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(Write this chapter in present tense)

Background (pages 2-3)
Introduction of the study along its origin, history, and background. Introduce the topic
with the support of references in ascending order. Also, write the introduction of company,
organization, sector, or industry, where you are going to conduct research. However, your focus
should be on the topic. You may also describe each variable in this part.

Problem Identification/ Broad Problem Area/Need of the Study (2 pages)

You have to identify the problem, how the actual problem is existing theoretically as well
as practically. I mean build a story by three different ways 1) Find the gap from literature with
proper references (future directions/ limitations from recent papers specially from post 2010
papers); 2) build the local scenario of your target sector or companies by comparing the
theory/literature and practice/actual situation and 3) compare the current situation of your
particular sector or company with developed/underdeveloped/emerging economies and write
situation of Pakistan. This is the very important part of your study.

Problem Statement

Write the actual problem/crux in one or two sentence/s drive it from the problem identification.

Research Question/s

Derive from problem statement, should start from how, why, where, what, to what extent, to
whom, etc.

Objective/s of the Study

what will be the practical implications. to measure. Write the objective/s of your study which start from “to” and the mostly useable words are (To explore. to determine. how this study will contribute in your particular area or sector? What kind of policy will be given by this study? How the policies will be implemented.5 -2 pages) Discuss the importance/worth/rationale of the study. what kind of benefit and who will be the beneficiary/ies of this work. Scope of the study (1 page) What will be the scope of your research? How much your study will cover the scenario? How much the study results are generalized? . to highlight. There should be developmental aspect. to examine. Significance of the Study (1. to judge). to find out.

found. Also put you voice among the different scholars ideas/findings (I mean commentary). follow the approach used by. Earlier researches relied on. page numbers if possible. examined. declared. or Sing (2010) conducted a research on…………. documented. revealed.e. What relationship was found in previous researches and yours’ study assumptions/hypotheses will be in line of previous studies. described. discussed. . predicted. The appropriate words could be (Elaborated. Literature review should be written as i. Literature Review (Write this chapter in past tense. agued. use second form) In this part explain your study variables by the support of citations/references. investigated. suggested. OR Research Model (only for secondary data) Draw an equation and explain the abbreviation/s or alphabetic/s Hypotheses Statements Draw the hypothesis/es on the bases of literature review. explored. 2009: 23 page). studied. used. I mean bombard this part with references. the significant relationship was found among the dependent and independent variables (Aurther. developed. studied the determinants.) At the end of the literature review before theoretical framework you have to write the summery of the literature how many variables are used and what relationship is found in the literature? Theoretical Framework Draw a figure which shows the independent/s mediating/moderating/ intervening and dependent variables relationship and put the sign (+ or -) on arrows on the bases of literature review. noticed that. favored this. reinforced etc. highlighted. showed. determined. focused on.

Is scale/instrument/questionnaire self developed. adopted. how many variables are being used? How many are independents and dependent? Write their names. Also. or adapted from previous studies? If adopted/adapted from past studies give their references. Which software will be used for analysis? Discuss which tool will be used for data analysis. write how many items/statements/questions are used to measure the each variable. Pilot Testing Procedure/ data collection Explain what will be the procedure of data collection Data Analysis/Techniques . Research Methodology (Write this chapter in future tense. Population of the Study Explain what is population? and what will be the population of yours’ study? Sampling Techniques Explain the techniques of sampling and what will be sampling technique of yours’ study? Sample Size What is sample? And what will be sample size of yours’ study? Instrument and Measures/ Research Tools (very important part of this chapter) Write about the research instrument. almost use will/shall) Methodology of primary Data collection Research Design Explain what is research design? and what will be the design of yours’ study? Nature of investigation.

And used/apply the technique………. must be include in reference list and should be written in proper referencing style. dependent. Data From where the data of each variable was taken and what was the time span? Statistics Write about the variables. References (Should as per manual of University) The citations/references. . Smith (2011) conducted research/analyzed on………………. which are used in text. their formulas/equations etc. and independent variables Techniques What will be the most appropriate technique for data analysis and introduction of that technique? Background of those technique or assumptions etc.What will be the most appropriate tests for yours’ study and write the assumptions/applications of those tests? Methodology of Secondary Data collection Research Design Methodological Literature Write the different techniques of data analysis which have been used in previous studies i.e. towards data analysis ……………….

If you have any query. I wish to assure you that any response you make will be strictly confidential. Questionnaire should be designed as following only for primary data if any APPENDIX Questionnaire: Title of the Study The study is being conducted by -----. # Variables DA D N A SA I Name of Variable 1 1 2 3 4 II Name of second Variable III Name of third Variable . 3= Neutral. 58-70 Section: 2 (research variables) Please Tick () your responses using the following scale: (1= Strongly Disagree. 2= Disagree.or Cell: ----------. 5= Strongly Agree) Rating Sr. 4= Agreed. Age 18-31. 45-57. The primary objective of this study is to ----------. Gender Male ( ) Female ( ) 2. --. Section: 1 (Demographic Variables) You can add or adjust these variables as per your study 1. 32-44. you can contact at E-mail: -------.University Islamabad Campus.

IV Name of fourth Variable V Name of fifth Variable .