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Activity 1
List six characteristics a positive role model in the workplace should demonstrate.

1. Hard worker: A leader must be a hard worker person. A lazy leader can not inspire
his team to do hard work. So, it is better to be a hard worker when a person wants
to be a leader and will want to inspire others through his work.
2. Good communicator: A leader must be a good communicator to lead a team. A
person who is a good communicator can know others well. On the other hand,
through this he can easily and effectively tell what he really wants and what he
wants to achieve etc.
3. Inspiring and positive: A leader will face a lot of difficulties in the path of
leadership. But he has to be positive and face the problem from the front. His
positive energy in the workplace will help to bring the energy from the team
members and will inspire them to work harder.
4. Forward planner: An important part of a leadership is to make right decisions and
decisions making hugely dependent on the future scenario. So, it is important to
be a person who can predict the future in a good way and can take right decisions
and can build a good plan for the future.
5. Helping hands: A good leader is not that person who completes his work properly
and achieve his goal. A good leader is the person who helps others in their work
and helps them to achieve their goal. So, it is important to be a helping hand when
a person needs him.
6. Good learner: A leader must have to be a good learner and must try to learn
different things from different fields. It will help him to be more knowledgeable.
As a result of this the team members will be inspired to try different fields to learn
more things. This will make the team more strong and dynamic.

Activity 2
1. How would you ensure that your personal work goals reflect the organisation’s
plans, and your own responsibilities and accountabilities? (180–200 words)

The main goal of all the members in an organization is to help the organization to achieve
its goal. To achieve this, members have to do their personal work in a way that it will
contribute to organization’s goal and will also fulfil the individual responsibilities. So,
when a member sets his/her goal he/she has to keep in mind that every part of his/her
work will contribute to achieve organization’s goal. To maintain this, he/she can examine
after a certain period of time how much his/her works contributed to organization’s goal
and how much the works helping him/her to fulfil his/her responsibilities. To examine
the goal first of all he/she has to make a benchmark based on which he can observe the
contribution of his work to the whole organization. To make this he/she has to take help
from top management because they are the one’s who really see the big picture and
strategy to achieve organization’s goal. If the results are not satisfactory he/has to set
his/her new personal goal. He/she can take feedback from the top management to make
the process perfect.

2. A member of your team has presented you with their work goals for the next quarter. You
are surprised to see that they all focus on this person pursuing a particular project that they
raised with you last month. You need to have this person working on the new product launch
and you cannot see how they will have time to spend on a project that does not contribute in
any way to the new product getting to market.

What strategies could you use to help the team member understand the goals of the
organisation and the team, and realign their work goals to reflect the organisation’s plans and
goals? (180–200 words)

The biggest difference between the normal workers and top management who sets the goal
and make strategies to achieve the organization’s goal is that normal workers most of the
time do not see the big picture. As a result of this, most of the time their personal goal or
work do not hugely contribute to the organization’s goal or their goal are not aligned with
organization’s goal. To remove the problem, one way is to help them see the big picture and
to show them how their work can contribute to organization’s goal. In this part the top
management can play a huge role. They are the one’s who see the big picture and set the
goal. They have to play the role as a helping hand to help the workers in watching the big
picture and their contribution in organization. On the other hand, to inspire them to do work

number of selling unit will be the criteria. List ten KPIs that might be used to measure personal performance. A.which is related to organization’s goal one way is to give them acknowledgement based on how much their personal work contributed to organization’s goal. Lack of proper communication 2. Multi-tasking E. As an example. Explain what KPIs are and how they can be determined. To set this first one has to decide what will be the measurement criteria. Number of word written . Sales by a single person B. Uncertain goal F. It can be based on industry in which it is operating or a target which is feasible for the organization. Activity 3 1. Lack of decision making skill J. This will increase their contribution to organization’s goal. List ten activities or conditions that might be considered time stealers – tasks that are not directly productive. Personal or family crisis B. G. C. Ineffectiveness in personal work H. Too much disruptions by telephones. Lack of proper knowledge D. if we think about sales centre. Then we have to set benchmark. A. Pressure I. This how KPIs can be determined to measure the effectiveness. It is a tool which is used to measure the effectiveness of an organization compare to its goal. (100 words) The full form of KPIs is key performance indicator. 3. Doing other’s work.

What are six questions you might ask when prioritising demands to meet goals or objectives? A. As a result. this kind of events can fully disorganize the strategy of an organization and can make the work of every person shattered. It is one of the best way to respond to contingencies. Number of assignments completed 4. Number of tackles in a match H. On the other hand. achieving goal of the organization can be very difficult at times. Goals scored in a match F. C. This will give them flexibility and will make them ready in advance for the unplanned events. The responsibilities will be given in a way that they have time to handle the unplanned events. Marks obtained in an exam I. if any unplanned event take place it will not hamper the personal works of an individual and besides that they can also respond to the unplanned events. What is the outcome of your work? . Number of orders delivered E. Number of hours studied J. First thing to handle the unplanned event is to be aware of these kinds of events during the time of making strategies. As the definition suggests it is an unplanned event so it can badly affect the work of an organization. So. If they make plan keeping in mind about unplanned events in future if such events take place they can handle these events without hampering their original plans. On the other hand. Though these are unplanned events when the top management make goal and strategy of an organization if they are aware of that kinds of events they can make plan keeping in mind that some unplanned events can happen. (250–300 words) Contingencies is described as unplanned event which will occur in near future. As a result of this kind of planning. Describe how you could respond to contingencies without affecting personal performance. Activity 4 1. Runs scored in a match G. handling the contingencies in a good way is a very important part of an organization’s plan. same thing will be applicable during giving responsibilities to individuals. Number of calls attended D.

How much your work will contribute to achieving goal? F. Five reasons: A. Unpleasant work Three strategies: A. Using virtual storage to store information C. Using email to communicate B. A. On the other hand. team and organisational goals and objectives. Easier tasks D. Less time given to do the work C. Giving challenging but attainable task. In this application we can list our work according to date and according to priorities. List ten strategies to help ensure technology is used effectively. Giving proper acknowledgment B. Calendar application in smartphone can help us to do so. Lack of proper acknowledgement E. When do you want to accomplish the target? C. Is there enough time to achieve the goal? D. 2. Procrastination is one of the biggest hurdles to achieving personal. Using google doc to work as a team virtually D. Using calendar application to remind about work . What technology can be used to efficiently and effectively manage priorities and commitments? (50–75 words) We can use smartphone to manage our priorities and commitments. by using sync option in smartphone we can see the same things in different gadgets. How your goal is associated with my goal? 2. Activity 5 1. Giving enough time to finish the work C. Overconfidence B. Is the goal realistic and achievable to you? E. List five reasons people might procrastinate over work tasks and three strategies used to prevent procrastination. B.

This is one of the bad thing. If there is not technology we would need large space to store small information. blog. Technology is changing every day. . Security issue is a big thing when using technology. Other than that. repair time of modern technology is getting smaller which is reducing the time. If the technology does not work properly we can not do our work. We can make multiple copy easily without printing. Using video call to do a meeting with people who are not near us G. We can share news from one corner of the world to another within a short time. Because of ever changing technology we have to learn a whole new technology. Using social media site to be connected with others I. (250–300 words) When we think about pros about technology for managing work and priorities first thing come in our mind that we do not have to carry any hard copy. Sometimes which is not good for many of us. 3. there are some cons also which is working as obstacles when we are using technology to maintain our commitment and priorities. newspaper. E. Enough information is available. every information is available to everyone. If we think about technology. On the other hand. transferring information from information would be difficult. Besides that. when we overuse technology we completely depend on technology. Finally. On the other hand. Using notes to list down important things F. Using videos to learn about new things by sitting at home H. Write a short report explaining the pros and cons of using technology for managing work priorities and commitments. overuse of technology exposes us to a bigger threat. Using technology does not have any only pros. This is making us more flexible. we can now work by sitting at home. We do not need to necessarily go to workplace to do a work. to share the information with others is easy now-a-days. Besides that. Using internet to gather information J. when we think about storing information we need less space because of technology. Using applications to read books. We do not think a single thing by ourselves. On the other hand.

Because of that they cannot keep balance between work and life. So. They do not know the boundary of success. Most of the time we see that people do work related task when they spending time with their family. 2. Because of doing time wasting activities people have to spend more time at work. It does not mean that one has to equally divide hours between them. It can vary from person to person like married one to single one that how he will divide time between these two. B. Because of this kind of attitude. The married one will need to give more time to his family than the single one. Which is not right at all. (80–100 words each) Three strategies to maintain a healthy work-life balance: A. C. If we observe the difference between two kinds of people one is who can maintain work-life balance and the other one is who can not do that we can see one major difference which is doing time wasting activities at work.Activity 6 1. When spending time at home it is important to disconnect all connections which is related to work. The main purpose is to do work properly and to enjoy life at the same time. By reducing time wasting activities at work they can actually maintain work-life balance. It can also very on every single day. they work so hard that they spend most of the time at work. Overachieving attitude of people is working as main obstacles when people are trying to maintain work-life balance. They are less concern about the other part of life which includes . This kind of thing acts as an obstacle when people try to maintain work-life balance. List and describe three strategies that will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. What is work-life balance? (50–100 words) Work-life balance is balancing between work and life. People does not seem to be satisfied whatever they are achieving in life. when at home it is important for people to disconnect all the connections related to their work.

when in stress people seem to have a negative perception about their co- workers and complain more frequently. Undertake independent research into the impact that stress can have on workers and suggest at least three things managers can do to minimise negative stress responses in the workplace. Increasing the communication between employees is also another strategy because of that one can share their issue with one another Activity 7 . E. Ill-ness: Stress leads to different kinds of ill-ness to the workers. So. B. it also reduces the standard of the performance at work. People can not do work properly when they are in stress and sometimes they make mistakes which effect their performance badly. Giving proper training about stress and how to handle stress by their own C. Decreasing attendance in work place: Because of stress people do not want to do any kinds of work. Poor performance in the work place: Stress will automatically reduce the number of activity done by an individual. C. 3. Less motivation: During the time of stress people do not seem to have enough motivation to do work. to maintain work-life balance people have to give up the overachieving attitude and have to maintain a boundary of success. giving flexibility and giving greater responsibility B. friend etc. Less communication between workers: Stressed people do not want to connect with other people. (250–300 words) Impact of stress on workers: A. family. There are three strategies which I will use as a manager to negative stress responses in the workplace: A. It is important as a manager to help people reducing the stress. D. They want to spend time of their own which leads to less communication between workers in work place. Changing the nature of the job. Which results in decreasing attendance in work place. Besides that. F. Increasing in the number of complaints: When in stress people do not like their surroundings at all which mainly includes their co-workers and their work. So.

We have to choose those skills and knowledge which will be best suited for the job or industry we are working in. Describe how you might create a personal career plan to prioritise and meet your development needs. we have to know in details about the job. Besides that. It is better to make a career plan to develop the skills. they have to change themselves. how much knowledge they have etc. Describe how you can assess your personal knowledge and skills against the competency standards for a position. Based on all of these things we can find out what skills and knowledge do I need to operate in that job position and compare them with my skills and knowledge to assess my kills and knowledge. what skills they use to fulfil their responsibility. To cop up with the change and to develop ourselves it is important for us to know more about . he/she cannot operate in the industry in the long run. Our work environment. It will give comparative advantage in the job market. what is the responsibility etc. job responsibilities. it is important for us to assess our knowledge and skills against the competency standards for a position. So. Those who are working in these fields. According to that. what is the job all about. If there is any gap between these two we have to develop new skills and gather knowledge. But there are a lot of skills and knowledge exist. we have to make a list of skills and a list of topics name to gather knowledge. So. what is the job responsibility etc. To assess skills and knowledge we can take help from our superior and industry experts who are already operating in the industry. To assess this. we have to know more about our competitors. way of doing any job is also changing frequently. When anyone is not interested in changing. Then according to the importance of these skills we will select on which we will work first and which one will be next. 1. (250–300 words) Everything now-a-days is changing regularly. knowledge according to the needs. To make a better career plan first of all we need to know about the needs of the industry. industry. We have to make the plan flexible enough so that we can change the plan according to the changing needs. (180–200 words) We need skills and enough knowledge to be able to compete with others and to be successful. it is important to be in a development process to cop up with the change. 2. develop their skills and they have to change the way of doing work according to the changes in the industry.

Activity 9 1. It should be seen as learning opportunity to improve ourselves. List seven forms of feedback that might be useful for identifying and developing ways to improve competence. Complain boxes G. Explain how understanding your personal learning style can assist you when identifying. 2. Formal Interviews C. Which will result in improving competencies. We can use formal or informal interviews. Listening E. we can remove the gap and can improve our performance. Customer contacts form. So. which results in improving the performance further. it will be very much helpful for us if we talk and discuss with our colleagues. pictures. From them we can gain knowledge about the industry. Most of the people take bad feedback about something as negative. deal with me every day. They are the one who see my work. career plan etc.the industry and to be aware about the changes. my competencies etc. Informal interviews D. Also. . employers. important clients etc. One person can easily learn by watching videos. surveys. A. We can take feedback from our colleagues. How does feedback contribute to improvement of competence? (150–200 words) When we want to improve our competencies the best way to do is taking feedback from others. employees. Surveys B. superiors. But it should be taken as a positive thing. When they give positive feedback about something it gives confidence. they are the best person who can give me feedback about my performances. By using the feedback. questionaries etc. evaluating and selecting development opportunities. On-site activity F. (150–200 words) Every people in the world are talented but the learning style of everyone is different from others. Activity 8 1. superiors etc. It shows the gap between what is needed and what is given by us.

What are the three learning styles and their defining qualities? A. evaluating and selecting development opportunities understanding learning style will help us in many ways. lectures. Visual learning style: It help us to learn through pictures. Activity 10 1. So. For the employer they find qualified employee by using their network. Kinesthetic: It is all about learning through hand-in experience. C. when we are identifying. business person can promote their products to their respective customers through the established network. maps. group works etc. When people are learning something. It will help us to learn things more easily. 2. B. 2. Explain the benefits of networking. Auditory: It is all about learning through discussions. What is networking? (120–150 words) Networking basically means establishing relationships with people and maintaining good relationships with them. discussing with people etc. Networking helps people to advertise themselves or their product to the people. So. . not understanding learning style will give us tough time in learning and we will not be interested in learning that much. It helps one to build new relationships and gives opportunity to meet potential customers. imagining situation etc. On the other hand. when we are talking about networking we are talking about a community where every people gets benefited by each other. imagining scenarios etc. On the other hand. (80–100 words) Benefits of networking: A. videos. Other person can enjoy learning by doing hand-in experiences. It will inspire us to spend more time in developing ourselves. It’s increases their chances of getting a good job. interviewing others. It helps employee to show their skills and knowledge to the people. Other person can easily learn through talking with others. If the way is not suit their learning style it will be difficult for them to learn the thing. if they can learn this thing using their preferred learning style it will be easy and efficient for them to learn.

reference from other known people works as a great way. 3. But the knowledge and the skills have to . Industry meetings is the place where all the professionals related to the industry come is ne place. C. qualities etc. B. SO. we need to develop more skills and gain more knowledge compare to our competitors. It will give a person huge chance to meet with professional individuals and make connections with them. Rather than building relationships with completely unknown people they prefer people who are known to their networks. choices. Describe what you need to do to personally develop and maintain a competitive edge. Which will lately encourage them to build a connection with him/her. When it is about networking and connecting with people. (50 words) To maintain a competitive edge. It gives people greater opportunity to solve problems by taking help from people of his/her network. D. E. It will give all the person an idea about one’s personal philosophy. How can you establish and nurture networking opportunities? (250–300 words) A. It gives morale boost and confidence to people. It helps one to keep up date with the current business condition and changes in the situation. So. People generally want to connect and build relationship with a trustworthy person. It helps everyone to share new knowledge and experiences. Activity 11 1. Being social is one of the main qualities which help people to connect with others. C. Going to social gatherings gives people huge opportunity to meet with new people and build relationships with them. B. Writing blogs is one of the best ways to maintain connections with people. it is important to be present at industry meetings. it is the best way to use reference when trying to connect with people. D.

Explain how developing new skills can contribute to the development of a competitive edge for your organisation. D. E. Summative assessment 1 Question 1 Identify and describe ten strategies you can use to manage your time. . By doing that I can remove the gap between the organization’s and customers. I can take training. H. A. So. (300 words) Organization’s competitive edge hugely dependent on their employees. and behaviour in the work environment. Distributing proper time to every task. I can also inspire my colleagues to develop new skills. Building the ability of multi-tasking among staffs. G. can take help from my superiors and can take feedback and suggestion from my colleagues also. I will have to develop my skills to remove the gap. Distributing time to the workers based on their talent. As an employee I can contribute to organization’s competitive edge. Writing down all the task as note. we have to develop new skills according to the need of the industry. Making two to do list one is daily and other is weekly. C. be up to date with the current business situation. I can help the organization to keep up to date with their competitor by analysing the whole industry and developing new skills. Decreasing unwanted interruptions in work place. F. If there is any gap between my skills and what the organization needs to gain competitive edge. That is how by developing new skills I can contribute to organization’s competitive edge. B. performance. Working on same system by all workers. 2. Making another plan than that of original plan.

A. Making proper time table for work . Workshop on leadership skills. Make a list of at least six management development activities you can participate in that would be helpful and useful. B. D. Question 2  If you wish to work as a manager you will need appropriate skills and qualifications. Workshop on dealing with stress. Stopping to do the same work repeatedly. Workshop on multi-tasking. J. F. Workshop on design thinking. Mock-ups meeting and interviews Question 3  List ten things you could do to achieve a good work/ life balance. I. Choosing the best person as partner in team work. List the work according to priorities B. C. A. Workshop on how to work with changes. E.

So. Setting boundaries of success. which boundary they cannot cross etc. to whom they have to give explanation etc. C. Understanding responsibilities: Organization’s policies and procedures help the workers to understand the responsibility of their work. it gives direction where or whom to report etc. J. Understanding limitations: Policies and procedures show the employees their limitations. E. B. (250–300 words) Necessity of policies and procedures: A. Taking care of family members. H. for the . D. These help them to know what is prohibited for them. I. C. Giving time to myself G. Training guide: Organizations policies and procedures list all the responsibilities. Disconnecting all connections related to work when at home. F. Asking help from others. Question 4  Why is it necessary for business organisations to have policies and procedures and why should employees be aware of the organisation's policies and procedures? If necessary conduct independent research. It helps them to know in which field they will work. Working with intelligence. Try not to be an overachiever. Taking care of health.

discussing about different topics. it is important to have better outcome from the employee. reading books and imagining a scenario which is best suited for that topic. Better outcome: It directs the employee in a certain way and give proper direction which results in better outcome. beginner it works as a training guide and it helps them to learn about the organization. E. C. F. The other person may want to gather knowledge by communicating with other people. So. B. Reasons behind employee’s awareness to polies and procedures: A. Question 5  What are learning style preferences? (100 words) Learning style preference is best described as the way people want to gather knowledge. It gives the details description about job responsibilities and helps them to find the right direction. Following that they can give better outcome to the organization which is good for the individual to show their ability. pictures. Removing inconsistency: If there are not any policies and procedures there will not be any certain strategy to follow for the employees. D. So. They also can know their limitations by that. If employees do not follow the policies and procedures there is a possibility that they have to face legal issues and may face serious punishment due to that. there would be no consistency in work at all in the organization. Different kinds of people in the world have different preference. Clear message to employees: It gives velar message to the employees that employers are serious about the organization and care about the employee. A person may prefer to gather knowledge by visually which includes watching videos. Some may .

E. B. C. This will give more time to take preparation for that work and will help to create a proper structure to complete the work.want to gather knowledge by being directly involve as watching how a person doing the same work. Reducing interruptions: We specially loss a lot of time because of unwanted interruptions. practising by his/her own. Question 6  List five strategies you can use to maximise your time and performance. It will keep me away from giving a lot of time to one task and not giving enough time to another work. (120–150 words) A. A good role model behaves in a good way. he/she behaves so modestly that everyone . D. Making time frame: It will help me to spend a specific time to every task. Plan ahead: Doing a future plan to do some work is one of the main strategy. To do list: Making a to do list will help us to remember all the work and will help us to meet deadline. If I can reduce interruptions I can have more time to do work and I can improve my performance also. and provide a brief description of each strategy. Summative assessment 2 Project 1  Prepare a 3000-word report that explains how to manage work priorities and professional development. Recurring task: Reducing the recurring work will give me more time to do other work. The report should reflect upon the following: When we think about a role model we think of someone who is perfect in every way according to us.

Leaders have to lead from front. A hard-working person can easily inspire others through his/her work. One is whom think that leaders are born and the other think leaders are made. The most important thing is I have to maintain equality in the work place. He takes proper decision by taking everyone’s point of view. So. The meaning of that is the traits of leaders are inherently build or the traits can be developed by doing hard work. So. a leader must have the courage to admit mistakes and have to learn from these mistakes. When making decision it is important to take everyone’s point of view. There are some traits of effective leaders: i. iv. On the other hand. I have to have enough knowledge about my work. He/she does not only appreciate others work he/she also do hard work which makes him/her successful to the eye of everyone. As a role model I have to respect others in the work and have to appreciate others work to make them valuable and make them feel one of ours own. a leader must have to be a hard worker person. iii. Besides that. The person who makes mistakes is not the unsuccessful person. Listening to everyone is one of the most important traits. A leader takes everyone’s opinion when making decisions. intelligent decision based on the situation. A leader has to inspire others through his/her work. I have to take everyone’s point of view when taking decisions and have to make good. unsuccessful is the one who does not admit the mistakes he makes. ii.his/her around feel comfortable. . He/she has the mentality to accept the matter that he/she makes mistakes. He/she makes creates a positive environment for everyone. So. When talking about leaders and their traits people divide into two teams. He/she also does not feel scared to be unique. He/she appreciates everyone’s work without being biased to anyone this makes everyone inspired to do hard work. To ensure I act as a role model first I have to be confident and I have to show positive attitude. a leader must have enough knowledge and enough skills related to his/her work to work as a front man. I have to avoid biasness towards anyone and have to treat everyone same.

This will allow me to make a plan which is related to organization’s goal. They are the one who know better about the job. Taking help from other people or taking feedback from top management will help to do goal more accurate. vi. One has to try to be broad minded to be able to listen to others opinion. Knowledge about organization. Besides that. A leader must have to show respect to others and appreciate others work. . organization’s insights etc. Some of the processes to ensure I meet my job responsibilities is given below: A. organization’s goal. v. communication by talking with others. A leader will inspire all to break the boundary of limitations and will help all to go beyond that. As a worker of an organization it is necessary for me to do such things which is related to the organization’s goal. B. He/she has to stand beside the one who is facing difficulties and has to help the one to get out of the situation. It will give one a whole idea of what to do and how to approach the work. To align my personal goal with the organization’s goal the one thing which is needed is knowledge. Different kinds of workshop on different skills of leadership can also help. To develop the skill of influencing others on can learn debating and can practise how to view things from another person perspective. Lack of knowledge about the responsibilities of the job is one of the main reasons why people cannot meet the job responsibilities. There are different kinds work required to develop different kinds of traits. Talking with the top management who evaluates everyone’s job can make the work of meeting job responsibilities easy. one has to try to listen carefully to others and then one has to develop speaking. Decision making skill also can be developed by analysing different kinds of similar situations where people have to make decisions whether it was wrong or right. Read the job description properly and know the job responsibilities properly. On the other hand. He/she has to make a positive environment where everybody will feel safe and comfortable. To develop the interpersonal skill. analysing my goals regularly and checking whether my work is contributing to organization’s goal will make my goal more align to organization’s goal.

C. Gathering more knowledge about the job will help to meet the job responsibilities more easily. After the comparison and the feedback. spending time with superiors etc. After that according to my ability and other employee’s performance in same field I will set a benchmark for every criteria’s and I will compare my performance with that. their advice will make the work more perfect. what is expected from the employee tec. Arrange the to-do list in such a way that it ranks the tasks based on importance of the work and deadline. So. Gathering knowledge can include taking training about the job. I will take feedback regarding my work from my superior. Making a time frame and setting deadline is crucial when prioritising work. E. Do not set the unrealistic deadline like insufficient time for a hard work or very . B. To measure my performance first of all I need to set the criteria’s in based on which I will judge myself. Try to complete extra task other than the regular tasks. Some techniques to prioritise work to do work more efficiently: A. Regularly check the to-do list and see is there any work which can be done by others. First of all. If it is possible then give the work to someone who have time and have enough knowledge and skill to do the work. It will help to choose which work to do first and which is last. D. From their experiences they can give you feedback and by using the advice of them you can really improve your work. This will give extra boost in doing work and will help to achieve more regarding the job. I will see in which area I have to improve and will try to find different ways to improve in that position. Try to take feedback from your superiors and from different employees who are working in the same job field. make a to-do list which is most important task. C. Everyday try to go beyond the boundary of success that one build around himself/herself. A to-do list will help to remember all the work which needed to be done within a specific time.

G. We also use internet to gather knowledge about our work. it is important to be a multi-tasker to complete all the work timely. we can follow some steps which can make the work easier. When we think about organizing and managing work we automatically think about one thing which makes our work easier. It will give you a proper idea about the completion time of a task. In modern days a person has to perform multiple works at a given time. Computer now-a-days helping us to store our information and to organize it in a way that we can find all the work easily. which is helping us to manage a large network from whom we can take help for our work. it is “technology”. So. we can use internet to work by sitting at home and also can use internet to use virtual storage to store information which is more secured. Our life and our family got effected by that. Sometimes when we are outside home or office we cannot communicate with others using telephone but now we can easily do that by using phone. We need both the part in our life because both are integral part of our life. Do not try to do all the easy work first. F. long time for an easy work. If this kind of things take place it will be difficult to complete all the work in time. Doing work in a structured way is important. E. Minimize the number of unwanted interruptions. Such kind of interruptions stop the flow of doing work and also kills time. To maintain balance. it helps us to do work more quickly than before. We can connect with a large community in social media by using mobile or computer. On the other hand. It is not good when people do not finish a work properly and start another work. D. “Calendar” application in both mobile and computer helping us to organize our work according to date and also helping us to remember by giving alarm about the work. But most of the time we face a lot of difficulties to maintain balance between both of that. On the other hand. IF we list down all the priorities of our work it will help us to . it is important to maintain balance between them. So. To make a proper time frame of works see the previous works of yours and see how much time you spent in these works. Work and life are two important part of our life. Mobile phone now-a- days taking the place of telephone and making us more flexible to communicate with others regarding the work. E-mail system making our way of doing communication and transferring information lot easier than before. Try to do more challenging work first.

skills etc. in the whole process it will be best for us if we ask help from industry experts to mentor us in whole process of developing our skills according to the standards. These all thing can give us a chance to maintain work-life balance. Most of the people spend enough time with their family even though they cannot maintain work-life balance. what is competency the standards of the industry. weakness. what kind of work the employee do. we can participate in several workshops which will help me or show me the way to develop skills best suited for the industry. we need to take care of all our family members and need to give them priority to all of them. one need to reanalyse his/her job responsibilities and see that his/her skills are matching the new demand of industry or not. To match with the competency standards first we have to know what the industry is all about. Then we have to analyse ourselves to know more about our strengths. When working in an industry it is important to keep up to date about the industry and develop himself/herself according to the demand of the industry. So. Because they perform work related task during that time. We need to give ourselves proper time and need to take care of our health. Besides that. Making a time frame allocating proper time to all things in life will help us to give enough time to work and life. We need to take help from others. we have to give up the overachiever attitude and have to set a specific boundary of success. this will give us opportunity to learn from the proven one. . To develop first. Other than that. So. what the employer wants from an employee etc.remember all the task and will help us to do all the things related to both life and work. When we are working in an industry it is not important what skills we have rather it is more important that what skills best matched with the competency standards of that industry. We cannot to do all the work by ourselves. when we are with our family we have disconnect all the connections related to work. After that. we have to see the gap between my skills and competency standards of the industry. we have to take proper steps according to our strength and weakness to develop skills in a way that these will match industries competency need. the main reason behind the failure of balancing life and work is we always try to overachieve everything. we can work as an intern with the successful person of these industry. If there is any gap between the industry demand and individual skillset one has to develop his/her skills to make him/her individually good enough to serve the industry. According to many people. To develop some skills. we spend most of the time in work. Then. Other than that. As a result of that.

employees. It will help them know about my skills.When analysing the industry demand. I try myself to adjust the received information in such a way that it suits my learning style. When it is about learning opportunities I try to make full use of it. When I am in a network I can easily promote myself to others. their feedback can help me to improve my performance. It is good to have both short-term and long-term goal and keep them flexible so that one can make changes if required according to the changes in industry demand in future. to take feedbacks from them. improving skills and most importantly building relationships with them. To improve my performance according to their feedback I will write down all advises given by them. questionaries etc. At that time. it is also important to think about the future demand or future development of the industry and work to develop skillset according to that. experience etc. Following all the plan I can achieve the goal. knowledgeable person we can enjoy many advantages which are gathering knowledge. So. Feedback which is bad should not be seen as negative rather that it should be seen as learning process to improve myself. If they give good feedback about my work I can continue the work in this way. My personal learning styles are basically visual which is using pictures. It will give advantage to the individual in fulfilling job responsibilities in future. knowledge. important client etc. Being a part of a network. I can learn something efficiently when the process of learning is visual or kinesthetic. But it is not always possible to find one of the way. As a result of that my performance will improve. To improve my competencies. Then I will set a goal and will make a plan to achieve the goal. it is important to keep in mind about industries current and future situation and make personal goal according to that. videos etc to learn anything and kinesthetic which is basically learning through hand-in experience. We can use surveys. One best way to examining and improving performance is to take feedback from others mainly from superior. It helps me to learn more efficiently though the method is not my favourite. They are the ones who are related to our industry. formal or informal interviews. I need to regularly examine my performance and need to improve my performance according to the results. If they give bad feedback about my work I need to improve my performance. which includes professional. On the other hand. By doing that it will . employer.

On the other hand. When it is about giving organization’s competitive stage I will develop several skills to do that. So. When it is about goal and strategy. someone will show the skills and will deliver the task which is demanded by the industry. To follow the new strategy and to achieve the new goal we need to develop new skills. as a manager I will make my employees more efficient through training. On the other hand. it is important for us to make a strategy based on our skills to achieve our personal goal which will makes us successful in the job market and will give advantage over others. Besides that. To help them I will tell their superior to share their experiences and to mentor them to develop skills. By revisiting the goal and strategy we can change the strategy and goal according to the change of the industry. If we do not develop our skills according to that we will not be able to produce what industry want. By doing that we can keep up the pace with industry. It will help me to improve my performance and will help to be better professional. knowledgeable person I will know more about the industry and I will take feedback from them about my skills.give me a huge opportunity to get a job in the industry. To know more about the changes. It will help me to be more successful. We need to develop new skills to be able to adjust with the changing industry. The demand of industry and the need of the industry is continuously changing. . To sustain in the job market and to be a successful person we need to keep up to date with the change. when I will see different kinds of successful people from industry around me I will get influenced by them and will do more hard work. On the other hand. from all experienced. I will keep them up date about the industry and will help them to develop new skills according to the changes in the industry. it’s important for us to revisit the strategy often. we need to analyse the industry properly. it is very much important to develop new strategy according to the needs. When we are doing any job. When we are analysing the industry we also need to think about the future situation of the industry also.