and mobile devices wirelessly installation required. Conse- prise IT systems means the gies for digital transformation
running to engineers on the ogy matures. connected to store data in the quently, airlines can focus on drone can send work orders to overcome some of the in-
ground while the aircraft is AI in the sky: Taking predic- cloud removes the need to the value they receive, not straight to the maintenance dustry’s greatest challenges.
still in the air. These can then tive maintenance from luxury physically store and process the infrastructure they need, crew as soon as a fault is iden- Airlines, MROs and other par-
be linked to IT systems to to must-have data on-site. removing a barrier to change. tified. ties are constantly looking to
help streamline and optimize Artificial intelligence (AI) As digitalization transforms Drones: An autonomous Safety first make major improvements
maintenance processes and is invading the skies. A SITA business models in 2018, the inspector calls But challenges remain. in operational processes and,
operational availability. report claims half of airlines application of advanced ana- Some of the biggest im- Drones must receive FAA ap- although these technologies
Doubling down on mainte- surveyed will invest in AI and lytical methods from AI will no provements in maintenance proval for both outdoor and may be at the start of their avi-
nance cognitive computing in the longer just be good to have — techniques can be derived indoor flights. FAA Part 107 re- ation lifespans, the commer-
To make this happen, en- next three years, while a re- it will soon be business criti- simply from engineers being quires unmanned aircraft op- cial aviation industry is fully
gineers compile thousands of cent Aviation Digital Transfor- cal. able to take a closer look at erators to ensure that aircraft aware of the benefits they will
data points specific to each mation survey saw 37% of re- Mobility and the cloud at everyday tasks, such as air- and controls are fit for safe op- bring.
asset during the design and spondents identify AI as a key your service – SaaS offerings craft inspections. A task that eration prior to any flight. Mark Martin is the director
manufacturing phase of the area for investment. make mobile deliver unmanned aircraft systems Regional regulations that of commercial aviation prod-
engine. These are then used One of the biggest oppor- Airlines aren’t just eyeing (UAS) will revolutionize in change from country to coun- uct line in the Aviation & De-
to build a digital modal that tunities for AI involves predic- the cloud as an answer to 2018. try and state to state must fense Business Unit at IFS.
Today, typical visual in- also be considered, as do
tracks and monitors an asset tive maintenance. An Oliver dealing with AI. Cloud ser-
spections of commercial air- operational complications, AVIATION TODAY
in real-time, providing essen- Wyman report suggested that vices go hand in hand with
tial information throughout predictive analytics can help mobile solutions, and recent craft can take up to six hours. such as security safeguards,
an asset’s lifecycle, such as optimize maintenance plan- IFS research of 200 aviation Drones have the potential communication with ongoing
engine temperature, pressure ning and capacity by reducing professionals found mobile to cut this time dramatically air traffic and airport authority


Come and meet us for all your pharmaceutical
needs at an affordable price.

Located at 17 Sagayam Road

(Behind Sentai Restaurant, beside Dr Kris Naidu’s clinic)

Pharmacists on Duty: Shayal Chand and Sanjay Kumar

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday- 6am till midnight(12am)

Saturday- 7am to 8pm

Sunday- 2pm to 5pm

Ph: 6201505(L), 5089176(D), 9076530(V)


Six Tribe boys Selected

for South Pacific Team

Members of the Fiji Junior Tribe Boys. Photo: AFL FIJI.

Star student
Six Fiji Junior Tribe boys Camp is an important part of Inia Rabuku, Steeven Saru, AFL Solomon Islands &
have been selected for the the Talent Pathway for players Jone Radua, Eroni Raratabu, AFL Tonga was unable to

South Pacific team for 2018. from the South Pacific in Part- Rapoama Bola make Oceania Cup in 2017
The players are; Edward nership with AFL QLD. AFL Vanuatu: George Ga- hence no selected players.
Mel, Inia Rabuku, Steeven All South Pacific players rae, Desire Timothy Three Development
Saru, Jone Radua, Eroni are eligible (If Selected) to AFLPNG Development: Coaches (1 TBC) have been
Raratabu and represent QLD in the Austra- Jason Logi, Xavier Kombong, invited to be part of the South

Rapoama Bola. lian National U/16 Champion- Tadius Wilket, Curtley Ila, Pacific Talent Camp who can
A true reflection of their ships in 2018. Emmanuel Michael, Gerard take back key leanings to con-
hard work and Oceania Cup These players will not only Fungke, Kevan Chan, Paul tinue their coaching develop-
victory. go through the best AFL train- Rawaya, Rex Peregua, Lomax ment
Meanwhile, 25 players and ing, testing & games, they will Koli, Mathias Ivangai, Alipate Navuso - AFL Fiji
three Development Coaches also be provided vital educa- Joe Yamog, Jason Patrick Kilip Andrew - AFL Vanuatu
have been invited to be part tion on Respect & Responsi- AFL South Pacific Nations Kudaman Namaduk - AFL
of the U/16 South Pacific Tal- bility, Social Media & Commu- is still in discussion with AFL Nauru
The Fiji International pre- someone who had performed ent Camp in Brisbane April 24 nity Violence Education Nauru hence no Nauru play- TBC - AFLPNG Develop-
sented by Fiji Airways has rec- to the best of his ability. to May 4, 2018. Selected Players: ers at this stage have been an- ment
ognised the voluntary support “The job was tough at The South Pacific Talent AFL Fiji: Edward Mel, nounced.
of students of The Fiji National times, especially in the
University (FNU) bestowing its scorching heat but I had to do

Fiji Airways signs as Fiji

first academic scholarship to my best as I knew feedback
Apisalome Raiwalui Macana- of our performance would be
lagi. sent back to FNU.
Partners since 2016, the “I worked as a walker scor-

International Presenting Partner

internationally recognised er and also in the emergency
golf tournament provides an section. What kept me going
opportunity for FNU students was a favourite bible verse
to contribute their skill set in from The book of Psalms 126
the workforce to gain invalu- verse 5 “They that sow in tears
able experience to assist not shall reap in joy.”
only their studies, but future More than just a golf tour-
employment opportunities by nament, the Fiji International
taking part in the Westpac Vol- presented by Fiji Airways
unteer Program. aims to leave a legacy in Fiji
For the past two years ap- and the FNU partnership and
proximately 120 FNU students subsequent scholarship is one
from the College of Business, community initiative aimed at
Hospitality and Tourism facul- achieving this goal.
ty have volunteered their time “Firstly I would like to
in roles ranging from walker thank Apisalome (Macana-
scorers, marshals, score re- lagi) and his fellow FNU stu-
cording, administration and dents for their willingness to
registration for the tourna- volunteer at the Fiji Interna-
ment which is now one of the tional presented by Fiji Air-
pre-eminent golf tournaments ways. Over the past two years
in the Asia-Pacific region. the students have done a
In addition to the abun- wonderful job and made sig-
dance of experience the nificant contributions to the
students received in sectors success of the tournament,”
relevant to their studies, a said Gavin Kirkman, CEO of
$5,000 FJD Scholarship was the PGA of Australia, which
created on behalf of the Fiji alongside Sports & Entertain-
International presented by Fiji ment Limited, owns the Fiji
Airways and volunteer spon- International presented by Fiji
sor Westpac Fiji, and award- Airways. Fiji Airways and Fiji International representatives. Photo: SUPPLIED.
ed to a volunteer who at the “The Fiji International pre-
tournament in 2017 displayed sented by Fiji Airways is an in-
outstanding effort and com- ternationally renowned sport-
mitment in their role for the ing event and it is our hope By ANA SOVA
week. through our alignment with Fiji Airways has signed reaching new audiences, au- has seen it become one of the hours of global broadcast vi-
While the Fiji International FNU, students develop skills on as the Presenting Partner diences who will potentially preeminent tournaments in sion which advertises Fiji to
Westpac Volunteer Manag- and gain knowledge during of the Fiji International, after be guests onboard us in the the Asian Pacific region. a global audience,” Kirkman
ers nominated five students their time volunteering that three successful years as a future.” CEO of the PGA of Austra- said.
who showed dedication, en- will assist them with their fu- Platinum partner of the event. The sponsorship of the Fiji lia Gavin Kirkman, said the Fiji The Fiji International pre-
thusiasm, commitment and a ture career aspirations. The tournament will be International presented by Fiji International presented by Fiji sented by Fiji Airways will
good understanding of their “We created this scholar- known as the Fiji International Airways adds to Fiji Airways’ Airways continues to strength- return to the Pacific for its
role, FNU selected the win- ship as a way of recognising presented by Fiji Airways. significant support of inter- en with the support and in- fifth staging when it is held
ner, taking into account each and thanking the students Fiji Airways Managing Di- national sporting excellence, vestment into the tournament from 2-5 August 2018 at Nat-
student’s overall university for their contribution to the rector and CEO Mr. Andre Vil- which includes comprehen- through valued partners such adola Bay Championship Golf
results and diligence to their tournament but to also com- joen said they were pleased sive rugby sponsorship incor- as Fiji Airways. Course.
studies. mend their dedication to their to partner with the Fiji Inter- porating naming and brand- “Fiji Airways have shown The event will be tri-sanc-
Macanalagi, a 20 year old, studies. Apisalome is a very national for the fourth year. ing rights for the Fiji Airways their belief and commitment tioned by the ISPS HANDA
student who is in his second deserving inaugural recipient “Sports sponsorship forms Flying Fijians, Fiji Airways to the tournament from its PGA Tour of Australasia, the
year of The Trade Diploma and I hope to see him back at a part of our current com- National 7s Team, Fiji Airways early stagings, when they European Tour and the Asian
in Hospitality and Hotel Man- the tournament in 2018.” mercial strategy for brand Fijiana 15s Team, Fiji Airways shared our vision to use a pre- Tour.
agement was selected as the As a leading tertiary edu- recognition and we’re happy Fijiana 7s Team, Fiji Airways mier international golf tourna- As part of the tri-sanction-
2017 Fiji International Scholar- cation provider in Fiji, FNU is to align ourselves with valu- Drua, and Fiji Link Referees. ment to showcase the beauty ing agreement, the Fiji Inter-
ship recipient. pleased to align with Fiji’s larg- able names that reach across With the support from Fiji of Fiji to the world. national will not compete
When asked about his est sporting event to provide a diverse range of markets,” Airways, the PGA of Australia “With the backing from with any other tournaments
overall outlook on being a its students with this hands on Viljoen said. and Sports & Entertainment Fiji Airways and our other re- on those tours.
volunteer at this prestigious learning experience. “As we continue to grow Limited (SEL) will be able spected event partners, the
event, Api said, “My main our airline network, partner- to continue the spectacular Fiji International presented by
aim was to be recognised as PGA MEDIA
ships such as this help us in growth in the event, which Fiji Airways produces over 20

Players and affiliates urged to

fully follow transfer legislation
The Fiji Football Association says, those involved in the player date the application was lodged has happened in the past where
has reminded players and its af- transfers need to be very careful. and registered,” Yusuf said. we have suspended players and
filiates to follow the right proce- “The districts and players He adds disciplinary action fined them and we won’t hesi-
dure during the player transfer need to follow proper legislation could be taken against players if tate to do the same if the need
window which is currently open. procedures. If a player applies the right path is not followed. arises,” Yusuf said.
The call comes after a player for a transfer to his last district he “Legislations 4.1 and 7.1 of The transfer window closes
is believed to have used the win- played and copied to Fiji FA, the the Player Transfer Window this Wednesday.
dow wrongly for his own gain. corresponding district needs to clearly states the conditions
While the name of the player respond within seven days. The which needs to be followed,” FA Chief Executive Officer, Mo-
and districts involved remain player feels he needs to with- “We do not want any player hammed Yusuf. Photo: SUP-
suppressed, Fiji FA Chief Execu- draw his application, he can only to take advantage of the trans-
tive Officer, Mohammed Yusuf get it done after ten days of the fer window inappropriately. It PLIED.

Striders Break Coral Police Dethrone Taveuni

Coast Drought in Sigatoka
Police eased past First away we have not been play- Police holding on for a single
Light Taveuni 34-7 to win the ing any tournaments, so this try win 12-7 to get to the final.
Striders are the Crest Na Iri pleased with the resilience THE MANA WHEY FIJI COR- Mana Whey Coral Coast Sev- win means a lot for us dedi- Wardens’ Asesela Ratu-
Women’s Champions in 2018 his team showed in facing a AL COAST SEVENS, LAWAQA ens at Lawaqa Park. cated to him.” damu won the Jonah Lomu
after a 19-12 victory over Hong different style of rugby. PARK The lawmen added a third Ravuka Sharks claimed medal as top tryscorer with
Kong at Lawaqa Park. This is “One of the things we CUP title to victories in 2014 and their first silverware in Siga- eight.
Striders’ sixth year at the Fiji struggle with is we have a lot First Light Taveuni v Ravu- 2016 with a comprehensive toka with a narrow 12-10 win RESULTS OF THE MANA
Coral Coast Sevens but the of Asian competition. To have ka Sharks victory in the final over the de- over Wardens in the Plate. WHEY FIJI CORAL COAST
big prize had eluded them un- to face different teams and Cross of Victory v Ratu fending champions. Meanwhile, two sponsor SEVENS, SIGATOKA
til today. have to adapt to the way dif- Filise Police were in command teams - Shangri-La and Out- FINAL
Striders team Talica Vodo, ferent teams play and adapt Wardens v McDonalds Sau- from the opening whistle rigger - also took home their Police 34 First Light Taveu-
named Player of the Tourna- our style, is a great challenge naka leading 17-7 at the break fol- share of the $70,000 in prize- ni 7
ment, could not stop smiling for us,” he said. Police v Shipping Services lowing tries to Sakeo Railoa, money. SEMI FINALS
as she expressed her pride in Coach West is also keen to Suva Stallions Saimoni Ratuisoa and Belasio Almost 7,000 fans packed First Light Taveuni 19 Ratu
the team. return in 2019.”It’s been fan- BOWL Vukiwai Railoa completed his Lawaqa Park in the eighth Filise 0
“We are really proud be- tastic - we’ve got so much out Shangi-La’s Daveta v Out- hattrick and Ratuisoa bagged edition of Fiji’s premier sev- Police 12 McDonald’s Sau-
cause our aim was to finish in of it. It’s well run, the competi- rigger a second as Police doubled ens tournament, watched on naka 7
the top five to improve on our tion standard is amazing and Tovolea v BLK Iron Cour- their score in the second term. by former New Zealand cap- QUARTER FINALS
standard last year but we’re it’s a hard game, every game age Police’s Sakeo Railoa was tain DJ Forbes, referee Rasta First Light Taveuni 17 Ra-
really happy we managed to so we have learnt so much Stars USA v Hong Kong named Campese-Serevi med- Rasivhenge, Olympic-winning vuka Sharks 12
win the tournament this year,” through the course of it.” Lomavata Blues v SRS al winner as player of the tour- coach Ben Ryan and the King Ratu Filise 17 Cross of Vic-
she said. The Men’s competition Henibua nament. of Sevens Waisale Serevi. tory Taveuni 12
“It’s the first time some of also kicked off on Friday with For complete results fiji- Captain Sitiveni Waqa said “It is one of the best tour- McDonald’s Saunaka 19
them are playing in this type 16 teams in four pools aiming they delivered for their closest naments I’ve ever seen, well Wardens 12
of big tournament so I’m re- for a shot at the prestigious The Mana Whey Fiji Coral supporters when it mattered. organised, games were so ex- Police 29 Suva Stallions 7
ally proud of everyone. trophy and the $20,000 first Coast Sevens is sponsored by “We finished yesterday, citing right through from the PLATE
“The semi-finals saw the prize. MANA Whey Protein (Tabua went back and we’ve been first pool game through to the Ravuka Sharks 12 Wardens
three internationals and, in a Unlike the Women’s com- sponsor), Tourism Fiji, Siga- talking. We made a lot of er- finals, Serevi said. “We now 10
minor surprise, just one local petition, the international visi- toka River Safari (strategic rors yesterday So we go back, cannot predict which teams BOWL
team battle it out for a spot in tors struggled on the first day, partners), Crest, McDonald’s, we regroup again,”Waqa said. will win the tournament. The Shangri-La’s Daveta 12 SRS
the decider. notably Hong Kong who fin- Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, “We told each other today’s pool games is like quarter fi- Henibua 7
Hong Kong defeated Stars ished without a win. Uprising Fiji Beach Resort the last day so if we go back nals and semi final standard. SHIELD
USA in a gripping finish which Defending champions (prime partners), Bedarra to Sigatoka we have to take It’s getting tougher stronger Outrigger Beach Resort 19
saw the Asian team run in a First Light Taveuni and crowd Beach Inn, Gecko’s Resort, something back home to fam- and more exciting to watch.” Hong Kong 12
try after the siren to steal a favorites Ratu Filise were Shangri-la’s Fijian Resort & ily who home waiting for us.” The semi-finals saw First
19-17 win.In the second semi- among the strong performers. Spa (official hotels), CFL, Fiji “It means a lot for the team Light Taveuni power past Ratu
final, Striders thumped Japan Wardens joined those two Times, Fiji TV (media part- especially for one of our col- Filise securing 19-0 win while
leagues who passed away last Police and McDonald’s Sau- FIJI’S CORAL COAST
29-7 in a result which saw last teams in going through unde- ners), Airports Fiji Ltd, Aqua
year’s runners up outplayed feated. Pacific, BLK, Bula Car Rentals, year . Since he has passed naka had a tougher battle with SEVENS
across the park. RESULTS OF THE CREST Du Aull Services, Hot Glass

FRU Names Strong

Vodo said they just fol- NA IRI TROPHY, LAWAQA Fiji, Mana Graphix, Pacific
lowed the coach’s instruc- PARK Destinations, Quality Print,
tions. “The coach just said CUP Slater Media, Sports Now, Sun
enjoy the game and relax - Striders 19 Hong Kong 12 Insurance, Tappoo and Voda-
that was the message-get the PLATE fone (official suppliers).

Brisbane 10s Squad

basics right and we did that.” Fijiana Makosoi 22 Nadi
Hong Kong Women’s Aviators 21 FIJI’S CORAL COAST
coach, Kevin West, was QUARTER FINALS FOR SEVENS

FRU Appreciative of
Ben Ryan’s Opinion on
Sevens Bid
The FRU wishes to ac-
knowledge Ben Ryan’s post
on social media in relation
to the FRU’s bid for a World
Rugby 7s Series Leg.
The FRU notes his opinion
and was fully aware of his
views since we had sought
his support for the Bid in Au-
gust 2017 which he declined
prior to the FRU making the
decision to proceed on with
our Bid.
This is our first attempt
to bid to host a World Rugby FRU CEO John O’Connor. Photo: SUPPLIED.
7s Series Leg in the Home
of Sevens Rugby and FRU is
committed to our bid and we By ANA SOVA
will do all that we can to bring The Fiji Rugby Union(FRU) “This is our first tourna- Tuisue, Mosese Voka, Peni
home a leg of the World Sev- has released the Extended ment and we are going to Raidre, Filimoni Seru, Jale
ens Series and prove to the Squad for the Brisbane Global compete but more important- Railala, Elia Canakaivata
World that we can run such Tens. ly to learn and get exposure.” Half Back/Fly Half - Serupe-
an global event successfully. The Brisbane Global Tens The Selected Players are: peli Vularika, Frank Lomani,
The figures quoted by Ben Ben Ryan. Photo: SUPPLIED. will be held at the Suncorp Prop - Joeli Veitiyaki, Mose- Seru Cavuilati
in terms of the cost of the bid Stadium on the 9th and 10th se Ducivaki, Kalivate Tawake, 1st Five – Teti Tela, Jone
have been greatly exagger- We thank all the Organiza- which we urge all Fijians to of February this year. Eroni Mawi, Timoci Sauvoli. Manu, Alivereti Veitokani.
ated and are not factual. In tions (both public and private) continue to support our bid FRU CEO, John O’Connor Osea Naganilau Centre – Ifereimi Tovilevu,
addition to this, all costs asso- and likewise all Fijians who since hosting such a global highlighted that this was an- Hooker – Vesi Rarawa, Ver- Lepani Rayala, Peniasi Kunab-
ciated with the promotion of have signed up their support event will not only benefit other pathway for our local emalua Vugakoto, Ratunaisa uli, Enele Malele, Cyril Reece.
the bid on local television and for our bid and would like Rugby but all Fijians and more players and he hoped all the Navuma. Wing/Full Back - Apete
radio stations have been met to reassure every one of the importantly the Country. players proved themselves Locks/Flanker – Fabino Davete, Timoci Sinate, Inia
by those stations at no cost to FRU’s commitment to submit and maximised on this oppor- Rogovakalili, Lepani Kurumu- Tawalo, Aporosa Tabulawaki
the FRU in support of our bid. a credible and strong bid, to tunity. du, Viliame Rarasea, Albert

Page 26 Page 27
Six Tribe Boys Selected FRU Appreciative of Ben
for South Pacific Team Ryan’s Opinion on
Sevens Bid



Waisake Naholo of the Highlanders scores a try during the Super Rugby match.Photo SUPPLIED.

Rugby lovers can watch home game in Suva on June crowd following Super Rugby be great experience for him challenges but backed his improving on last years quar-
the New Zealand Super Rugby 30 against the Colin Cooper- in Fiji. and all the players.” troops to acclimatize and get ter final elimination as they
tournament live in Fiji. coached Chiefs side- who He said they are happy to Fijian-born and winger Na- the job done. prepare to boost their prepa-
The much anticipate have played against the Cru- have the chance to showcase holo, who has played 18 times The southerners will play ration in playing against the
match has been brought clos- saders team in Fiji in 2016 and their style of game in the is- for the All Blacks will also seven games at their home Stormers, Lions, Brumbies
er to our shores. 2017. land. showcase his style during the base in Dunedin, including and Melbourne Rebels at their
Led by new coach Aaron Club chief Roger Clark says “Fiji has produced so many tournament. Derbies against the Blues, home ground.
Mauger, the Dunedin-based it is a sound sporting deci- great players including our Mauger admitted the Fiji Crusaders and Hurricanes.
side have agreed to stage a sion and is aware of the large own Waisake Naholo - it will match would present its own The side will also look to SOURCE: RADIO NZ

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