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This document

This document constitutes the template that the invitation shall follow in its proposal
submission. The proposal can be entered directly in this document, but using one’s own
document is also allowed provided that the same structure is kept with regard to
headings, and that all questions are included. Extra headings in addition to those given
below are allowed.

Do not enclose marketing material with the proposal submission. Brochures and similar
material may be sent separately if so desired. Limit the amount of sales and marketing-
oriented information in the actual offer; focus instead on clearly following the format

1. Brief summary of this proposal

<General description of the company and its offering in this proposal submission>

2. Prices and period of validity

<Information about all prices and costs in your offer >

3. Company profile
3.1 Company overview
<Describe in brief the company’s mission, history and ownership>
3.2 Contact information
<Indicate the company’s postal and street address, as well as e-mail address
and telephone numbers (including mobile phone number) of the contact person
who can answer questions about this proposal submission>
3.3 Company organisation
<Describe in brief the company’s organization, indicate the number of
employees, any business areas and geographic coverage>
3.4 Financial information
<Indicate predicted total revenue for 2010>
<Indicate information about the volume of services previously provided related
to this invitation.>

4. Customers and references

4.1 References
<You shall indicate three customer references that RED may contact. These
customers should have experience with your work in the areas you are offering for
this invitation, (see sections 2 and 3 of the TOR annexed to the invitation).>
<Indicate the name of the company/agency, briefly describe which services
were provided and provide the name, telephone number and e-mail address of
the contact person for each one of the references>

5. Offer
5.1 <Here you shall summarize and describe your offer based on the scope of the
proposal as indicated in the TOR annexed to the invitation. Below you shall describe
how you comply with the requirements for each offered category. Each section below
corresponds to requirements in the TOR>

5.2 Skills and experience (TOR section 4)

<Describe your skills and experience in for the categories of services required
that you are offering. Describe your work process and describe references.>

5.3 Overall Project description (TOR sections 2 and 3)

Appendix 2
<The proposal shall have previous experience from the services required in the
categories offered. Describe how you would plan and execute projects according
to this invitation, please structure your
- technical (what will be done),
- personnel (by whom) and
- financial offer (how many man days/ man-day rate) according to the TOR
sections 2 & 3.>

5.3.1 Developing Survey Framework Technical Proposal
… Personnel … Financial …
5.3.2 Implementation of Survey Technical …

5.3.3 In-depth case study
5.3.4 …

The following appendices shall be enclosed:

 The most recent annual report (if this cannot be submitted, describe why)
 CV of experts/staff proposed

The proposal submission shall be signed by a person authorised to sign for the

This proposal submission is valid until 3 months from the date of expiry of the invitation.



Company name

Appendix 2