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1.1 Project Activities Background

As part of sampan sustainability project, after no more Production Barge and FSO at Oyong then gas

From both filed will be flowing directly to Grati. Oyong Wellhead platform (WHP) modification, it also
requires Garti onshore modification for lower inlet pressure and to anticipate more liquid to be
processed at Grati OPF.

Company is also planning to develop a new proct of Ande-Ande Lumut Field Development Project
located in Northwest Natuna PSC area.

1.2 Services Required

During the Contract Term, the company will be performing various projects in the from of new
facility installations, facility replacements, facility modification and facility maintenance both
offshore and onshore. Projects will be multifaceted and cover all disciplines.

The Company requires integrated Procurement, Construction and Installation Services to complete
upcoming projects or portions of projects, and will require multidiscipline of.

I. Project Managemnt

II. Electrical

III. Instrumentation

Additionally, Procurement, Administration, Project Controlling Services be required to performed the


Company, at its sole direction, shall have to require the Contractor to provide:

a) Project scoping and initial cost estimating

b) Preparation of project plans and scheduling

c) Procure materal, equipment and tools

d) Rent support equipment

e) Constructability review

f) Project management

g) Preparation of construction procedures

h) Fabrication work
i) Construction work

j) Review and revise (as necessary) for construction drawings

k) Installition to the company facilities

l) Hazard control review and follow-up

m) On-site engineering and design support during fabrication/construcation

n) On-site fabrication/construction drawings

o) Operational procedures

p) Pre-commissioning and commissioning

q) Quality management

r) Prepare as-built and final report

s) Other services as required

1.3 Locations

The locations at which the Services is to be performed shall include without limitation to company’s
head office, Company’s Primary or Secondary Fabrication Facility(s), Company Facilitis, Company’s
offshore and onshore sites, and all other locations where any portion of the services takes place,
with detail as follows.

A) Oyong wellhead platform

B) Oyong Production Barge

C) Oyong Floating storage Operation

D) Maleo Wellhead Platfrom

E) Maleo Mobile Production Unit

F) Grati Onshore Processing Facility

G) And other locations onshore and offshore outside the above-mentioned facilities that will be
informed n the Blanket Release.

1.4 Blanket Release

The authorization of Blanket Release will be strictly controlled to ensure that project are completed
safely, on time, and per the initial estime, while at the same time unsure the servuces is of the
highest quality and standards.
Costing of Blanket Releales will be in accordance with Attachment 1 – Schedule 3 of the Contract.


2.1 Definitions