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Kynes Carb Cycling Diet

Step 1: Fill out the green boxes

Starting weight(lbs)
Desired weight(lbs)
Diet length(weeks)
Pounds/week #DIV/0!
Net calories/week #DIV/0!
Avg net calories/day #DIV/0!

Step 2: Determine metabolism coefficient(note: it's better to err on a lower number)

Male Coefficient
Fast metabolism/very active 16
Average metabolism/active 15
Slow metabolism/inactive 14
Fast metabolism/very active 14
Average metabolism/active 13
Slow metabolism/inactive 12

Metabolism coefficient
Daily maintence calories 0
Daily intake for diet goal #DIV/0!

Step 3: Determine how often you want to refeed

Every three days More often refeeds but stricter carb limits
Every four days(standard) Moderate refeeds, moderate carb limits
Every five days Rare refeeds, looser carb limits
Note: this is entirely personal preference, can sometimes be determined by how often you cycle through your lifting/wo
Insert 3, 4, or 5
Step 4: Review daily macro breakdown
Depletion Refeed
Carbs #DIV/0! 0
Protein 0 0
Fat #DIV/0! 0
Calories #DIV/0! 0

Step 5: Follow below schedule

On days 1 through -1 follow depletion macros
On day 0 follow refeed macros

General principles:
1. The point of this is lose fat through ketosis by depleting glycogen stores, thus the need to restrict carbs
2. Refeed days are absolutely critical and will help maintain your energy and health
3. Refeed days are highly anabolic, so work your weakest muscle groups on those days
4. Ketosis can feel strange, don't be surprised if the first couple times you feel foggy
5. If you're not losing weight from the get-go, adjust your metabolism coefficient
6. I recommend recalculating your diet every 2 weeks, as your maintenance calories will change as you lose weight
7. When refeeding, avoid fructose, as this contributes to fat stores and not to glycogen stores
8. I recommend not trying to lose more than 1.5lb per week

e through your lifting/workout routine

Total days 0
Diet days #DIV/0!
Refeed days #DIV/0!
Cprot 0
Ccarb #DIV/0!
Cfat #DIV/0!

Cprot 0
estrict carbs Cfat 0
Ccarb 0


nge as you lose weight