Pre-Activity Planning Guide

An Effective Leadership Primer Completed by __________________. Activity Being Planned:_____________________________________________ Use this information to guide you as you plan an activity or event. Discuss this with at least one other person to get insight and feedback. In detail describe your activity. Then use the ideas below to guide you further.

1. Why do this activity? 2. What do you hope to achieve? 3. What will the participants gain? 4. How is this activity related to everything else you are doing? 5. What do you need to do? a) Planning- How many participants are involved? (Are there limitations to this?) Think about supplies, rules, set-up, equipment, is the location suitable? Do tables/chairs need to be moved? Do you need an overhead? Other equipment? What instructions are required? Are these instructions clear? b) Event Organization- what do you need to do on the day? -How long will the set-up take? What can be done in advance? Do you have to prep anything/be there early? Do you need help? Are others involved? WHAT ARE YOUR/THEIR ROLES?

c) Management- where are participants when you give out instructions? How much do they have to move? (Can you minimize this?) Do they know how/when to move? How do you get participants attention? How do you keep them engaged? (involved/on task) What do participants need to know? (Rules, safety concerns, time limits, etc.) d) Debrief- After the activity is over what will you say? What is the main message, what do you want them to know/understand/achieve? 6. Ask for help! Who can help you? What can they do? 7. After considering all of this really think about 1, 2, 3 and 5d. Will your activity be a success? …If you are not convinced that it will be a success then ask for help! 8. After the Activity: Reflect and learn for next time

Event Planning: Information Sheet

Important information to think about before an event... Record this information and share it with everyone involved. Event Planner Names: Event Title: 1. Prepare a detailed description of your event including: What do participants need to know? Rules, Plans, Who needs to be involved? Where can you do the event? Cost? What do you need to do: Planning- supplies, rules, set-up, equipment. Is the location specific? Does it need to be booked? Advertising- How? Where? Who do you target? Timing: How Long? When do things need to happen? Pace is key… keep people motivated and involved. Event Organization- what do you need to do on the day? Do you need help? WHAT ARE YOUR ROLES? Crowd control- How do people need to line up, can people watch, Is there a sign-up?- where? 2. Who can help? What do teachers/other interested parties need to know? How can they help you? 3. What will make your event a success? 4. How can you measure the success of your event?

Event Reflection and Assessment To be filled out by EACH group member individually. Your Name: _____________ Group Member Names: __________, __________, __________, __________ Event Date: _________ Event Title: _____________________________ 1. Place a check mark ( √ ) in the appropriate box. 1 2 3 4 Poor Average Good Excellent Was the event well advertised? Where you fully prepared? Did the event run smoothly? How was the turnout/ participation? Did your group work well together? (optional :Total /20) 2. Do you think your Event was a success? Explain

3. One thing done very well…

4. One thing we could have done better…

5. What was YOUR biggest contribution to the event or the group?

5. On the circle to the right, draw pie pieces that represent the amount of work contributed by each group member listed below. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Me (_______________) ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________

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