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Expectations Primary Curriculum: Coding

Grid/ Pathway
*Describe and identify the location and movement of shapes and

*Describe relative location of objects using positional language

*Identify and print in words numbers to 10 or 20

*Describe and represent the relative location of objects and represent

them on a map or grid

*Describe movement from one location to another on a grid

*Create symmetry, explore area and perimeter

Grid number lines

*Solve Problems involving the + and - of 1 and 2 digit whole numbers

*Code to count forward by 2, 5, 10, 25’s

*Code to identify and describe coins, match equal amounts of $ i.e. 8

quarters to a twoonie, 5 loonies to a bill $5

*Code to the nearest 10 when choosing or rolling a number to 100

Code 2D Form/Shape
*Identify and describe 2D shapes by their attributes

*Compose and decompose 2D shapes

*Investigate transformations (reflections, translations, rotations)

Expressions of Equality: demonstrate an understanding of the

concept of equality by partitioning whole numbers to 18 in a variety of

Coding… all 7 math process expectations

Social Studies & Science

Some Ideas Using Bluebot and Scratch Jr

*life cycles/ needs of living things/ how I am responsible for

energy conservation/ seasonal changes

*protecting animals/ animal comparisons/ life cycles/ food

chains/ simple machines make work easier/ solids and liquids
and their effect on the environment (water cycle too much snow,
mudslides high water levels)/ our actions and it’s effect on air and
water in our environment

*plant cycles/ food chains/ what plants can be made into/ forces
of nature create movement (gravity, wind, water)

*Create a Community Map or School Map on grid paper and

use Bluebot to Navigate to Areas and Locations

* Use Google Earth to screen shoot or draw your community or

an area of your community. Then code how the land
determines the land use jobs and things to do in your

* Using Scratch Jr, compare ways of life from early 19th C to

present Day (grade 3)

* Using Scratch Jr, show 2 different parts of the world and how
people meet their needs (location, climate, physical land

* Compare traditions and celebrations you have experienced or

researched using Scratch Jr.( celebrations of light, ways people
celebrate New Year)

* Draw some places in your community on the tiles and code

bluebot on an adventure (natural/ built)

* In Scratch Jr code you and your family. Be sure to tell what

your responsibilities are and what your family does to help each