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General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative thinking Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability

Notes about device access in the classroom:

The teacher will need to ensure there are enough Ipads for 1 between two students or if necessary, one between three. This will be used to test students knowledge at the beginning of the lesson. The
teacher will then need access to one Ipad (a teachers Ipad) which will have Coaches Eye and Hudl Technique already downloaded onto the device.
Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

4 1. A formative 1. Introduction:  Sportplan for the mini-

1. Linking of 1. To re-visit assessment at games:
fundamental important KTP’s the start of  Begin the lesson with a friendly welcome back
A fun movement skills (key teaching the lesson in and a quick re-cap of what skills we have
and to specific skills t/
points) from the the form of a covered so far.
inclusive used in 3 specific skills Kahoot to
lesson organized learnt; ensure  Bring out the Ipads and get students into pairs  Kahoot quiz for the
aimed at games, sports handballing, students can or groups of three to log in. (1 Ipad between start of the lesson to
assessin and activities, kicking and chest recall specific 2-3) assess students
g such as linking marks. and important *Note: each student should know the number understanding:
kicking to KTP’s from the
student’ 2. To compete in a Ipad they use during lessons and log on
passing and 3 focus skills quickly on their own accounts.
s range of small,
shooting in learnt.
capabiliti modified games
soccer 2. A __  Get students to complete the Kahoot focusing  Coaches eye app
es. relating to AFL to
(ACPMP061; assessment on the KTP’s of the skills covered as well as for closer
implement all
ACPMP065) during the some other key focus areas such as major assessment of
skills learnt into a
2. Modification of real game modified rules of the game. students skills:
rules and scenario. games to
scoring systems assess https://www.coachsey
in physical students skill 2. Body:
activities to levels through
create a more  Hudl technique
the use of the  The students will then divide into their five
inclusive game apps, Coaches app for
separate teams which were allocated in lesson
and fairer eye and/or 3. comparisons
contest Hudl between elite
(ACPMP069) technique.  There will be two mini-games running at once athletes and the
with the Sportplan document (attached at end students:
of document) to ensure all students
understand how the game works. One person https://itunes.appl
will from each team will then go and set up
the pitch unless there are lines already there. l-
 Each minigame will focus or target specific
skills. The teacher will stand in the middle of
both games to assist umpiring, clearing up
rules and assessing student’s abilities. The
teacher will use Coach’s eye to film correct
techniques or other aspects of game play.

 The students will play the game for a specific

amount of time and then the teacher will
blow the whistle twice so students will switch
to ensure all teams play each other and play
both games. The team which isn’t playing will
need to separate evenly between each pitch
to watch the games and they can also assist in
umpiring and running the game to allow it to
flow smoothly.


 Teacher will blow the whistle three times to signal

the end of the lesson. Each team will then sit in a
line and the person at the front will collect the

 The teacher will then pick students at random to

answer questions about the games, KTP’s for skills
and AFL rules. These questions may be taken from
the Kahoot as well as any others the teacher may
add. The teacher may also use the footage from
Coaches’ eye and Hudl technique to demonstrate
to the students the correct techniques for further
The Two Mini-games that will be played during the lesson- Sportplan: