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CO Education Programs ‘BPM205 Designing with the TIBCO iProcess™ Modeler 10.x ‘Student Workbook aay 10.2007 Inmportant information Some TI9CO Sua os bes ter TCO Sowers fh bot ae TCO Streit te en roi eed on fn ened TBO Ste Te enbedit ode! selva rst ese bet raed yy RCD Sate Frayer pres ‘Theinftn contd nis eam je oS. ann tri i dein No sto doc my be ee yas wt wae sabration BCD Sates ‘Techland esting rate nd eg pet plies. TIBCO ‘tel pts oar US pact ranbe 6205 ‘Tn, 180, notion Bus, Te Pose Now, TIBCO Apr, IDCO Barnes, 7TBCO ‘Aimer and TIBCD Despre eet rade dso TBC Sf sin Alen rth sade eer dems of hi repre ls, ‘TS PUBLICATIONIS FROVIDED “AS "WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EER ‘EXPRESS Of IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO.THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF ‘MERCHANTABILITY, HINESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NOM TRINGEMENT. ‘Ts UBLICATION COULD INCLUDE TECHNICAL INACCURACIES OR TYPOGRAPHICAL "ERRORS, CHANGES ARE PERIODICALLY ADDED TO THs INFORMATION EIN, THESE ‘CHANGES WILL BE INCORPORATED IN NEW EDTIONS OF THs PUBLICATION, TBC SOFTWARE INC MAY MAKE IMPROVEMENTS ANDIOR CHANGES ITE PRODUCTS) ANDIOR ‘THE PROGRAN(S) DESCRIBEDIN THIS PUBLICATION AT ANY TIME. (Ceprgt n05 2007 TACO Sofa: ALL RIGHTSRESERVED, Preface ‘his wetoot has concept explanations ad the hadepy venon hs spc farang nts, We scourge ou to prtpt inal of cous exerci ees hy reife coun cnet. ‘oui nd the tases ny review questions in he eleva sn ofthe workbook ‘Your nactor wil provide you wth cote cvution frm, Pes il his ot nd rer 0 tte inentor th endo it course. Yourediack eral oth toceail vcion of ti For nor infomation sot ot det acl plese vstheTIBCO Basson Programs web te: "C0 Edenton Programe Paget

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