May 2010 Academic Programmes
IIT Gandhinagar currently offers 4-year B. Tech. programmes in the Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical engineering branches. Besides 200 undergraduate students, as of January 2010 IITGN has admitted 14 PhD scholars in Engineering, Sciences and Humanities & Social Sciences. M.Tech programmes are also planned in Engineering and Sciences.

Faculty is the backbone of the Institute. IITGN is committed to recruit and retain outstanding faculty and provide them the facilities and environment conducive to their best performance in teaching and research. Faculty recruitment is being carried out on a continuous basis. Besides faculty with limited experience, a number of senior professors with proven track record in teaching and research at older IITs have joined the Institute. They are creating traditions of excellence in teaching, and are also mentoring younger colleagues. Regular faculty is encouraged to strive for excellence and a number of incentives, including financial, are available to them.

Inception and Growth
IIT Gandhinagar was formally inaugurated in August 2008 with its first batch of undergraduate students in the chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering streams. The Institute is currently operating from temporary premises at the Vishwakarma Government Engineering College (VGEC), Chandkheda, Ahmedabad, approximately 10 km from Ahmedabad Airport and 14 km from Ahmedabad Railway Station. Building of the permanent campus in Gandhinagar, about 15 km from current location, is likely to begin soon. IIT Gandhinagar presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a world-class institute in India. It is implementing a paradigm shift from teaching school to teaching-research school. The Institute aspires to produce graduates who are strong in fundamentals and possess excellent leadership and communication skills. We are committed to provide our faculty, staff and students the best ever opportunities for personal growth to help them to achieve their full potential. A publicprivate-partnership model is envisaged wherein well-wishers, industries, and friends of the Institute may partner with the Institute in its quest for excellence. Prof Sudhir K Jain, Director

Academic Infrastructure
Classrooms and Meeting Rooms
In addition to well furnished and air-conditioned classrooms, the Institute has a 180 capacity auditorium for large classes, special events and general lectures. IITGN is also connected to a number of Institutes of national importance through video conferencing facilitated by the National Knowledge Network (NKN). This facility provides opportunity to students and faculty to participate in important activities from long distance. A conference room is available for faculty meetings and short courses with the flexibility of changing seating arrangement, and an annex for tea/refreshments. In view of the increasing space requirement, a 1000 Sq.m temporary building is under construction. It will house office of the research scholars and their research facilities, and the workshops and laboratories.

Faculty List (As on May 1, 2010)
Chemical Engineering
Sameer V Dalvi PhD IIT Bombay, 2007 Syracuse University, 1975 IIT Bombay, 2007 IIT Bombay, 2007 University of Bradford, 1971 IIT Bombay, 2008 University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA, 2010 University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA, 2010 IIT Bombay, 2005 IIT Bombay, 2001 IISc Bangalore, 2008 Caltech, 1983 Specialization Particle Formation Process Development & Troubleshooting Systems Biology & Biochemical Engineering Solid-solid reactions, Phase equilibrium Food Process Engineering Process Optimization and Control Systems Biology

D V Pai P K Parida V D Sharma* IIT Bombay, 1972 IIT Kharagpur, 2008 Banaras Hindu University, 1972 Illinois Institute of Technology, 1972 Cornell University, 1987 Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Programming PDE's and Nonlinear Waves Solid Mechanics and Design, Composite Materials Aeronautics, Fluid Dynamics, Computational Engineering Turbomachinery and Heat Transfer Polymer Composites Fluid Mechanics Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics Manufacturing, Automation & Composite Materials Fluid Dynamics & Fluid Machinery Thermal Engineering

Subhash Deodhar**
Kalyan Gayen Chinmay Ghoroi S L N Murthy Nitin Padhiyar Supreet Saini*

Mechanical Engineering
B D Agarwal

Murali Damodaran* Vedanth Kadambi* Dhiren Modi Vinod Narayanan Manmohan Pandey N Ramakrishnan

Princeton, 1961 University of Nottingham, 2008 JNCASR, 2006 IIT Kanpur, 1997 IIT Bombay, 1980

Mukta Tripathy**

Soft Condensed Matter Theory

Iti Gupta Sriram Kanvah Subrata Pal Sudhir K Jain Macrocyclic Receptors & Expanded Porphyrinoids Bio-organic Chemistry Theoretical physical chemistry Earthquake Engineering, Structural Dynamics Complexity Theory Information Security & Web Engineering Development Economics, International Trade, Foodsecurity, Gender Finance, Quality Management and Taxation Money, Banking and Finance Optical sensing & Photonics Transformer Diagnostics VLSI Design Electrical Network Theory Power system restructuring and optimization Digital Image and Signal Processing Postcolonial Literature and Composition

Civil Engineering
D P Roy G K Sharma

Computer Science and Engineering
Bireswar Das Dhiren R Patel IMSc, Chennai, 2010 REC Surat, 2004

Tech University Aachen, 1976 Moscow Power Engg Institute, 1974 IIT Kharagpur, 2008 University of Hyderabad, 2002

Jaison A Manjaly Koshi Tharakan Metaphysics of Mind, Cognitive Science Phenomenology and Philosophy of Social Sciences Theoretical Nuclear Structure and Reaction Physics High Pressure Physics on Novel Materials Nanomagnetic Fluids Physical Metellurgy

Basudeb Guha* University of Rochester, USA, 1995 MBA Kellog School, USA, 1985 IIT Bombay, 2008 University of Strathclyde, UK, 2010 IISc Bangalore, 2006 IIT Bombay, 2009 IIT Bombay, 1977 IIT Kanpur, 2009 University of California, Davis, 1983 University of Houston, 2008

Jayant Kanitkar* Abhijit Sarkar Arup L Chakraborty* Ragavan K Joycee M Mekie K V V Murthy Naran Pindoriya** Surendra Ranganath

Ameeya A Bhagwat Pallavi P Ghalsasi Kinnari Parekh S P Gupta* IIT Bombay, 2005

Electrical Engineering

IISc Bangalore, 2002 Bhavnagar, 1999 Polytechnic Inst of Brooklyn, USA, 1972 IIT Bombay, 1998

Physical Metallurgy Psychology
B F Mathai* Humanistic Psychology, Personality, Cognitive Psychology

Sharmita Lahiri

Sociology of Science and Technology * Likely to join in July 2010, ** Likely to join in December 2010 Deepthi Shanker ISEC Bangalore, 2005

Instructional laboratories in Chemistry, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering have already been developed. New equipment for existing and developing laboratories are being acquired on a priority basis. Research laboratories are being developed keeping in mind the interests of faculty and PhD scholars with generous funding by the Institute.

presently not available on-line, are received as print copies for easy access. The Institute hopes to build one of the best libraries in the area to attract scholars from all over in different fields.

Guest House and Transport Facilities
IITGN has fully furnished guest house facilities about 2 km from the Institute premises. These are maintained by competent staff. Visiting faculty members and many research scholars stay in the furnished apartments for extended periods. A full time cook prepares meals for guests and others who wish to avail the facilities. Transport facility is provided to all the visiting faculty and guests round the clock.

Campus Life

Computer related Facilities
Excellent computer related facilities are available to the IITGN students, staff and faculty. High end LAN setup integrates the whole IITGN into one unit. The Institute premises and the students’ hostels are Wi Fi enabled so that personal laptops can be connected to internet throughout the Institute. Over 40 PCs are available to the students in a common computer lab for programming and other purposes. Computer Lab is also used for teaching. All faculty members and research scholars have been provided with individual PCs. Printing, scanning and photocopying facilities are extensively available on individual basis as well as for common use. Individual email accounts have been provided to IITGN students, faculty and staff, with the facility of sending email to common groups, for example, sending home assignment to students in a course or to students in a particular branch and year. Important computational softwares like Mathematica, PSCAD 4.2, etc. have been subscribed to.

Students’ Hostel and Mess
Three new students’ hostels, funded by the Government of Gujarat, are being constructed within the VGEC complex. These hostels are likely to be completed by July 2010. During the first two years of its operations, the Institute provided  hostel to all the students in an apartment complex across the street from the  Institute. Common dining facilities have been created on the Institute premises  for all  students. Four meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner) are cooked on site by a leading caterer of Ahmedabad. A qualified nutritionist oversees the quality of food with respect to its nutrition value and good taste.

Expansion of library facilities is keeping pace with the teaching and research needs of the students and faculty with liberal fund allocation by the Institute. Sufficient copies of text and reference books are procured for the courses offered. Other books of interest to student, staff and faculty are also readily acquired. Books can also be obtained on loan from IIT Bombay. Most of the reputed research journals are now available on-line to the IITGN network users as the Institute has subscribed to packages like ScienceDirect, JSTOR, Annual Reviews, ASME, IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL). Feasibility of subscribing to other journals is under review. Many popular science journals, news magazines and Indian journals,

Medical Support
A qualified medical practitioner (M.B.B.S., Diploma in Medicine, Fellow Infectious Disease, Italy) is available on the Institute premises for two hours every day to provide medical advice to students, staff and faculty. The doctor can also be consulted at her clinic as well as the Life Care Hospital situated at nearby locations. These medical facilities are completely free to the students. All students are also covered under a medical insurance plan.

Student Counselling
IITGN has a full-time Counseling Psychologist and the students are encouraged to approach her and seek emotional and interpersonal support. She is also an expert in career counseling.

Be Friends
We all go through the stress and strains of life. Being away from home and facing the pressures at IIT sometimes can be very difficult. The competitive environment can lead to stress, loneliness, and alienation that may affect the emotional well being of the student. Students may also have to grapple with individual problems that can make life at IIT even more difficult. At such times, the presence of another understanding and non judgmental human being can offer succour and help to the troubled ones. Be-Friend is a support system for IITGN students by the IITGN students. A BeFriender is a student volunteer who provides emotional and interpersonal support to other students. Currently there are sixteen volunteers. Ms. Aditi Dighe is the student coordinator of Be-Friends. All the volunteers go through regular training programs and workshops. They also organize various awareness programs for IITGN students.  

A host of sports facilities are available to the students on campus including badminton, table tennis, volleyball, cricket, basketball and football. A state-of-the-art Gymnasium with instructors is also available in the campus. Coaching for Lawn Tennis and Swimming is provided at ONGC and Sports Authority of India, respectively. A qualified full-time physical education instructor and several part-time coaches have been appointed to train the students. Students organize inter-departmental /individual sports tournaments. They actively participate in Inter-IIT sports as well as in a number of local intercollegiate events.

Student Events and Activities 
IITGN students are highly encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and extensive facilities are provided for the same. BLITHCHRON, IIT Gandhinagar’s Annual Festival, was held for the second consecutive year in January 2010. Cultural activities include a music club, Planet Sangeet, which arranges for instruction in vocal and instrumental music and organizes cultural functions/competitions periodically, a cinematic club, Cineflux, to screen movies from around the world and celebrating festivities on Republic & Independence Days, Gandhi Jayanti, Holi, Dassera, etc. The Robotics Club ROMPOTIKS has a vision of making robots to help in routine work as well as aid causes such as fire-safety, irrigation, plantations, etc. Despite their busy academic work schedule, the students find time to get involved in social work like organizing blood donation camps and teaching underprivileged children.

Summer Internships
IITGN actively helps its students to obtain summer internship in industry, research organizations and academic institutes within India and abroad to get exposure to different environments. A strong collaborative relationship has been developed with several organizations in U S, France and Singapore. IITGN is also providing internships with its own faculty members to students from other educational institutes.


IIT Gandhinagar Invites
OUTSTANDING FACULTY: The Institute is looking forward to recruit the most outstanding faculty at different levels in various disciplines. Both short-term visiting and long-term appointments are possible. OUTSTANDING PHD STUDENTS: The Institute is committed to build a strong research culture and will consider PhD applications throughout the year.

Contact us: Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar Vishwakarma Govt Engg College Complex Chandkheda, Visat-Gandhinagar Highway , Ahmedabad - 382424 Phone: +91 - 79 - 2397 2574 Fax: +91 - 79 - 2397 2586, 2397 2622

FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS: The Institute is looking towards individuals and organizations to make philanthropic contributions. Such contributions are extremely critical for attracting the best faculty and students and for providing them with the best opportunities.
Please visit us at www.iitgn.ac.in

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