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Water Treatment Technology—



The aeration of ponds, lagoons, lakes etc. has been a traditional tool in
combatting the often high degree of pollution, especially in effluent
from process water from industries and the sludge deriving from house-
holds sewage water. Therefore we have developed the RV2.

The Challenges:
How to aerate as much as possible without using too much energy for
improving the many lagoons and ponds suffering from bad smell from
H2S? Or improving the biological degradation by ensuring sufficient air
for maintaining aerobic degradation in lagoons being loaded with vari-
ous sludge from various industries as well as domestic sewers?

The patented technology behind the success of the RV2 aerator gives a
number of advantages:
 Low cost of installation and running
 Extremely high efficiency with more than 14,5 l/s of air using
3,0 kW motor
 Easy installation in ponds, lakes and lagoons
 A unique spread of air due to the special and patented impeller
The aerator fits almost all over the world where the increasing focus on
quality of water and waste water often giving bad smell from e.g. H2S
easily can be solved by using our RV2-Aerator.
In lagoons suffering from build up of sludge the aerator can easily re-
move both the bad smell as well as increase the biological degradation
of the organic load.
From the more than 100 installation especially in Scandinavia anal-
yses are available proofing the high efficiency. The examples below
shows some of the case stories:


Artificial lagoon receiving percolating water from a nearby dumpsite
COD 1600 150
BOD5 1400 9,3
Ammonium (NH4) 110 <0,1
Total Phosphorous 22 0,75
Iron (Fe) 19 0,3

BIO-AQUA as* DK-24211940* Stroebjergvej 29, DK-3600 Frederikssund, Denmark* +45 55421001*
Case Stories and References
airTURBO in NCC´s remediation project
In a remediation project at the former “Bohus” yards, heavily pol-
luted water was purified before being discharged into the Göta
river. Since the drinking water supply of Gothenburg is located
downstream to the remediation area, there were very high stand-
ards of the treated water. Aeration in the pond with airTURBO was
an important step before the water was pumped to the subse-
quent purification steps.

Karlstads Energi AB (Landfill)

Installed four airTURBO 101 for their leachate in “Djupdalen” 2005.
Since the installation of the aerators SWECO has
taken samples every month. The oxygen level during the test peri-
od was between 5,4 and 9,2 mgO2/l. Flow rating between 2049-
23640 m3/month, ammoniacal 49-130 mg/l. The results show that
the aerators keeps a satisfying oxygen level despite a very reduced
water. Calculation of the oxidation of BOD7 and oxidation to nitrate
shows that the three aerators have produced at least 160 gO2/h .

Åmåls kommun, Östby soptipp

In the autumn of 1997 four jet aerators was replaced with three
airTURBO 101, due to service problems clogging and problems
with distribution of oxygen with the jet aerators (anaerobic areas).
Two weeks after installation of airTURBO 101 samples were taken
1, 5 and 12m from the aerators at 0,5, 1 and 1,5m depths. All sam-
ple points showed oxygen, at 0,5m depth the oxygen level had in-
creased from 0,5mgO2/l to 8 mgO2/l and 1,5m now showed
1mgO2/l. After four weeks of aeration the total water mass showed
6-7 mgO2/l with the exception of a layer 0,1m from the bottom
where the level was 1-1,5mgO2/l. The bottom sediment is highly
oxygen consuming and all problems with anaerobic is gone. The
control-centre has carried out follow-ups 1999 and 2000 which has
shown that the oxygen levels are very satisfying.

The first model was called airTURBO 101, and the latest de-
veloped model is airTURBO RV2

BIO-AQUA as* DK-24211940* Stroebjergvej 29, DK-3600 Frederikssund, Denmark* +45 55421001*