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In addition to the monthly Plug-in Collective offers, we have teamed up with XLN Audio to bring you a time-unlimited offer for an Addictive Keys instrument of your choice.
Use the code below to choose from Studio Grand, Modern Upright, Mark One or Electric Grand.

Code = M-AKIN-002384-WDM-DKV

You can redeem this offer by following the link provided below;
lastname=Tharlles+Borges+de+Oliveira *

* By clicking on the XLN Audio link you are consenting to Focusrite forwarding your email address to XLN Audio, so that they can process your registration more easily. The
information we forward will not be used for any other purpose and will not be shared with any other third party..

Please follow these steps carefully to choose and activate your Addictive Keys instrument.

To help you decide which instrument to choose, listen to the Addictive Keys instruments at

Welcome to the Plug-in Collective

Throughout October we have teamed up with CloudBounce to offer you two free masters and a one-year Infinity
subscription for just $99!

CloudBounce offer a high-quality service for anyone who makes music and wants to have it mastered quickly, cost-effectively and in a way that lets the user be in control of the
final result. Their service is meant for all musicians, artists, producers and record labels beyond genres and musical tastes. In other words, their service is for users who make
music and need tailored high-quality final polishing for it at affordable prices.

To redeem your two free masters, just go to

If you need any help getting started, just visit our help centre article for more information.

Find out more about the Plug-in Collective.

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