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Lisa Maria Martin Del Campo

Press release 1-29-18

On January 15, 2018, the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an abandoned
vehicle in the White Horse Canyon area of Pershing County, Nevada. The vehicle was observed
in the area of the canyon on January 14, 2018. The vehicle, a 2016 Ford Fiesta, was in an area
that is usually only accessible to 4 wheel drive vehicles. The vehicle was unable to traverse the
terrain and stopped in a place that it could no longer continue, and whoever was operating the
vehicle was no longer in close proximity to it.

On January 15, 2018, the reporting party went back into the canyon and saw the vehicle was still
in the same place and nothing had been moved or tampered with. Deputies were able to
determine the type of car and based on its location, it appeared to be ‘out of place’ but did not
find any evidence of foul play. The vehicle was accessed by the Pershing County Sheriff’s
Office and evidence was found of who the operator may have been. There were no items found
in the car to show any occupant had any food or gear to sustain life in the current environment.
Based on this information, a search for the owner of the vehicle, Lisa Maria Del Campo was

Deputies along with the reporting party went up the canyon and were able to follow what were
believed to be Lisa Maria Del Campo’s feet prints approximately 3 miles past the car further into
the hills. At that time, due to the terrain and amount of area, Humboldt General Hospital was
requested to fly the area in their helicopter. The helicopter crew was unable to locate any clues
to the whereabouts of Lisa Maria Del Campo. Due to the fact it was getting dark, the search was
suspended for the night.

On January 16, 2018, the search was continued by Deputies and the Pershing County Sheriff’s
Office Search and Rescue Team (PCSO SAR) with the assistance of BLM and HGH helicopter.
The PCSO SAR team found a phone believed to belong to Lisa Maria Del Campo and more foot
prints approximately another quarter mile past where the search was suspended the night before.

PCSO SAR along with a BLM Ranger and HGH Helicopter searched the area the phone was
found in. They also searched the direction where Lisa Maria Del Campo was thought to be
headed from her direction of travel. From the location the phone was located, I-80 and the City
of Winnemucca were visible without visual assistance.

On January 17, 2018, PCSO SAR along with a Lander County Sheriff’s Office Search and
Rescue, Dog and Dog Handler continued the search in White Horse Canyon. During the search
evidence was located which shows Lisa Maria may have walked back down and out of the
canyon to places unknown. During the same time a BLM Ranger was searching surrounding
canyons and roads, with no further finding of any evidence. Additionally, persons who live in
the area were questioned to see if they had observed any persons, with negative results.
On January 23, 2018, Lisa Maria Del Campo’s brother and friend of the family were taken into
White Horse Canyon to show them the terrain in which the search had commenced. According
to family members, it was unusual for Lisa Maria to be in an area outside of a populated city.

The family went into the Winnemucca area and found Lisa Maria did stay the night at the Motel
6, on January 8th and 9th and checked out on the 10th of January. The Pershing County Sheriff’s
Office has verified this information. PCSO has no information of the whereabouts of Lisa Maria
for the time between January 10th and the 14th and is requesting any assistance with any
information regarding this.

Using information found in the car PCSO was able to find out Lisa Maria was enroute to Los
Angeles. PCSO was able to track Lisa Maria’s movements using information from her bank
card. Evidence shows Lisa Maria made it south of Modesto and for an unknown reason turned
and started to head east, with her last known transactions being in Winnemucca. There was also
information extracted from Lisa Maria’s cell phone regarding a possible trip to an unknown
destination in New York.

PCSO did not find any information in the vehicle explaining why her car and phone were found
in White Horse Canyon area.

There have been multiple groups from the Winnemucca area searching for Lisa Maria Del
Campo. As of January 29, 2018, at 0800 hours, all other persons searching have confirmed what
the PCSO SAR team did; Lisa Maria Del Campo has not been located in the area of White Horse

The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office is requesting any and all information regarding the
whereabouts of Lisa Maria Martin Del Campo. The active portion of the search for Lisa Maria
has been suspended in the area of White Horse Canyon until further information/evidence is
received that she may still be in the area. If you have any information regarding Lisa Maria’s
whereabouts, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 775-273-2641.

Jerry Allen
Pershing County Sheriff

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