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Yoga Class Opening and Closing


Opening Prayer Closing Prayer

Om sahanaa vavatu Sahanau Sarve bhavantu

bhunaktu sukhinah
Saha veeryam karavaa vahai Sarve santu niraamayah
Tejasvi naa vadhee tamastu maa Sarve bhadraani
vidvishaa vahai pashyantu
Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaantihi Maa kaschit dukha
abhaag bhavet
Om Shaanti Shaanti
Translation (in the context of a Shaantihi
classr oom)
May the teacher and the taught be Translation
protected together, May ALL be happy.
May the teacher and the taught be May ALL be free from
nourished together, diseases.
May they both work together with May ALL see things
great energy, auspicious.
May their study be enlightening and May NONE be
fruitful. subjected to misery.
May the teacher and the taught never Om Peace, Peace, Peace.
hate each other.
Om Peace, Peace, Peace.
Note: ALL refers to all
Note: Although this ancient Sanskrit beings (not just humans)
prayer is popular with teachers, at a
deeper level, each one of us has an
internal teacher whose voice we need
to listen to. The prayer suggests that
we may reconcile the two aspects of
our selves (much like the yin and the
yang) to stay in harmony. At the
community level, we can interpret
this as:

May WE protect each other,

May WE nourish each other,
May WE work together with great
May OUR study be enlightening and
May WE never hate each other.
Om Peace, Peace, Peace.