A note

The preceding page images were posted on the Digital Library of India as individual files, miscatalogued as a result of someone whose first language was not English having difficulty reading the blacketter on the main title page. Some minor restoration work was necessary on a number of pages, particularly the plates and two pages in the table of contents. In a few cases (the ornaments at the ends of the preface and section) it was not possibly to restore the (inexplicably) omitted parts if the image. It does not however appear that any actual text is missing. Placing of the plates is in a few instances conjectural The date on the title page is not strictly correct; this work was not actually issued until 1873, after the death of the publisher John Camden Hotten, who had advertised it and prepared for the press in 1869, intending it as a follow-up to Two Essays on the Worship of Priapus by Richard Payne Knight et al. See “Pisanus Fraxi” (Henry S. Ashbee), Index Librorum Prohibitorum, p. 83 sqq., where may be found in extenso a transcript of Hotten’s original circular for the book. Since the bulk of this work is of at best only tangential relevance to the studies which have led me into the morass of the Phallicist school of History of Religion, and since I have enough projects in the CP / UP “stew” (neither a stack nor a queue) of in-progress or projected e-text projects to keep me occupied for the rest of the decade, I currently have absolutely no intention of issuing a re-set. Anyone who wants to use these page images to produce one of their own on their own imprint is of course entirely free do so.