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of Factory Froduction Control
Certificate no.9126

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\17 MedicalsYstems
# 9, First Cross Street, New Colony, Porur, Chennai - 600 116,Tamil Nadu (lndia)

Application of Council Directive 93142/EEC 2A07147/EC.

This is to certify that the technical documentation for the following products
complies with the requirements applicable to it. The manufacturer's Factory Production Control and technical
documentation has been reviewed and found to complywith with EN 60601-1:2006.
The application of the CE mark is permitted after all applicable requirements are met in accordance with the
European Union rules.

Physiotherapy (Electrotherapy) Equipments

During the validity of this certificate, the requirements of the above m.entioned regulations must be fulfilled permanently.
This is supervised by QS ZURICH AG

For precise and updated information concerning Audit date: 11 .01 .2013
possible changes occurred in the certification object of
Date of issue: 22.01.2013
the present certificate, please contact

W Exoiratiy o3fe,
10:01 :20]

P.O. Box6335
CH-8050 Zurich
qs-zuerich @q ua