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The Bright Side of Death – RPG

3 Lords of Eternity

Lord of maith (irish for good, rules over heavenly realms): energetic, employs angels as enforcers
Lord of olc (irish for evil, rules over realms of despair): monotone, employs demons as enforcers
Lord of Purgatory: normal, employs reaper staff, can bestow powers on the souls of the dead, but
not revoke
“Only a certain few from purgatory are selected for the honour, rest must wait for judgment”

Maith, olc and purgatory constantly change as peoples beliefs do, new heavens/hells/purgatories
appear as people believe in them

Jediism for a laugh


Buddism: reincarnation: budda is a hippy, reincarnates all budism guys to flowers in his garden in
heaven for less effort

Lords cannot enter the mortal realm, must sent staff for jobs


 Purgatory central: LoP’s office with bob the doorman, gates to purgatory
o Bob is stupid, very dull and sticks to paperwork: must have correct id or
appointment to enter office
 First discussion: players shorten LoP’s name to something else, LoP likes it
and changes his name tag, isn’t allowed back in office when players next
encounter him as paperwork is incorrect?? (escorts players to R&D)
 HR: allocation of souls to heaven/hell/reaper work/correct area of purgatory for religion,
sorts transportation
 R&D: development of equipment and dysparium weaponry
 Finance: no one actually gets paid though so it’s just a single office run by Bertie the blind,
where everyone sends the crap they don’t want to deal with. (It’s a legal requirement to
have one, enforced by the health and safety officers, who apparently are not human)

Both maith and olc vie for souls, increase/decrease area of control depending on number of souls
Souls decay after 1,000 years (give or take)


 Christianity
 Gnosticism
 Islam
 Judaism
 Buddhism
 Hinduism
 Satanism: war between sects
o LaVeyan: satan is a work for freedom, no afterlife, atheist, practice magic
o Theistic: worship satan
 kloo klucks klan

Retain original form, physically there and can be seen but empty inside (can still eat/drink), no need
for sleep

All souls have expiry date, certain time to die and will pass on naturally, some die of suspicious
circumstances e.g. murder, cancer, falling pianos, must be helped on.

Dysparium is not a mortal material (mined in olc as a punishment), passes through mortal material
but damages souls

Souls cannot be killed, but re-join the line of Purgatory when destroyed, and are impossible to find
again. Can be killed by shadow iron: obtained from expired souls (some natural deposits make their
way to earth e.g. buried by dead evil guys)

Character creation: 1 skill from job, 1 skill from hobby

Immune to mortal weapons, cannot drown/suffocate, only harmed by ghostly essence (i.e. ghosts)
or dysparium (scythe/weapon material)
1 secret about you, 1 about another player

Weapons: dysparion


 Teleport:
1) Same city
2) Same country
3) Same continent
4) Same plane of life
5) Anywhere
 Summon:
1) Someone known to you (or the barman)
2) Someone known to someone you know
3) Recently deceased, all summoned souls must answer any questions you ask
4) Anyone deceased in the last 1,000 years
 Mind reading
 Shapeshift
 Brawl (basic)
 Melee (-2 untrained)
1) No modifier
2) +2
3) +3
4) +4
5) +5
 Ranged close (-2 untrained)
1) No modifier
2) +2
3) +3
4) +4
5) +5
 Ranged long (-2 untrained)
1) No modifier
2) +2
3) +3
4) +4
5) +5


Introduction of new afterlife causes inbalance: power to dethrone the lords, resulting in soul
domination of earth. This leads to genocide resulting in no new souls, all souls eventually die.

Four horsemen
7 deadly sins

Matt: daughter died at birth, can summon her souls as a companion

Lord of purgatory orchestrates player deaths: staff shortage: most reapers left during the civil war of
purgatory, decided they could gain more on their own than under rule of LoP
Few staff remained (steve the trainer, bob the doorman), others took earth/heaven/hell’s
power/wealth for themselves
Casues LoP to harvest several people who were not ready to die to fil shortage
LoP could revoke powers from reapers with the heart of st Camillus (saint who used to gamble all his
money until repenting by healing people). Heart was stolen and is not in a museum, LoP cannot
enter the mortal realm

Start in restaurant, attacked by robbers and all die

wake up in purgatory, selected as souls worthy of working for LoP instead of waiting for judgement

Go to hospital for easy start, meet senior reaper for on the job training, shows up and demonstrates
what to do, leaves players to attend to “urgent business”, can find body in back alley
Find body: LoP explains about rogue reaper, kills for personal profit, send player to Library of
Congress to confront Zack
Don’t find body: LoP questions where senior is, sends players to mass shooting at Library of Congress

Encounter Zack, looking for information on location of eye of horus. Finds location, burns book if
players aren’t fast enough

Players get book: protagonist in british museum: finds manuscript detailing location of eye, ritual for
raising army, tells about LoP’s betrayal “Isn’t it convenient how quickly you were escorted to the
afterlife, almost like it was already known you were about to die…”
Follow to Egypt
Raises army of unhappy slaves

Players don’t get book: look for clues as to where Zack went
get information from Satanism (tell about LoP’s betrayal: “surprised you still work for him after what
he did…”)
go to Egypt

DUP(PP): Demon and Undead (Persons) Protection (Party)

Relics of power (one use)

Holy Grail: re-summon a soul from the line of purgatory = buried beneath Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland
Shroud of Turin: invisibility cloak to mortal eye (multiple use) = Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist,
Black Crown: can see 24 hours into the future = Rumtek monastery, Sikkim
Diipetes: meteorite fragments with human/animal shapes thrown by the gods (Greek), can be used
to summon a companion
Statue of Hermes: break for one piece of knowledge
Eagle-bone whistle(s): summon a great eagle = native America
Excalibur: made from shadow iron
spear of destiny: turn back one day = Vienna, imperial treasury
eye of Horus (plot line): raises Egyptian army, control their souls. Need Egyptian book of the dead
to find (oxford library), leads to eye under the great sphynx of Giza (riddles)